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Title Class Zone Year Name 1 2 3 4 5 Transgender Description
Aguila Roja Television Spain 2009
A D *

Episode 6x02 (71) (2014) Satur disguised as a woman.
All Men Are Liars Movie Australia 1995 JK A D * 3 P Comedy, Mick joins a female rock band as Michelle.
Champions Comic United States 1986 Eclipse / Heroic Publishing C T * 3 P Vol 1 #3-5 (09/1986-02/1987): Doctor Arcane possesses the body of the villainess Dark Malice to unravel a mystery involving three dark gemstones. The leader of the organization Demon, used his shapeshifting abilities to infiltrate the team as Doctor Arcane's granddaughter, Donna Hannah. Vol 2 #10-12 (07-10/1988): Dark Malice returns, and is revealed to be the Greek goddess Persephone. To recreate the gods of Olympus, she uses the Champions' bodies as vessels for the spirits of the gods. Hermes is brought back as the heroine Icicle, much to his displeasure. Vol 4 #41-42 (12/2008-01/2009) At the end of Hellfire Crown story line from the original Champions mini-series, Flying Fox (Foxbat in the original comics) is on the run from the Champions, and runs across Sylph (a shapeshifter) about to flee. He convinces her to take him with her. In order to disguise him, she transforms him into a woman. This is shown at the end, but is continued in the following issue. Vol 4 #45 (05/2009) Olga (Sparkplug) agrees to take care of Jimmy Jensen (Giant) while his mother is away in Cairo. Olga intends to use young Jimmy to see how her boyfriend Jimmy Dooley (a reporter) handles kids, as she hopes that she can get her Jimmy to ask her to marry him. Olga shows young Jimmy the magic ring that allows her to switch between Olga and Sparkplug. While preparing for dinner with her Jimmy, she is called away to take care of some escaped criminals. As she's leaving, she tells Jimmy to keep Mr. Dooley entertained. She also off handedly remarks that she wishes that she could have both her identities in the same place to continue her game with Dooley that she really isn't Sparkplug (which he knows, but keeps trying to get her to reveal it herself). Jimmy decides to use Olga's ring and answers the door as Olga. The story continues in Vol 4 #51. Vol 4 #55 (07/2012) Billi Jayne is here! It's the debut of America's newest heroine, the Sensational G-Girl, as she enters the wrestling ring to face off for charity against the sinister Spiderbaby! Vol 4 #58 It's not easy being a pretty girl. Especially when you used to be a guy! That's why Billi Jayne Jensen is willing to do whatever it takes to get back to being a guy.
Champions Adventures Comic United States 2011 Heroic Publishing C T * 2
#4 (08/2012) Icestar recount of how he became Winter Wonderlass. #5 (11/2012) Icestar continues with the recount of how he became Winter Wonderlass, but is a hoax to trick Icicle, isn't it?. #7 (04/2013) Apareance of Raven Gold that is Flying Fox transformed into a female. She kiss Icestar and Icestar is transported to New York, transformed into Winter Wonderlass, and working as a model. #8 (12/2013) Winter Wonderlass reveals that She was Icestar, but that she likes being Winter Wonderlass and is not going to change, even if she could. #9 (03/2014) Icestar is in Hawaii with Flying Fox, and Winter Woderlass is in New York. What's happening? Winter Wonderlass speculation that she might actually be Icistar is false, She only has bogus memories that are from Icestar, but Lady Arcane discover that her speculation wasn't completely off base.
Cimoc Comic Spain 1981 Norma Editorial C D * 1 P Spanish Magazine. #125 Story “Adios al Mito” Macbeth is a contract killer. His new victim is a starlet in Hollywood. He find that the actress is not what it seem and unmask the male with a camera, not needing to kill him. #169 “Story “Ratman” Story ”Ratman” Supervillain disguises as Superhero's mother. Extra #03 “Especial Erotismo” Story “Hector” Male disguised as a woman.
Concrete Park: R-E-S-P-E-S-T Comic United States 2014 Dark Horse C T * 1 P #2 (10/2014) Xuxa, a pink-haired Afro-Brazilian girl in a bikini who tries to get information from (and seduce) L.A. tough guy Isaac, turns out to be the shape-shifter Monkfish.
Unfortunately, Monkfish's seduction tactic went wrong when he changed his face from Xuxa to Luca, leader of the all-female M-80s gang.
Corentin Comic Belgium 1943 Cuvelier Paul C D * 1
T7 “Le Royaume des eaux noires” (1974) Corentin, after being captured is forced to attend the men dressed as a female.
Dame Chocolate Television United States 2007
D D * 2 P Episode 118-120: Eduardo disguised as a woman .
Diya Aur Toofan Movie India 1995
D T *

Amar is murdered after threatening to expose a group of crooked engineering contractors. Upon hearing the news of his death, his soon to be bride Asha runs hysterically out into the rain falling down the temple stairs and sucumbs to a fatal brain injury. Dr Vijay tries to save her by transplanting Amars still living brain into her body. Thus restored, Amar (in Asha's body) does what he/she must do to find those responsible for his murder and get justice.
Donten Ni Warau Animation Japan 2014 Dogakobo D D * 1
Episode 1: Tenka Kumo disguised as a woman.
El Camaleon Comic Argentina
Pedrazzini Carlos E D * 1 P Adaptation of book “Chameleon” by William Diehl. About an assassin called the Chameleon. He disguises as a woman and Bradley fall for him right away... makes his job so much easier. Later Chameleon disguises himself as a geisha to contact with O'Hara, the man that is trying to stop him.
El Cielo De Los Gatos Literature Mexico 1998 Tonatiuh Rafael E D *

Near the end Ivan transform into Ivonne to pass himself for the girlfriend of the leader of Gor.
Emmerdale Television Great Britain 1972
E D * 2 P Episode dated 3rd January 2006: Paul disguises as a woman a gives a perfomance in the local pub.
Eros Comix Comic Spain 2001 Dolmen Editorial E T * 1 X Mature Magazine. #12 (09/2002) Story “Compañeros de clase” In an class reunion a man, Franco, and a a woman, Lucy, go to bed, and later the woman reveals that she was his best male friend, Luciano. #97-98 Story “La noche de los deseos” A group of young men going to a bordello and one of then end in bed with a transvestite. #105-111 Story “Lara Jones” Nazi female officer is revealed to be a shemale.
Escape From L.A. Movie United States 1996
E D * 2 P Transsexual provides hero with information
Fa Un Po' Male Comic Italy 2004 Fabbri Davide F D *

Boy end dressing as a girl.
Flare Comic United States 1988 Heroic Publishing F T * 2 P Vol 1 #1-3 (11/1988-01/1989) While still receiving training with their brother and sister, Flare forces her shape-shifting brother Philip to become a girl. To get back at her, Philip later shape shifts into her again to have a romantic tryst with one of the guards, thus getting her in trouble with their teachers. Flare doesn't take long in figuring out Philip's little deception, however. Vol 3 #4-7 (whole numbers 23-26) (03/2005-08/2005) and #10 (whole number 29) (12/2005) An adolescent girl named Raven Gold is in reality The Flying Fox that was transformed in “Champions” Vol 3 #42. Vol 3 #9 (whole number 28) Darkon returns transformed into a female version of himself.
Flare Adventures Comic United States 1992 Heroic Publishing F T * 2
#22 (09/2009) Story “Fala” Philip tranforms into a native girl, Fala.
Flare Annual Comic United States 1992 Heroic Publishing F T * 2
#3 (2010) Story “G-Girl at the bat” G-Girl used to be a boy called Will Jensen.
Flare First Edition Comic United States 1992 Heroic Publishing F T * 2 P Reedition of flare comics. #3-5 (12/1992-03/1993) While still receiving training with their brother and sister, Flare forces her shape-shifting brother Philip to become a girl. To get back at her, Philip later shape shifts into her again to have a romantic tryst with one of the guards, thus getting her in trouble with their teachers. Flare doesn't take long in figuring out Philip's little deception, however. #5 (03/1993) Story “Fala” Philip tranforms into a native girl, Fala.
Gisèle Et Béatrice Comic Belgium 2013 Feroumont Benoît G T * 2 P Beatrice is a pretty young successful woman who does little progress in her job where with equal skills her salary is less. In addition, his boss George is clearly embarking on harassment. So she decides to take revenge by accepting his invitation to dinner and in the evening she literally casts a spell and turns into a woman. George becomes a woman, Gisele.
Haven Television United States 2010
H T *

Episode 1x09 “As You Were” (2010) FBI Agent Audrey Parker's new circle of friends in Haven put on a surprise birthday party for her at a hotel on an offshore island. Little do they know, however, that the hotel's reclusive owner, Vaughn Carpenter, is a chameleon, a shapeshifter who killed the original Vaughn Carpenter 27 years ago to take over his life. And he's ready to take over a new life... In the end, the chameleon turns out to be Audrey, who is then killed by her partner Nathan when he senses something off about her touch. Episode 5x05 and 5x06 “The Old Switcheroo” (2014) Male and female bodyswaps.
Herr Müller, Sie Sind Doch Nicht Schwanger?! Literature Germany 2014 Wehrle Martin H T *

One morning Peter Müller, Macho and Manager, wakes up with an enormous problem: He's stuck in the body of a woman. What, from now on, is going to be happen with his life, with his career?"
Hindi Ako Ander Movie Philippines 1996
H D * 1
Male sustitutes his wife and pass as the mother of his daugher in the school.
Ithihasa Movie India 2014
I T *

The story of the film revolves around two cunning thieves Alvy and Vikku. They lead a fun loving, care free life without any aim in their life. Janaki, an IT professional from Palghat enters their life and things change upside down for them when they get a 1,000 years old ring. Soon, they realise that Alvy gets transposed to Janaki and vice versa.
Jaan-E-Mann Movie India 2006 HF J D * 1
Suhaan Kapoor is in a night club disguised as Piya. When a gang threaten him, he goes into the street and fights them in female mode.
Jinzou Konchuu Kabuto Borg VxV Animation Japan 2006 Studio Comet J D *

Episode 11:
Kagayaku!! Otoko No Musumejuku Comic Japan 2011 Wadapen K D *

In an effort to gain an apprenticeship with his favorite author, the author imposes a set of various guidelines and conditions for his apprentice to follow which involve crossdressing and embracing the lifestyle.
Kaitou Joker Animation Japan 2014
K D * 1
Episode 1: Joker disguises as the female secretary.
Koizumi Sanchi No "Katei No Jijou" Comic Japan 1991 Natsume Ako K D * 4 P Natsuki, a police detective, disguises as a woman to go undercover. In his private life he also disguises as a woman and take the role of the mother of his daugther.
Koroli Igry Television Russia 2008
K D * 1
Russian remake of argentinian sitcom “Los Simuladores”. Episode 1x05 (2008) Men disguised as women.
La Mala Conciencia Literature Spain 1997 Gistaín Mariano L T *

Male brain is put into a new body of a woman.
La Mano De Satan Movie Mexico 2010
L T * 2 P Ricardo, a gay man who has fallen for his boss, Arturo, that is engaged with Flora. Desperate, Ricardo do a pact with the devil that transform him into a woman. He call himself Julia, and present himnself as the sister of Ricardo. He intend to seduce Arturo, but Arturo end confessing Julia that he is gay and was in love with his brother Ricardo. Ricardo asks the devil to revert the change but the devil says that the change is permanent.
Les Aventures De Chick Bill Comic Belgium 1953 Tibet L D * 2
T48 “La Voyante qui voyait double” (1979) Kid Ordinn disguised as a woman to trap a group of bandits.
Lilith Comic Italy 2008 Sergio Bonelli Editore L D * 1 P T9 “Il mondo fluttuante” (11/2012) Kabuki actor dressing as a woman.
Log Horizon Animation Japan 2013 Satelight / Studio Deen L T *

Episode 20: Brief Cameo by Alakshmi, the arabian dancer that is in fact a male player. Second Season “Log Horizon 2” Episode 2 “The Outlaw and Mithril Eyes” Introduced Tetra: She is a level 90 Cleric. A former resident of Minami and member of Light Indigo, she was sent by Kazuhiko to aid Shiroe at Susukino. Upon the completion of the mission, she asks Shiroe if she could join Log Horizon of her own free will, and was accepted. She is actually a boy but became trapped within his female avatar, which so far only Shiroe is aware of. For kicks, Tetra often teases and flirts with Naotsugu.
Los Simuladores Television Argentina 2002
L D * 1
Episode 1x05 (2002) Men disguised as women.
Marsupilami Comic Belgium 1987 Batem M D *

T25 “Sur la piste du Marsupilami” (2012) Male diguised as a woman.
Me Salió... ¡Cabrón! Movie Mexico 2002
M D * 1
Near the end a woman reveals that she is a shemale.
Milenge Milenge Movie India 2010
M D * 2
Men disguised as women to crash into a women only building for a party.
Neurotic Cabaret Movie United States 1990
N T *

aka Good Girl, Bad Girl. Guy gets bitten by a snake in his crotch area and is transformed into a woman.
O Brado Retumbante Television Brazil 2012
O T *

Episode 1x05 “Fronteiras” Julio returns to Brazil after being kicked out of home by his father, but as Julie, after undergoing sex reassignment surgery.
Odio Mi Cuerpo Movie Spain 1974 JK O T * 5 P aka I Hate My Body. Mad doctor transplants male brain into female body.
Ore, Twin Tail Ni Narimasu Animation Japan 2014 Production IMS O T * 1
Souji Mitsuka is an ordinary high school boy who has an obsession for twintail hair. One day, he encounters a mysterious girl named Thouars from a parallel world when monsters appear in his town who declare that all twintails in the world belong to them. These monsters feed off the "attribute power," the spiritual energy of humans. Thouars entrusted Souji with Tail Gear, imaginary armor initiated by powerful twintail attributes. With the armor, Souji transforms into Tail Red, a twintail warrior girl
Our Girl Television Great Britain 2014
O D * 1
Episode 1x04 “Episode 4” Afgan male disguised as a woman to ambush the platoon.
Panggil Aku Puspa Movie Indonesia 2013
P D *

Made for TV. Story of a male that becomes a transvetite prostitute.
Pantang Di Tolak Movie Indonesia 2014
P D * 1
Made for TV. Men disguised as women to crash into a girl's party.
Penkhao (The News) Television Thailand 2012
P D * 2 P Episode 1x21 (12 July 2012) Male crossdressing to spy on a woman. Also there are a group of ladyboys.
Piratensender Power Play Movie Germany 1982
P D * 2 P Tommy and Mike operate a pirate radiostation, which is very famous and the most heared radiostation in germany and the police try to stop them from sending. One time they disguise as women to elude them.
Play For Today Television Great Britain 1970
P D *

Episode 10x4 “Even Solomon” (1979) Stephen works in a bank. A virgin, he shows no interest in sex, and is cruelly scorned by an aggressive female neighbour when he rebuffs her advances. He lives with his mother, an overbearing woman who mocks him for being wet. But Stephen has a secret – he likes to wear women’s clothing. When his horrified mother finds out, she takes him to meet a fellow crossdresser to “solve” the problem. But the meeting ends unexpectedly, when the other man realises that Stephen is not transvestite, but transsexual.
Police Dogged Animation United States 1956 Terrytoons P D * 1 P Animated short. Gansters disguised as a moll doll.
Psycho-Pass Animation Japan 2012 Production I.G P D * 1
Episode 7 (Extended Edition Episode 4): Male put on an Holographic schoolgirl disguise. Anime “Psycho-Pass 2” Episode 1: Kitazawa escapes, apparently taking a female hostage with him, which he soon after releases. Certain that the hostage is actually a hologram, Inspector Mizue Shisui and her partner Enforcer Yamatoya are sent to follow the hologram, who is revealed to actually be a man.
Rani Comic Belgium 2009 Valles Francis R D * 1 P T4 “Maîtresse” (2013) Male disguised as a woman to escape from prison.
Revenge Of The Pink Panther Movie Great Britain 1978 HF R D * 1 P Clouseau falls foul of a male robber who often disguises himself as a woman. The result is that the robber drives off in Clouseau's clothes and car, only to be mistakenly assassinated by the French Mafia. Meanwhile, Clouseau is left in his underwear in the Bois de Boulogne, with a pile of female clothes generously left behind by the robber -- who tells him to put them on or die of cold. Naturally, he puts the clothes on.
Roberto Alcazar Y Pedrin (color) Comic Spain 1976 Vañó Eduardo R D * 1
Reedition in color of original series. #178 “El misterio del cuarto numero 13” Pedrin disguised as a girl. #179 “¡Fantasmas!” Female ghost is discovered to be a male villain in disguise. #235 “Misterio en el templo chino” Roberto is tricked by an old woman and end in a trap. The woman is revealed to be a male in disguise.
Sassy Girl Chun-hyang Television Korea 2005
S D *

Episode 3 and 4: There is a theatrical play with males doing female roles. Episode 8: After running out of clothes Lee Mong-ryong put the only ones avalaibles, a female skirt and blouse. Very brief.
Schastie Movie Russia 2007
S T *

aka Happiness. Made for tv. Business-like sorceress places ads on the Internet and provides the fulfillment of desires through the exchange of bodies. As a result, there is a exchange of bodies between the mistress of a gangster and silly young policeman. Having experienced a serious shock, heroes embark on a quest of their former bodies and try to "settle" them back.
Secret Avengers Comic United States 2014 Marvel Comics S D * 1
#7 (10/2014) Phil Coulson, secret avenger currently on the run, disguises as a woman.
Sin Noticias De Dios Movie Spain 2001
S T * 2 P Two female angels, one from the heaven and one from the hell, come to earth to save the soul of a boxer. Near the end the evil angel reveals that she was a male and was transformed as part of his sentence.
Style Movie India 2001
S D * 2 P Two men disguising as women to be near two women they want to conquest.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animation United States 1987
T T * 1 P First animated series. Episode 5x05 (110) “Enter Mutagen Man” A delivery man gains shapeshifting power, and briefly takes the forms of, among others, an old lady and April's assistant Irma.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animation United States 2012
T T * 1 P Third animated series. Episode 2x21 (47) “Plan 10” (2014) April and Casey bodyswaps.
The Border Television Canada 2008
T D * 2 P Episode 1x04 “Gross Deceptions” (2008) Arms smuggler escape from the FBI disguised as a woman and go to Canada.
The Fifth Element Movie France 1997 JK T T * 2 P Sci-fi film. Alien in green mini skirt, very brief.
The Haunted Hathaways Television United States 2013
T T * 2
Episode 1x01 “Pilot” (2013) Boy male ghost briefly possessed the teen daughter. He did some gymnastic backflips in her body and then exited. Episode 1x25 “Haunted Viking” (2014) Ghost father Ray helps out his ghost son Miles when his new potential ghost girlfriend runs out of the house after hearing some of Miles quirks from the youngest Hathaway girl. Ray morphs into the girl in order to let Miles down. Episode 2x05 “Haunted Besties” (2014) Miles tricks Taylor by being Meadow and telling her to color her hair by herself. Later transform into Taylor to trick Meadow. Episode 2x10 “Haunted Thundermans” (2014) Phoebe is possessed by the super villain “The Green Ghoul”.
The League Television United States 2009
T D * 2 P Episode 6x03 “The Height Supremacist” (2014) Andre disguised as a woman.
The Magic Christian Movie Great Britain 1969 JK T D * 1 P Peter Sellers becomes a disco nun at one point, plus Yul Brynner singing in drag, briefly.
The Mermaids Singing Literature Great Britain 1995 McDermid Val T T *

The killer is revealed to be Angelica, a transsexual woman who kills men that do not return her affections.
The New Frontier Comic United States 1992 Dark Horse T D * 1
#2 (11/1992) "The Queen of Kalamazoo" Sandi Shore, the winner of a Ruby Field lookalike pageant is revealed to be a male in disguise. #3 (12/1992) "The Ruby Field Story" Sandi Shore return.
To Kokkino Domatio Television Greece 2005
T D * 2 P Episode 1x02 “Kali tyhi, Giorgo” The passengers of a plane with destination to New York are obliged to stay in Conte Del Mare due to technical problems. Georgia, a young singer, is staying in the Red Room with Paresa, an old woman, and tries to gain the attention of Petros, the hotel supervisor. But Maro knows a secret of Georgia...
Trinity Of Sin: The Phantom Stranger Comic United States 2013 DC Comics T T * 1
#22 (10/2014) Zauriel transforms into a woman.
Verano Azul Television Spain 1981
V D * 1
Episode 1x14 “La ultima funcion” “Piraña” disguised as a woman for a party.
Weyt A Minit, Kapeng Mainit Movie Philippines 2001
W D * 2 P After witnessing a crime two men go in hiding disguised as women.
Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled Movie United States 2002 JK W T * 1 P Horror. Wishmaster briefly shapeshifts into a woman near end of film.
WitchGirls Inc. Comic United States 2005 Heroic Publishing W T * 2 P #1 (09/2005) Story “The Case of the Solicitor's Safe” Spell to protect a box of jewels backfires on the old lawyer opening up the box upon the death of his client, and he is transformed into the duplicate of Marilyn Monroe. The spell was supposed to mark the thief for easy identification as Marilyn. Throughout the rest of the story he/she tries to solve the mystery of the missing jems in his new form. He handles the change with british pluck, even putting on makeup to respect the woman he has become. #2 (12/2005) Story “The Trial” Black Enchantress judge a frat boy, Jeffrey Daniels, for attempted date rape. His male side is found guilty and he is transformed into his female side, Danielle.
Zagor Comic Italy 1961 Sergio Bonelli Editore Z D * 2 P #241 “Il battello degli uomini perduti” (08/1985) Male actor disguised as a woman.