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2) T=Transformation D=Disguise B=Both

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4) Personal ratings from 1 to 5 points

5) P=Entry with pictures; Z=Mature entry with pictures; X=Mature entry without pictures
Title Class Zone Year Name 1 2 3 4 5 Transgender Description
R-TYPE! (®TYPE) Comic Japan 1997 Bobu-R R T
1 X Mature. Story 5 have a boy that wakes up as a girl.
R.I.P.D.: City Of The Damned Comic United States 2012 Dark Horse R T
2 P #2 (12/2012) Roy's avatar is a woman.
Rabit State Comic Japan 1995 Magaki Ryota R T
1 X Mature. Story “Panic in the Kyo-nyu” Boy wakes up transformed into a girl.
Rachel Comic Japan 1993

X Mature. The neighbor's son is a crossdresser and is usually part of the action.
Radical Dreamer Comic Netherlands 1994 Blackball Comics R T

#2 (07/1994) The male hero is turned into a woman by his dark side, ends up giving birth.
Radioactive Man Comic United States 2000 Bongo R T
#6 (10/2000) [cover issue Vol 2 #106 (1963)] Parody of Gold Key Comics. Radioactive Man's girlfriend, Gloria Grand, turns out to have been kidnapped and replaced by Dr Crab for most of the story.
Raiya Bomb Comic Japan 2000 Aro Rei R D
1 X Mature. One boy is living as a girl and a girl is living a boy.
Rakuen E Tobikome Comic Japan 2001 Ochi Chifumi R D
In a school festival one boy is dressing as a girl.
Rakuen Tengoku Lovex100 Comic Japan 1995 Kimio Tamako R T

X Mature. After raping a girl in his dream, a school boy possess the girl in the real world.
Rangeman Comic Japan 2006 Mori Taishi R D
3 P Vol 5: Rangeman decides to crossdress as a girl and with the help of a friend he does and is very good at it.
Rani Comic Belgium 2009 Valles Francis R D * 1 P T4 “Maîtresse” (2013) Male disguised as a woman to escape from prison.
Ranma 1/2 Comic Japan 1987 Takahashi Rumiko R B
5 P Ranma becomes a beautiful girl after falling into one of Jusenkyou's springs. Hot water can transform him back to normal, but only until the next splash of cold water. Herb has the same curse than Ranma. Tsubasa and Konatsu are both crossdressers. Shinnosuke crossdresses sometimes.
Ranmaru XXX Comic Japan 1997 Inui Haruka R D
3 Z Mature. Shiozaki Kazumi is the baseball captain, is gay and unkown to him is in love with his friend Fukuda Yuki. After winning the baseball finals and to avoid the manager of a profesional team, he disguises as a girl, and after this episode he find that he likes it and do again.
Ranpou Comic Japan 1979 Uchizaki Masatoshi R B
Vol 18: Ranpou disguises as a schoolgirl. Vol 19: Ranpou disguises as a schoolgirl. Vol 22: Ranpou disguises as a schoolgirl. Vol 23: A woman is revealed to be a crossdressing man. Vol 24: Ranpou disguises as a schoolgirl. Vol 35-36: Some men are transformed into women because of drinking a sex-change potion.
Rape No Shikaku Comic Japan 1983 Tohdou Ryou R T
1 X Mature. First story “Iku Iku Ranko” Man wakes up in a young female body.
Rappi Rangai Comic Japan 2005 Tanaka Hosana R D
2 P This story takes place during the civil war in Japan. There is a boy that saves a wanted female ninja, who then tells him that she's his servant and he an emperor. Soon a few more girls appear in his life, one is in fact a male crossdressing.
Rapunzel's Revenge Comic United States 2008 Hale Nathan R D

Graphic adaption of the story of Rapunzel. If Rapunzel was an ass-kicking gal who, instead of waiting for a prince to rescue her, just went ahead and figured she might as well rescue herself. After her daring escape Rapunzel runs into Jack, a boy disguised as a girl who needs some saving.
Rasen No Arurukan Comic Japan 2001 JET R T

A group of old men called "the chosen ones" are reincarnated as young women.
Ratafia Comic France 2005 Salsedo Frédérik R D

T1 “Mon nom est Capitaine“ Pirates dressed in ballet costumes in exchange for a treasure.
Rataplan Comic Belgium 1965 Berck R D
T1 “Rataplan et l'ibis d'or” (01/1965) Rataplan and Bobeche disguised as arab women in the harem. T4 “Rataplan et le vaudou“ (01/1969) Male spy disguised as a native woman in africa. T5 “Rataplan et le prince de Jitomir” (01/1970) Rataplan disguised as a girl to infiltrate into a school for young ladies.
Rave (Rave Master) Comic Japan 1999 Mahima Hiro R T
Vol 12 Chap 96: Ellie has broken her arm, so she, two guys, Haru Glory and Hamrio Musica, and their creature Plue search for a healer named Alice to fix it. While searching in the woods, an old man switches the four characters into each other's bodies, With Hamrio ending up in Ellie's body.
RE:Play Comic United States 2006 Lijewski Christy R D

Char Delphi is the band's drummer and fashion designer. Her taste and Rail's taste often come into conflict. Char also seems to have something for Izsak, as in the first meetings she was seeming to flirt around him. She is the only member of "Faust" who does not have facial piercings. She is Ed's twin, and they have moles on the opposite sides of their faces. She is revealed to actually be male. The reasons for his crossdressing are unknown.
Realm Of Kings: Imperial Guard Comic United States 2010 Marvel Comics R T
#1 (01/2010) Talon (a male villain) takes the form of Councillor Araki (a woman).
Rebecca Et Les Testaments De Saint Ambroise Comic France 1987 Brandoli Anna R D
T2 “Question de nez” Nun gives her clothes to a man and she dresses in normal female clothes to start the search of the testament.
Red Comic Japan 1999 Shinozaki Mine R D
1 X Mature. Story "Blue Blue": One girl reveal herself to be a boy crossdressing
Red Lion Comic Korea 2003 Kim Jong Sun R D
1 P Vol 6 Chap 6: There is a school festival and one of the classes is playing movie star imitations, one of the boys being Juliet from Shakespeare in Love.
RED Living On The Edge Comic Japan 1998 Muraeda Kenichi R D
1 P Vol 4 introduces Greenwell, a cold assassin, that disguises as a woman to enter unnoticed to a school to kill his target.
Redblade Comic United States 1993 Dark Horse R T
3 P #1-2 (1993) Redblade goes through a portal with another female character in order to get more human forms. When going through the portal, it turns out that Redblade has been turned into a woman, and the woman gets the male body.
Regalia Comic Japan 2000 Kawazoe Mariko R D
1 P Vol 1 and 2: One young man disguises himself as a maid to infiltrate in a palace
Rei Rei Comic Japan 1991 Shimizu Toshimitsu R T
Vol 1 Chap 4: Boy is transformed into woman by magic and makes love with his friend. Vol 2 Chap 5: Boy is transformed into a big boob woman as a punishment for embarassing a girl from his school.
Reinou Tantei Miko (Phantom Hunter Miko) Comic Japan 1994 Iogi Junichi R T
2 Z Mature. Vol 1: Young woman is possessed by a demon who likes being there. Vol 6: Miko swaps bodies with 3 other characters.
Relatos De Presidio Comic Mexico 1994 Editorial Toukan R D
#54 “Apuñaláronlo por puñal” (10/1995) Group of transvetites plot revenge angaint men after one of them is killed by a client.
Release Zero Comic Japan 2000 Yasumori Zen R D
1 X Mature. Two boys exploring an old storage room end crossdressing and having sex.
ReMember Comic Japan 2010 King Gonta R D
2 P Vol 1 Chap 5: Gin-san helper, Tama-chan is introduced. This woman is revealed in Vol 1 Chap 8 to be a male, an ex-gang member that is now living as a woman.
Renai Chuudokuteki Senjutsushi Comic Japan 2002 Kawasoe Mariko R T
Vol 3 “Senjutsushi Wa Netsuai Sareru”: Evil Witch tranform a boy into a woman.
Renai Jikaku Shoujou Comic Japan 1996 Yamakami Riyu R D
4 P Agatsuma is a gang leader, macho, tall, robust, beating people up left and right, but he has a secret. Being the leader of his school's biggest gang is only his day job, he moonlights as a bar hostess.
Renai Liberty Comic Japan 2005 Takazawa Taeko R D
1 P At one point a boy is disguised as a girl.
Renai Tripper Comic Japan 2006 Takada Rie R D
Vol 1 Second story “Love Follows” have a male dressing up as the female lover of a couple to ambush a real couple.
Renketsu Houshiki (A Connectiv System) Comic Japan 2005 Karino Hasumi R D
1 Z Mature. Last story “School” have a boy being dressed in girl's clothes by his classmates.
Rental Maid Comic Japan 2001 Usagi No Tamago R T
1 X Mature. Story "Rental Body": A perverted girl steals her older brother's clothes and uses them to stimulate herself. He catches her masterbating and discovers what she has been doing with his clothes. In an argument they accidentally fall down some stairs and swap bodies. Now the girl is in her brother's body and she decides to show him why sex is so good.
Resurrection Man Comic United States 1997 DC Comics R T
3 P #9 (01/1998) “Dead Reckoning” Mitch Shelly uses his shapeshifting power (which he got in the previous issue) to turn himself into Kim Rebecki (the private investigator who he met in earlier issues) in order to get up to her office without being recognized. #18 (10/1998) "Secrets & Lies" Deadman assists Resurrection Man. At the end Deadman possesses the body of the title character's girlfriend briefly. #23 (04/1999) “The Female of the Species” Mitch Shelley has an unusual ability: every time he dies, he comes back to life with a different super power. After being captured and tortured, he resurrects as a woman, apparently because they have a higher pain threshold. #24 (05/1999) “Forgotten But Not Gone” Mitch Shelley continues with the female body.
Return Comic Japan 1994 Miura Noriko R T
4 P Kai Morisawa is a typical highschool student. One day his friend Tatsuki talks Kai into taking a spin on his motorcycle. They have a horrific accident which leaves Kai dead. Except Kai isn't quite dead, because he wakes up in the body of coma victim Marika Fujii. Kai soon gets out of the hospital, but attending his own funeral and the odd behavior leads Marika to be confined in her house. Eventually Kai accepts his new life as Marika, and transfers into Tatsuki's school. Through a slip up, Tatsuki learns who this strange girl is, and Kai realizes that Tatsuki is suppressing a huge amount of guilt because of the accident. Tatsuki swears to devote his life to making up for his reckless act by taking care of Marika, marrying her. Kai is not too keen on this, but as time passes, they learn to be friends again, and their relationship end deepening into something else.
Reversible Comic Japan 1990 Uchiyama Mamoru R D
5 P A man need to hide from Yakuza after embezzling their money, and disguise himself as a woman, and under the name of Rie Kobayashi find a job as an OL for a small corporation, not knowing that this corporation is a cover for the yakuza group he owes money. And to add more problems, the yakuza boss has fallen in love with his female alter-ego, so he will have to be a mob doll for the time being.
Reversible! School Life Comic Japan 2010 Shirase Shuu R D
Shuu Kaidou is sent away to an all boys boarding school with a very strange rule concerning half the students must dress as girls!.
Ric Hochet Comic Belgium 1963 Tibet R D
1 P T36 “La flèche de sang” (1983) Ric capture a thief that is disguised as an old woman.
Ricchan Comic Japan 2004 Yoshino Mari R D
Yuuna meets Ricchan as hostesses and became friends. Ricchan took away the customers for money. She reveals Yuuna that she is an MtF transsexual, and wants to get SRS. But when they find out competing over the same man, their friendship begins to fall apart...
Richard Et Charlie Comic France 1977 Tabary R D
T1 “Richard et Charlie au Japon” Richard and Charlie get peasant clothes to pass unnoticed, Charlie getting women's clothes.
Richie Rich Comic United States 1960 Harvey R D
#23 (05/1964) Story “Toys” Cadbury disguised as a Granny Doll. #114 (05/1972) Story “And the fantastic snapshoots” A crook disguises himself as an attractive female hitchhiker to kidnap Richie.
Richie Rich And His Mean Cousin Reggie Comic United States 1979 Harvey R D
#2 (11/1979) Salesman disguised as a woman.
Richie Rich And Jackie Jokers Comic United States 1973 Harvey R D
#31 (04/1979) Jackie makes a demostration of his disguise habilities transforming into an old woman, brief. #34 (10/1979) Jackie disguised as an old woman.
Richie Rich Bank Book Comic United States 1972 Harvey R D
#23 (06/1976) Story “Not Wanted!” Richie disguises as his girlfriend Gloria. #46 (05/1980) Story “The Electric Mistery” Crook disguised as a woman.
Richie Rich Billions Comic United States 1974 Harvey R D
#13 (11/1976) Gang member disguised as a girl to kidnapp Richie. Later a Thief impersonates a female maid robot to steal in Richie's house.
Richie Rich Diamonds Comic United States 1972 Harvey R D
#7 (08/1973) Two gang member disguised as women to spy on Richie.
Richie Rich Gold And Silver Comic United States 1975 Harvey R D
1 P #10 (02/1977) Story “And the lightning changer” Richie uses a quick disguise machine to change into a woman and later into Gloria, his girlfriend. #11 (04/1977) Story “And the fantastic snapshoots” A crook disguises himself as an attractive female hitchhiker to kidnap Richie.
Richie Rich Inventions Comic United States 1977 Harvey R D
#2 (05/1978) Story “In quick change” Branes uses a instant disguise maker to transform into a woman.
Riki-Oh Comic Japan 1988 Saruwatari Tetsuya R D
2 P Vol 7 Chap 42: Male assassin is impersonating a woman to approach Riki-Oh. Vol 10 Chap 60-62: One enemy of Riki-oh, Aneyamasama, is dressing in traditional female clothes, because of the anniversary of his beloved sister.
Rikugun Nakano Yobikou (Nakano Army Prep School) Comic Japan 1985 Yasunaga Koichirou R D
3 P A man can morph his features to pass as a woman. He uses masks and wigs to impersonate women. Also other men disguise in women's clothes.
Rip Kirby Comic United States 1946 Raymond Alex R D
2 P Daily strips from 12/Jul/1954 to 25/Dec/1954. Desmond, Kirby's butler, disguises as a nurse to help saving a young prince Michael from his captors.
Rising Comic Japan
Higashizato Kiriko R T
3 P Vol 1 Story 5 "W Trouble": The older brother who is having a sex-change return home.
Rising Stars Comic United States 1999 Image Comics R B
#4 (01/2000) “Masques” As part of the "Rising Stars" series, we're told about various children who grow up with super powers. One young man had the ability to possess other people, and control their bodies without the host's knowledge. One of the girls "always suspected he was using his abilities in ways he shouldn't have". #10 and #12: Features the sensitive and tormented Joshua Kane. Ten years before these events took place, Joshua helped to sell out his fellow "Specials," and now seeks to atone for his misdeed. Here, he accompanies some of them into the ruined city of Chicago which is being held hostage by the insane and powerful Critical Maas. In order to boost her power, she seeks to kill the other Specials by detonating a tactical nuke and destroying the city. However, Joshua steps forward to prevent this, and not incidentally displays another long-hidden aspect to his personality.
Ritual (Gishiki) Comic Japan 1996 Suzuhira Hiro R D
1 X Mature. Story 2 have a boy being raised as a girl by his family. Last story have a manager of a idol singer that is a shemale.
Rival Wa Cute Boy Comic Japan 1999 Tomidokoro Kazuko R D

A schoolgirl has a youngers sister who is the source of her troubles because is more lovely and popular, but in reality is a younger brother.
Roachmill Comic United States 1988 Dark Horse R D
1 P #6 (06/1989) Sci Fi series about a futuristic detective, Roachmill. He is trying to hunt down someone killing prostitutes with a laser. His two assistants get the idea of dressing one of them, Lopsided, as a female to trick the killer into a trap.
Roberto Alcazar Y Pedrin Comic Spain 1940 Vañó Eduardo R D
1 P #346 “El misterio del cuarto numero 13” Pedrin disguised as a girl. #347 “¡Fantasmas!” Female ghost is discovered to be a male villain in disguise. #431 “Misterio en el templo chino” Roberto is tricked by an old woman and end in a trap. The woman is revealed to be a male in disguise. #477 “Terrible Misterio” Male disguised as a woman to commit his crimes. #943 “El transformista” Master of disguise disguises as a old woman to escape. #949 “Un buen chasco” Inmates escape from jail and one of them end wearing women's clothes. There is a reedition of this collection in color.
Roberto Alcazar Y Pedrin (color) Comic Spain 1976 Vañó Eduardo R D * 1
Reedition in color of original series. #178 “El misterio del cuarto numero 13” Pedrin disguised as a girl. #179 “¡Fantasmas!” Female ghost is discovered to be a male villain in disguise. #235 “Misterio en el templo chino” Roberto is tricked by an old woman and end in a trap. The woman is revealed to be a male in disguise.
Robinson Crusoe Comic France 2007 Gaultier Christophe R D
T1 Robinson's ship is captured by pirates. The pirate captain is dressed in female clothes.
Robo-Cock Comic Japan 1989 Kisaragi Mitsuo R T

X Mature. A man at a coin-operated shower swaps bodies with an unkown woman after they have sex.
Robotech Invasion Comic United States 2004 DC Comics R D
3 P #1-5 Tell the story of Lancer, that disguised himself as a woman to escape from the invid and become himself a spy dressed in female clothes under the name of Yellow Belmont.
Robotech: The Macross Saga Comic United States 1985 Comico R D
#13 (08/1986) The Zentradi pilots Rico, Konda, and Bron volunteer to be micronized and infiltrate the SDF-1 to gather more intelligence about the humans. To pass unnoticed they dress up as humans, but one of them chooses the only clothes that fit him, a skirt and a blouse.
Robotech: The New Generation Comic United States 1985 Comico R D
Character Lance Belmont: A 22-year-old soldier from the Second Earth Recapture Force. Now disguised as a female singer, Yellow Dance. Appareances in #3, #5, #11, #21, #22 and #25.
Rocco Vargas Comic Spain 1997 Torres Daniel R T
T7 “Paseando con monstruos”: Rocco meets a Robot that can change his appareance from male to woman.
Rocket Shoot! Comic Japan 1997 Fujita Jun R D
2 Z Mature. Last story have a boy playing the role of Juliet in a school play, and a girl is playing the role of Romeo. He later show his skills crossdressing to the girl.
Roland El Corsario Comic Argentina 1972 Andrada R D
1 P #62 “El Prisionero Frances” Pierrot disguised as a woman to help in the liberation of Roland.
Romance Ni Omakase Comic Japan 1997 Koide Mieko R D
2 P Male dress up as a girl to have another male fall in love with him.
Romanga Comic Japan 2003 Arai Rie R D
Vol 1: Male is transformed into a little boy and women play dressing up him in girl's clothes
Romeo Tubbs Comic United States 1950 Fox R D
#26 (05/1950) Story “What a Mess” Romeo disguised as a maid.
Rope Me Comic Japan 2001 Spark Utamaro R D
1 X Mature. One story has a school girl being revealed to be a shemale.
Rorakaizaa Comic Japan 1989 Kouga Yun R T

Sasame, who is ashamed of his ugly body, acquires the beautiful body of the suicided Nene.
Rosario + Vampire II Comic Japan 2007 Ikeda Akihisa R B
Chap 6: Male doppleganger changes into one of the girls. Chap 12: To help rescuing Mizore that is kidnapped in a female shrine, Tsukune is forced to dress in drag. Chap 25: Bodyswap between Yukari and the mafia boy.
Round Table Of America: Personality Crisis Comic United States 2005 Image Comics R T
#1 (08/2005) This comic features a female magic wielder Ms Merlin, who confronts her former male self.
Rubbers Seven Comic Japan 2002 Sukune Inugami R D
3 P Welcome to Rubbers 7, a small Japanese convenience store with a reputation for some odd owners. Rumors of mob connections and one rather eccentric boss with a passion for Ping-pong tend to keep business low. But when a young, quiet girl is framed for shoplifting and ends up working for the store, can her touch, with the help of her unusual coworkers, including a shy boy and a drag queen, turn the fortune of the store around?
Ruby Doll Comic Korea 2006 Choi Kyung-Ah R D
Vol 3: Boy end being forced to dress up as a girl for a party.
Rui-kun Ni Kanpai! (A Toast For Louis!) Comic Japan 1985 Hara Naoko R D
2 P Vol 4: Rui and his friends disguise as girls to sneak into a party.
Rumic Theater (Takahashi Rumiko Gekijou) Comic Japan 2003 Takahashi Rumiko R T
2 P Vol 2 “Rumic Theater: One or Double”: Kendo teacher of a boy dies falling down a cliff. He take possession of the boy girlfriend's body to train him for a competition.
Runaways Comic United States 2003 Marvel Comics R T
Vol 2 #8 (11/2005) A shapeshifting Skrull takes the form of a woman, in order to prove his love to his "betrothed" Karolina Dean of the runaways, when he discovers she is into girls. Vol 2 #17 (08/2006) The Skrull who changed from a human male to a female in order to become involved with lesbian Runaway Karolina Dean (issue 8) makes a brief reappearance in the comic as he and Karolina return to Earth. He first appears to the others in his base form (a male Skrull), then as a human male and then female in successive panels. Vol 2 #18 (09/2006) Xavin, the male Skrull who became Karolina Dean's mate, disguised himself as the magic-using female Runaway Nico sometime during issue 17. His deception is revealed in issue 18 when Geoffrey Wilder seems about to kill “Nico”. Vol 2 #23 (02/2007) The issue begins with Karolina suffering a nightmare and Nico entering her room. Nico then comes on to Karolina but she says she still loves Xavin. "Nico" turns out to be Xavin... who claims he wasn't testing Karolina but that he thought he might like her better in the shape of her friend. Xavin's base form is that of a male Skrull, but Karolina's preference for girls has generated a sort of identity crisis for him. Vol 3 #2 (11/2008) Xavin have a female form. Vol 3 #6 (03/2009) The surviving Majesdanians (Karolina's alien race) have come to Earth searching for Karolina, as they hold her responsible for the crimes of her parents which caused the destruction of Majesdane. Karolina has been wrestling whether or not to go with them and about halfway through the issue, she shows up and finally agrees, leaving with them after talking with her friends and saying goodbye. It's revealed, however, that Karolina never left. Instead, Xavin (the team's Skrull and Karolina's lover) knocked her out and took her place, both to keep her on Earth with her friends and to make up for all the wrong the Skrulls have done. He said he would eventualy reveal himself but for now, he's off in space living as Karolina Dean.
Rune Comic United States 1994 Malibu Comics R T
Vol 1 #6 Rune versus Prime and Mantra!
Rune Vs. Venom Comic United States 1995 Marvel Comics R T
#1 (12/1995) Rune disguises himself as Ann Weying, Venom's ex-wife, to both trick and taunt him.
Rurouni Kenshin Comic Japan 1994 Watsuki Nobuhiro R D
Vol 13-15: Honjou Kamatari, a crossdresser, is so good at looking like a woman that he throws Makimachi Misao off completely when Kamatari reveals that he is biologically a man. He's gay and loves Makoto Shishio deeply, but knows that he will never be loved like Komagata Yumi nor will he ever become as talented as Seta Soujirou, who serves as Shishio's right hand man.
Ruse Comic United States 2001 CrossGen R D
#2 (12/2001) Simon Archand, a victorian era private detective often used masks and disguises while doing his work. He uses a female mask in a burial ceremony.
Ryoujokuou Comic Japan 1998 Fuusen Club R D
1 Z Mature. Story "Blue Powder": Boy is given female clothes by his girlfriend. Story "Blue" is about a boy being chemically feminized
Ryoute Ippai No Houseki Comic Japan 2000 Onikubo Hirohisa R D
3 X Mature. Story "Otokonoko Kakumei": A male, that is dumped by his date for a party, asking his roommate to go with him, dressing up as a girl.
Ryuu No Hanawazurai Comic Japan 2006 Kusakawa Nari R D
Shakuya's Father is disguising as a woman because his real identity should not come to light, and is traveling around the desert as a dancer. Revealed in Vol 3 Chap 13
Ryuurouden Comic Japan 1993 Yamahara Yoshito R D
3 P Vol 8 Chap 30: The main character Shiro has the ability to freely control his muscles. When he wants to go to the market undercover he disguise himself as a woman. Vol 10 Chap 37: Shiro uses his ability to disguise as a girl to lure and trick an enemy.
S Complex Comic Japan 1998 Nanase Kai S D

X Mature. Young boy dress in girl's clothes for his lover.
Sabak Uteki Netsuai Jijyou Comic Japan 2001 Himawari Souya S D
2 P Second story is about a highschool class in a boys' school that is preparing a play, and a boy is going to do the female part.
Sad Mermaid Princess Comic Japan 2006 Inoue Kimidori S T
The story of a young office lady that was born male.
Sad Sack Comic United States 1949 Harvey S D

#264 (03/1978) Story “Red Hot Riding Hood” Sarge goes on an undercover mission disguised as Grandma.
Sade Comic Japan 2005 Senno Knife S D
3 Z Mature. Stories based in french author Marquis de Sade. Story 1 "Agustine de Villeblanche ou Le Stratagemee de l'Amour": Young male is convinced to dress up as a female to win the love of a female lesbian.
Safe Again Today Comic Korea 2006 Park Suhla S T
Ji is an alien male living in the earth that have taken on a female human body because... woman's body is so much prettier and also there's that thing between a guy's legs…
Sai:Taker - Futari No Artemis Comic Japan 2012 Lee Soo Hyun S T

Nanase Kyouya is an ordinary teenage boy, who moved in with the girls Igarashi Kyouka and Yuma after the death of his parents. Yuma is a "Sai Taker," but Kyouka is an "Original Taker." One day, he goes with them to see a new model under testing of a magical device, based after Kyouka's. After a deadly terrorist attack, Kyouka desperately contracts Kyouya to the new device model to save his life. The device has some side effects, however, one of which is that it transforms Kyouya into a girl! Now Kyouya is secretly an "Original Taker", and he must go to the elite "Sai Taker" school, as a girl, with Yuma.
Saigo No Bansan Comic Japan 1995 Midori Yukako S T
Story "Mother's Day": Mizuki discovers that his mother is alive, and she wants to take him back to her world where he can take his rightful place as princess of the realm.
Saikyou Mahou Shoujo Akira Comic Japan 2008 Wada Aruko S T
Akira found a watch laid on a crosswalk on the way of going home from school. He picked it up because it looked very expensive. But actually it was magical stick and it transformed him into a little girl.
Sailor Danshi Comic Japan 2010 Sakira S D
1 X Mature. Seeing a male friend dressed up in a sailor uniform at a drinking party, his heartbeat immediately speeds up and his crotch starts throbbing! To find out why, he takes his friend to a love hotel and...? The arousing sailor uniform clinging to a muscular body, bondage brothers, oyaji harassment, sex on the beach and much, much more - all in this fully-loaded novel!.
Sailor Fuku Ni Onegai Comic Japan 2005 Tanaka Meca S D

Vol 1: Cosplay event with a boy disguising in female costume. Vol 2 and 4 have a male crossdressing in brief appareances.
Saint Dragon Girl Comic Japan 1999 Matsumoto Natsumi S B
Vol 2 Chap 6: Fortuneteller Shion is revealed to be Kouta-kun. Vol 3 Chapter 9: A ghost posses Momoka's body.
Saiyuki Comic Japan 1997 Minekura Kazuya S D
2 P Vol 5 Chap 29: Ren Li, master of the castle, captures Sanzo. Ren Li dresses as a woman but is a male.
Sakigake!! Otokojuku - Seishun Yo, Taishi No Dake Comic Japan 1985 Miyashita Akira S T

Vol 7: The heroes have to fight a villain who can change gender.
Sakuranbo Hakusho Comic Japan 1988 Arimura Shinobu S T

A boy falls down the stairs and wakes up in his sister's body.
Salamander Orb Comic Japan 1989 Hazuki Shinobu S T

Man turns into a woman thanks to magic.
Salaryman Kintarou Comic Japan 1994 Motomiya Hiroshi S T
Vol 2: Kintaro runs into a former fellow gang member who has since had a sex-change operation; she informs Kintaro that it was his decision to become a salaryman that gave her the courage to be his... er, her true self.
Salut Les Coquines Comic Belgium 1996 Jack S D
T5 “Elles prennent leur pied” Story “Mission spéciale”: Army men try to stop a despach rider disguising one of them as a woman. Story “L'effet et les faits”: Male tells his wife that he likes to wear female clothes.
Salva Me Comic Japan 2004 Konno Kita S D
One boy is living as a girl in his teen years
Sammy Comic Belgium 1970 Berck S D
4 P T6 “Les gorilles font les fous” (1975) Ganster disguised in a dress to sneak into an hospital, brief. T23 “La diva” (1987) Reporter disguised as a clean woman to get access to the Diva, brief. T30 “Les gorilles portent jupons” (19939 The prison director has hired Jack Attaway and Sammy to find a guy who has escaped. He is a key witness of Eliott Ness, who could put Al Capone in jail for a while. But feeling that he was in danger, he preferred to escape. Jack and Sammy will try to find him but in a big city is not easy. They know that he frequented a bar and decide to go. They will quickly discover that this bar is a special bar, where men like to stay dressed as women. Our two gorillas will therefore have to dress as women to be able to find the guy. They will be assisted by his cousin Jack who frequent this place. But Al Capone and his henchmen are on the same track.
Samurai Crusader Comic Japan 1991 Ikegami Ryoichi S T
3 P Vol 3 "Sunrise Over Shanghai" (Bunko Vol 2): Genbu-sensei, as it turns out, is an 800-year-old master who has reincarnated many times. His present form is that of a beautiful young woman. She is no less the deadlier for it. She makes her first appearance as a humble boatgirl, a disguise she takes in order to test Kumomaru before their formal interview.
Samurai Deeper Kyo Comic Japan 1999 Kamijyo Akimine S D
3 P Vol 4: Yukimura Sanada disguises himself as a girl to fight in a competition. Vol 22-38: Akari appears as a kind lass and tries to seduce Kyo. After “her” true character reveals, everyone thinks Akari as a cruel lass. Later Kei reveals about a crossdressing priest that tries to seduce men into the forest and rob them. Kyo reveals to everyone that Akari's real name is Mitarashi Tokociro because he's a man. “She” becomes the fourth and final member of the group.
Samurai High School Comic Japan 2009 Kashiwaba Hiro S D

In a modern country where the government is controlled by a Martial Shogun and samurai receive much respect, there lives identical twins of the Sakakido family. Kou, the brother, is very feminine, excels at cooking, cleaning, arts and crafts. Tsukiko, the sister, is masculine, loves fighting and is a combat genius. The twins learn about the Samurai High School, where men test their strength and women test their femininity, but the only way they can attend is by swapping places. If they are to be found cheating, they will be executed so they have to overcome their gender differences and maintain their secret.
Samurai Jack Comic United States 2013 IDW Publishing S T
2 P #6 (03/2014) The scottsman is got turned into a woman, and so did Jack at the end. #7 (04/2014) Samurai Jacqueline and the Scotswoman fight giants and wee folk alike as they struggle to free themselves from the gender-bending curse of the leprechauns.
San-chome Comic Japan 1996 Kikuni Masahiko S T

Different characters swap bodies because of a magic miror.
Sanada Juuyuushi Comic Japan 1975 Motomiya Hiroshi S D
3 P Miyoshi, one of the braves, is in charge of intelligence, and uses female disguises. Vol 1: Miyoshi is disguised as a peasant woman when introduced. Vol 4: Miyoshi, disguised as a maiden just to be given in marriage to a warlord, takes her place and and try to kill the warlord being killed himself in the fight with his bodyguards.
Sangokushi Engi Comic Japan 1999 Kiyoshi Shimizu S T
2 Z Mature. Set in antient China, a girl who travels with two men is actually a man who is cursed to walk the earth in his daughter's form. There is also a sidestory with the same characters in modern world.
Sanjou Tomomi's Collection Comic Japan 1993 Sanjou Tomomi S T
1 X Mature. Vol 14: Story "Other Woman": Mad scientist put the brain of a pervert in the body of a highschool girl.
Sapphire Comic Japan 1992 Tanaka Yuuko S D
3 P A psychic boy, an orphan, is set to become a juvenile delinquent, except that the victim he selects for his pickpocketing is a professional psychic stronger than himself, Saphire. The pro takes the kid home, being in need of some help around the shop as it were, and ends up adopting him and giving him a new lease on life. The pro is also a female-dressing okama, rather a stunning one too, but straight, though there's a media type who hangs around Sapphire.
Saraba Ochinchin Comic Japan 2007 Raymon S T
1 X Mature. Boy and girl find that they are changing their gender, later find that more people are changing.
Sarvan (Sarvane) Comic Spain 1983 Bernet Jordi S T
2 P T2 “La Tumba de Piedra” Warrior transform himself into a woman to attack an enemy entity and destroy it.
Sasameki Koto Comic Japan 2007 Ikeda Takashi S D
3 P Character Masaki Akemiya (Akemi Mayasaki): A shy boy, classmate of the main characters. He likes Sumika, but when he notices that she likes Ushio he tries to crossdress in order to catch her attention. His younger sister however finds out about it and sends some pictures of him to a magazine. He is hired against his will and the pictures start appearing on magazines, where Ushio sees them and gets a crush for "her", wanting to meet "her".
Sasuga No Sarutobi Comic Japan 1981 Hosono Fujihiko S D

Two characters are spies who often disguise themselves into women to trap their ennemies.
Satomi Hakkenden Comic Japan 1998 Yoshimura Natsuki S D
2 P Based in the classic novel. Vol 2: Inokawa Sosuke, one of the companion, likes to crossdress. He wear female disguises two times. Vol 3: One new companion, a celebrated flautist and dancer woman known as Asakeno, is revealed to be a transvestite called Inuzaka Keno. Also Sosuke does a brief crossdressing. Vol 4: Sosuke again crossdressing. Vol 5: Sosuke crossdressing in a wedding dress.
Satsui Doctor Ranmaru (Death Doctor Ranmaru) Comic Japan 1998 Inoue Noriyoshi S D
3 P Vol 9 Kranke 92-95: Ranmaru have the mission to stop a woman that is killing men for revenge. She is later revealed to be a male that goes undercover as a woman to commit his crimes
Sauros Knight Comic Japan 1992 Aki Katsu S D
2 P Vol 1: boy is disguised as a female to enter in a city, later he is captured and sold as a female slave to the palace.
Savage Dragon Comic United States 1993 Image Comics S T
Vol 2 #61-62 (05-06/1999) In an attempt to get close to the Dragon, Impostor first takes on the appearance of his former love, Rapture. When that attempt fails, he then impersonates the Dragon's fiancee Jennifer (the heroine Smasher) on their wedding day, no less. That proves to be a Really Bad Mistake, however, when Overlord arrives to break up the party. Vol 2 #62-65 (06-08/1999) Side Story “Desperate Times” Marty gets captured by aliens and turned into a woman. Vol 2 #73 (03/2000) A "cloaking device" device built by Dr. Nirvana allows Dragon to pose as a blonde (possibly his fiancee, Smasher?) and Dart to pose as surrogate daughter Angel. Appears to be illusion, although the device duplicates the woman's fingerprints. Brief. Vol 2 #174 (10/2011) Lurch, Vanguards synthetic shapeshifting morphling, who possesses consciousness and is refered to as "He", inadvertantly assumed the form of Vanguards girlfriend, Roxy, even believing himself to be her and kissing Vanguard on the lips ...to everyones embarrassment.
Savant Garde Comic United States 1997 Image Comics S T
#4-5 (06-07/1997) Savant Garde's shape-shifting spy, Disperse, assumes the form of Savant & Zealot's nemesis, the sorceress Tapestry, in order to break himself and others out of a place where she's holding them captive.
Sayonara Boku No Princess Roriita Comic Japan 2012 Konjiki Runa S D

Yuki is a popular crossdressing model.
Sayounara Boku Comic Japan 2001 Kiyoka S T

Boy and girl swap bodies after falling in the stairs.
Sayounara Juliet Comic Japan 1998 Nishi Keiko S D
2 P The story of the title have a male having a party night and he wake up with a woman in his house. She reveals him later that she is a male transvestite, and step by step she wins him and they end as a couple.
Sayounara, To Kimi Wa Te O Futta Comic Japan 2008 Fukai Youki S D
2 P Boyfriend of a male disguises as a gorgeous woman to be his date for a night.
Sazanami Cherry Comic Japan 2010 Kamiyoshi S D
Migiwa Kazuhiro has always been watching Ren, cute, admirable and his first love. With all his courage, he finally managed to give her a love letter and confessed on a train, but what he didn't know at the time was that Ren is a boy. Ren accepts and the two start going out.
School Maze Comic Japan 1999 Shimamoto Harumi S D
3 Z Mature. Story arc "Twins": One boy disguises as a girl to fool a boy, later he does again because he is very good at it.
School Zone Comic Japan 2000 Fujii Akiko S D
1 X Mature. Lesson 2: One pair of twins kidnapps their teacher. One of the twins is a boy but is dressed as a girl.
Scimidar Comic United States 1988 Malibu Comics S D

Vol 3 #1 (01/1990) Scimidar visiting a female impersonator club.
Scooby-Doo Comic United States 1997 DC Comics S T

#48 (2001) "It's the Vikings" In the second story the gang accidently trip into the egoratus machine. Velma becomes Daphne who becomes Fred who becomes Velma. and Scooby and Shaggy do a direct switch.
Scoop! Comic Japan 2001 Odagiri Kaname S D

Is about a girl who's been sent to a high-class girls' boarding school by her parents, Riri, who's bored by the isolation and emphasis on acting like a lady. A guy from the neighbouring boys' school, Hijiri, is trying to get material for his school paper article on 'A Day in the Life of a Madonna' . Hijiri is dresssing as a girl, and pretends that he's Riri's older sister even though they're complete strangers, and Riri is drawn into the masquerade.
Scrap Comic Japan 1997 Aro Rei S T
1 X Mature. Short stories. Story 1 has a boy transforming into a woman with a magic crystal.
Secret Avengers Comic United States 2014 Marvel Comics S D * 1
#7 (10/2014) Phil Coulson, secret avenger currently on the run, disguises as a woman.
Secret Invasion: Dark Reign Comic United States 2009 Marvel Comics S T
#1 (02/2009) Loki in female form
Secret Love Service Comic Japan 2000 Sakuragawa Sonoko S D
2 P One of the secondary characters is a transvestite.
Secret Of Duos Comic Japan 1993 Die Hiow S T

A male body is possessed by an alien female entity that transforms the male body into a female version.
Secret Plot Deep Comic Japan 2006 NeWMeN S D
2 Z Mature. Vol 1 Chap 2, 3 and 4: Mayumi comes across a young girl that seems familiar only to find out that it's in fact a guy, Yuri, disguising himself as his sister.
Secret War Comic United States 2004 Marvel Comics S T
#2 (07/2004) Nick Fury get an holographic disguise as a barmaid.
Secret Wars II Comic United States 1985 Marvel Comics S T
#4 (10/1985) The Beyonder changes into a woman. Brief. #7 (01/1986) The Beyonder changes into two women. Brief
Secret! Comic Japan 2003 Araya Miki S D
2 Z Mature. Yuu is in love with his teacher Shuuji. Yuu have a secret, he like to crossdress. Later other boy, Yamamoto and Haneda, also end crossdressing to compite with Yuu for the love of Shuuji.
Secretas Tentaciones Comic Mexico 2000 Editorial Ejea S D
#19 “Me exita que te disfraces de mujer” (06/2000) Male end disguised as a woman because his wife is a lesbian.
Sei Lily Gakuen Comic Japan 1987 Wakado Maria S T

X Mature. A boy is turned into a girl, get pregnant and is killed by a magician.
Sei So Tsui Dan Sha Comic Japan 2003 Shiwasu No Okina S D
1 X Mature. Story 1 have a boy, Ryu Ogura, being humilliated dressing up in girl's clothes and being exposed.
Seidorei Mokuroku (Pet Catalogue) Comic Japan 2000 Kobayashi Shownen S D
1 X Mature. First story have a boy being raised as a girl by his guardians and end as a shemale.
Seigi No Mikata Comic Japan 2003 MEE-kun S T

A boy from outer space possesses a girl and gives her super powers to fight evil aliens.
Seigi No Mikata Mo Raku Ja Nai Comic Japan 2000 Nagareboshi Hikaru S D
1 P A new girl entering the school is revealed to be a boy.
Seiho High School Men's!!! Comic Japan 2006 Izumi Kaneyoshi S D
1 P Vol 3: School is having a play and boys are playing the female parts. Vol 6: Boys dressing as girls.
Seijou Koucha Kan No Jijou Comic Japan 2006 Suekane Kumiko S T
A highschool student turns into a girl whenever he drinks tea and serves as a waitress in a tea house.
Seikimatsu Oni Go-go! Comic Japan 1994 Kakeru Hitomi S T

A djin can be either female or male.
Seikimatsu Tantei Kurabu (Fin de Siècle Detective Club) Comic Japan 1994 Yotsuya Simone S D

X Mature. Vol 1 Chap 1: Arsene Lupin disguises as a maid to steal a ruby.
Seikon No Qwaser (The Qwaser Of Stigmata) Comic Japan 2006 Satou Kenetsu S B
Vol 4 Chap 18 and Vol 5 Chap 19-20: The Qwaser of Gold inhabits Tomo's body. Vol 8 Chap 34-367: Sasha got transformed into an almost naked girl in some kind of virtual reality combat practice system. His avatar's body shape was created according to the (false) data given to school.
Seikou Gakuen Idol-gumi! (Days Of Cool Idols!) Comic Japan 2006 Watanabe Mizuki S D

P Talentless, shy Tsubasa has just been accepted into the prestigious Seiko Academy. He soon gets mixed up with the most popular kids in school -- and the entertainment world! Forced to join the pop idol group Rinx as their lead female singer, Tsubasa soon finds himself stuck in the middle of a crossdressing comedy full of mistaken identities, blackmail, and kidnapping!
Seiryuden Comic Japan 1990 Moto Yoshitsune S T
1 X Mature. A boy get transformed into a woman after fusing with a dragon that keep his malehood when he return back to normal.
Seiten Nari Comic Japan 2006 Aikawa Satoru S D
1 P Vol 1: Boy disguises as a schoolgirl to sneak into the school.
Seitenkan Kyoushitsu (Classroon Transexual) Comic Japan 2011 Ikuya Daikokudou S B
1 X Mature. Stories about transsexuals and transvestites in the school.
Seito Kaichou Ni Chuukoku Comic Japan 2005 Monchi Kaori S D
2 P Vol 3 Chap 28-35: All members of the judo club dressed as women.
Seiya Maen Comic Japan 1988 Hayakawa Fumiko S T
3 P 17 year's old boy is involved in afterlife fights with end with his body dead. The woman that asked for his help intercedes and he is returned to live in earth in a body equal to the body of the woman. He now must live as a woman and also continue to fight the afterlife demons send after him/her.
Sekai No Mago Comic Japan 2005 Kasabe Tetsu S D
Vol 1: Female teacher have a lover that she forces to dress in women's clothes.
Sekaide Ichiban Chikaihito Comic Japan 2000 Nekogen S D
1 Z Mature. One story is about a highschool girl that discover one of her male classmates crossdressing and star blackmailing him.
Sekaide Ichiban Daikirai Comic Japan 1998 Hidaka Banri S D
2 P Vol 10: There is a wedding show with male and female reversals.
Sekainohate De Aimashou Comic Japan 2008 Takeda Sun S T
3 P Yona Ryouma, a normal high school boy, saves a man from another world at the cost of his own life when a mysterious earthquake occurs. The man, Emillio, uses a potion which apparently saves Ryouma's life. However, he is also changed into a girl in the process. Emillio is actually the prince of this alternate world and he declares Ryouma as his wife, presumably on the context of saving his life. But what about Ryouma's life as a high school boy in his own world? And will he come to accept being the prince's wife?. Based in short story “Uchuu No Hate De Aimashou”.
Sekihoku Journal Comic Japan 1995 Osaka Rie S T

Boy and girl swap bodies.
Sekirei Comic Japan 2004 Gokurakuin Sakurako S B
Vol 3: Shiina is dressed as a girl. Vol 4: Kagari start to change into a woman, By Vol 6 he cann't ocult the change anymore.
Sekuhara Shiokinin (Sexual Harassment Punisher) Comic Japan 2000 Shinano Oumi S D
3 Z Mature. Yaoi Story about the Sexual Harassment Punisher, Sakakibara, and his assistants - how they “punish” those around them. Vol 1 Chap 4: The woman that is asking Sakakibara for help is a crossdresser that is setting a trap to capture the Sexual Harassment Punisher
Self Portrait Comic Japan 2004 Itsuki kaname S D
One boy is chased by a classmate that is also a transvestite
Selfish Peach Girl Comic Japan 1998 Yume Kirei S T
1 X Mature. Story 8 "Change": Young couple switch bodies thanks to the father's medicine.
Sengoku!? ~Yuukyuu Ranse Renkatan~ Comic Japan 2009 Aruto Seneka S D
In a world that is a strange combination of the Sengoku Era and modern day, the princess Shizuka has chosen to protect her hometown by becoming a hostage at a more wealthy castle. Despite occasional bouts of loneliness, Shizuka is determined to enjoy herself in her large new town. This mostly involves hanging out with Chouya, the heir to the family of the castle where she now lives. Chouya has a bit of a crush on Shizuka, but how can he flirt with her when one of her favorite pastimes seems to be dressing him up in women's clothing?
Senpai Izonshou (Senpai Syndrome) Comic Japan 2005 Sena Youtarou S B
2 X Mature. Tooma kun is a young, healthy boy who happens to be fixated in his lovely senpai, the school madonna. Tooma's interest include : dressing his senpai in sexy outfits, dressing his senpai in sexy male outfits, dressing himself as a sexy girl (to match as a couple when senpai is crossdressing) and engaging in perverted punishment games via rock / paper / scissors games with his dearest Suzuka senpai. Chap 4: Tooma and Suzuka hit their heads and change bodies.
Senritsu No Uppun Bijo Jenny Comic Japan 1991 Nunoura Tsubasa S T
3 P Mad doctor put a man's brain into a woman's body, the one of the dead wife of the doctor.
Sensacional De Colegialas Y Estudiantes Comic Mexico 1997 Editorial Ejea S D
#37 “Le metio la larga y era carrera corta” (01/1998) Young woman enter a fashion school not knowing that is a fake school to get prostitutes and where the teachers are males disguised as women.
Sensacional De Futbol Comic Mexico 1986 Editorial Ejea S T
2 P #171 “Ah no! Ya se metio el diablo y ahora me cumples” (02/1990) Angel transforms into a woman to save a family and to trick the diable sent to get the souls of the family.
Sensacional De Juego Comic Mexico 1986 Editorial Ejea S T
1 P #109 “Al verlas les crecio el gusanito de apostar” (04/1989) Gorgeous woman is revealed to have been born male.
Sensacional De Luchas Comic Mexico 1985 Editorial Proteccion S D
2 P #67 “La Curvilinda” (02/1987) Male wrestling fighter is banned from organized fights and return as a woman to get revenge. #71 “Sueños de un exotico” (03/1987) Transvestite fighter and a dream about a cinderella story.
Sensacional De Vacaciones Reventones Y Cotorreos Comic Mexico 1990 Editorial Ejea S D
2 P #76 “No era Ramon, sino Ramona” (12/1991) Young male disguises as a female to get a better deal in a holiday resort. #138 “Erase un ceniciento y no la princesa de su cuento” (02/1993) Male has to sustitute the first actress in a theatre group. #224 “Enfocame poco a poco aquello que te pone loco” (09/1994) Male graphic reporter get a jot as a female graphic reporter. #325 “Equivocacion! lo quieren convertir en mafailon” (08/1996) As a side story it has a transvestite that is going to have a sex-change operation.
Sensacional El Libro Del Amor Comic Mexico 1987 Editorial Ejea S D
2 P #65 “Soy mas hombre” (05/1989) Male disguised as a woman to get a singing contract because as a male he can't get one. #212 “Para conocerla a placer se disfrazo de mujer” (04/1992) Male disguises as his own wife to protect the relationship of his daugther with her fiance and future mother-in-law. #263 “¡Que loquera! fingio ser lo que no era” (04/1993) Male disguises as a woman to be near a woman. #420 “Mi mujer me resulto hombre” (03/1996) The story of a woman that was born male and after changing his sex started living as a woman and even married a male that now has discovered the truth.
Sensation Comics Comic United States 1942 DC Comics S D
#36 (12/1944) Story “She Was no Lady” Thief disguised as a old lady.
Sensei No Ojikan: Doki Doki School Hours Comic Japan 1997 Momose Tamami S D
Jouji Seki likes to crossdress.
Sentiment No Kisetsu (Senchimento No Kisetsu) Comic Japan 2002 Enomoto Nariko S D
1 X Mature. Vol 2: Boy is bullied in school, his male clothes are destroyed and a skirt is given to him. With the help of a female classmate he dresses and goes with her to her house.
Sentimental Players Comic Japan 1989 Amagi Kei S D
1 X Mature. Story "Friends": One boy and a girl are playing, but the boy is doing it dressed up as a schoolgirl.
Sentou Hakai Gakuen Dangerous Comic Japan 2011 Kagami Kyousuke S T
Ryouseiin Otome has the power of gender transformation. He can change the gender of other people. Vol 1 Chap 2: He uses his power to stop an attack by a Majin. Vol 2 Chap 7: He change the gender of his classmates to allow them to avoid being targeted by a virus that infect only men.
Sepia Comic Japan 2006 Senno Knife S T

X Mature. A skeleton takes over a woman skin.
Seto No Hanayome Comic Japan 2002 Kimura Tahiko S B
Vol 7: Luna's father searches for ways to express his love and cheer up his precious daughter when he accidentally spots a girl's game from a search engine. Armed with his new "knowledge", Luna's father once again attempts to comfort Luna while dressing in girl's clothes. Manga Vol 10: Class President is given a bow that shoot gender-swapping arrows, a lot of bad boys get gender changes.
Setsugetsuki Comic Japan 2009 Inokuma Shinobu S D

Hino, the head of the village, an strategist mind, is handsome enough to pass easily for a woman.
Setsuna - Shoujotachi No Isshun Comic Japan 1996 Funabori Nariaki S D
2 Z Mature. Story 7 is about a boy that is chosen as a replacement for the main actress in the play the school is having, Snow White. He is convinced to dress up by the girl first chosen as Snow White, that is injured and can't play.
Setsunai Inochi No Uta O Kikasetsu Comic Japan 1995 Takahashi Yuki S T
3 P CIA operative Axel is critically injured when he saves a little girl from a suitcase bomb. To his surprise, he awakens in the body of a beautiful woman, the one-time lover of the brilliant young doctor who transplanted his brain into a new body.
Setunairo No Negai Comic Japan 2001 Kirikaze S D
1 X Mature. One story has a boy disguising as a girl to be close to girls.
Sh@pple Comic Japan 2009 Uirakuru S D

Awaya Yukiguni met a girl named Isuruga Mitsu and fell in love with her at first glance. Later, he learned that Mitsu is commuting in an all girls school, the same school that his sister attends. So in order to approach and become closer to her, Yukiguni decided to attend the all-girls school in place of his twin sister.
Shabada Dubi Duwa Comic Japan 2006 Higashizato Kiriko S D
1 X Mature. Twins dress up in girl's clothes, at least one of them is a boy.
Shade, The Changing Man Comic United States 1977 DC Comics S T
4 P Vol 2 #27-29: In the first issue Shade takes possession of a dead gorgeous woman's body, but later can't change it into a male body, and is forced to deal with female clothing and men's advances. Vol 2 #32: Shade's female body makes a minor appearance. Vol 2 #63-70: Shade's son George is put into the body of Lenny's daughter, Lilly.
Shades Of Blue Comic United States 2003 Digital Webbing S T

#1 (04/2003) The main character is being stalked and whenever she gets close to her stalker he/she changes bodies like in Fallen. He starts out male then a girl and many others.
Shake Down!! Comic Japan 1996 Fukada Takushi S D
1 X Mature. Story "Brother and Sister": Brother is spying his sister having sex with other girl he is interested on, later he disguises as his sister to have sex with the girl.
Shalader Comic Japan 1995 MARO S T
1 X Mature. Apparently there is a male entity that can change his gender to female.
Shampoo Comic Japan 2006 Fujitani Youko S D
1 Z Mature. Chap 3 “Wedding” Serina and Seji have been neighbors for years. After Seji's girlfriend dump him, Serina suddently confesse to Seji and ask him, "Could you hold me once? It's okay if you thinks of me as a girl, and if you really can't i'll give up”. On thoses words Serina start to crossdress for him but...
Shanghai Devil Comic Italy 2011 Sergio Bonelli Editore S D
T13 “Sette diavoli” (10/2012) Ugo and Risto disguised as prostitutes to escape from forbiden city in Beijing.
Shangri-La Comic Japan 2009 Karasuma Tasuku S D
3 P Momoko, Kuniko’s foster mother, is a sexy transsexual with a flamboyant personality. Her weapon of choice is a whip that is coiled around her arm until she activates and uses it. She has a liking towards men, and is displayed attacking them through the use of an uncomfortable encounters for the soldiers. One of the owners of Tropical Fish.
Shangrilla Comic Japan 2000 Takamatsu Makoto S T

X Mature. Story “Changeling” Boy and girl switch bodies after sex.
Shanikusai Comic Japan 2000 Higashizato Kiriko S D
1 Z Mature. Story 2 have a male going to a gay host club as a woman.
Shanpon Matsuba Comic Japan 1989 Matsuba Akindo S T
Male Genie possesses a woman's body to hunt down another evil male genie who possesses another woman's body.
Shape Of Love Comic Japan 2000 Kudara Naizou S D
1 X Mature. One story has a twin brother crossdressing as his sister.
Shape Up Ran Comic Japan 1983 Masaya Tokuhiro S D
2 P Vol 9 introduces Hiromi, transvestite brother of Souichirou.
She-Hulk Comic United States 2004 Marvel Comics S T
3 P Vol 1 #4 (08/2004) Ditto, the shape-shifting process server for She-Hulk's law firm, disguises himself as Peter Parker's wife Mary Jane in order to serve him a subpoena to testify in Spider Man's libel case against J. Jonah Jameson. Vol 1 #8 (12/2004) While She-Hulk and Holden Holliway's granddaughter Sasha (a.k.a. the villain Southpaw) are on another planet dealing with The Champion, guards from The Raft penal institution arrive at Holliway's law firm to check on Southpaw, who appears to be safe and sound on Earth... but turns out to be the firm's process server Ditto in disguise. Vol 1 #12 (04/2005) Ditto disguises himself as She-Hulk in order to distract Titania. Earlier in the book, he did a quick face morph of Titania. Vol 2 #9 (08/2006) In the bar where he used to work, "Pug" Pugliese tries to tell She-Hulk that he's got evidence that Starfox's influence is the reason she and John Jameson fell in love (and got married). But the She-Hulk who meets him in the bar turns out to be the law firm's AWOL shape-shifting process server, Ditto. Vol 2 #10 (10/2006) "Pug" Pugliese uses Ditto to test a theory. He gets the shapeshifter to pose as a woman in a slinky dress to trick an imprisoned Hydra agent who had claimed to have a bit more than a "man-crush" on Starfox. Vol 2 #12 (11/2006) It's finally revealed that Dottie, the blonde secretary of the law firm's interim boss Artie Zix, was really the shape-shifting process server Ditto all along. Ditto had been posing as "Dottie" since at least the beginning of She-Hulk Vol 2. Vol 2 #14 (02/2007) "Dottie" does make one final brief appearance as she moves out of the Excelsior apartments.
Shemale and Hermaphrodite Collection Comic Japan 1989 Anthology S D

X Mature. Stories about shemales and hermaphrodites. Some are about males forced to become shemales, others are about males that are shemales by his own. One by Funato Hitoshi have a boy becoming a shemale by magic.
Sheriff Comic Japan 1989 Aro Hiroshi S D
2 P Vol 2: Kaitou, a thief, disguises as a young woman to enter into a museum and later to escape from police. Also near the end he disguised again as a woman to gain access to a police officer he want to talk with.
Shi To Kanojo To Boku (The Death, Her, and Me) Comic Japan 1988 Kawaguchi Madoka S D
2 P Vol 4: One of the cases have the ghost of a woman that is revealed in the end to have been a male that was a transvestite.
Shiawase Kissa 3-choume Comic Japan 2005 Matsuzuki Kou S D
Jiro, Ichiro little brother, is often disguised as a girl. Vol 8: There is a school play and some boys are playing female roles
Shibariya Komachi Comic Japan 2006 Takeuchi Mick S D
Vol 2 Chap 4-5. The woman that is killing women is revealed to be a male crossdressing.
Shikkoku No Noiezere Comic Japan 2010 Yoshida Hebisaku S T

A mysterious meteor-like glowing object suddenly falls from the sky, killing one of the Fuwa brothers, Ryunosuke. His sibling, Kotaro, finds his brother’s scattered remains but also finds that his brother has reincarnated into a sexy female character from manga. Weirdly enough, the same glowing object that killed Ryunosuke was falling all over Japan. People later called it Dream Showers but no one would have guessed that it was just the beginning of a chaotic era.
Shin Anesan Wa Lincho Comic Japan 1993 Konami Shouko S T

Vol 2: Boy and girl switch bodies.
Shin C-Kyuu Salary Man Kouza Comic Japan 2011 Yamashina Keisuke S T

Vol 1: Man and Woman switch bodies.
Shin Chuuka Ichiban Comic Japan 1995 Ogawa Etsushi S D
Vol 12: In the extra chapter changing clothes between a man and a woman is done to win one eating contest.
Shin Daa! Daa! Daa! Comic Japan 2002 Kawamura Mika S D
2 P Vol 1: Ruu crossdressing to go undercover in a party
Shin Dokudami-Sou Comic Japan 1994 Fukutani Takashi S T

Man and woman swap bodies after being strike by the thunder.
Shin Gakuen Tengoku Comic Japan 1993 Ueda Rinko S D
3 P Rei attends school with Kingyo and Itaru. He is 18 years old and enjoys crossdressing. Early in the story, Itaru had a bit of a chrush on Rei. Of course, once Itaru learned that Rei was not a lady, he quickly lost interest in Rei as a girlfriend and instead accepted Rei as a friend. Rei is in love with Kingyo, and would even stop crossdressing if it would make Kingyo love him too. But then, Rei has made it known that he makes a better woman than Kingyo on several occasions, so Kingyo's responses to his affections are mixed. Vol 2: Rei get a part time job as a crossdressing waitress in a club called "Purple Soda", there is also other crossdressing coworkers. Vol 6 and 7: The club have a role reversal party and the male waiters end crossdressing.
Shin High-heeled Cop Comic Japan 1995 Yamato Waki S D
3 P Vol 1: There is a transvestite that is a friend of the woman cop.
Shin Kyonyuu Kazoku Comic Japan 1997 Hitoshi Mizuki S D
4 Z Mature. A story of the Muneuji family. Cute and sexy sisters, named "Kaname" and "Tsugumi", have really nice big tits. But her brother "Haruka" ...he is really male, has a nice pair of tits too!. The prequel “Kyonyuu Kazoku” is an alternate retelling of the story.
Shin Pet Shop Of Horrors Comic Japan 2004 Akino Matsuri S D
Vol 2 Chap 4 “Decoration” Count D and a friend visit a club for transvestites and transsexual women.
Shin Seiki Comic Japan 2000 Anthology S T

X Mature. Short stories. In one of them a man changes gender.
Shingeki No Kyojin Comic Japan 2009 Isayama Hajime S D
Chap 53: Armin disguised as a woman.
Shinigami To Boku Comic Japan 2006 Moroha S T

X Mature. Short stories. In one of them a boy tricks a demon into transforming into a cute girl.
Shinigami-sama Ni Saigo No Onegai O Comic Japan 2009 Yamaguchi Mikoto S T
Vol 2: Shizuka experienced being turn into a woman by shinigami's powers to solve certain mysteries as well as help accomplish certain victim's death wishes.
Shinjirarenaai Comic Japan 1993 Taiken Aoi S T

X Mature. A cursed catcher's mitt transforms a boy into a girl.
Shinkon Wa Amakunai Comic Japan 1973 Yuzuki Hikaru S T
2 P Vol 1 Story 2: Boy and girl die in an accident. Mad doctor revives both but swap their brains.
Shinseiki Akuma Kitan Hermes Comic Japan 2002 Watase Nozomi S T

A boy and a woman are actually visitors from a parallel Earth, but of different gender.
Shinshi Doumei Cross (The Gentlemen's Alliance) Comic Japan 2005 Tanemura Arina S D
2 P Yoshitaka "Maora" Ichinomiya is the treasurer and brains of the Student Council. Maora is a male, his real name being Yoshitaka Ichinomiya, and is childhood friends with Maguri. His parents are fashion designers and Maora usually dresses as a girl. Vol 6: There is a school play "Cinderella" and a boy, Maguri Tsujimira, plays Cinderella's stepmother
Shion No Ou Comic Japan 2004 Katori Masaru S D
3 P Saitou Ayumi, due to his sickly mother, he had to leave high school to take care of her. When playing shogi, he pretends to be a girl in order to earn money for competing; due to the male league taking two years to qualify.
Shiranai Kuni No Monogatari Comic Japan 2002 Kawase Natsuna S D

Vol 3: Master boy crossdresses as a house maid to help clean the house.
Shiranu Ga Alien Comic Japan 1999 Azuma Naoya S T
Brother and sister swap bodies after being kidnapped by aliens.
Shiratama-Shoujo Comic Japan 2007 Yamazaki Takanori S D
1 P Vol 1: Boy disguises as a girl to trick a girl into shooting a baseball ball very fast.
Shiritaikoto Shiranaikoto Comic Japan 1999 Nekogen S D
1 Z Mature. Story 9 has a boy dressing up as a girl.
Shiritsu Tantei Reimondo (The Private Detective Reimondd) Comic Japan 1993 Atsushi Higashi S D
Raymond disguises as a woman in order to deceive a rival in detective business.
Shiro No Fiorentina Comic Japan 1998 Togawa Mitomo S D
3 P Adventures in the Italy of the Renaissance. There is a high priest that crossdresses a lot.
Shiroi Mado No Mukougawa Comic Japan 1980 Hikawa Kyouko S D
Vol 1 Chap 3: In a school festival there is a transvestite café.
Shiru O Suu Nawa Comic Japan 2001 Spark Utamaro S D
1 X Mature. Short stories. Story 5 “Futari no Himitsu” have a brother going to the same school than his sister, dressing up as a girl himself.
Shisha No Kazari Wa Comic Japan 1988 Okita Yumiko S T

Man and woman swap bodies after falling down stairs.
Shishunki Bitter Change Comic Japan 2012 Masayoshi S T
Yuuta and Yui had their body swapped when Yuuta fell down from a tree. How will they co-operate with dealing this as they grow up?.
Shitai! Kisetai!? Nugasetai!! Comic Japan 2007 Ikuya Daikokudou S D
2 Z Mature. The first three stories involves a boy crossdressing.
Shooting Star Comics Anthology Comic United States 2002 Shooting Star Comics S T

#1 (06/2002) and #4 (04/2004) An anthology comic book with one of the stories featuring Fishnet Angel, a story of a man who wanted to be a superhero incredibly badly, so badly that he ended up having to take on the powers, body and gender of an ancient goddess to save his fiance, but now stuck as what the media dubs "Fishnet Angel" he may lose her afterall.
Short Cuts Comic Japan 1998 Usamaru Furuya S B
Short stories. Vol 1 Cut-48: Have a male trying a sex-change medicine. Vol 2 Cut-3: Have a male learning to be a ko-girl.
Shoubushi Densetsu Tetsuya (Legendary Gambler Tetsuya) Comic Japan 1997 Yasushi Hoshino S D
Vol 17 and 18: Tetsuya have a match with a pair of female twins, that in the end are revealed to be twin men.
Shoujo Bokujo Comic Japan 2004 Chunrouzan S T

X Mature. Story “B-Break”: After a boy and a girl have sex, she confesses that she used to be his little brother.
Shoujo Ochiru Comic Japan 2000 Spark Utamaro S D
1 X Mature. Last story have a boy working as a maid.
Shoujo Shounen - Go! Go! Ichigo Comic Japan 2005 Yabuuchi Yuu S D

Spinoff of Shoujo Shounen. When an old friend from kindergarten moves in next door, Anzu struggles to remember having a childhood friend named Ichigo. However, she soon comes to realize that appearances can be deceiving, because this beautiful girl is not actually a girl at all!
Shoujo Shounen (Girl Boy) Comic Japan 1997 Yabuuchi Yuu S D
Each volume is a separate story about a different boy becoming a female idol. Vol 1: A young boy has a beautiful girls singing voice. His sister talks him into dressing as a girl for karaoke. Just then he is "discovered" by a talent scout. Who seems so desperate to find the next big star, he willing to overlook his client's gender!
Shoukoku No Altair Comic Japan 2007 Katou Kotono S D
3 P Vol 1 Chap 3-5: Mahmut disguises as a woman to go inside a revolted city to help a friend and avoid a war. Vol 6 Chap 25: Mahmut disguised as a woman to get inside a city. Vol 8 Chap 38: Mahmut and his companions disguised as women. Vol 8 Chap 39: Mahmut disguised as a woman to close a deal.
Shounan Junai Gumi (GTO: The Early Years) Comic Japan 1990 Fujisawa Tohru S D
4 P Character Kaoru Kamata: She is Jun Kamata’s younger sister. She first appears when the Onibakugumi arrange their "get-together", Vol 4 and 5. Her brother bumps into her and recognises her, they haven’t seen each other for a while, and spends the whole evening trying to keep the others away. Eikichi is obsessed with Kaoru and doesn’t pay any attention to Itou at all, which results in a fight with Tsukai. Actuality, however, she is really male, which shocks Onizuka when he finds out. Kaoru appears during the Natsu saga, and tells Eikichi about her brother’s predicament. Character Hazuki Misato: Vol 28 and 29. She appears at the karaoke club where she meets Eikichi, who has been left by the group of girls who were in his booth and is now feeling sorry for himself. They get along well, and Eikichi naturally falls for her. She cooks for him, and she offers to have sex with him, but he refuses, since he’s too nervous. The two of them come across Shinomi and Takezawa, and he recognises her, she was a member of his gang in the past, but as a man. Naturally this is bad for Eikichi, and when she reveals the truth to him, he can’t handle it and she leaves.
Shounen Gourmet Comic Japan 2004 Anthology S D
1 Z Mature. Short stories about boys that dress in girl's clothes, and have sex with other boys.
Shounen Maid Comic Japan 2008 Ototachibana S D
Boy is working as a maid in a big house.
Shounen Oujo Comic Japan 2011 Yukihiro Utako S D
In a country where women rule supreme lives a poor but happy boy named Albert. An excursion to the city turns dangerous when he and his friend are abducted by slave traders, and later purchased by a noblewoman's servant. If this wasn't crazy enough, it turns out Albert looks exactly like the noblewoman who purchased him. But she's no ordinary aristocrat. She's a princess! And he's to act as her double from today on!?
Shounen Princess (Boy Princess) Comic Japan 2014 Matsuri Seishirou S D
Ruler of one of the eastern countries had to marry his daughter to strengthen trade relations and well-being of the state. However, as it turned out , he had only a single son, who quickly and sacrificed , disguised under the comely young princess. However not all bad , she came out of it better than he was a guy. But what is the answer Prince of another country when they meet and know, and yet they also have to somehow live together...
Shounen Shoujo Evolution Comic Japan 2002 Nihonkai Aranami S T

Highschool boy and girl swap bodies after being used in a mad scientist experiment.
Shounen Venus (Boy Venus) Comic Japan 1999 Mizuho Narumo S B

Character Sohichiroh is a boy who wears female clothes in most situations. Vol 2: Two girls swap bodies after making a wish at the Luna Park. Later on, one of them switches again with a boy.
Shounen X Cinderella Comic Japan 2006 Ikeyamada Gou S D

P Sakuragi Azuma, a 15 years old boy, looks like a plain old 3rd grade in junior high, but…actually is the real indentity of the most popular and new female model, Momo Kazuka.
Shounen X Shikkaku (A Disqualified Boy) Comic Japan 2001 Takaguchi Satosumi S D
4 P Main character is a boy that prefer to dress in female clothes.
Shouri No Akuma Comic Japan 2009 Maki Youko S D
Akira is a boy that dresses as a girl in the school.
Shuffle Comic Japan 2004 Kadota Hiroshi S D

Vol 3: There is a boy crossdressing.
Shugo Chara! Comic Japan 2006 Peach-Pit S D

Nadeshiko Fujisaki (real name Nagihiko Fujisaki) is the graceful but somewhat enigmatic former Q-Chair (Queen's Chair), who is the same age as Amu. It was revealed later that Nadeshiko is a boy and his real name is Nagihiko. It is the rule of the Fujisaki family that the males are trained to become oyama (male actors who plays female parts in kabuki). That is why Nagihiko wears female clothes and goes by a female name.
Shumi No Koheia Comic Japan 2000 MEE-kun S T

X Mature. Story “Minami no Shima no Mahoutsukai”: Boy is transformed into a woman by a wizard.
Shuppatsu Shinkoo! Comic Japan 1974 Yuzuki Hikaru S D
2 P First story. A boy have an accident and his pants are destroyed. A girl gives him something to wear, a skirt, until her mother sew the pants again.
Shura No Hitsugi Comic Japan 2006 Nagahama Sachiko S B
5 P After living the killing of his father and his fiance and being assaulted himself, Hoshi is now living in the house of Keiko, a transvestite, that helped him after the assault. He is living as a woman by the name of "Kaoru". And he is planning a revenge.
Shuranba Ranba Comic Japan 1994 Kukan Shin S B
3 Z Mature. Short stories. Male, that works in a gay bar with transvestites, discovers that the girl he just had sex with was formerly one of the boys from his school who had a sex change. Boy in love with another is transformed into a girl thank to a magic box.
Shushou!! Chiinke Wakami Comic Japan 2005 Yakiudon S D
In Oouchi High School Judo Club a young master reigns - Chiinke Wakami. Superhumanly strong and overwhelming beautiful, the young warrior is admired and people congregate to see him. However, he has a secret, he is a man who likes other men. Vol 1: Chiinke Wakami disguises as a girl. Vol 2: Chiinke Wakami goes to a transvetite bar.
Shuto Heru Comic Japan 2008 Itou Yuu S T
Sudou end being transported into a past world where he end in the body of a female warrior.
ShutterBox Comic United States 2003 Wolfgarth Tavisha S D

Character Thomas Kelly Jenkins is AJ's crossdressing best friend who also goes by the name of Tina.
Shuukyuu Shoujo (Football Girl) Comic Japan 2008 Wakamiya Hiroaki S D
3 P Vol 2 Chap 6: Yuuki, trying to avoid being discovered by his friend Shinichi, end being disguised as a girl to pass unnoticed. Vol 3 Chap 9-12: Yuuki is forced to disguise as a girl and join the team for a match.
Silex files Comic Belgium 2002 Foerster Philippe S D
T2 “Le silence des fossiles” Private detective in paleolithic city have a encounter with transvestites.
Silke Comic United States 2001 Dark Horse S T
#1 (01/2001) Near the end of the issue, a creature who was originally a man named Duffy morphs into Silke before massacring a room full of test subjects.
Silver Age Showcase Presents Comic United States 2000 DC Comics S T

#1 (07/2000) "The Seven Soldiers of Victory" Deadman briefly possesses Element Girl and one hot looking blonde in bed with Blackhawk. Only a head and shoulders shot of that one though. One panel each.
Silver Surfer Comic United States 1968 Marvel Comics S T
Vol 3 #6 (12/1987) Aptak is a mae Skrull trapped in a female Waziliah form by the Hyper-Wave Bomb. He is the lover of Nenora. Vol 3 #8 (02/1988) Aptak contact with Nenora, now a spy within the Kree. Vol 3 #10 (04/1988) Aptak uses his female form to meet with Nenora. Vol 3 #33 (01/1990) The Impossible Man briefly assumes the form of Marilyn Monroe, a fat alien woman and the X-Mens Jean in her Dark Phoenix guise. Vol 3 #39 (07/1990) Shapeshifter takes the form of a woman. Vol 3 #97-99 (10-12/1994) It's revealed that Silver Surfer's nemesis, the demon Mephisto, has been hiding in the shape of the Surfer's lost love Nova.
Silver Surfer / Superman
Comic United States 1996 Marvel Comics / DC Comics S T
Marvel and DC crossover. #1 (11/1996) The Impossible Man and Mr. Mxyxptlk agree to exchange both dimensions and enemies, taking on Superman and the Silver Surfer, respectively. At the end, the two of them get into a fight and change shape into a number of supeheroes, including a couple of panels where Mxyzptlk changes into Wonder Woman.
Simpsons Comics Comic United States 1993 Bongo Comics S D

#121 (06/2008) “The Town That Time Forgot” Mayor and female assistant interchange their clothes. Very brief.
Sister Comic Japan 1996 Onikubo Hirohisa S D
1 X Mature. Lesson 2: Sister trick his twin brother into going to school as her.
Sister's Panic Comic Japan 1991 Kukan Shin S T

Story “Sister?” Boy and girl misteriously swap bodies.
Six / Four Comic Japan 1998 Hindenburg S D
1 Z Mature. Story "Go! Go! Go!": Boy is persuaded to disguise as a magical girl by two of his friends. In the end all three end in magical girl's disguises.
Sket Dance Comic Japan 2007 Shinohara Kenta S B
3 P Vol 15 Chap 132-138: Bossun and Himeko bodyswaps. Vol 19 Chap 163: Tsubaki, Bossun and Switch disguised as women.
Skin Tight Orbit Comic United States 1995 NBM S T

Vol 1 (1995) "Double Your Pleasure" Jana and Peter, former lovers, must exchange bodies to fix the spaceship.
Skinwalker Comic United States 2002 Oni Press S T

#3-4 (08-09/2002) Agent Foresyth, now a skinwalker assumes the "skin" of a female bus passenger.
Skirt (Sukaato) Comic Japan 2002 Enomoto Nariko S D
Love triangle between two men and a woman. The woman had dressed up one of the men and he is now a part time crossdresser and in love with the other man.
Skorpio Comic Argentina 1976 Ediciones Record S T
Argentinian Magazine. #200-205 (12/1992-05/1993) and #208-213 (08/1993-01/1994) Story “Horizontes Perdidos” Dan Darnell from the Galactic Confederation, thanks to a bio-transformation machine, became a woman to pass unnoticed between the people of planet Alphard IV. This was supposed to be a temporary measure (the maximun time for unrisky transformation being 24 hours), to trick enemy forces, but the idea backfired when the machine was lost and later destroyed in a fight, So Dan is now stuck as a woman without really serious options of reversing the transformation.
Skrull Kill Krew Comic United States 1995 Marvel Comics S T
#1-5 (1995) Male Skrull agents were caught and killed impersonating human females in most of the issues of this limited series. Most notable was issue #4, when one Skrull impersonated the Fantastic Four's Invisible Woman. Vol 2 #4 (10/2009) Ryder and Catwalk interchange forms for a night of love.
Skyhawk Dandy Comic Japan 1976 Hijiri Yuuki S T

Man is turned into a woman after an operation.
Slave Doll Comic Japan 1995 Persona S D
1 X Mature. One story is about a girl that is the star of the school soccer team and is invited to the house of one of her fans, a girl that later is revealed to be a transvestite boy.
Sliders: Darkest Hour
Comic United States 1996 Acclaim S T

#2 (11/1996) The Sliders are on a world where all humans are cyborgs and use body suits to change their appearance. One of the cyborgs, a male at first, changes into a female suit to entice Rembrandt.
Slow Step Comic Japan 1987 Adachi Mitsuru S D
Vol 7 Chap 50: Boy disguise as a girl to help in the cure of a teacher with allergie to women.
Sludge Comic United States 1993 Malibu Comics S T
Vol 1 #12 (Ultraverse Premiere #8) (12/1994) Wrath is captured by Aladdin, and Mantra and Warstrike make plans to rescue him.
Smash Comics Comic United States 1939 Quality Comics S D
#14 (09/1940) “Purple Trio” Man disguised as a maid and little man disguised as a girl. #21 “Purple Trio” (04/1941) Man disguised as a nanny.
Snarf Quest Comic United States 1983 Elmore Larry S T

Comic strip published in Dragon Magazine. #83-84 (1987) The evil wizard disguises himself as gorgeous barbarian girl
Snow Drop Comic Korea 1999 Choi Kyung-Ah S D
4 P Supporting characters Ko-Mo and Ha-Da are falling for each other. Will their budding romance stand a chance when playboy Ha-Da finds out the arrogant knockout Ko-Mo isn't Hae-Gi's sister - but his brother?!. Vol 5 Part 20: Hae-Gi disguises as a girl to spy Ko-Mo.
So Young Comic Japan 1994 Suehiro Gari S T
1 P A schoolboy, a school girl and their female teacher swap bodies after falling of in the stairs. The boy end in the body of the female teacher.
Soda Comic Belgium 1987 Gazotti Bruno S D
1 P T3 “Tu ne buteras point” Soda have a encounter with a thief dressed in nun clothes. T6 “Confession express” The victim, Leslie, is revealed to be a transvestite.
Soiled Uniform Comic Japan 1998 Umecha S T

X Mature. Story “Change!”: Boy wakes up in the body of the girl he loves and decides to have a little fun.
Soldiers Of Fortune Comic United States 1951 American Comics Group S D
#1 (03-04/1951) “Lance Larson” Lance Larson “the man of a thousand faces” disguises as a nanny to spy on a house.
Soleil Cou Coupe Comic France 1995 Lax S D
Story of a railways worker, Antoine, and his relationship with three transvestites, Linda, Ruth and Sacha, that works near him.
Solo Avengers Comic United States 1987 Marvel Comics S T
#18 (05/1989) Recount of whem Shooting Star was replaced by a male demon taking her form.
Son Geum Comic Korea 2004 Jeon Se-Hoon S D
3 P Vol 3 Fate 17: Main character is in an hospital and have an encounter with a nurse, that take him as a hostage to get out the hospital, she also say him that she is a male and that the police is searching for him, after a time they both fight and the main character win, but at the end he decides to help him. Vol 3 Fate 19: Main character crossdresses as a beautiful woman to lure and trick some members of a bike gang that are molesting a girlfriend of him.
Sonny & Jerck Comic France 2004 Mannisi Axel S T
T1 “Demiurgos” Powefull old male dies and his brain is put into a female body.
Sono Ki Ni Sasete Yo My Mai Mai Comic Japan 1988 Yamaguchi Masakazu S T

X Mature. Vol 4: Warrior is transformed into a woman using magic, then he is possessed by his pervert old master.
Sono Manma XX Comic Japan 1988 Furuya Hiromu S T
3 P Hiroshi is living with a mad scientist's daughter. The scientist doesn't like Hiroshi, so he puts him into a machine which changes him into a girl. Hiroshi, now Hiromi, must live his life as a girl.
Sono Mukou No Mukougawa (Beyond The Beyond) Comic Japan 2004 Watanabe Yoshitomo S D
Vol 3: Brief crossdressing by Futaba Kudo
Sonoki Ni Saseruna! Comic Japan 2002 Nanase Kai S D

X Mature. Short story. Two office workers have been couple since they were students and younger one won the tennis match with senior one. Senior bets same part with younger by the competition of quick eating. Younger wins again and makes senior wear female dress..
Sonomama! Gyutto Shitete Comic Japan 2005 Kasuga Akane S T

Kuroe likes "nipples", and Chiko is always at his beck and call. But Kuroe has a secret: if he touch Chiko's nipples he become like beast and perverted guy!. One day, it happens by accident that the two takes each other's place!? What should they do?.
Sonzai Riyuu Comic Japan 2000 Akifuji Satoshi S D
1 X Mature. One story has a boy and a girl intechanging clothes. Other story is about an idol singer that is a shemale.
Sora No Otoshimono Comic Japan 2007 Minazuki Suu S T
Vol 3 Chap 11: Tomoki transform into a girl to spy into women's public bath. Vol 4 Chap 16: Tomoki transform into a girl to spy into women's dressing room.
Sore Wa Sensei Comic Japan 2009 Kawachi Miyuki S B
1 P Boy disguises as a girl sometimes. Also a boy and a girl swap bodies after hitting their heads.
Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii (The World Is Still Beautiful) Comic Japan 2011 Shina Dai S D
2 P Vol 2 Chap 7 “Wild Waltz”: King Livius disguised as a girl to pass unnoticed between the people.
Sorimachi-Kun Ni Wa Kanojo Ga Inai (Sorimachi Does No Have Her) Comic Japan 1995 Yukawa Tasuku S D
3 P Vol 2 and 6: Story about life in highschool with girls trying to get a date with the main character, also one of the boys try it crossdressing.
Sorya Naize Baby Comic Japan 1993 Tateno Makoto S D

P Vol 4: Boys crossdressing for a school play. Vol 10: Boy crossdressing in a nurse uniform. Probably more cases.
Soshite Zombie Ga Yatte Kuru Comic Japan 1993 Arisugawa Rui S T

Man is transformed into a woman using dark magic.
Soshite, Boku Wa Kimi Ni Kaeru Comic Japan 2010 Kotani Kenichi S T
5 P Friend from school had a sex-change operation and is now a woman.
Sota-kun No Akihabara Funtouki (I, Otaku: Struggle in Akihabara) Comic Japan 2003 Suzuki Jirou S D
Litte bits of crossdressing by the boys in clothes from their favorite anime series.
Soul Eater Comic Japan 2004 Ookubo Atsushi S T
2 P Vol 17 Chap 71-72 and Vol 18 Chap 73: The villain is putting them through obstacles based on the seven deadly sins. The sin of lust transformed them into their ideal of the opposite sex. Soul became a cute and quite feminine girl. Black Star became a girl with extraordinarily large breasts. Death The Kid became an aristocratic lady. Vol 18 Chap 76: Giricco gets himself a new body which happens to be that of a girl.
Sous Le Signe Deu Verso Comic France 1995

Humor short stories. T2: Two prostitutes compite discounting prices. At one point one of the prostitutes reveal herself as a male and as a client to the other prostitute at de discounted price.
Soushokukei Ism Comic Japan 2010 Watanabe Nana S D
Vol 1 Chap 2: Vice President Kono Jun, of the student council, is revealed to be a boy with a crossdressing hobby.
Souzouryoku No Capsule Comic Japan 1996 Togawa Hanamaru S T

X Mature. Story “Are you lucky?” A boy's third wish is to experiment womanhood, but third wish is the last one.
Space Adventures Comic United States 1952 Charlton S T
Vol 1 #7 (07/1953) This sci-fi story entitled "Transformation" tells the tale of a group of scientists who flee Earth to avoid a war. Unfortunately their landing goes horribly wrong...all but two of their number are killed in the crash, and they end up separated. As time passes, one scientist decides to undertake a really interesting project to relieve his boredom.
Spaghetti Bros. Comic Argentina 1993 Mandrafina Domingo S D
Cousin Nicola escape from an argentinian jail disguised as a nun. Brief.
SPARK! Comic Japan 2003 Yamada Nari S D
There is a young boy that is living as a girl in the house the female protagonist is living. Also a female could be a transvestite male (unconfirmed)
Special A Comic Japan 2003 Minami Maki S D
Vol 7 Chap 40: A younger girl named Michiri mistakes Hikari to be an elegent lady and wants to be surrounded by people of her dream. Michiri wants to visit Hikari at her wonderful home. Akira says she can use one of her houses and ends up dressing Hikari up. Ryu acts as Hikari's butler, Tadashi is posing as Hikari's older brother, Akira poses as Hikari's tutor, Jun and Megumi are disguised as maids (Jun-kun crossdressing), and Kei is acting as Hikari's bodyguard. Vol 9 Chap 49: Tadashi shows Hikari a plan to get Finn off her back. They have dressed Jun up as a girl with long black hair and a red dress, Just the type of girl Finn likes. Of course, when they try to introduce this disguised Jun to Finn, he sees right through Jun's disguise.
Speed Comics Comic United States 1939 Harvey S D
#2 (11/1939) “Smoke Carter” Fireman againt a transvestite arsonist.
Spider-Man Unlimited Comic United States 1993 Marvel Comics S T
Vol 1 #11 (02/1996) Spider-Man must team up with Black Cat to clear her of the murder of a wealthy socialite despite all evidence seemingly pointing towards her. The killer turns out to be a man named Skull-Jacket who uses an advanced form of the Chameleon's holographic equipment to impersonate people. He impersonated Black Cat and killed the woman in order to frame her. Very brief.
Spider-Man: The Chameleon's Many Faces Comic United States 1996 Marvel Comics S T

#1 (09/1996) The Chameleon hides from Spider-Man in the form of Felicia Hardy (AKA the Black Cat) during a party held on her yacht.
Spider-Woman Comic United States 1978 Marvel Comics S T
Vol 1 #18 (09/1979) The Waxman has living skin which can take any shape but also sucks the life out of its victims. To escape from Spiderwoman he takes on the identity of her alter ego, Jessica.
Spidey Super Stories Comic United States 1974 Marvel Comics S D
#50 (01/1981) The Chameleon disguises as a old woman.
Spirou Et Fantasio Comic Belgium 1938 Janry S D
T42 “Spirou a Moscou” (1990) Fantasio dressed in a ballet costume.
Splatter Comic United States 1991 Northstar S T
#6 (04/1993) Story “Can't live with 'em” A man runs over a woman with his car and he becomes the woman. He then gets run over by another male driver and so it continues.
Spook Comic United States 1953 Star Publications S D
#24 (05/1953) Story “The Weird Mask of Death..” Male crook disguises as a woman to escape from police.
Spynest Comic France 2011 Alliel Christophe S D
T2 “Opération Excalibur” Male disguised as a woman.
Standings Comic Japan 1997 Sasamoto Yoshitaka S T

X Mature. Man is turned into a woman by magic. Also two ciber criminals, originally males, are having sex and one does it as a woman.
Star Love Comic Korea 1999 Hwang Mi Ri S D
2 P Vol 4: There is a school fair and the main atraction is a crossdressing pageant.
Star Trek Comic United States 1984 DC Comics S T
3 P Vol 1 #50-55 (05-10/1988): In Issue 55, it was revealed that "Lord" Garth of Izar killed female Security Chief Ensign Bloemker and had been using his cellular metamorphosis powers to impersonate her since Issue 50.
Star Trek: The Next Generation Comic United States 1989 DC Comics S T

Annual #1 (1990) “The Gift” Q returns to torment the Enterprise crew again, and decides to teach Picard a lesson in humility by playing with his DNA. As Picard begins to de-evolve, he is briefly turned into his own father and mother. #56-58 (01-03/1998)While on a diplomatic mission, six members of the Star Trek cast find themselves sharing only three bodies. Geordi and Doctor Selar inhabit Geordi's body; Troi and Worf's son Alexander share an existence in Alexander's body; and Worf and Lwaxana Troi find themselves sharing her body.
Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Manga Comic United States 2009 Anthology S T

American Manga. Vol 1 “Boukenshin” (2009) Story “Changeling” Wesley is on his first away mission as an ensign. Their assignment is to explore a temple that has weird energies in it. to prove his worth, Wesley charges ahead and steps on a platform that changes his race so he now looks black. Venturing further into the temple, they reach another platform where wesly steps on it hoping to turn back, but instead turns into a klingon complete with the uniform. After a bit they get deeper still and come across another platform and wesley once again steps on it. This time it turns him into a female batazed (with a dress) where he has diana's empathic powers. After going further again into the temple they find one more platform where wesley steps on it and nothing happens, concluding his final transformation was permanent they beam back to the enterprise. Turns out his transformations were all just an illusion.
Star Wars: The Bounty Hunters Comic United States 1999 Dark Horse S T
#1 (07/1999) Aurra Sing one-shot: Aurra is sent by a blind priestess of the FFIB who is living on the planet Endor to search for Reess Kairn, a Twi'Lek pirate who was once a Jedi Knight. The priestess tells Aurra that Kairn has two Shi'Ido shapeshifters assume his identity while he himself escaped. However, when she confronts the man she believes to be Reess Kairn and kills him, he turns out to be a third Shi'Ido. It turns out that Reess Kairn is, in fact, the priestess and that she has allowed her Shi'Ido triplets to be put to death in order to hide the fact that she is part of the FFIB, so she can pursue her own redemption.
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Comic United States 2008 Dark Horse S T
#1 (08/2008) Male robot takes the form of a female officer.
Stargate: Vala Mal Doran Comic United States 2010 Dynamite Entertainment S T
2 P #1 (2010) Grag, a shapeshifter, takes the form of a woman.
Starting Over Comic Japan 2003 Hiyo Hiyo S T

X Mature. After sex, a girl confesses that she used to be a boy, and the boy says he originally was a girl.
Stay Reverse Futagoza No Onna Comic Japan 2004 Nishi Keiko S D
3 P Story is about a fashion designer and her helper, a male that want to be a woman, and with the help of the designer he crossdresses as a beautiful woman.
Steel Angel Kurumi (Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi) Comic Japan 1999 Kaishaku S T
Vol 1: Kurumi uses a sex-change device to have her master Nakahito crossdressing as a mo-ga, a modern girl.
Stop Goshujinsama (Stop Master) Comic Japan 2005 Miyashita Kitsune S D

Z Mature. Short stories. Story 1 has a boy working in a family café as a waitress in a maid outfit. Story 2 has a boy in a sailor fuku.
Stop! Hibari-kun! Comic Japan 1981 Eguchi Hisashi S D
4 P Kohsaku Sakamoto's mother has just died, and in her will she requests that Kohsaku go and live with her friend Ibari Ohzora, who is a yakuza. He meets Ibari's four beautiful daughters, but the prettiest, Hibari, happens to be a boy. Hibari falls in love with Kohsaku, but Kohsaku is more interested in Hibari's friend, Rie.
Stories By Famous Authors Illustrated Comic United States 1950 Seaboard Publishing S D

#1 (1950) “Scarlet Pimpernel” Scarlet Pimpernel dresses as an old woman to help escape a noble family from Paris.
Storm Comic Korea 2000 Kang Eun Young S D
Boy dress as a girl because being femenine is fun and boy's hobbies aren't.
Stormwatch Comic United States 1993 Image Comics S T
Vol 1 #14 (1995) Mr. White was a Daemonite shape-shifter in Image's Wildstorm universe from 1995-6. In his first brief appearance at the end of Stormwatch #14, he first appears as male Wildcat Warblade, then transforms briefly into female Wildcat Zealot. He appears in various other disguises of both genders in several issues of various Wildstorm titles, including Stormwatch's Diva and Zealot's sister Savant.
Strain Comic Japan 1996 Ikegami Ryoichi S D
3 P Vol 4: There is a crossdressing killer "Sweetie" Andre.
Strange Adventures Comic United States 1950 DC Comics S T

#213 (08/1968) Very brief, Deadman possesses Madame Pegeen. His first female possession. #214 (10/1968) Deadman jumps into a women he loves to save her life.
Strange Mansion Comic Japan 2005 Kagesaki Yuna S T
4 P Koyoki goes to Tokyo and move next door to the boy Shirohai that she liked in High school. When she went to visit, a girl greeted the door instead, Whom she thought was the boy's girlfriend or older sister turns out it was Shirohai Sempai. What happened? Shirohai confessed to the captain of the Oandan, but the captain turned him down...saying he's not interested in men, so Shirohai came back six month later with some changes and they have been living together since. He is hiding from his family, since his father will kill him if he finds out, he was raised to be the man of men so his family can't find out.
Strange Plus Comic Japan 2002 Mikawa Verno S D
1 P Vol 1 Chap 6: In one of the cases a detective agency have under investigation, the males of the agency are forced to crossdress.
Strange Sex Comic Japan 1996 The Amanoja9 S D
1 X Mature. Stories about transvestites and shemales.
Strange Suspense Stories Comic United States 1954 Charlton S T
1 P #16 (02/1954) Story “I went to my own funeral” Husband an wife, both surgeons, give themselves sex-change operations.
Strange Tales Comic United States 1951 Marvel Comics S T
1 P Vol 2 #10 (01/1988) Ghaszaszh Nyir transforms into Dr. Strange lover, Clea, to trap Dr. Strange.
Strange Tales II Comic United States 2010 Marvel Comics S T
#2 (01/2011) Story "Love and the Space Phantom": Space Phantom decides to join in the beach party for heroines. In order to get in, he becomes Enchantress, an Atlantean, and Alicia Masters.
Strapontin Comic Belgium 1958 Berck S D
T6 “Strapontin et le BCZ2” Spy master of disguise wear a nurse costume, and later infiltrate a building dressed as a female employee.
Strawberry Children Comic Japan 1997 Minami Haruka S D

X Mature. Yaoi Story. Naoto loves very much seeing Ayano dressed up as a girl.
Street Guerrilla Comic Japan 1991 Higashizato Kiriko S D
1 P In the third story, the class of Shuichi and Kazuki is going to do a play "Romeo and Juliet", but is an all-boys achool, so Shuichi will be Romeo y Kazuki will be.... Juliet.
Strings Comic Japan 2000 Chiba Jiro S T
1 X Mature. Chap 7: Boy returns to earth as a female angel to save his friend.
Stupid Story Comic Germany 2008 Anna Hollmann S D
Manga style comic. In his new school, the shy Yanik will become more popular that Alan “a magnet for girls”. But when Alan kisses them, his admiration turns to disgust. The two boys find themselves in a party where Yanik is forced to go disguised as a girl. Instantly, Alan falls in love with the pretty "girl" without knowing who he really is…
Sugar Code Comic Japan 2008 Natsume Isaku S D
2 P Akira friend, Sakura, is a transvestite hostess. Akira to help Sakura also end working in the club as a hostess.
Sugar Family Comic Japan 2006 Hagio Akira S D
Vol 2: Boy disguises as a girl.
Suicide Squad Comic United States 1987 DC Comics S T
Vol 1 #52 (04/1991) Here's an unusual story, told by the always-demented Dr. Light. Attempting to account for the time he had gone missing, he explained that he had a good excuse—he had died and was sent to hell. While there, he was tormented by the demonic Mr. Biff, who teases him by bringing him back to life in various ways guaranteed to get him quickly and painfully killed, whereupon he would return back to hell for his next torment. In this sequence, we see that at one point he is resurrected again, but this time he possesses the form of the heroine who had also taken the name of Dr. Light. Vol 4 #24-25 (12/2013-01/2014) Thinker used hologram to made him look like Amanda waller who is a slim black woman.
Suki Ya Nen Comic Japan 1993 Miyauchi Saya S T

Boy and girl exchange bodies after a lightning.
Sukia Comic Italy 1977 Del Principe Nicola S B
1 X Mature. #13 Gary after transforming into werewolf find himself nude in the park, he steal the clothes of a woman and dresses up in them to return to safe house, but thing don't go as planned. #122 The female vampire Sukia and his gay sidekick Gary are spending some quality time at home, when Gary spots a strange creature. It turns out that the creature can transform into anything it sees... When Sukia hears about all this, she thinks it's just Gary's normal bullshit, but then the creature turns into princess Caroline of Monaco and has hot lesbian sex with Sukia.
Sukisyo (Sukina Mono Wa Suki Dakara Shoga Nai) Comic Japan 2001 Tsutae Yuzu S D
2 P Vol 1: Due to the Culture Festival, a class decided to perform "Swan Lake" and Sunao, being so slender and delicate to the point that he could be mistaken for a girl, was, of course, chosen to play the role of the "princess". But he didn't like that idea too much... and had to be convinced.
Sun Runners Comic United States 1984 Pacific Comics S T

#2 (03/1984) An evil villain known as "Shifter" turns into three different alien women to tempt a evil ruler to release him. He then turns into one of the female characters Delphi to lure another character Scooter into his trap. Shifter then takes Scooter's form.
Suna No Bara (Desert Rose) Comic Japan 1989 Shintani Kaoru S T
1 P Vol 3: Woman operative is revealed to have been a male before in Africa. One day, after he was attacked by a leopard, he waked up as a woman thank to a magic spell made by an african elder woman.
Sunset Moon Comic Japan 1997 Shion S D
1 X Mature. Last story have a boy being forced into girl's clothes.
Sunu Sumu Muriku No Koibito Comic Japan 2009 Taamo S D
Nao and Nono decided when they were very little that someday they would get married and told everyone about it. But some people have a problem with the fact that despite how feminine Nono looks and acts, they’re both actually boys…
Supeope Chugaku (Space Opera Chugaku) Comic Japan 1978 Nagai Go S D
2 P Earthian boy uses female disguises to fool rivals.
Super Asparagus Comic Japan 1982 Tachihara Ayumi S T
4 P Hiroshi Hoshino has just moved into a new house when he discovers a spectacular crop of asparagus growing in the yard. After dinning on it he discovers himself turning into a girl! Strangely, the new girl is not too put out by this, and gladly throws herself into her new feminine identity. She soon falls in with a pretty girl named Rumi and eventually transfers to Rumi's all-girl high school. Just when her life settling into a new routine, Hiroshi, now Hiroko, discovers that other boys have gone through the same transformation she has, including Rumi. As dark forces gather to threaten Tokyo, Hiroko learns that it is her task to unite all of Tokyo's ex-boys into a squad of magical girls capable of repelling the invaders.
Super Beautiful Dreamers Comic Japan 2001 Fuji Sakuya S D

Touka Academy is a elite private all-boys school. Now, Mikaru, who is acting as a princess, will have to perform a "real kiss" on stage for the school's festival
Super Lovers Comic Japan 2009 Abe Miyuki S D
2 Z Mature. Vol 2 Chap 6: Kikoya is introduced. She reveal herself to be a male in Vol 3 Chap 7. Vol 4 Chap 12: Haru wears a sailor fuku.
Super Sister Fate Comic Japan 1992 Hiryuu Ran S D
1 Z Mature. Story "Sumer Remix Side B" Boy is tricked by two girl and find himself dressed as a girl.
Super Taboo Comic Japan 1995 Ogami Wolf S D

Z Mature. Chap 12: Male return to visit his young sister after years of absence, but he is now a shemale.
Super Taboo Extreme Comic Japan 1999 Ogami Wolf S D

Z Mature. Chap 1 and 2: Family's older brother turns himself into a shemale and gets herself a job at her twin siblings' school. Chap 2 and 3: Story about a family where the younger daughter is a shemale.
Super Virgin! (Chou Bajin!) Comic Japan 1996 Uchida Fujimaru S D
Hanazono Ippei is 15 years old, and against his father’s wishes has gained entrance to a co-ed high school, the first time he’s attend anything other than an all boy’s school. He’s trying to get over “Cherry Boy Syndrome”, the fact that girls just plain freak him out. And it’s a complete failure. Unfortunately for Ippei, he placed a bet with his brother that he would be able to do it, and having lost, he now has to dress up as a girl and work at his father’s restaurant. He puts up with it, and then fate comes along in the form of a pretty girl named Rika, who comes into the restaurant and soon breaks down in tears. Ippei discovers that as Ichiko-chan, he can actually talk to girls!.
Super-Villain Team-Up: MODOK's 11 Comic United States 2008 Marvel Comics S T
#3 (09/2007) Chamaleon uses the form of a woman briefly.
Superboy Comic United States 1949 DC Comics S T
3 P Vol 1 #78 (01/1960) Superboy makes a crack about an alien woman's "driving" ability, and finds himself being taught a lesson about the fair sex. Vol 3 #55 (09/1998) a fashion model named Hex is in middle of a battle when Jonah Hex (a western gunfighter) possesses her. Vol 3 #72-73 (03-04/2000) Hex is possessed by Jonah Hex in times of crisis. Vol 3 #93 (12/2001) Male members of the daily planet play a “Moulin Rouge” parody. Very brief.
Superboy And The Legion Of Super-Heroes Comic United States 1977 DC Comics S T

Vol 1 #241 (07/1978) Shvaughn Erin first introduced. Shvaughn turned out to be a man named Sean. Shvaughn had been taking a gender-changing drug called Pro-Fem as a teenager because he thought it was the only way Element Lad would love him. Brief appareances in Vol 1 #243 (09/1978) and Vol 1 #244 (10/1978).
Superboy And The Ravers Comic United States 1996 DC Comics S T

#14 (10/1997) "Genesis, Suicide Squad" The character Dial "H" for Hero dial becomes a female superhero named Isis.
Supergirl Comic United States 1972 DC Comics S T
Vol 5 #44 (10/2009) “Red Shield: 3” Mirabai again used her magic, this time to change the male Reactron into the female Flamebird. Vol 6 #10 (08/2012) Villain is testing the camouflage abilities of the device that will allow him to fight Supergirl. The camouflage transformations shown are a soldier, a woman, and a policeman. Vol 6 #21 (08/2013) The I'noxian Delacore first appears in the issue in his natural form, a bipedal alien cyborg. He and the other I'noxians later assume a more humanoid appearance, and Delacore appears as a young male cyborg. He meets Supergirl in the form of an old man, and then he uses her memories to transform into a legendary Kryptonian heroine, Val-Ro. Vol 6 #22-23 (09-10/2013) Delacore (Shape-shifting alien) appears again. He took form of lots of people including many female.
Supergirl And The Legion Of Super-Heroes Comic United States 2006 DC Comics S T

#19 (08/2006) In order to distract her, Chameleon briefly changes into a duplicate of a female Titan telepath trying to frame him for the assassination of a spy being held by the Science Police.
Superior Comic Japan 2005 Ichtys S T
Vol 4 Story 12 "Mirage": Exa (the Hero) and Sheila (The Demon-lady) interchange bodies after they get a direct hit of energy from a monster. Short.
Superior Cross Comic Japan 2009 Ichtys S D
2 P Vol 4 Chap 13-14: Three men and a boy end crossdressing.
Superlopez Comic Spain 1973 Jan S D
T39 “Nosotros Los Papino” Male disguised as a woman to escape from prison. Very brief.
Superman Comic United States 1939 DC Comics S T
3 P Vol 1 #313 (07/1977) Alien Shapeshifter Jevik takes the form of Supergirl. Vol 1 #419 (05/1986) Iago transform into a jail female inmate to trick Dr. Alice Herman into join a break. Vol 2 #70 (08/1992) Just at the end, Satanus is in the form of a woman. Brief. Vol 2 #144 (05/1999) Dominus takes the form of Lois Lane and Superman's Mother to trick Superman into destroy the world. Vol 2 #154-157 (03-06/2000) Superman discovers that Parasite had been posing as Lois Lane for the last few months, having strained Lois and Clark's marital relationship. Parasite matched his DNA and memories with Superman's wife by touching her every 24 hours. Vol 1 #690 (09/2009) Zachary Zatara goes to meet his date for the night. She is a young brunette wearing a plaid dress and pink sunglasses. She is shown to be actually Parasite. He took on the form of Daisy after he killed her. Vol 1 #691 (10/2009) Mirabai used her magic to change Reactron (gold armor) into the female Flamebird, very brief. Vol 1 #696 (03/2010) Control, a young woman, is found in the rubble of the Science Police station after an attack, but it is revealed she is actually Chameleon Boy from the Legion of Super-Heroes, a team of Super Heroes from the future. He is shown unconsious, and half way between both forms. Chameleon Boy had been posing as Control since the events in Superman Vol 1 #677, where we first see Control in silhouette. She made a handful of appearances in Vol 1 #677-694 prior to the destruction of the Science Police station by a bomb. Vol 1 #697 (04/2010) Control completes her transformation when she wakes up and fully changes to Chameleon Boy.
Superman Annual Comic United States 1987 DC Comics S T
#7 (07/1995) Doctor Occult takes the form of Rose, to use it as a bait.
Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane Comic United States 1958 DC Comics S D
#48 (04/1964) Story “The Courtship of Cinderella Lane!” Lois takes the place of Cinderella and Mr. Mxyzptlk is her unexpected "fairy godmother." She is sure that Superman is disguised as the Prince, but he turns out to be her wicked stepmother.
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen Comic United States 1954 DC Comics S D
3 P #44 (01/1960) Jimmy goes undercover as a showgirl to track down some stolen jewels. Unfortunately, his disguise is too good, as "Julie" catches the eye of one of the gangsters. #67 (03/1962) After quitting his job at the Daily Planet, Jimmy enters the job market to discover that the only positions he can find are for girls. He disguises himself as "Leslie Lowe" and returns to the Planet, planning to screw things up so badly that Perry White will jump at the chance to hire him back as Jimmy. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned... #74 (01/1964) “Jimmy Olsen's Secret Love” Jimmy Olsen disguised as a girl in masquerade party.#84 (04/1965) Jimmy Olsen has a fan club. Anyway, after the current president of the club moves away, a contest is held to replace him. But in the meantime, the members are faced with the most alien and terrifying thing they've ever encountered—a girl!. #95 (09/1966) Giant issue. Jimmy goes undercover as a showgirl to track down some stolen jewels. Unfortunately, his disguise is too good, as "Julie" catches the eye of one of the gangsters... same story than in #44. #159 (08/1973) Framed for a crime he didn't commit, Jimmy finds himself on the run from the law, dressing up like a girl to avoid the cops.
Superman/Batman Comic United States 2003 DC Comics S T
2 P #19 (05/2005) In an effort to find out more of the new Supergirl's strengths and weaknesses, Clayface disguises himself as Batgirl. #27 (07/2006) Superman and Batman go off to fight the Ultra-Humanite in order to rescue Power Girl and the Huntress. But it turns out to be a trap. The Ultra-Humanite transfers Superman and Batman's consciousness into Power Girl and the Huntress, respectively. Now they have to search for their original bodies before the returning consciousness of Power Girl and the Huntress overwrites them and they're lost for good. #28 (09/2006) A mysterious shape-shifter has been attacking Batman and Superman and appearing in various guises. Bruce Wayne notices something fishy at a charity ball when he senses a man in a blue suit staring at him. But when Wayne points him out to Lucius Fox, the person has changed into a woman in a blue dress. #29 (10/2006) The shape-shifter first appears as Lois Lane in a retro outfit. #30-31 (10-11/2006) Starfire is revealed to be Zook in disguise.
Superman/Thundercats Comic United States 2004 DC Comics S T
#1 (01/2004) In this one-shot a female traveler tells Mum-ra of another eye of thundera in the DC universe. After a sound beating Mum-ra returns to his dimension to find some of his gems missing and the female traveler change to Mr. Mxyztplk.
Superman/Wonder Woman: Whom Gods Destroy Comic United States 1997 DC Comics S T
3 P #4 Superman is transformed into a teenage human girl, minus super powers, about halfway through this comic. He...she is killed as a woman and dies in Lois' arms as a woman, then is reborn as a man.
Supermurgeman Comic France 2002 Sapin S D
T2 “La Menace Communiste” Woman is discovered to have been a male agent in disguise all time.
Supreme Comic United States 1992 Image Comics S T
3 P Vol 2 #32 (10/1995) Kid Supreme is turned into a woman. Brief, at end. Vol 2 #33 (11/1995) As part of the Babewatch crossover, Kid Supreme is female.
Supreme: The Story Of The Year Comic United States 2002 Checker Book S T
Supreme's long-time girlfriend, Judy Jordan, had her mind wiped and replaced by his arch nemesis and undisputed genius, Darius Dax, back in the sixties around the time Supreme disapeared.
Susano Oh Comic Japan 1979 Nagai Go S T
Vol 5: Uryu is revealed to have the power of changing his gender and uses the female one to be the head of a gang that want to dominate the world.
Susume!! Pirates Comic Japan 1977 Eguchi Hisashi S B
Vol 5: in one of the chapters, The Pirates are playing baseball againt a team done by transvestites. In other chapter a girl is being possesed by his dead twin brother to play baseball.
Suteki Na Lovely Boy Comic Japan 2001 Itou Shinpei S D

Vol 1: In the drama club there is a boy that does the female roles.
Suteki Na Yakutatazu Comic Japan 1999 Mizuki Hitoshi S T

X Mature. One man is drugged by an old man and wakes up as a woman, then is raped by the old man now in his old body. Also other man is turned into a woman using magic.
Suteki Ni Abnormal Comic Japan 1989 Hara Naoko S D
3 P Akemi Kazama is a man, but dress as a woman and work in a transvestite bar called "Secret Garçon Club".
Swamp Thing Comic United States 1972 DC Comics S T
Vol 2 #66 (11/1987) Swamp Thing takes over Abby's body so she can achieve spiritual enlightenment. Vol 2 #125 (11/1992) Arcane has died and gone to hell. He escapes and returns to possess Abbie's infant daughter, Tefe. Vol 5 #0 (11/2012) Arcane wears the skin of a young girl and Linda Holland
Sweet Blood Comic Korea 2011 Kim Sae-Young S D

Suho is a high school student normal... But he leads a difficult life, because his parents aren't interested to him. Furthermore, he's waken up with mysterious injuries on the neck and wrist after a strange dream. Elsewhere, the king of southern Fantasy world is facing to a serious problem : lack of blood, which causes a drastic reduction of his fighting power. He must find humans and take their blood. Therefore, his servant and his dragon are looking for a human to satisfy their master. They end up meeting Suho, whose blood is particularly sweet. When the dragon asks him to follow them, Suho accepts to escape to his miserable life. But there's a problem : the king hates boys. The dragon suggests dressing up in girl to Suho, hoping the king doesn't notice.
Sweet Milky Crowns Comic Japan 2000 Tanimura Marika S T

X Mature. Man who is temporarily a woman tricks his maid into having sex.
Sweet Prison Comic Japan 2003 Shinano Oumi S D

Character Gondou: a crossdressing-dominatrix-S&M instructor
Sweet Rain Comic Japan 2000 Watanabe Yoshimasa S D
1 X Mature. One story has a boy actor disguising as a girl.
Sweet Savage Comic Japan 2002 Konata Hyura S D
1 Z Mature. Story 9 (Extra 1) have a boy in female gym clothes and later in a female disguise.
Switch Comic Japan 2002 Naked Ape S D
2 P Vol 1 Act 2: Kai disguised as a young woman in a undercover mission to hunt a drug dealer. Vol 9 Act 42: Kai again is disguised as a woman to go undercover to a night club to investigate.
Sword Gale Gaiden Comic Japan 1994 Arisaka Sumi S B
A group of adventurers trying to reach a town got mistaken for badints and captured as bandits. The group are two girls and three men (one of them a crossdressing prince). The villagers demand the group to kill the evil magic king that has been terrorizing them. However, the villagers hold the crossdressing prince as hostage and give the group 5 days to complete the task. They also allow a pair of brother and sister to tag along and eventually the brother dies. One of the main male characters fell in love with the village girl that tag along. Eventually, They enter the dungeon as the evil king retaliate with various monsters and events. In the process, the evil king got his eyes on the village girl and plan to take her body. The fight went on as the evil king (still in his own body) fights the team. The village girl got heavily injured trying to protect the main hero. When the main hero kills the evil king, the king vanish into smoke and possesess the girl without the party noticing. The story goes on as the party return and the other male notice the girl is being possessed and trick her to reveal her trueself.
Synchronized Heart Comic Japan 1993 Die Hiow S T

X Mature. Man turns into a woman using a strange medallion.
Syrup! [Bitter] Comic Japan 2010 Anthology S D
Collection of oneshots by various artists, each one taking crossdressing as its theme or having crossdressing ensue at some point.
T.S. I Love You Comic Japan 2001 The Amanoja9 T D
3 X Mature. Stories about boys that love to crossdress and that are atracted to shemales.
T.V. Eyes Comic Japan 1993 Kusumoto Maki T D

Three incredible short stories filled with some darkness and obscurity. The third "Channel 11": Twins and another pair of twins that look like them but are dead? A Transvestite, a bar master and an encyclopedia too, what do they all have in common?
Tabun Bara Iro No Jinsei (My Life Could Be All Roses) Comic Japan 2002 Shinba Rize T D
1 Z Mature. Four short stories. Story 1: Have a pic of a couple in wedding attire, the bride being a male. brief. Story 3: The younger and elder workers at a clothing company are a couple, the younger often asks his lover to wear female dress, but the elder begins to suspect younger really loves women.
Tadashii Mezamekata 100-ten Comic Japan 2002 Anthology T T

Part 3: A boy is transformed into a woman.
Tadashii Renai No Susume Comic Japan 1995 Ichijo Yukari T D

Vol 1 and 3: There are brief visits to a transvestite bar.
Taiho Shichauzo (You're Under Arrest) Comic Japan 1987 Fujishima Kosuke T D
3 P Character Futaba Aoi: Officer who joined Bokuto Station, Aoi is originally mistaken for a woman. In fact, Aoi is a man. He had crossdressed to go undercover as a decoy to catch a serial rapist in the vice unit and, in the process, “went native”. Now, Aoi is more feminine in appearance and personality than any of the women in the station. He is introduced in Vol 4 Chap 42. Vol 1 Chap 16: Thief disguises as a old woman to trick Miyuki and Natsumi. Vol 2 Chap 21: Voyeur disguises as Natsumi to enter in the ladies changing room. Vol 3 Chap 40: Another voyeur disguise as a female officer to enter in the changing room.
Taiken Comic Japan 2005 Anisaki Yuna T D
Vol 1 Chap 2 and 3: Girl in a girls' school is discovered to be a boy that, as part of a familiar tradition, sneak in fullmoon night to find his future wife.
Taiyou Ni Nurete Comic Japan 2003 Tohjoh Asami T B

Story 2 "Mosaic Boy": Hero has changed into a girl when his pulse increases since a bisexual butterfly genes were injected into him by his father, a mad scientist. Story 3 "Scramble Papa": The heroine's boyfriend is forced to train for the role of Yamato Nadeshiko, true japanese virtuous woman.
Takamare! Takamaru Comic Japan 2002 Kondoh Rururu T D
Vol 5 : In a school fair, the club is doing a maid café with boys dressing up as maids. Later a boy member is disguised as a schoolgirl to go see a football (soccer) match. Vol 8: Boy member is disguised as a loli goth girl. Vol 12: Boy member disguised with a female bathing suit in a pageant.
Take On Me Comic Japan 2004 Takemura Sessyu T D
1 Z Mature. Vol 2 Chap 14: Tsuda is forced to dress up as a girl by the twins. He escapes but dressed as a girl. Later the twins are also dressed as girls.
Tales From The Land Of Daughters – ShengNan's Story Comic China 2010 WangMan T D
In Ancient China, there existed a legendary kingdom called the Land of Daughters. In this place, the traditional gender roles were reversed, as the women held the power while the men obediently served on the women's whims. ShengNan is an ordinary modern day girl, but she accidentally went through a time portal and arrived in the Land of Daughters! What's more, she looks exactly like the Duke! Of course the Duke switched places with ShengNan, only to lure out his enemies and strike them from behind. However, the Duke's wife fell in love with ShengNan and... ShengNan fell in love with the Duke's enemy?!
Tales Of The Teen Titans Comic United States 1984 DC Comics T T
#48 (11/1984) A brief segment showcasing the powers of the shapeshifter Pseudos, as he gripes about his "useless" power. #54 (06/1985) Beast Boy uses a mental image helmet to pretend to be Starfire
Tama No Koshikake Comic Japan 2006 Ogino Mayumi T D

Takashi, the superior of Tamako in the company, is also a crossdresser, and frequently dresses up in the office.
Tama Yori Hayaku Comic Japan 1999 Tateno Makoto T D
3 P Vol 2 Case 5: Young policeman disguise to go undercover as the girlfriend of his boss.
Tamashii No Kusari Comic Japan 2004 Ruen Rouga T T
2 Z Mature. A prince is transformed into a shemale slave as a disguise.
Tammy Comic Great Britain 1971 Fleetway T D

British Magazine for girls. #608-622 Story “Cuckoo in the Nest” (20 November 1982 to 26 February 1983) Leslie Dodds is the happiest boy around because his Uncle Fred showers him with treats, but the money comes from Great-Aunt Hermione who expects the money to be paid on Leslie‟s school fees at Nesterfield, “the Nest”. When Fred learns Hermione is going to visit Leslie at Nesterfield at the end of term, he must now enrol Leslie at Nesterfield or go to prison when his misappropriation is discovered. Unfortunately, Hermione thinks her nephew is a niece called “Lesley”, and Nesterfield is a girls’ school! So Uncle Fred disguises Leslie as a girl, and for a whole term Leslie must pass himself off as such at Nesterfield; a “cuckoo in the Nest”. Can he pull off the deception, in spite of his boyish ways?
Tangent: Superman's Reign Comic United States 2008 DC Comics T T

#11 In the back-up story the Tangent Universe Clayface is revealed to be Guy, the person captured at the start of the story who has been telling all the secrets of the Tangent characters. He reveals that he is working for the Tangent Superman, and that Superman knows of the rebels and has decided that they must be dealt with. He then kills his interrogators, and assumes the form of Jennifer-Lynn Haydon, the Tangent version of Jade.
Tangled Web: The Thousand (Spider-Man's Tangled Web) Comic United States 2001 Marvel Comics T T
3 P #1-3 Spidey runs afoul of a new villain called the Thousand. This creep used to be Carl King, a bully that picked on Peter Parker before he got bitten by that infamous radioactive spider. After learning the web-slinger's secret identity, Carl decides that it should have been him that should have been Spider-Man and gotten all the fame and glory. Unfortunately, since the spider that bit Peter was long dead, he did the next best thing--he ate it. Needless to say, that didn't turn out quite as well as Carl had hoped. Instead of getting powers like Peter got, he instead became a sentient swarm of spiders who could eat his victims from the inside-out and impersonate them by wearing their skins. He decides to confront Spider-Man to take over his body. First He hid out in the Daily Bugle and ambushed administrative assistant Jess Patton, taking her as his new host. As Patton, King told Peter Parker a story about being broke, alcoholic, and just thrown out by her boyfriend, duping the sympathetic Parker into letting her stay at his place. No sooner had they arrived when "Jess" told Peter to turn into Spider-Man, then twisted her head around 180 degrees and attacked him. Surprising Peter with how she contorted her body as well as the ferocity of her attacks, she pummeled him out a window. He caught himself with a webline and changed to Spider-Man, but she leapt atop him and bit him, paralyzing him and causing them both to crash to the ground. She brought him back to his apartment and tied him up. When Spider-Man revived, she revealed herself to be King and explained how she had seen Parker first become Spider-Man. He also mention that his first victim was the Thousand's mother. She was screaming at him for being late for school and the Thousand took possession of her form and consumed her.
Tanpo Comic Japan 2004 Wakamiya Hiroaki T D

Vol 2 Chap 7: Kanna tricks Yuujiro into a maid uniform.
Tantei Gakuen Q (Detective School Q) Comic Japan 2001 Satou Fumiya T D
Vol 15 and 16: Ryu Amakusa goes undercover as a girl to solve a case in an all-girls school.
Tapping The Vein Comic United States 1989 Eclipse T T
#4 (1990) Story "The Madonna": Two men go to an abandoned spa and end up having sex with a creature called the Madonna which ends up causing some unusual changes.
Target Comics Comic United States 1940 Novelty Press T T
3 P Vol 2 #3 (15) (05/1941) “The White Streak” Killer disguised as a woman to get his target. Vol 3 #1 (25) (03/1942) “The Cadet” Cadets are playing a theatre and men are playing female part, also a killer disguises as the leading lady to get his target. Vol 3 #4 (28) (06/1942) “The Chameleon” Male disguises as the wife of a prisioner to contact him. Vol 4 #12 (48) (04/1944) “Candid Charlie” Charlie help a woman in troubles, and she steal his car. Later is revealed that she was a male in disguise. Vol 8 #7 (85) (09/1947) “The Chameleon” Shoplifter as a woman. Vol 9 #1 (91) (03/1948) “Speck, Spot and Sis” There is a masquerade party and the only disguise Brickbatt can get is a female one, Snow White. Vol 9 #4 (94) (06)/1948) “The Chameleon” Pete, the chameleon, disguises as a woman. Mrs de Wiit, a well know art connoisseur, to trap a gang.
Taruto Mix Comic Japan 2005 Kanzaki Ryuko T T

A boy and his sister are demon hunters. The only problem is that their powers only work when their minds are switched into each others bodies. So whenever a demon shows up, they automatically switch bodies, and then switch back.
Taskmaster Comic United States 2002 Marvel Comics T T
2 P Vol 1 #2 (05/2002) Taskmaster uses a hologram to disguise himself as a scantily clad masseuse to get close enough to a target to get a "voice sample" from him.
Taste Of Honey Comic Japan 1996 Komotoda Emai T D
Mature. Story 8 "Satoru": Woman dress up a boy in girl's clothes
Tattoon Master Comic Japan 1993 Yanari Akihisa T T
Vol 1 Chap 3: Hydra Eda is trying to avenge the dead of his brother Arnold. In the end is revealed that his brother isn't dead, the fact is that he broke the laws of the tattoon tribe and was punished by being turned into a woman. He later found that he liked being a woman.
Taxi Girl Comic Belgium 1994 Laudec T D

T1 “Vous etes Libre” Two female passagers are in fact males crossdressing.
Tayutama: Kiss On My Deity Comic Japan 2009 Yukiwo T T

Chap 2-4: Yuuri woke up finding out that he turned into a girl and a sexy one at that! Everybody went out to have fun on a resort and everybody seems to be enjoying themselves except for Yuuri, Will he ever turn back into a guy? Will all their ideas to cure Yuuri’s condition even work?. Ouryuu knows of a way to cure him, but it has something to do with Mashiro and it doesn’t sound very good. Now Yuuri is faced with one of the most difficult decisions, choose to remain a girl or do what Ouryuu told him. What will he do? Will he sacrifice himself to save Mashiro?.
Te Tsunagi Gokko Comic Japan 2007 Konjiki Runa T D
1 P Chap 2-3: Mahiru meets a girl in a bar, later find that “Shizuka” is a male that was disguised as a woman.
Tea Time Comic Japan 1976 Ichijo Yukari T D
3 P Young male goes to school dressed as a girl, and later in home dresses up as a woman.
Team Youngblood Comic United States 1993 Image Comics T T
#2-7 (10/1993-03/1994) In this story arc, the villainous Psi-Fire escapes his catatonic body by taking over the body of a woman. Not surprisingly, an extended firefight with Youngblood soon follows.
Teen Titans Comic United States 1966 DC Comics T T
1 P Vol 3 #41 (01/2007) The current story arc involved the Titans traveling around the world in order to locate Raven. Raven, who was in Arizona, managed to resurrect the former Titan, Jericho when they were promptly attacked by the traitor, Bombshell. Jericho attempts to leap into Bombshell's body but due to her metallic skin, he can't, so he settles on the next best option: Wonder Girl. He fights Bombshell for a few panels before leaving Wonder Girl's body. Vol 3 #70 (Deathtrap Part 3) Jericho, a former Titan who has gone evil, has the power to possess people by leaping into them when he makes eye contact. In the current "Deathtrap" storyline, he has jumped into numerous individuals, both male and female. Currently he is in the body of a young blonde woman.
Tefu Tefu Comic Japan 1996 Suzu Kaza T T

X Mature. Boy is transformed into a girl thanks to magic.
Tegami Bachi Comic Japan 2006 Asada Hiroyuki T D
2 P Vol 8 Chap 27-28: Lag dressing as a girl to sneak into a women's abbey and spy on the Reverse.
Teikoku Kyoudai Comic Japan 2005 Kaji Eiri T D
3 P Vol 1 Chap 3: Emile dress up as a woman to act as a bait for a killer that have claimed six victims, all women. Vol 5: Male guard has to attend a wedding as a woman as part of the security plan.
Tell It To The Marines Comic United States 1952 Toby T D

#4 (09/1952) Story “Hawaiian Maneuvers” The Shore Patrol is called in when Spike and Bat battle for the attentions of Lani. Transvestite scene.
Temas Prohibidos De Las Pasiones Humanas Comic Mexico 1988 Sensacion Editores T B
3 P #50 “Por placer lo convirtieron en mujer” (12/1989) Young male is converted into a transvestite first and later he change his sex to female to marry his lover. #85 “Terrible dilema” (08/1990) Young male discover that his mother dressed him as a girl whem he was a little boy. Now he want to know if he could do it again. So he dresses as a woman and find he like it. #142 ¿Puede un hombre convertirse en mujer? (09/1991) Womanizer's brain is transplanted into the body of a woman after an accident.
Ten Carat Torte! Comic Japan 1996 Kondoh Rururu T T
Vol 8: One boy get up one morning finding he has transformed into a girl. Vol 9: Another boy and girl swap bodies.
Ten Yori Mo Hoshi Yori Mo (As High As The Sky And The Star) Comic Japan 1986 Akaishi Michiyo T D
1 P One of the boys, Soo Narumiya, is at first undercover as a girl uner the name of Rei Narumiya
Tenjou Tenge Comic Japan 1997 Oh! Great T D

Vol 15 Chap 90: As part of the long vision of the past that aya see's, it focuses in on 2 sisters, however at the end of the chapter it reveals that the little sister is actually nagi "the demon exocist" in disguise. Vol 16 Chap 97: The ancestor 17th family head Shyoujyou Tokuan Mitsuiro possess the ability of shapeshifting and mimicry like his ancestor appears and breifly transforms into maya upon his appearance.
Tenkai Kouro Comic Japan 1997 Kotobuki Kazuki T D
1 X Mature. Vol 2: Some story have shemales in them.
Tenki Yohou No Koibito Comic Japan 2006 Machiko Madoka T D
The turbulent relationship between a straight-laced newscaster and his eccentric weatherman, that crossplay to present the weather.
Tenkuu No Hasha Z Comic Japan 1997 Uno Hiroshi T T
Vol 6-7: Nazi agent that can take whatever form he want, take the form of a female nurse. Vol 9: A little girl's body gets possessed.
Tennen Hachimitsu Ryou (Natural Honey Dormitory) Comic Japan 2002 Oda Aya T D
4 P Shouhikari crossdresses a lot: policewoman, shrine maiden, nurse, high school uniform, etc..
Tennen Pearl Pink Comic Japan 2002 Tanaka Meca T D
Kanji's father likes to crossdress. Raizo, a teen idol, crossdresses also.
Tennenshoku Boy (Natural Colour Boy) Comic Japan 1993 Amamiya Jun T D

Toru Okazaki enter a famous history school, although it must be a boys' school, he is surprised that a beauty “girl” in a sailor suit is mixed.
Tenshi Desu Yo Comic Japan 1993 Endou Toshiko T D
Short stories. Last have a group of soldiers doing a christmas play. One of the soldiers plays the Virgin Mary.
Tenshi Ja Nai!! (I’m No Angel) Comic Japan 2003 Shigematsu Akako T D
As if living with a celebrity wasn’t bad enough, Hikaru discovers that there’s more to Izumi than her “good girl” image, “she’s a he!"
Tenshi Kouryaku Manual (How To Catch An Angel) Comic Japan 1999 Kikuchi Kumiko T D

There is a classmate of the main character that is a boy attending the school as a girl. The senior, the main character is in love with, also disguises as a woman in a event of the school festival. Also, a supporting character disguises oneself as a woman to sneak into the near all-girls school.
Tenshi Na Konamaiki (A Cheeky Angel) Comic Japan 1999 Nishimori Hiroyuki T B
1 P Vol 2 Chap 17: Soga Genzo, declares that if Megumi switches back to a guy, as she wants, then he wants to become a girl. Megumi supervises an afternoon of Genzo wearing a dress and trying to act lady-like.
Tenshi Ni Bara No Hanataba Wo (L'alleluja Des Anges) Comic Japan 2000 Higuri You T T
Sei Kagano has an angel gene, which gives the bearer special powers. For Sei, every time he smells roses, he transforms into the White Maria, a heavenly lady with the power of prophecy. Malloy, who bears the angel gene that turns him into the Black Maria, and has hired men from the United States to eliminate Sei so he can continue on his quest to remake the world. Three guardians, the male modelling unit N'est ce Pas, go undercover to protect Sei. Two of the guardians, Toki and Kishou, also carry angel genes. Toki, however, seems to be more attracted to Sei than a guardian should be...
Tenshi No Shippo Comic Japan 2001 Hotate James T T

Boy is transformed into a magical girl.
Tenshi No Yuusu Comic Japan 2000

X Mature. Boy has a sex-change every time he climaxes.
Tenshi Shikkaku Comic Japan 2001 Hattori Ayumi T T

Legendary warrior comes back to life but in a female form.
Tentai Senshi Sunred Comic Japan 2005 Kubota Makoto T T
Vol 4 Omake. Two males trasform into females.
Tetsuwan Birdy (Birdy The Mighty) Comic Japan 1985 Yuki Masami T B
Tsutomu Senkawa, an average high school kid, runs into a guy fleeing from a pretty young lady. The pursued man is actually an interplanetary criminal on the run from a Federation agent called Birdy. Caught in the midst of this chase, Tsutomu gets thrown by the man at Birdy, which kills Tsutomu. Fortunately for Tsutomu, there is a way to keep him alive, although it comes at the price of discarding his body. He ends up merged into Birdy's body. So Tsutomu is stuck sharing a body with a rather attractive, yet very strong but impulsive, space police agent, while trying to keep his apathetic family and more importantly, his girlfriend, from finding out about his woman problems. In the meantime, to make matters worse, Birdy still has to do her job.
Tex (Tex Willer) Comic Italy 1948 Sergio Bonelli Editore T D
Speciale Tex #2 (06/1989) Kit Willer disguised as a woman.
Thanatos Kiss Comic Japan 1995 Caramel Dow T T

X Mature. After having sex the woman turns into a shemale and the boy turns into a girl.
The 3-D Zone Comic United States 1987 The 3-D Zone T T
Magazine. #16 “The Space Vixen” (1989) Story “Fair Play” Newlyweds Brick and Connie travel to a frontier planet for their honeymoon, but Connie eventually leaves after becoming tired of Brick's chauvanistic behavior. She returns a few months later to discover that Brick's has been turned into a beatiful brunette because of the water he have been drinking. Its the same that Zona 84 magazine story “Juego Limpio”
The Adventures Of Bob Hope Comic United States 1950 DC Comics T D
#89 (11/1964) Story “A Ridiculous St. Nick-Ulous” Washington convinces Bob to infiltrate the Hessian camp disguised as Mrs. Santa Claus,
The Adventures Of Jerry Lewis Comic United States 1957 DC Comics T B
#104 (02/1968) "Many Lives of Jerry Lewis" Jerry uses a chromosomal altering machine to escape some bad guys who are after it. He changes himself into a little girl. #106 (06/1968) "The Cockeyed Private Eye" Jerry has witchie turn his nephew Renfrew into a girl, so he can go undercover to a find the girl thats pulling dirty pranks the girls school. #117 (01/1970) “Jerry Meets the new Wonder Woman” Jerry meets Wonder Woman and ends up impersonating her to lead some women warriors.
The Adventures Of Superman Comic United States 1987 DC Comics T T
#467 (06/1990) Chiller disguises himself as Cat Grant to distract Gangbusters, the person protecting Ms. Grant. #588 (03/2001) Metropolis continues as its dark version while Lois decides to try do something about it. Night Eagle helps her to go where Satanus, Cary and Superman is. This gives Superman the encouragement to break free of his imprisonment and take Lois and Cary back to the real Metropolis. At the end Night Eagle is revealed to be Satanus in disguise. #639 (06/2005) Eclipso possessing the body of a woman fight Superman with a LexCorp battle suit. At the end Eclipso possesses Lois Lane.
The All New Atom Comic United States 2006 DC Comics T T
#16 (12/2007) The Swami is using a set of four Animates that he changes into a four man group (Glen, Saul, Hal, and Benji) the Twists. The Atom uses his MP3 Player and plugs into the music that has changed the Animates, can changes them into a version of the Village People (all male), a Swing Band (2 men and 2 women), an all woman group ala Pointer Sisters, an all male Motown band, and finally a Punk Band (again, all male). Each different group is shown on screen.
The Amazing Spider-Girl Comic United States 2006 Marvel Comics T T
#14 (01/2008) The Mindworm transform himself into a woman with a baby. #16 (03/2008) The Mindworm transform himself into a female file clerk.
The Amazing Spider-Man Comic United States 1963 Marvel Comics T B
#186 (11/1978) Chameleon impersonating an old lady. #203 (04/1980) Lightmaster takes over Dazzler. #343 (01/1991) Having just failed with another plot to kill Spidey, Chameleon flees the area in the form of the Black Cat. #387-388 (03-04/1994) Chameleon impersonting Doctress Sanchez. #583 (03/2009) Chameleon impersonating a female assistant to Obama. #604 (11/2009) Chameleon disguises in the form of a policewoman. #620 (04/2010) Chameleon impersonating a female police officer.
The Amazing Spider-Man: Skating On Thin Ice Comic United States 1992 Marvel Comics T B
#1: Villain escapes disguised as an old lady.
The Authority Comic United States 1999 DC Comics T T
Vol 2 #2 (08/2003) The United States Army is less than thrilled with the actions of the superhero team Authority, so they send in a small army to arrest the team. The Doctor turns all of them men into women, telling them they need to get in touch with their feminine side.
The B.B.B. Comic Japan 1988 Akisato Wakuni T D
3 P Vol 3: Shishimaru is in a drag queen pageant and win. Vol 5 and 6: Shishimaru disguised as a woman to be the bait in the rescue operation of a friend that has been kidnapped.
The Badger Comic United States 1983 Baron Mike T D
Vol 1 #7 Ham disguised as a woman to take care of Badger. Vol 1 #40-41 center around "Sister Twister", an ex-nazi transsexual who has had a sex-change and become a nun. Vol 1 #47-48 has Badger visiting Sister Twister's old convent, which houses a collection of "nuns" who are all men.
The Books Of Magic Comic United States 1993 DC Comics T T
Vol 2 #27 (08/1996) Molly O'Reilly is given food in the forest by Selwyn, a servant girl of the royal court of Faerie. But Molly sees Selwyn's reflection in a pond and discovers she is really King Auberon of Faerie. Auberon appears as Selwyn in other issues of the "Rites of Passage" storyline, which ran through Issue 38. Vol 2 #64 (09/1999) The book takes a new start as the Tim Hunter begins to explore the assorted realms in the form of a young girl (he's using a glamour stone). Vol 2 #74 (07/2000 Tim uses the glamour stone to make himself look like Molly in order to meet his evil counterpart. At he end of the story it's revealed Lord Auberon has been in disguise as a woman for the last few issues, even using the glamour stone to make himself look like Tim's mother a few issues ago.
The Bounce Comic United States 2013 Image Comics T D
#2 (06/2013) At the end Jasper find that his roommate is a crossdresser. #3 (07/2013) The roommate explain why he is a crossdresser. #10 (02/2014) Roommate goes crossdressing to the hospital, after a call of Jasper.
The Boys: Highland Laddie Comic United States 2010 Dynamite Entertainment T D
Hughie leaves the Boys behind to visit home and try to find himself. There he find two childhood friends, Det and Bobby. Det and Bobby aren’t quite what you’d expect from Ennis either. Det has a medical condition that causes him to stink and wears a gas mask as a result, while it turns out that Bobby is a crossdresser to Hughie’s surprise.
The Brave And The Bold Comic United States 1955 DC Comics T T
Vol 1 #100 (03/1972) Black Canary fight with a pair of women that are revealed to be men in disguise. Vol 1 #150 (05/1979) Bride in a fake wedding seems to be a male in disguise. Unconfirmed. Vol 1 #166 (09/1980) Villain Penguin disguised as an old lady. Vol 1 #191 (10/1982) Villain Penguin disguised as a nun. Vol 4 #7 (12/2007) In a team-up issue with Wonder Woman and Power Girl, Dr. Alchemy uses the Philosopher's Stone to possess Power Girl in order to get close to Superman to kill him. Using the power of the stone, he as Power Girl attacks Superman in the Fortress of Solitude in the artic. There, he changes the crystaline structure into Red Kryptonite which mutates Superman in many different beasts at once. Finally, Power Girl breaks free with help from Wonder Woman who then tosses the stone into the sun, restoring Superman back to his true form. Vol 4 #14 (08/2008) In a team-up issue with Green Arrow and Deadman (Boston Brand). Green Arrow is investigating criminal activity, when he learns that the criminals are being possessed by Ghosts. Deadman first possess Green Arrow to save him, and later possesses an older black woman. He later possesses Green Arrow again to protect him from being possessed by the other ghosts.The other ghosts can possess people, but kill them after they leave their bodies. They posses both males and females in this issue.
The Cabaret Root Paradise Comic Japan 1993 Aoyama Natsuki T D
1 P Vol 2: The manager of the cabaret end giving a dress to Haruhei that is compelled to wear it.
The Carl Barks Library
Comic United States 1983 Another Rainbow T D
#8 (08/1983) Story “Gladstone's Usual Very Good Year” Donald disguises as a woman to trick Gladstone in a lottery. #10 (08/1990) Story “Jet Witch” Its Halloween and Gyro Gearloose disguises as a witch to try his last invention, a jet sky stick. The stick is disguised as a broom. Later Donald does also. Story “Beach Boy” Donald disguises as a girl.
The Carl Barks Library Of Walt Disney's Comics And Stories In Color Comic United States 1992 Gladstone T D
#20 (08/1993) Story “Gladstone's Usual Very Good Year” Donald disguises as a woman to trick Gladstone in a lottery. #43 (07/1995) Story “Jet Witch” Its Halloween and Gyro Gearloose disguises as a witch to try his last invention, a jet sky stick. The stick is disguised as a broom. Later Donald does also. #48 (12/1995) Story “Beach Boy” Donald disguises as a girl.
The Change! Comic Japan 1986 Yamauchi Naomi T D
3 P Adaptation of “Torikaebaya Ibun” classic tale. During the Heian Period, two babies, a boy and a girl, were born to different mothers in the powerful Udaijin family. The boy was a sickly child, and his superstitious mother was told by a priest that for him to live, he must be raised as a girl. On the other hand, the girl grew up to be a tomboy who liked to dress like a boy. Everything was going smoothly until Lord Kira (girl) started working at court and the emperor told Udaijin that he wanted Princess Kira (boy), who looks identical to beautiful Lord Kira, as his concubine. Now, Kira and Kira must switch places before all is too late.
The Cinderella Shoes Comic Japan 2009 Ugawa Hiroki T D

One shot. Set in an alternate Britain 19th century, a boy is raised as a girl and even at one point get a sex-change operation.
The Creeper Comic United States 1997 DC Comics T T
1 P Vol 1 #2 (01/1998) When Creeper feels himself changing back into Jack Ryder, he makes his way back to Jack's old apartment, which is now occupied by his old flame Vera Sweet. Creeper makes Jack break into the apartment, waking the sleeping Vera. Jack believes it's Vera at first. However a few of her idiosyncrasies tip Jack off to "Vera's" true identity: Proteus.
The Dead Boy Detectives Comic United States 2005 DC Comics T D
Two boys infiltrates a girl's school disguised as girls.
The Defenders Comic United States 1972 Marvel Comics T T
#9 (1973) "Divide And Conquer" Dr. Strange briefly disguises himself as an old woman in an attempt to escape from the Avengers. #93 (03/1981) Lady Dorma is discovered to have been all time Nebulon, that took her form.
The Desert Peach Comic United States 1990 MU Press T D
2 P #8 (12/1990) “Dressing Down” Pfirsich and Udo must go undercover and in drag to England. Reprinted in “The Desert Peach: Foreign Relations” #1.
The Desert Peach: Foreign Relations Comic United States 1993 MU Press T D
#1 (1993) Pfirsich and Udo must go undercover and in drag to England.
The Disney Afternoon Comic United States 1995 Marvel Comics T T
#4 (02/1995) "Darkwing Duck in Megavolt Pulls A Switch" This is an adaption of the cartoon series episode in which Darkwing Duck and his young daughter Gosalyn swap bodies. About half of the book.
The Doom Patrol Comic United States 1964 DC Comics T D
#87 (05/1964) Spy disguised as a little girl.
The Doraemons Comic Japan 1991 Tanaka Doumei T D

Spin-off of long-running series Doraemon. Character Dora Crybaby: He likes dressing up as a girl, much to the disgust of others.
The Dreaming Comic United States 1996 DC Comics T B

#36 (05/1999) Echo (a transvestite who has been a thorn in the side of the denizens of the Dreaming for a while) is killed in this issue. Instead of going with Death, he runs away and ends up in the Dreaming, as a woman now. He remains a woman for the rest of the series.
The Flintstones And The Jetsons Comic United States 1997 DC Comics T T
#4 (11/1997) Gazoo gives Fred and Barney a sex change when they wish to switch places with the wives.
The Golden Age Comic United States 1993 DC Comics T D
#4 (1994) Madam Fatal appears in a panel surrounded by the Fiddler, and the Gambler, who all appear to be courting the crossdressing hero while other heroes (including Wildfire, Harlequin, and the Psycho-Pirate) stand around giggling (apparently knowing Madam Fatal's true gender).
The Hammer: The Outsider Comic United States 1999 Dark Horse T T

#2-3 (03-04/1999) During this bizarre 3-issue miniseries, an ancient spirit that has possessed the body of a woman takes over the body of a young boy, trapping him in her body. When the good guys arrive, they basically tell him he'll have to learn to deal with menstruation and feminine hygiene, and then just leave him there as they take off after the bad guys.
The Haunted Comic United States 2002 Chaos! Comics T T

#3 (2002) Character referred to as "mucous man" possesses character named Heather in an attempt to kill main character Celia.
The Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular Comic United States 1990 Marvel Comics T T
Impossible Man turns briefly into Black Cat.
The Incredible Hulk Comic United States 1962 Marvel Comics T T
Vol 2 #374 (10/1990) Kl'rt the Super-Skrull takes the form of a little girl. Vol 3 #55-56 (08-09/2003) Carl Creel the absorbing man possesses several women, including Pamela Grayson, Judy and an attractive nurse, on his way to possessing the Hulk.
The Inhumans Comic United States 1975 DC Comics T T
Vol 3 #4 (10/2000) Compelled by Kree overlord Ronan the Accuser, Inhumans leader Black Bolt assassinates Shi'ar Majestrix Lilandra during a treaty ceremony. But the "Lilandra" he kills turns out to be Hobgoblin the Shape-Shifter, a member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, who changes back as he dies.
The Invisibles Comic United States 1994 DC Comics T D
3 P Character Lord Fanny is a shaman and a transwoman. Fanny was born a boy named Hilde Morales in Brazil in 1972. This angered her grandmother who was the most feared witch in the city and wanted her lineage continued. Since men could not become witches, Hilde's grandmother raised the child as a girl. Hilde's mother was murdered in 1979, and shortly afterwards Hilde underwent magical initiation in Teotihuacan at which it was revealed her patron goddess was Tlazolteotl, deity of filth and lust. By 1990 Hilde had become a prostitute in Brazil, a career which ended when she was brutally raped at a party. She briefly contemplated suicide before joining The Invisibles.
The Jetsons Comic United States 1995 Archie Comics T T

#3 (11/1995) "Switch" An accident with a new device switches George's mind into Elroy, Elroy into Jane, Jane into Astro, Astro into Judy, Judy into George. All the character's are oblivious to the change.
The Jolly Jack Starjumper Summer Of '92 One-Shot! Comic United States 1992 Conquest Press T T

#1 (1992) A conanesque man, a red sonja type companion, a star ship captain Jack and his female Lt. wind up on a mission together on a planet and after much macho bravado and superior attitudes to their female companions and a mystical wish granting device, the red sonja character Bruta is now female captain Jackie Starjumper, lesbian lovers with her Lt, and the former Jack is now the female companion to the barbarian!
The Kilroys Comic United States 1947 American Comics Group T D
#3 (11/1947) Story “The Sleepwalker” Natch go out with the car and without changing his pajama, and quicky find himself without petrol and without clothes, but he find and old women's clothes that saves the day. #14 (11/1948) Story “Solid Jackson” To sneak into a event only for ladies, Jackson has the brilliant idea of disguising as a Lady with Natch posing as “her” son. #51 (01/1954) Story “Solid Jackson” Jackson end winnig a contest and the prize is a evening gown that he tries.
The Last Of The Greats Comic United States 2011 Image Comics T T
#3 (12/2011) The Last, who has become ruler of Earth in the face of an alien invasion, has retained the essences of his siblings inside of him. He meets a young girl born to one of his sisters, who was in the shape of a black woman in Africa. Through a painful transformation process, The Last assumes his sister's shape. #4 (01/2012) After returning to his citadel, he again changes into his sister, this time naked. The Last tries to get a reaction from Charles, who was his sister's former lover, the father of the girl, and the human who serves as The Last's second-in-command. It fails, as Charles knows who is underneath the skin.
The Last Voyage Of Sinbad Comic United States 1988 Corben Richard T T
2 P Sinbad's new girlfriend, Akissa, turns out to be the main villain, an evil male genie, in disguise. Originally serialised in Heavy Metal Vol 3 #3 (07/1979) as “New Tales of the Arabian Nights”.
The Lastman Comic Japan 1998 Egawa Tatsuya T T
Vol 11: Ugly salary man get his wish to become a beautiful woman.
The Legend Of Oz: The Wicked West Comic United States 2011 Big Dog Ink T T
1 P #1-2 (10-11/2011) Male demons disguised as saloon girls. Revealed in #2.
The Lewd Girl Comic Japan 2002 Naga T D
1 X Mature. The first story have a boy going to a school as a girl that is discovered and blackmailed by two girls.
The Literals Comic United States 2009 DC Comics T T
#2 (07/09) “The Great Fables Crossover, Part 6, Keep your Ass in your Chair” The transformed Bigby continues his adventures as a cute little girl.
The Marvel Family Comic United States 1945 Fawcett T D
#2 (06/1946) Story “The Marvel Family and Aunty Anti-Marvel” Dr. Sivana disguises himself as a new member of the Marvel Family: Aunty Marvel.
The Midnight Paradise Comic Japan 1989 Kanan Morito T T

X Mature. Narcissist boy and girl swap bodies after sex.
The Mighty Avengers Comic United States 2007 Marvel Comics T T
3 P #16 (09/2008) Part of Secret Invasion crossover. Pagon, a male Skrull, takes the form of Elektra. #18 (11/2008) In a flashback sequence, we see one of Nick Fury's new Commandos, Yo-Yo Rodriguez, get kidnapped and tortured by Hydra... and then interrogated by Madame Hydra. But all is not as it seems... It was just an elaborate ruse by Fury to test if Yo-Yo would crack. Madame Hydra was really Fury in a holographic disguise. #21-24 (03-06/2009) and #27-29 (09-11/2009) and #32 (02/2010) During Chthon's attack on Earth, Loki, disguised as the Scarlet Witch, gathered a new Mighty Avengers team, which defeated the evil god.
The Moment When A Fox Becomes A Wolf Comic Korea 2006 Hwang Mi Ri T T
3 P Gook Eun-Song is your average high school girl... that is until her attractive younger sister steals the man she had a crush on. Depressed, Eun-Song purchase a bottle of alcohol and crawl into a supposedly cursed closet in her father's furniture store. Yu Ha is your average typical bad boy; he even breaks traffic regulations just to end up being chased by couple of police officers... Oddly enough, he also ends up in the same closet where Eun-Song is asleep from drinking too much. With police officers in the store drinking away with the store owner. Yu Ha ends up sleeping in the cursed closet with Eun-Song by his side... just to find out the next day, their bodies have been switched! Can anything else possibly go wrong for our poor heroine?
The New Adventures Of Superboy Comic United States 1980 DC Comics T T
1 P #35-36 (11-12/1982) In a “Dial H for Hero” backstory, Christopher King changes into Any-Body, a shapeshifter who ends up knocking out the villianess Naiad and taking her place to find the master villain's hideout.
The New Avengers Comic United States 2005 Marvel Comics T T
3 P #39 (05/2008) Maya Lopez, a.k.a. Echo, heads to the law offices of Nelson, Murdock & Blake to try to find Matt Murdock, a.k.a. Daredevil. Echo soon realizes that the "Daredevil" she meets on the rooftop is a Skrull impostor, and he morphs into a copy of her, with the intent of killing and replacing her amongst the New Avengers. #40 (06/2008) Apparently the Skrulls cloned some of the more powerful figures in the Marvel Universe. In one scene, a cloned Reed Richards is greeted by the rest of the Fantastic Four, as he wakes up in a hospital. The other Fantastic Four members immediately ask him about Galactus. When Mr. Fantastic hesitates, he is shot point blank by the nurse standing in the room, who declares, "This sickens me." The "nurse" was really the impatient and irritated Skrull Emperor Dorrek and "Johnny, Sue and Ben" were really Skrull scientists (apparently all male) who were testing the clone's memory. 2010 Series #34 (01/2013) Doctor Strange transform briefly into other members of the avengers, including females.
The New Frontier Comic United States 1992 Dark Horse T D * 1
#2 (11/1992) "The Queen of Kalamazoo" Sandi Shore, the winner of a Ruby Field lookalike pageant is revealed to be a male in disguise. #3 (12/1992) "The Ruby Field Story" Sandi Shore return.
The New Mutants Annual Comic United States 1984 Marvel Comics T T
#3 (1987) The Impossible Man and Warlock are locked in battle and change into a variety of forms. At one point they turn into the Black Widow and Spiderwoman.
The Nigh Man Comic United States 1993 Malibu Comics T T
Vol 1 #1 (10/1993) Death Mask takes the form of Ginger, Nigh Man date.
The Only Girl (Girl) Comic Korea 2010 Hwang Mi Ri T D
Due to a strange biological catastrophe that affected the X-chromosome, there are no girls being born in the world!. Sex change to satisfy sexual desire is a growing phenomenon, although is still looked down upon by society.
The Phantom Gang Comic Japan 1978 Shintani Kaoru T D
1 P Vol 11: There is a play in the air base, and one of the pilots must play the female role.
The Punisher Comic United States 1986 Marvel Comics T T
Vol 2 #20 (06/1989) “Bad Tip” Punisher is in Vegas and fails to stop a killer from taking out a mob witness. The killer is revealed to be a transvestite. Vol 4 #1-5. Here we are re-introduced to the Russian, a villain that had been previously decapitated by the Punisher. He comes back as a cybernetic powerhouse who has orders to kill the Punisher. But the rejuvenation process has also had some interesting side effects. However, the Russian seems to have taken it pretty well, and aside from being a murderous lunatic seems like a generally happy, good-natured goof.
The Punisher Present Barracuda Comic United States 2007 Marvel Comics T D
#1-5 (04-08/2007) Barracuda have problems with a mission and need help. He calls an old crossdressing Green Beret buddy Fifty for backup, who President Luna begins sleeping with, not knowing Fifty isn't a woman.
The Ravages Of Time Comic Hong Kong 2001 Chen Mou T D
3 P Character Xiao Meng: An eunuch in the Sima household, that hates being called a woman. He is also a member of the handicated warriors, a group of assassins working for the Sima Household. Vol 2: Zhongda sends Xiao Meng out to Luoyang, in charge of collecting intelligence. Meng is disturbed to find that he's going to be undercover as a female dancer, Lord Wang Yong's adopted daughter, Diaochan. He continues impersonating Diaochan till Vol 9. Vol 23: Xiao Meng make an assassination attempt on Cao Cao diguised as a woman, but fail.
The Revelation Of Red Comic Japan 1998 Yamamoto Johanne T D
1 Z Mature. Shorts stories. Chap 4 "A Cat on the Roof": Male lover dressed in a female clothes. Chap 7: For his 20th birthday, a boy asks his parents to buy him gender reassignment surgery.
The Riddle Comic Japan 1985
1 X Mature. Last story have the hero transformed into a woman using magic.
The Royal Comic Taiwan 1995 RYAN T D
2 P A Princess escaped from her castle because she wanted some freedom. Before she can find her way out of the capital city, she finds herself surrounded by a group of kidnappers!, a man with sunglasses and a handgun gets her out of the mass. He offer her a place to stay and a job as a waitress. While she tries to fit in and make friends with her new coworkers and roommates, the newspaper reads "the princess, our future queen, is living with two man, one of whom is a crossdresser!"
The Sandman Comic United States 1989 DC Comics T B
#32-37 (11/1991-05/1992) "A Game of You" One of the main characters of this story arc is Wanda, a pre-op transexual who is told by everyone that she will allways be a man (gods, witches and normal people) at the end of the story she dies but barbie (the main character) dreams that she sees her in the afterlife but that she is now a beautiful, genuine girl.
The Savage Sword Of Conan The Barbarian Comic United States 1974 Marvel Comics T T
#94 (11/1983) The evil vizier Parmek Da'an takes over the body of the queen to get Conan in trouble. #192 (12/1991) Snake man disguises himself as "Li-Zya" to tempt Conan. Conan kills the snake man and return to the ship. #193 (01/1992) Snake men have replaced the crew of the ship which include Conan and "Li-Zya" and others.
The Sensational She-Hulk Comic United States 1989 Marvel Comics T T
#3 (07/1989) "My Guest Star My Enemy" During a battle with the "Head Men", She-Hulk is knocked unconscious, and Chondu's head is placed on her body.
The Sensational Spider-Man Comic United States 1996 Marvel Comics T T
Vol 2 #30 (11/2006) Chameleon briefly impersonates Mary Jane, the wife of Spider-Man.
The Shade Comic United States 2011 DC Comics T T
#4 (03/2012) Richard Stanton in disguise as Madan Fatal, also as Miss Sharp.
The Shadow War Of Hawkman Comic United States 1985 DC Comics T D
#4 (08/1985) Very Brief. Captain Jerry Olcott is showed to be a closet transvestite.
The Spectacular Spider-Man Comic United States 1976 Marvel Comics T T
Vol 1 #168-170 (09-11/1990) The Space Phantom becomes She-Hulk to trick Spiderman into releasing some form of evil. Vol 1 #242-243 (01-02/1997) Chameleon takes on the appearance of Elvis Presley, Charlie Chaplin, and Marylin Monroe while talking to Dr. Kafka. Chameleon later disguises himself as Dr. Kafka (slender and busty female with long black hair, wearing a skirt) in order to trick Spiderman into losing his identity. He takes this guise in two issues. Vol 1 #245 (04/1997) Chameleon disguises briefly as Mary Jane to hint Spider-Man who is his next target.
The Spectre Comic United States 1967 DC Comics T T
Vol 2 Annual #1 (1988) Deadman takes over the body of a homely bag lady, and Madame Xanadu. Vol 2 #30-31 (11/1989) An evil male spirit, linked to a demon, possesses his adult daughter, for some reason strips down to her underwear, and attempts to kill all the occupants of her house.
The Spirit Comic United States 1940 Will Eisner T D
Newspaper inserts. #80 (12/1941) “The Last Of The Minstrels” Commisioner Dolan disguised as a woman to act as a bait in a masked ball. #253 (04/1953) “Beautiful Andrew” Andrew is a killer that disguises as a woman to attack The Spirit. #262 (06/1945) “Red Scandon” Crook “Red Scandon” disguised as an old lady.
The Spirit Comic United States 1966 Harvey T D
#2 (03/1967) “Octopus: The Life Story of the King of Crime” Optopus disguised as an old lady.
The Strangers Comic United States 1993 Malibu Comics T T
#13 (06/1994) The Strangers team up with Mantra to fight Boneyard.
The Superman Family Comic United States 1974 DC Comics T T
#177 (07/1976) “Jimmy Olsen's Secret Love” Jimmy Olsen disguised as a girl in masquerade party. #199 (02/1980) “Man with the Golden Smile” Cop undercover as a woman. #201 (06/1980) “The Enigma of the Empty Elevator” The villainous Ultra-Humanite returns, with a nefarious plot that centers on Bruce Wayne. Fortunately, Superman and the plucky and resourceful Lois Lane are on hand to foil his evil schemes.
The Thing Comic United States 1983 Marvel Comics T D
#33 (03/1986) The Scourge disguised as female wrestler "Golddigger" kills Villainess Titania.
The Tick Comic United States 1988 New England Comics T T
1 P #3 (2003) "Golden Age" Arch villain Herr Comrade Doktor Skar, after revealing himself as having been disguised as a little boy, tells his captors that he spent the time since his last foiled attempt at World domination disguised as Magda Libenski, Colon Macguire's hot secretary.
The Titans Comic United States 1999 DC Comics T T
#38 (04/2002) Kevin Tanaka, a 13 year old paraplegic metahuman with the ability to possess other people, has been in the body of a super-powered adult named Epsilon for the last few issues. Kevin's comatose body has been dying in his souls absence though and he is abruptly returned to it. Epsilon, who retained knowledge of everything he did while Kevin was in control, was not too pleased and set out to destroy the Titans and Kevin's friends in revenge, with Kevin's death being at the top of his to do list. To save himself and his friends Kevin takes over the body of sexy Argent, his girlfriend while he was in Epsilons body. Though he defeated Epsilon, later on Kevin's body paid for it with its life. Question is, was Kevin in there when it expired?
The Trials Of Shazam! Comic United States 2006 DC Comics T T
#3 (12/2006) Zareb and Freddy arriving at a tattoo parlor and meet the tattoo artist named Rachel Zallman. Zally, as she is called, is one big woman, and gives a tattoo to Freddy that will protect him in magical realms. At the end of the issue, Zareb responds that Freddy now has the wisdom of Solomon. That Zallman is Yiddish for Solomon. Freddy reply that the god Solomon is a woman and is a tattoo artists in New York? Zareb responds that Zally is a modern era’s new shape for an old god. And that Freddy has officially passed his first test.
The Trials Of The Flash Comic United States 1998 DC Comics T T
#1 (09/1998) The Tangent Universe's Flash, Lia Nelson, and Plastic Man use their shape-changing abilities to trade places when they are captured by the terrorist group Nightwing.
The Uncanny X-Men Comic United States 1981 Marvel Comics T T
Vol 1 #448-449 (11-12/2004) The X-Man Sage, thought to be dead after being shot in the head at the end of issue 448, is revealed in issue 449 to have been Wolverine. He used an image inducer to appear as her and reveals it when his healing factor pops the bullet back out of his head.
The Wanderer Comic Japan 1996 Kakinouchi Narumi T D
1 P Vol 1: Sei Kodo disguises as a girl to be the bait for a vampire
The Way This Boy Lives Comic Korea 2000 Seo Moon Da Mi T D
4 P Dohun loses his bag as he arrives in Seoul along with all his money. He comes completely money less within a day. A week later, he encounters an ad where it said "Seeking a friend! Paying well...yada yada blah blah, girl only!". Still having his suitcase which was confused with his sister's, he had girl's clothes. Having no other choice, he applies.
The West Coast Avengers Comic United States 1985 Marvel Comics T T
#8 (05/1986) The Avengers encounter the Rangers, who intend to settle as a superhero team. However, Firebird senses that something is wrong with Shooting Star, revealing that she is possesed by a male demon.
The Wicked: Medusa's Tale Comic United States 2000 Image Comics T T
#1 (2000) When Luke Benneton, codenamed the Chameleon, is caught spying on Nathan Ellstings and Wendy McKinnis, he demonstrates his power by briefly morphing into Wendy.
The X-Files: Season 10 Comic United States 2013 IDW T T
#5 (10/2013) Male shapeshifter impersonates Scully.
The X-Men And The Micronauts Comic United States 1984 Marvel Comics T T
#1-4 (01-04/1984) The X-Men and the Micronauts team up to deal with a new "Entity" that threatens both their worlds. Early on, Kitty Pryde and the evil Baron Karza get their minds switched, and remain that way through most of the story. This story also contains a short sequence where Professor X takes over the body of Mirage, one of the female New Mutants.
Thor Comic United States 1966 Marvel Comics T T
Vol 1 #486-488 (05-07/1995) Male dark elf Malekith has been hiding in the shape of goddess Lorelei. Vol 3 #5-13. The Gods and other allies of Thor have been placed into human bodies and spread around the world. So far Thor has found Heimdall (a homeless man in New Orleans), the Warriors Three (as 3 guards at an african refugee aid camp), and Loki (Thor's brother) who comes back in the form of a beautiful woman!
Thor And The Warriors Four Comic United States 2010 Marvel Comics T T
3 P #1 (06/2010) A nurse in the hospital is Loki in disguise. Revealed in #4 (09/2010).
Thor Annual Comic United States 1966 Marvel Comics T T
#18 (1993) Loki turns himself briefly into a buxom goddess to tempt an enemy of Thor's.
Those Annoying Post Bros. Comic United States 1994 MU Press T T

#47 Hiroshima, has her mind involuntarily swapped with that of C-3, head of the rondoide police, who is clearly male. Hiroshima, has a very feminine form and, after the swap, C-3 enjoys a pizza with her lips, enjoys touching his/her supple firm breasts and vows to get even with the remaining Post brother.
Thunderbolts Comic United States 2013 Marvel Comics T T
Vol 2 #8 (06/2013) Venom in the shape of an muslin woman.
Thunderbolts: From The Marvel Vault Comic United States 2011 Marvel Comics T T
3 P #1 (06/2011) Nomad uses a image inducer that make him look as anyone. He become three diferent women.
Tiger Mask The Star Comic Japan 1993 Kaze Shinobu T D

The hero, Tiger Mask, is a homeless downbeat in his normal, everyday life. The villain Tiger's Cave is a crossdressing mafia don with a penchant for S&M.
Tigresse Blanche Comic France 2005 Conrad Didier T D
2 P T6 “La Theorie du Mikado” In Tokyo, in a whorehouse, Rousseau is contacted by one of the prostitutes working there, that is in fact a male transvestite.
Time Princess Comic Japan 1994

In a fantasy world the boy becomes a girl and the girl becomes a boy.
Time Walker Zero Comic Japan 1991 Hidaka Yuki T D
3 P Vol 2: Ray disguises as a nun to fool the gang that is chasing him.
Tiresias Comic France 2001 Rossi Christian T T
5 P A retelling of the ancient greek tale of Tiresias. In this hardbound two volume illustrated novel the tale revolves around a greek officer whose arrogance and womanizing ways leads him to make the fatal mistake of raping a priestess of Athena. Athena's vengence is swift and her punishment is the transformation of Tiresias into a woman by way of the bite of two snakes.
Titans Comic United States 1999 DC Comics T T
Vol 2 #18 (12/2009) “Alone in the Dark” Raven goes to a cemetery to stop a paramilitary occult group from sacrificing a teenage girl to strengthen her demonic father, Trigon. It turns out that the girl, Angie, is really... Raven's brother, Envy, using his shape-shifting abilities to lure Raven into a trap. Envy tells Raven he purposely adopted the form of her human mother as part of a ploy to lure her back to the demonic side. Vol 2 #24 (08/2010) “Rude Awakenings" Deathstroke shoots Lex Luthor's assistant, a woman named Nava Mendelssohn, in the head just as she's about to shoot Luthor. But she's not what she seems to be, nor is she dead. She turns out to be a mechanically-enhanced shape-shifting assassin named Facade. Vol 2 #25 (09/2010) "Darkness Falls” Facade survives decapitation by Deathstroke and later uses the cover of one of Deathstroke's smoke bombs to morph into Cheshire and force a standoff, but Deathstroke shoots both women and then stops Facade with an EMP weapon.
Titeuf Comic France 1993 Zep T D
2 P T10 “Nadia se Marie” Friend of Titeuf is diguised as a girl. T13 “A la folie!” Titeuf dreams he is a girl.
Tiva Megami Kourin Comic Japan 1996 Judal T T

Boy transforms into a woman using magic.
To-Love-Ru Comic Japan 2006 Yabuki Kentaro T T
3 P Vol 12 Chap 100-102 and 106: Rito is transformed into a girl after one of Lala's inventions fails. Vol 15 Chap 131: Rito is briefly transformed into a girl. Vol 16 Chap 138: Rito is transformed again into a girl.
To-Love-Ru: Darkness Comic Japan 2010 Yabuki Kentaro T T
Sequel to “To-Love-Ru”. Vol 2 Chap 8: Rito is transformed into a girl.
Todo Pasa Comic Mexico 1995 Editorial Multicolor T D
2 P #13 “El creia que habia amado a Ramona, y era Ramon” (06/1997) Ramon disguises as a woman to work in a whorehouse and blackmail his/her clients.
Tojita Mado Wo Kare Ga Aketa Comic Japan 2003 Endou Risawo T D
2 Z Mature. Short stories. Story 5: Hero's roommate since they were students suddenly starts crossdressing.
Tokage Comic Japan 2006 Haibara Yaku T T
Tokage, a male soul cursed with immortality have only 24 hours to find a new host after their current one being killed, and he end in a recently dead body of a young woman.
Tokimeki Network Comic Japan 1993 Ozuno Mahou T T

Two angel, one male, the other female, are sent on earth both in girls bodies.
Tokimeki No Seitokaishitsu Comic Japan 2002 Yamakami Riyu T D
3 P Vol 1 Chap 2: Fujie is forced by his classmates to crosssdress for the school festival beauty pageant, but he manages to escape... in a dress. Vol 2 Chap 3: Boys in the school organize a “crossdressing contest”.
Tokimeki No Silver Star Comic Japan 1979 Ichijo Yukari T D

It's about classic dance. One woman is revealed to be a transvestite.
Tokimeki Suikoden Comic Japan 2005 Orimoto Mimana T T

Two dangerous looking men are turned into girls.
Tokimeki Tonight Comic Japan 1982 Ikeno koi T D

Vol 2 Chap 3: Ranze's father and brother disguised as schoolgirls. Vol 4: There is some crossdressing
Tokugawa Seitokai Comic Japan 1987 Nakatsu Kenji T T

Boy and girl swap bodies using a machine.
Tokushu! Gourmet No Mise Comic Japan 1996 Takaoka Motohumi T T
1 X Mature. Short stories. "Pink Pirates 2": Boy is operated and turned into a woman, on a spaceship full of female pirates.
Tokyo Crazy Paradise Comic Japan 1996 Nakamura Yoshiki T D
2 P Vol 13 Chap 68: Tsukasa and Ruyji in dresses to escape from a drug gang who have them under siege in a big shop.
Tokyo Savage Sidestory: A Passage From Servant Boy Comic Japan 2001 Dr. Ten T D
3 Z Mature. Yaoi. Tomoe Kuchiba has been sent by his Father to protect the head of the Mitsugi clan, Mamoru Mitsugi. He run a Host Club where all the girls are really boys. Tomoe end joining the club as one of the "girls".
Tokyo Style Bakudan Comic Japan 2001 Hirose Natsume T D

Ranko childhood friend comes after her and is transformed into a babe so they get together.
Tom Strong's Terrific Tales Comic United States 2004 DC Comics T D
1 P #5 (01/2003) Young Tom Strong learns about reproduction on Attabar Teru. As part of his learning he is forced to live and dress as a woman until the next full moon.
Tomorrow Stories Comic United States 1999 DC Comics T B
1 P #6 (03/2000) The First American has an one-night stand with a woman that is revealed to be a pair of guys in disguise, the schwartz brothers. #11 (10/2001) The First America end possessing U.S.Angel body to teach her a lesson.
Tonari No Purin Shoujo Comic Japan 1993 Fuusen Club T D
1 Z Mature. Story 6 has a boy disguising as a girl to intimate with his girlfriend.
Top: Houkago Shachou Wa 12-sai Comic Japan 2006 Iwata Kazuhisa T D
3 P 12 year's old boy impersonates the missing heiress of an industrial empire.
Topolino (Libretto) Comic Italy 1949 Disney Italia T D
Disney licenced magazine. #1950 (1993) Story “Brigitta poetessa dell'amore” Uncle Scrooge disguised as a woman. Also published in Brazil: Tio Patinhas #355 (1995) "Poesias De Amor". Denmark: Onkel Joakim 1993-12 (1993) "Rosendrømme". France: Mickey Parade Géant #182 (1995) "Brigitte poétesse de l'amour". Germany: Donald Duck #462 (1993) "Rosarote Träume" and Lustiges Taschenbuch Enten-Edition #29 (2010) "Rosarote Träume". Italy: Disney Time #15 (1998) "Brigitta poetessa dell'amore", Pocket Love - L'amore in tasca #12 (2008) "Brigitta poetessa dell'amore" and Raccolta Topolino (libretto) #117 "Brigitta poetessa dell'amore". Norway: Onkel Skrue 1993-23 (1993) "Rosa drømmer" and Skrue Pocket #123 (2003) "Rosa drømmer". Poland: Donald i spółka #32 (1993) "Romans wszechczasów".
Toraware No Minoue (Captive Hearts) Comic Japan 1999 Hino Matsuri T D
1 P Vol 3 Chap 11: Goushi "Sougaku" Sagara is Megumi's best friend and fellow university student. She was born a male, but decided to undergo a sex change operation and become female.
Torikae Baya Comic Japan 2012 Saitou Chiho T D

A masculine princess and a feminine young prince switch sides.
Torikae Fuukaden Comic Japan 2004 Yanahara Nozomi T T

A samurai warrior and a noble woman bodyswaps and have to learn to live with that.
Torikaebaya Ibun Comic Japan 1998 Kihara Toshie T D

It is the tale of two siblings whose mannerisms are those of the opposite sex, and their relationships in the Emperor's court.
Torikagoshou No Kyou Mo Nemutai Juunintachi (The Sleepy Residents Of Birdcage Manor) Comic Japan 2007 Takarai Rihito T D
2 P 16 year old Kizuna stalks the city at night, flirting with middle-aged salary men and coercing them out of their money. The thrill should be enough to satiate her, but Kizuna remains unsatisfied with her everyday life… That is, until the beautiful Inoue Yuki, also living in “Birdcage Manor” approaches Kizuna with a job proposition- to model in the nude for Yuki’s cousin, a painter and fellow resident Yusei Asai!. In Vol 1 Chap 3 Yuki is revealed to be a transvestite. Vol 2 Chap 10-11: Yusei must dress up as a girl to date Kizuna.
Toritsu Mizushou! (The School Of Water Business) Comic Japan 2003 Inokuma Shinobu T D
Vol 1 Chap 9: Suga Teppei is introduced. He is a boy enrolling in the school to become a transvestite hostess in the night club business.
Toritsuki-kun (Tricky-kun) Comic Japan 1991 Takada Yuuzou T T
1 P Vol 1 Chap 6-7: Highschool student and a famous female idol switch souls.
Torokete Go! (Beauty Honey) Comic Japan 2001 Ozaki Nachika T T

Boy and girl swap bodies after kissing each other.
Torpedo 1936 Comic Spain 1981 Bernet Jordi T D
T4 “El arte de rematar” Torpedo's sidekick, Rascal, disguises as a nun to help Torpedo to silence forever a man. T8 “La ley del talon” Torpedo is helped by a woman, that in the end is revealed to be a man in disguise. T12 “El sordido” Rascal disguises as a woman to help Torpedo into atacking his enemy in his own wedding.
Tosando Tentsui Ibun Comic Japan 1998 Nakamura Shungiku T D

P Vol 1: Main character, a learning samurai, disguises as a peasant woman to enter a village.
Toshiue No Kanojo (My Older Lover) Comic Japan 1997 Mokkouyou Bond T D
1 Z Mature. Story 1: A female boss is harassing one office lady. Later she is revealed to be a shemale.
Totem Comic Spain 1977 Nueva Frontera T D
Extra #3 “Especial U.S.A. Nº 2” Story “Las aventuras de Sally Forth” Soldier disguised as a woman.
Totem Calibre 38 Comic Spain 1982 Nueva Frontera T D
#3 Story “L'Inspecteur Beaugât monte â Paris” Beaugât disguises as a woman.
Totem El Comix Comic Spain 1987 Toutain T D
1 P #3 Story “El Humor Salvaje de Reiser” Male have a night of passion with a prostitute that is revealed to be a transvestite. #38 “Zodiaco” Male crossdressing to spy on a woman. #66 “Matar al Americano” shemale is part of a night of sex in an hotel room. “El Insomnio de la Serpiente” Male goes to bed with a shemale that looks like his exwife.
Toto! The Wonderful Adventure Comic Japan 2005 Osada Yuko T D
Vol 3: To enter a women's martial arts school, three men disguise as women. Vol 4: A boy disguises with a gothic dress.
Totoche Comic France 1961 Tabary T D
T14 “Le Tresor Des Oubliettes” Totoche loses his clothes and is given female ones to wear.
Totsugeki! Heppoko Boukentai Comic Japan 2005 Hamada Yoshikazu T T

A man unknowingly drinks sake that changes his gender.
Totsugeki! Moon Musume Comic Japan 2002 Inoue Yukihiro T T

A boy discover he belongs to a family of werewomen.
Totsugeki! Pappara Tai (The Pappara Army) Comic Japan 1992 Matsuzawa Natsuki T B
4 P Main Character Izumi Mizushima, member of the UEDF. His boss, Natsumi Egushi, likes Izumi in femme and he will end crossdressing a lot. Others members of the UEDF also crossdress. Vol 1 Op 7: Izumi crossdressing to sneak into a party. Vol 3 Op 20: UEDF males end in a crossdressing pageant, Izumi, reluctant at first, compites with a crossdressing alien and win the title becoming an Idol. Vol 4 Op 23: Izumi is tricked, drugged and crossdressed by his boss. He end escaping while dressed as a woman, and have to plot how to get male clothes to change. Vol 4 Op 24: Ranko dreams with Izumi in femme, later Izumi find that the guys in the base have founded a fan club for Female Izumi. Vol 4 Op 27: Izumi end crossdressing as a cover girlfriend for one of his comrades that is being visited by his parents. Also one of the alien disguises as a girl to sneak into UEDF base. Vol 4 Op 29: Izumi dressing up as a beach girl to trap a beach stalker. Vol 5 op 33: Izumi crossdressing in a frilly princess dress. Vol 5 Op X: Izumi crossdressing as a maid. Vol 8 Op 52: Alien man plan to give a sex-change potion to Izumi, who is in the beach, but fail and end drinking it himself. Vol 8 Op 55: Izumi end in a "wonderland" reality where he is Alice, but at the end seems it was only a bad dream. Vol 11 Op 81 and 82: Izumi meet a woman, have a date with her but find she is a transvestite. Vol 12 Op 87: Izumi crossdressing as a schoolgirl in a sailor fuku. Vol 14 Op 103 and 104: Izumi get up finding himself changed into a woman, he is female shape until an alien man kiss her and he return to maleness, the alien being changed into a woman. Vol 15 Op 115: There is a folder with photos of Izumi in femme. Vol 15 Op 117: Izumi crossdressing in a classic dance costume.
Touka Gettan Comic Japan 2005 Kumoya Yukio T D

Character Kamiazuma Touka, who appears to be a girl, but is revealed she is actually a boy.
Toukaidou Hisame Comic Japan 2005 Matsunaga Kuuya T D
Vol 1 Chap 2: Hisame disguised as a woman to enter in an hotel where as a male he would be rejected. Vol 2 Chap 6: Hisame is forced to dress up as a woman after he is out of money in a restaurant.
Touring Express Comic Japan 1981 Kawasou Masumi T D

There is a teen girl that is in fact a boy. Probably more cases
Toushinden Comic Japan 1995 Anthology T T

Man and woman swap bodies while training.
Touyuki Comic Japan 2004 Sakai Youhei T D
2 P Vol 2: Male disguised as a woman to enter a city.
Trailer Park Of Terror Comic United States 2003 Imperium Comics T D
2 P #7 (09/2007) A Stalker disguises as Norma and try to kill her.
Train Train Comic Japan 2002 Eiki Eiki T D
2 P Vol 1: Tree male employes of the train company disguise as females to go undercover in the train only for women.
Trance Comic Japan 1995 Shibata Masahiro T T

A sexy fortune teller shows a man how womanhood feels like.
Trancers: The Adventures Of Jack Deth Comic United States 1991 Malibu Comics T T

#1 (08/1991) In all new adventures McNulty shows up in a young girl's body.
Trans Venus Comic Japan 2008 Tamaki Hisao T T
3 X Mature. A boy, Takehiro, one day walks into some strange wood and is saved by Selda, a nymphomaniac goddess, who can not only take over his body turning it into hers in the process, but can also transform him into a girl.
Transforma Comic United States 1992 Sandy Thomas T B
The Sandy Thomas Transformation Magazine series has a variety of Transgender based stories.
Trees Comic United States 2014 Image Comics T D
1 P #1 (05/2014) One of Tian's neighbors is a transsexual.
Triangle Relation Comic Japan 1995 Hayasaka Natsuki T D
1 X Mature. One story has a woman revealing to a girl that she is a shemale
Triangle Rhapsody Comic Japan 1997 Dr. Raiske T T

A boy and a girl have their sex inverted.
Trigger Comic Japan 2007 Akira Norikazu T D
1 Z Mature. Story 8 “As you like it” Kobayashi Tomo end in a maid oufit.
Trigun Maximum Comic Japan 2000 Nightow Yasuhiro T D
1 P Elendira the Crimsonnail is a transvestite and the last and most powerful Gung Ho Gun. Appareance from Vol 5 Chap 6 to Vol 8 Chap 4.
Trinity Of Sin: The Phantom Stranger Comic United States 2013 DC Comics T T * 1
#22 (10/2014) Zauriel transforms into a woman.
Tripeace Comic Japan 2008 Tomoyuki Maru T D
2 P Nana, handsome youth who has long fair hair, a boy without past memories, and with a strong sense of justice, Tri-peace operative number 102078. Although he is well trained in combat, Nana is very good disguising and passing himself for a woman, and he uses it to cheat his enemies and get advantage when in mission. When in woman mode he uses the name Nanako.
Triple Violations Comic Japan 1999 Yonekura Kengo T D
1 X Mature. First stories are about three friends, one of them likes to crossdress, the other two don't mind.
Trojan War Comic United States 2009 Marvel Comics T D
#1 (07/2009) Achilles is in hiding disguised as a woman, brief.
Trouble Lovers Comic Japan 1995 Yanagi Masashi T T

Man transforms into a woman thanks to magic.
Trouble Quartet Comic Japan 1998 Manda Ringo T T

X Mature. A boy is stuck in the body of the girl he love and is raped.
True Romance Comic Japan 1998 Takeuchi Masami T D

There are actors crossdressing in japanese tradicional theater.
Tsubaki Knight Club Comic Japan 2006 Tetsujiro T D
A weak boy is step by step becoming the "girlfriend" of a strong girl that is always recueing him from bullies. He is pictured as the "girl" in a dream sequence and he has dressed up as a school girl one time.
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Comic Japan 2003 CLAMP T D
1 P Vol 8 Chap 55: Syaoran has to crossdress because the place they want to stay don't allow men.
Tsuboi Sanfujinka Iin Monogatari - Kairaku Shussan No Susume Comic Japan 2010 Inochi Wazuka T D
1 X Mature. Male nurse of a female gynecologist is made to dress as a female nurse.
Tsubomi Comic Japan 1995 Kobayashi Shownen T D
1 Z Mature. Short stories. Boy tries his sister make up and is discovered by his sister that gives him a complete makeover. The teacher of a girl is revealed to be a shemale. Sister is revealed to be a boy forced to crossdress.
Tsubura Na Wakusei Comic Japan 2011 Kaneko Naoya T T

In 2015, strange beams of light are appearing with no explanation all over the earth. The antisocial teenage girl Takizawa has a "Planetary Seed" theory as to their origins and purpose. Takizawa's classmate Tsubura is more concerned with her everyday life and figuring out why her heart pounds so hard around her childhood friend, Koujirou. Soon, the two girls' world will collide, when Tsubura's love causes a "Planetary Seed" to rise up from beneath the Earth... carrying Tsubura, Koujirou, Takizawa and their entire school building with it!. A group of boys are returned transformed into females.
Tsugumomo Comic Japan 2008 Hamada Yoshikazu T T

Chapter 42-46: Boy and girl bodyswaps.
Tsuide Ni Tonchinkan Comic Japan 1988 Endo Koichi T T

Man and woman swap bodies after running into each other.
Tsuki No Ko (Moon Child) Comic Japan 1988 Shimizu Reiko T T
Vol 2: Jimmy transform into a female. He is changing gender for the rest of the story. Vol 13: Another male transforms into a female.
Tsuki No Shizumu Made (Until The Moon Sets) Comic Japan 2012 Miyagi Tooko T D
2 P Chap 4: Iori disguises as a maid to sneak into a manor.
Tsuki Wa Yamiyo Ni Kakuru Ga Gotoku Comic Japan 1999 Nakamura Shungiku T D
1 P Chapter 3 (extra): Shino is revealed to be a boy raised as a girl. Chapter 5: A dutch foreigner falls for a young samurai, and at the end bring him with he to holland dressed as a woman.
Tsukiyo No Fromage Comic Japan 2008 Tinkle T T
A guy is pulled into the world of an eroge through his dreams, however he has become the game's heroine.
Tsukushite Agemasu Comic Japan 2007 Toma Rei T D

P Yuzuko is saved by a drop dead gorgeous maid from a maid cafe. Little does she know that the maid is none other than the high school hottie Itsuki - who’s only doing it as the most popular maid at his father’s Maid & Butler cafe.
Tsumanuda Fight Town Comic Japan 2007 Ueyama Michiro T D
2 P One of the fighters sometimes disguises as a maid.
Tubby And His Clubhouse Pals Comic United States 1956 Dell T D

#1 (10/1956) “Gran'pa Feeb” Tubby, who as a junior detective often wears disguises, this time poses as a girl. Tubby tricks Feeb into hating girls, and Feeb is allowed to join the club.
Tulip Ga Hoshii Comic Japan 1989 Nagaoka Hiroshi T B
5 P Shingo is engaged and his fiance want to meet his parents, but Shingo is reluctant because of a family secret. His mother is in reality his father, he had a sex-change surgery and later married a man, that now is Shingo stepfather. Also Shingo parents own a transvestite bar, his mother being one of the star, the other being all transvestites, one of then having a love interest in Shingo, that is trying to hide that part of his life to his fiance and office coworkers. Shingo also have other secret, he have phimosis, and need to have a circumcision to correct the problem before to marry his fiance. Knowing of this problem one of the transvestites recommend him a doctor that do works for them, and is very discrete. When he goes to the surgeon, the transvestites disguise him as a woman, so he can leave the bar being unnoticed and go to the clinic for the circumcision. The doctor screws it up and thinks Shingo have asked for a sex-change. Seems circumcision is an euphemism for sex-change in the transvestite slag. The surgery is irreversible and Shingo have to start a new life as a woman, working as a OL, and having a lesbian relationship with his fiance.
Turbo Lover Comic Japan 1993 Nakajima Hatsumi T T

X Mature. Vol 2: Boy transforms into a girl using a potion.
Turn A Gundam (∀ Gundam) Comic Japan 1999 Soga Atsushi T D
3 P Vol 1: Main character Loran Cehack crossdresses as his alter-ego "Lora".
Twinkle Twinkle Idol Star Comic Japan 1991 Toyama Hikaru T D
4 P Marimo is a young girl who wants to become a singing star. In order to enter a singing contest, she talks her boyfriend, Ayumi Fujimura, into posing as her female singing partner. He's not too thrilled about it at first, but she begs, and then dresses him up to prove to him that he could actually pass as a girl. A very attractive one, in fact. He finally agrees, and thus, Twinkle is born!. The only problem? They win the contest!. They have a recording contract! They're on their way to stardom! But of course, this means Ayumi has to keep pretending to be a girl!.
Ubel Blatt Comic Japan 2004 Shiono Etorouji U D
2 P Vol 3: Koinzell and his companions disguised as girls to gain access to a castle.
Uchi No Okaasan (Mother Of Our Homes) Comic Japan 2007 Mitarashi Kousei U D
1 X Mature. One story has a boy that is being raised as a girl by his mother.
Uchi No Tantei Shirimasen Ka? Comic Japan 2007 Kisaragi Hirotaka U D
1 P Detective assistant Shigure has also a part-time job as a hostess in a gay bar.
Uchouten Kazoku Comic Japan 2013 Okada Yuu U T

Shimogamo Yasaburou is a male tanuki (Japanese racoon dog) whose human form is that of a school girl, although he does seem to have a male version as well.
Uchu Kaizoku Mito No Daiboken (Space Pirate Mito) Comic Japan 1999 Ujihara Daisuke U T
2 P Vol 1: at the end, Aoi, Mito's son, transform into a girl and is even crowned queen.
Udagawachou De Mattete Yo Comic Japan 2011 Hideyoshiko U D
3 P While walking around the streets, Momose stumbled upon his classmate crossdressing as a girl. Ever since then, he couldn’t help but to take notice of him in school…
Uekano Days Comic Japan 2007 Chiba Toshirou U D
Mature. One story has a boy being disguised in women's clothes by his girlsfriends
Ueta Hifu Comic Japan 2004 Onikubo Hirohisa U D
Mature. In one story a girl forces his boyfriend/lover to dress as a schoolgirl and sneak into the female changing room. After that she does again.
UFO Princess Valkyrie Comic Japan 2002 Kaishaku U B
2 P Kazuhito is transformed into a woman, and later returned to male in Vol 2 and also briefly in Vol 4.
Uhha! Harlem Student Dormitory Comic Japan 2002 Matsuura Madoka U D
1 P Vol 3: Some men in the dormitory end crossdressing as part of a role reverse experience
Ultiman Giant Annual Comic United States 2001 Image Comics U T
#1 (11/2001) "The Curse of King's Tut Tomb!" Ultiman, Big Bang Comics' version of Superman, is cursed by the spell of King Tut, causing him to transform into anything he touches. Ultiman was transformed into, among other things, a woman.
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Comic United States 2009 Marvel Comics U T
#14 (11/2010) “Tainted Love: part 5 of 6” At the end male Chameleon turns into Carol Danvers in an attempt to unnerve her.
Ultimate Spider-Man Comic United States 2000 Marvel Comics U T
#91 (05/2006) The Ultimate universe version of Deadpool invades the X-Men's mansion, and knocks out Kitty Pryde. When her boyfriend, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, shows up to see her (she had sent the X-plane for him on remote before she was knocked out), Deadpool pretends to be her in order to get close to Spidey and taser him. Also, Deadpool may have impersonated Storm to try to get Kitty earlier.
Ultimate X-Men Comic United States 2001 Marvel Comics U T
Vol 1 #17-19 (06-08/2002) Professor Xavier's son David possesses body of Betsy Braddock (Psylocke) in order to trap X-Men.
Ultra Maniac Comic Japan 2002 Yoshizumi Wataru U T
Vol 5, Epilog chapter. A boy student named Tess uses magic to transform-disguise himself as the heroine Nina Sakura, in hopes of busting up her friendships with ordinary humans, so that she will then return to the Magic Kingdom.
Ultraforce Comic United States 1994 Marvel Comics U T
Vol 2 #11 (08/1996) short six-page backup story featuring Ghoul also gives us the last appearance of Eden Blake (Mantra).
Ultraforce Infinity Comic United States 1995 Malibu Comics U T
#1 (09/1995) fecatures NecroMantra.
Ultraverse Double Feature: Prime And Solitaire Comic United States 1995 Malibu Comics U D
#1 (01/1995) Second story feauturing Solitaire have an old starlet Vivian Beaumont killing collectors and robbing their memorabilia from her old movies. In the end is discovered that a male fan is imperonating her.
Ultraverse Premiere Comic United States 1993 Malibu Comics U T
#0 (11/1993) Story “Once Upon A Bedtime...” In this Mantra story, Eden tells Evie a bedtime story that tells how Mantra came to be. #8 (Sludge Vol 1 #12) (12/1994) Wrath is captured by Aladdin, and Mantra and Warstrike make plans to rescue him.
Ultraverse Year Zero: The Death Of The Squad Comic United States 1995 Malibu Comics U T
#1 (04/1995) A short four-page backup story where Mantra takes Evie to a memorial service for the comatose Starburst, who had been a member of the ill-fated Squad.
Umi Kara Kita Doll Comic Japan 1985 Takahashi Yousuke U T
Story "Women's Island": A man isolated on an island turns into a woman.
Umi No Juunin To Wa Koi Wa Shinai Comic Japan 2011 Honma Akira U D
Yuria-chan works as a waitress in his mother's bar in the harbour
Umi No Kishidan Comic Japan 2005 Togawa Mitomo U D
1 P Vol 6: In a sidestory a male knight end dressing in women's clothes.
Umisho Comic Japan 2005 Hattori Mitsuru U D
3 P Vol 2: One male member of the swimming club wear a female bathing suit briefly. Vol 6: Two members of the club wear female bathing suit in a competition. Vol 8: Introduces a new female character that is discovered to be a male.
Un Na Kanojyo Comic Japan 2009 Kusunoki Kun U D
2 P Boy is in love with a girl who doesn't like men. So She dress him up as a woman.
Una Historia, Una Vida Comic Mexico 1989 Editorial Ejea U D
2 P #248 “Por ti me converti en mujer” (06/1993) Story of a male that changed his sex from male to female.
Unaji Comic Japan 2000 Eguchi Hisashi U T
Short story. A middle-aged salaryman weary with life, awakens one morning to discover he's become a cute teen-aged girl.
Unburebonto Comic Japan 1980 Yuzuki Hikaru U B
3 P At one point the alien girl goes to the city and end in a women's club where men are not allowed to enter. The boy need to enter to rescue her and disguises as a woman. Near the end is revealed that the alien girl's gender is male.
Uncanny X-Force Comic United States 2010 Marvel Comics U T
#13 (11/2011) Fantomex transformed into a priestess to trick Wolverine. #24 (06/2012) Wade disguised as a redheaded party gal to get his target.
Uncanny X-Men Comic United States 2013 Marvel Comics U T
1 P Vol 3 #14 (01/2014) Benjamin can become the closet person to him, and to show the power to Ms. Frost he becomes her.
Under The Crescent Moon Comic Japan


A gender switching werewolf is the perfect solution to the head vampires gay son - more than slightly mind bending.
Underworld Unleashed – Abyss Hell's Sentinel Comic United States 1995 DC Comics U T
#1 (12/1995) In this one shot tie in to Underworld Unleashed, Deadman possesses Zatanna's body
Une Épatante Aventure De Jules Comic France 1999 Bravo Emile U T
3 P T6 “Un plan sur la còmete” (2011) Jules is transformed into a young version of his own mother.
Une Femme Dans La Peau Comic France 1994 Walthery François U T
5 P Autoine Aubert, a young man, is killed by a bus, and his brain is implanted into a pretty young dead female by a mad scientist moonlighting as a mortician. Awaking in the female body, and finding the scientist electrocuted, she flees. Returning home, she ponders how to live since she has no idea who the body belonged to. She hits on posing naked, and her first foray nets her a tidy sum. The future looks fairly bright. In the sequel, Antoine, happy at being a female, is now earning a tidy sum from posing naked. But she is captured by the body's former family, who are outraged at his usage of it. We also find out about the old nazis, who funded the experiment, and end up kidnapping a bus loaded of girls to get their brains switched into.
Universe X Comic United States 2000 Marvel Comics U T
2 P Thor had already been transformed into a woman, the victim of his crafty brother Loki's schemes...apparently Loki managed to convince Odin that Thor needed another lesson in humility, and turning him into a woman would do the trick.
Unmei Ni Kiss Comic Japan 1998 Eiki Eiki U D

Vol 1 Chap 3: Ayane end dressing in a wedding dress.
Untitled Comic Japan 1999 Tekkannon Chiya U D
1 X Mature. One story has a woman that is revealed to be a shemale
UP Up E-cup Comic Japan 1994 Anthology U T
1 X Mature. One story has a boy that turns into a shemale and ends up female.
URA URA Jungle Heat Comic Japan 2000 Tamaki Nozomu U T

X Mature. Vol 1 Chapter 8: At the end, Mikio is transformed into a woman.
Uramiya Honpo Comic Japan 2001 Kurihara Shoushou U D
1 P Vol 16 Chap 108: A group of transvestites helping to cope with a swindler. Vol 18 chap 125: Brief appareance of the transvestites in their club.
Uramiya Honpo Reboot Comic Japan 2009 Kurihara Shoushou U D
2 P Vol 4 Chap 19: Male disguises as a woman to trap a group of thieves.
Urara-chan, Hai! Comic Japan 2001 Kasumiga Urara U T
1 X Mature. Story "Oh! La La!": A witch drops a sex-change lotion in the princess and her hero's bath.
Urarachan No Naka No Hito Comic Japan 2010 Sanada Rin U T
Guy and girl share her body after an experiment. When she sleeps he is in control.
Urusei Yatsura (Those Obnoxious Aliens) Comic Japan 1978 Takahashi Rumiko U B
Vol 7 Chap 5: A male dolphin is turned into a human male by Lum, then after a date he decides that human males are miserable creatures and turns into a human female. Vol 7 Chap 15-17: Alien uses a gender-bender render that changes Ataru into a girl. Vol 10 Chap 5: Ataru gets a can of spray that allows him to turn himself into anything he can think of. He turns himself into Lum. At the end, the spray explodes and his classmates are turned into whatever they were thinking about at the time. Vol 15 Chap 7-8: Nagisa Shiowatari is really a guy.
Uruwashi No Wasabi Chazuke Comic Japan 1992 Neriwasabi U T
1 X Mature. A bunnygirl defeats an evil wizard using a gender-changing sword.
Usotsuki Comic Japan 1998 Sinozaki Mineh U D
1 X Mature. Short stories. Story "Metamorphose": A boy grows breasts because of an injection given by his doctor, and end as a shemale.
Usotsuki Alice Comic Japan 2004 Tokiichi Ouma U D
1 X Mature. Short stories. One have a girl dressing up his boyfriend in girl's clothes.
Usotsuki Lily (Liar Lily) Comic Japan 2009 Komura Ayumi U D
5 P It follows Hinata Saotome, a 15-year-old girl just entering into high school. At the beginning of the school year, she is suddenly asked out by En Shinohara, an attractive boy in her grade and enthusiastically agrees to go out with him. What Hinata only realizes later to her embarrassment is that En usually comes to school dressed as a girl. Hinata tries to quickly break it off with En, but seeing his depressed reaction makes her feel bad. En is serious about going out with her, and explains that he has an intense hatred of men. So much so, that he doesn't even want to look at them and is even compelled to destroy windows and mirrors that show his own reflection. Despite his feminine appearance, however, he still acts as a guy and feels like one on the inside too. Hinata agrees to be his girlfriend, even though she realizes it may appear she's dating another girl, and must deal with her boyfriend's crossdressing lifestyle. Vol 1 Chap 6: In the cultural festival in the school, girls crossdressing as male waiters and boys crossdressing as females. Vol 3 Chap 19: En youngest brother, Ten-kun, dressing up as a woman to win the love of Taiyou-kun. Vol 6 Chap 38: Shirota disguises as a girl. Vol 7 Chap 43-44: Taiyou-kun dressing up as a maid in a maid café. Ten-kun also dress up as a fake girlfriend to a friend. Vol 7 Chap 46-47 and Vol 8 Chap 48: En brothers, An and Ken, crossdressing to cover for him, Ken being the elected to pass as En in female clothes. Vol 13 Chap 83-84: Naota and Kage crossdressing, brief.
Uwasa No Midori-kun Comic Japan 2006 Ikeyamada Gou U D
2 P Vol 7: The members of the soccer club dress up as women in a school festival.
Uwasaya Comic Japan 2006 Hasumi Natsume U D
3 P Uemura Takitarou is a Genius Cosplayer who can change himself from head to toe. He is recruited for UC, an office that solves mysteries and crimes by manipulating rumors/urban legends. He crossdresses in some of the missions.
V-K Company Comic Japan 1983 Yamaguchi Miyuki V D
3 P Vol 1: Boy plays the main female role in a school play. Male ask for a job in a bar, and get one, as a waitress. Vol 3: boy sneaking into a girl room and is near discovered having to dress up a a girl to escape Vol 4: Some boys dress up as brides to create confusion and allow the real bride to escape with her real love.
Valor Comic United States 1955 EC V D
2 P #2 (06/1955) Story “Poetic Justice” In ancient China, after a tiranic emperor kill all the other poets, a young, small and slender poet disguises himself as a beautiful woman, approach the emperor and finally kill him.
Vampire (The Vampires) Comic Japan 1966 Tezuka Osamu V D
3 P Vol 1: Rock, one of the main villains is a master of disguise. He disguises as a woman three times.
Vampire Doll: Guilt-na-Zan Comic Japan 2002 Kari Erika V T
3 P Guilt-Na-Zan is a vampire aristocrat who was sealed into a cross by Kyouji's ancestor more than 100 years ago. Now Kyouji has revived him--although he was resurrected as a doll and can only transform into his real figure when he sucks blood from Kyouji's sister Tonae...
Vampire Game (Kyuuketsu Yuugi) Comic Japan 1996 Judal V B
3 P Vol 1: Vampire king Duzell has been reborn, but in this life he is the cat-like pet kyawl of his archenemy's great-granddaughter, the Lady Ishtar. Duzell wants to kill the reincarnation of St. Phelios, the king who killed Duzell in his past life. It shouldn't be too hard to get close to Phelios if he can change into he can turn into an exact duplicate of Lady Ishtar, except he's still male. Vol 2: Is introduced Seiliez, the oldest son of Queen Ramia, and prince of La Naan. He is actually quite gorgeous being the pretty boy that he is and inherited his mother's eye and hair color. In his first appearance, he is dressed in drag to sneak off in order to see his mother, who his foster mother, Queen Ramia, forbids him to go near. Queen Ramia loathes him and never avoids a chance to publicly humiliate him, even to forcing him to show up at a party in drag so she can verbally and physically abuse him. Vol 5: Illsaide, member of the Ci Xeneth army, becomes engaged to Duzell after mistaking him for a woman. Vol 11: Is introduces Lailis, the reincarnation of Duzell's former general, Rishas. Though formerly a male, he has been reincarnated as a woman.
Vampirella Comic United States 1969 Warren V T
3 P Magazine. #69 (05/1978) Story "Off the Beaten Empath" Man Empathizes so greatly he becomes the person. Turns into his wife, kills her in fight and dies from identical injuries. #80 Story "Transference" Mr. Universe title holder, Lee Rogers, is losing weight. As this malady progresses he discovers for some inexplicable reason he is changing into a woman. #85 Killer forced to have victims body and conscience.
Vandread Comic Japan 2001 Akane Kotetsu V D
3 P Manga “Vandread Special Stage” collects together several humorous side stories of Vandread, as well as a final story arc where the Nirvana meets up with the rest of the Mejere pirates, so Hibiki must go in disguise…as a female pirate himself.
Vanilla Ice Comic Korea 2002 Kim Woo Hyun V D
2 P Vol 2 Chap 10: Yoon Sul have a part-time job as a model for his father work, disguised in women clothes. Vol 3 Chap 15: There is a school festival and boys dress up as girls.
Variable Witch (Night Wizard Variable Witch) Comic Japan 2007 Nekobyou Neko V T

Main character Fujiwara Ryuunosuke: Whenever Ryuunosuke's heart beats he turns into a woman due to a family curse.
Vasco Comic France 1983 Chaillet Gilles V D
T5 “Les Barons” (1987) In a carnival party a male is dressed as a female. Brief.
Vassalord Comic Japan 2006 Chrono Nanae V D
2 P Vol 1 Chap 2: Johnny arrives on the crime scene disguised as a woman pretending to be an agent investigating the murders at the church.
Velocity Comic United States 1995 Image Comics V T

#1 (11/1995) As part of the Velocity miniseries, Cyberforce's youngest member runs afoul of Charnel, a monstrous creature that can change its shape. In a brief sequence, he impersonates Velocity herself to demonstrate his abilities.
Venom: Sign Of The Boss Comic United States 1997 Marvel Comics V D
#1 (09/1997) Venom is given the mission of protecting Franco Santera, the soon-to-be-recognized president of a South American country San Gregorio. Against government opinion, he’s going to do a speech about human rights at St. Jude’s Church and since the government isn’t officially behind him, Venom is to protect him in an unofficial capacity. Venom is disguised as as nun.
Venus Capriccio Comic Japan 2006 Nishikata Mai V D

P Vol 1 Chap 3: Akira disguised as a woman
Venus Paradise Comic Japan 2005 Komotoda Emai V T

X Mature. In one of the stories a male has visions of all the males as if they were females.
Venus Wa Kataomoi (Love for Venus) Comic Japan 1999 Yuki Nakaji V D

P Vol 2: Eichi disguises as a girl in a school festival. Vol 4: Yukkie disguises as a woman in a school festival. Vol 8: Eichi again in a sailor fuku.
Venus Wars Comic Japan 1991 Yasuhiko Yoshikazu V D
2 P Vol 4 Chap 13-14 (Bunko Vol 2 Chap 27-28): Warrant Officer Mathew Radon is released from custody disguised with a female uniform, to avoid problem, under the proteccion of his guard. Later when he find loyal forces he changes the female uniform for the one the guard is wearing.
Verotika Comic United States 1995 Verotik V B
#6 (10/1995) Comic book adaptation of Graham Masterton's "Changeling" story. A man has sex with the mysterious beautiful Anna, which turns him into her and her into him. Turns out she used to be a man too, until he slept with the previous Anna... and so on and so on... #12 (09/1996) "Headturner" Female being trades bodies, in quite gory fashion, with a drag queen, giving him the sexy female body he's always wanted.
Versailles No Bara (The Rose Of Versailles) Comic Japan 1972 Ikeda Riyoko V D
Vol 9: Prince Louis is disguised as a girl to make an escape from palace.
Vescell Comic United States 2011 Image Comics V T
#4 (11/2011) We are introduced to a vapid pop starlet named Chantel, who is planning on escaping her life of fame by killing herself via drug overdose, but plans to live on through “V-Trans”. She’ll have all the fortune to live the rest of her life in comfort without having to deal with the all crappy aspects of celebrity. That is until her brother Frankie finds out about it and beats her to the punch, transferring himself into her lifeless corpse instead. The rest of the issue details how Frankie begins to live as Chantel, while Barrino is brought in to investigate Chantel’s (Frankie’s) increasingly eratic behavior. #5 (12/2011) Hitler soul was put inside a woman, remaining dormant but takes control sometimes.
Victor Sackville Comic Belgium 1986 Carin Francis V D
2 P T10 “La cigogne noire” After being discovered by the germans, one of the british spies disguises as a nun to escape.
Vidas Ilustres Comic Mexico 1956 Editorila Novaro V D
#82 “Honorato de Balzac” (1962) At one point in his life Balzac disguises as a widow to escape from his creditors.
Video Jack Comic United States 1987 Marvel Comics V T
#6 (09/1988) In his odyssey through the television channels at one brief point Jack becomes Lucy in a classic "I Love Lucy" episode.
Vigilante Comic United States 2009 DC Comics V T
Vol 3 #5 (06/2009) (Deathtrap Part 2) Jericho, a former Titan who has gone evil, has the power to possess people by leaping into them when he makes eye contact. In the current "Deathtrap" storyline, he has jumped into numerous individuals, both male and female. Currently he is in the body of a young blonde woman.
Violence Jack Comic Japan 1973 Nagai Go V D
3 P Vol 3: Midou Ryouma, a guerrilla fighter, disguises as a woman to avoid the police. Vol 13-14: Midou diguises as a woman to seduce a male and rob his arms for the cause.
VIP Comic Japan 1994
1 X Mature. Short stories. One have a boy that ask a genie to become a girl and get his wish.
Virtuarial Princess Comic Japan 1995 Nakafusa Momo V T

X Mature. A boy about to have sex with the girl of his dreams suddenly swap bodies with her.
Vitesse Moderne Comic France 2002 Blutch V B
Old male crossdressing in private.
W Juliet Comic Japan 1997 Emura W D
4 P Makoto transfers into a new school just as they are preparing a production of “Romeo and Juliet” and Makoto is immediately cast to play Juliet. Playing Romeo is Ito Miura who is a tomboyish girl. It seems like a tale of two girls in a romantic school play until Ito walks in on Makoto unannounced and discovers she is a boy. Makoto is an only son and stands to inherit his father's dojo but he'd rather be a great actor. His father gave him one condition: he had to prove he could be a great actor by passing himself off as a girl for the rest of his highschool career without being caught. Vol 6 Chap 4 and 5: They all travel to the Miura 'House' in the mountains and Makoto meets Ito's grandmother, aunt and cousins. Cousin Tomoe Miura is always shown dressed in a dress and Aunt Setsuko is constantly chasing Tomoe trying to force him to change his clothes.
W Juliet II Comic Japan 2006 Emura W D
Continuation of “W Juliet”. A month has passed since Ito began her new lifestyle as Makoto's bride. Ito has been balancing a part time job and her theatre work, but she finds that she is unsure of how to deal with Makoto's sudden success. Only Brief bit of crossdressing.
W Name Comic Japan 2004 Hatsuki Kyo W D
There is a manga artist that sometimes crossdresses to get his inspiration.
W Pinch!! Comic Japan 2000 Azuki Ryou W D
2 P Vol 2: Yashiro Akina and Inogami Yuuki crossdressing to sneak into a girls school. Vol 4: The Inogami family raise their sons as girls until a certain age. Miki, Yuuki young brother, has been living as a girl, and to protect Inogami bussiness is being enganged to the son of bussiness partner but at last he discover himself.
Wagamama Dakedo Itoshikute Comic Japan 2003 Itsuki Kaname W D
Vol 2 Chap 1: Natsu disguised as a Snow White in a school play.
Wagamama Na Jewel Comic Japan 2008 Sawauchi Sachiyo W D
2 P Vol 1 Chap 2 “Fragile but Strong”: Mayden, the king from Dumayden and Alexander, the king from Alectoria, are best friends. One day Mayden proposes a marriage between his eldest son and Alexander's only daughter but, unknown to most, the king's daughter is actually a rebellious teenaged boy! What happens when Prince Mayville turns up for the marriage interview and meets beautiful but headstrong Alec instead of the rumoured Black Rose Princess Sandra?
Waiter's Story Comic Korea 2001 Jung Sang Hye W D

In one of the stories a woman named Jace reveals to her lover Tommy that she's a transvestite male.
Wakaba Hana Fubuki (Wakaba Flower Petals) Comic Japan 1995 Iisaka Yukako W T

Ninja boy and ninja girl switch bodies when he kiss the tattoo she has in her chest.
Wakuwaku High-leg Musume Comic Japan 1991 Chataro W T

X Mature. Short Stories. One story has a boy that wishes to become a girl and begins having fun, suddenly his flat mate get back home....
Walt Disney Comics Digest Comic United States 1968 Western W D

#16 (10/1969) Story “The Acorn Trap” Foxy Fox, disguised as an old woman, tricks Chip 'n Dale into a trap at his cabin in order to sell them to a pet shop. Tinker Bell rescues them with some pixie dust.
Walt Disney's Comics And Stories Comic United States 1940 Dell W D
#42 (03/1944) Story “Kite Weather” Donald disguised as a girl. #66 (03/1946) Story “The Wolfy Schoolteacher” The Wolf disguises as a female teacher. #67 (04/1946) Story “Red Ridding Hoodwinked” Big Wolf disguises as a grandmother. #76 (01/1947) Story “Straight shooters” Donald's nephews disguising as a fortune teller woman to trick Donald. #104 (05/1949) Story “Red Riding Hood” One of the tree pigs is given the role of Red Riding Hood in a school play, also the wolf disguises as Red Riding Hood's Granma. #118 (07/1950) Story “Zeke meets his match” Big Wolf disguises as fairy godmother. #136 (01/1952) Story “Gladstone's Usual Very Good Year” Donald disguises as a woman to trick Gladstone in a lottery. #217 (10/1958) Story “Dramatic Donald” Donald does a female role in a play. #248 (05/1961) “Red Riding Hoodwinker” Big wolf disguises as an old lady. #252 (09/1961) Story “The Great Giveaway Mystery” Crook disguises a a woman to commint crimes. #254 (11/1961) Story “Jet Witch” Its Halloween and Gyro Gearloose disguises as a witch to try his last invention, a jet sky stick. The stick is disguised as a broom. Later Donald does also. #263 (08/1962) Story “Costume Chaos” Gargoyle disguises as a mermaid to win over Ludwing the best costume prize in a costume party.
Walt Disney's Comics And Stories Comic United States 1962 Gold Key W D
#274 (07/1963) Story “Lowering the Boom-Boom” One Beagle boy disguised as a girl. #276 (09/1963) Story “Beach Boy” Donald disguises as a girl. #290 (11/1964) Story “The Phantom Ship – part 1” Black Pete disguised as a woman. #292 (01/1965) Story “The Phantom Ship – part 3” Black Pete disguised as a woman. #299 (08/1965) Story “The Two Musketeers + One” Male disguised as a woman to trick Mickey and steal the diamond. #313 (10/1966) Story 2The Treasure of Oomba Loomba” Two gangters disguised as a woman and her son to sneak into a ship. #386 (11/1972) Story “The Old Pirate's Mansion – part 1” Gangster disguises as a woman to trick Mickey and Minnie. #388 (01/1973) Story “Gladstone's Usual Very Good Year” Donald disguises as a woman to trick Gladstone in a lottery. #398 (11/1973) Story “Dramatic Donald” Donald does a female role in a play. #411 (12/1974) Story “Jet Witch” Its Halloween and Gyro Gearloose disguises as a witch to try his last invention, a jet sky stick. The stick is disguised as a broom. Later Donald does also. #421 (10/1975) Story “Pluto's Drumstick Dilemma” Gangsters disguised as a woman and her little child. #431 (08/1976) Stor “The Undercover Caper” Goofy goes undercover as a maid to help Mickey. #467 (08/1979) Story “Beach Boy” Donald disguises as a girl.
Walt Disney's Comics And Stories Comic United States 1980 Whitman W D
#486 (03/1981) Big Bad Wolf, Brer Fox and Brer Wease disguising as women.
Walt Disney's Comics And Stories Comic United States 1993 Gladstone W D
#526 (02/1988) Story “The Phantom Ship – part 1” Black Pete disguised as a woman. #528 (04/1988) Story “The Phantom Ship – part 3” Black Pete disguised as a woman. #617 (10/1997) Mickey disguises as a woman for a drama play. #619 (12/1997) Story “Queen of the ant farm” Donald disguises as the Queen Ant. Story “Pinocchio's visist” Big wolf disguises as a woman to trick Pinocchio.
Walt Disney's Comics And Stories Comic United States 2003 Gemstone W D
#644 (05/2004) Story “What a drag” Donald disguises as a woman to escape from a gangster. #658 (07/2005) Story “Mythos Island 4 - The Unicorn Horn” Mickey disguised as the bearded woman. Story “Knight Rider” Two gangsters disguised as a woman and her son to trick Donald. #661 (10/2005) Story “Zeke meets his match” Big Wolf disguises as fairy godmother. #667 (04/2006) Story “Straight shooters” Donald's nephews disguising as a fortune teller woman to trick Donald. #671 (08/2006) Story “Girls just want to have fun” Daisy's nieces trick Donald's nephews into interchange clothes so the boys has to go to a tea party. #672 (09/2006) Story “The lamb chaps” Big wolf tries briefly a shepherdess disguise. Story “Believe” The spirit of innocence gives Donald the job of a tooth fairy, clothes included. #688 (01/2008) Story “Red Ridding Hoodwinked” Big Wolf disguises as a grandmother. #689 (02/2008) Story “Scholgirls” Butch and Mickey enroll as a schoolgirls in a ladies' charm school that is a cover for Black Pete's gang hideout. #693 (06/2008) Story “Are you really you” Daisy forces Donald to disguise as a fairy mother for a masquerade party. #694 (07/2008) Story “Playing hookey” Donald disguises as a woman to trick his nephews.
Walt Disney's Comics Digest Comic United States 1986 Gladstone W D
#3 (03/1987) Story “Gladstone's Usual Very Good Year” Donald disguises as a woman to trick Gladstone in a lottery.
Walt Disney's Donald And Mickey Comic United States 1993 Gladstone W D
#21 (01/1994) Story “Gladstone's Usual Very Good Year” Donald disguises as a woman to trick Gladstone in a lottery.
Wanted (WANTE→D) Comic Japan 1998 Mizuto Aqua W D
2 P Student Council Vicepresident Kaijou Ai is a male that started to dress up as a girl for the sake of the council because getting information is more easy if there is a girl. Now he is accustomed and really don't mind.
Warau Kangofu Comic Japan 2005 Yonekura Kengo W D
1 X Mature. One story has a boy sneaking into his sister room and trying her clothes when his sister return.
Warchild Comic United States 1995 Maximum Press W T

#1-4 (1995) Merlyn, a male sorcerer, is reborn as a little girl, that quickly ages into a woman.
Warp Comic United States 1983 First W T

#3 (05/1983) Hero's body is stolen by a villain. He has to take over his girlfriends body to save her from rape.
Warstrike Comic United States 1994 Malibu Comics W T
Vol 1 #7 (11/1994) In a dream sequence Warstrike is judged, and the prosecutor is NecroMantra.
Warstrike Giant Size Comic United States 1994 Malibu Comics W T
#1 (12/1994) Includes a prelude to Godwheel, that features NecroMantra.
Watashi No Cinderella Comic Japan 2007 Kawase Natsuna W D
Vol 1 Chap 3 “Star Falling Gift” Although Miri is rich and can do anything, she hates being treated like a kid. She will only eat her housekeeper's gruel for breakfast. So when the housekeeper leaves for a trip, she has her "granddaughter" (Ueno-kun crossdressing) who can make the same gruel substitute for her...
Watashi No Himitsu Comic Japan 2000 Tatsure Yumino W D
1 X Mature. Story "Epicurean": Woman and man have a date and end in her house where she introduces her sister to him. The sister is later revealed to be a boy.
Watchmensch Comic United States 2009 Brain Scan Studios W D
Featuring a large half-naked blue man as the omnipotent voice of business, 1700 Broadway Manhattan, a vengeful and Hassidic-attired Spottyman, the rockstar billionaire Ozyosbourne, the legal eagle Silk Taker and the crossdressing Nite Nurse, the Watchmensch have to fight against a global conspiracy that threatens the destruction of comic creators' rights.
Water Cube Comic Japan 2011 Nakazawa Senta W D
3 P Adapted From webcomic “My Heart Is Beating”. Model student Daisuke Mizuki has a secret swimsuit fetish. What will happen when he gets caught taking pictures of girls in swimsuits by his teacher!?. He is forced to join the team as a girl.
Water's Edge Comic Japan 1995 Koishikawa Kei W D
2 Z Mature. Chap 4: A boy with a girl's face and a tomboyish girl start dating. The girl buys a dress but is the boy who end wearing it.
We Are The Secret Beast Comic Japan 2000 Ashika Sakura W D
1 Z Mature. Chap 4: Uke boy dressing in girl's school uniform for his lover. Chap 6: Uke boy dressing in female clothes for his lover
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