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Title Class Zone Year Name 1 2 3 4 5 Transgender Description
I My Me! Strawberry Eggs Comic Japan 2001 Maki Fujii I D

It's based on the anime by the same name. Amawa Hibiki is an ordinary working stiff, but he can't seem to get a job – or pay his rent. When his volatile landlady goes ballistic and threatens to kick him out by the end of the day, his desperation to find a teaching job reaches a critical level - and he pursues a job he couldn't get before - as a PE teacher at a local school. The catch is that the school only hires female teachers!! So, with a crash course in fashion and a special voice modulator, Hibiki slips right into his new role as Ms. Amawa – with surprising results!
I WANT (Watashi No Hoshii Mono) Comic Japan 1996 Mutsuki Tsutomu I T
1 X Mature. One story has a Boy and girl that swap bodies after hiting their heads.
I-Ren Comic Japan 2010 Aivan I D
3 P Ren visits his long time friend, Wha-Ran, only to find out that she is to marry a strange noble for a large sum of money. Ren insists to help her out by him being the bride instead.
I'm A Cop Comic United States 1954 Magazine Enterprises I D
#3 (1954) “Female of the Species” The female killer the police is after, is discovered to be a crossdressig male.
I'm Doushirou Comic Japan 2004 Nishimori Hiroyuki I D
Vol 1: One male teacher is sneaking in the girl changing room and end crossdressing as a high school girl.
I"s Comic Japan 1997 Katsura Masakazu I D
2 P Vol 7 Chap 58-59 and 63: Ishikata and Iori switch clothes to make a short film/drama/play for the school ceremony.
Ice Revolution Comic Japan 2008 Takemura Youhei I D

Chap 4 introduces a hairdresser that is a male living as a woman.
Ichiban Yu No Kanata Comic Japan 2002 Shina Takashi I T

P Vol 2: A man uses a hologram to disguise himselft as a woman and trap an alien rapist. Brief.
Ichigo 100% Comic Japan 2002 Kawashita Mizuki I D
Vol 12 Chap 101: Junpei dresses up as a girl to go to a lingerie shop to buy a gift for his girlfriend.
Ichigo Bavarois Neko Pudding Comic Japan 2000 Unite Souji I D
1 X Mature. Story "Strange": Girl is seduced by another girl that is revealed to be a shemale. Story "Totality": Boy is feminized by his mistress.
Ichigo Special Comic Japan 1997 Suetora Ryou I T

X Mature. Boy and girl swap bodies after sex .
Ichinensei Ni Nachattara Comic Japan 2007 Ooi Masakazu I T
Takatou Iouri, a 17 year's old boy, is hit by a truck while saving a young girl. He dies and is returned to live, by a scientist, in the body of a 7 year's old girl.
Id Comic Korea 2002 Kenny A.T. I D
3 P Vol 10: Chunwha, the hero, have girlish features, and in this volume he is given female clothes before he can clarify that he is a male.
ID_entity (Yureka) Comic Korea 2000 Kim Youn Kyung I T
Vol 2: The overall story arc is about a VR online role-playing world. The main character, Roto, is a frequent player. But one day he accidentally gets his ID disk switched for a girl's named Yureka. Most of Vol is him adventuring as Yureka. At the end he gets his own ID back. But then the "real" Yureka shows up. Vol 16-19: Roto stopped playing Lost Saga after Yureka died, and therefore all her data is lost. Meanwhile some guy tricks strong players, including Rotos friends, and steals their experience. Roto being curious about this player wants to check him out... but he doesn't want his friends seeing him play... so Roto decides to log in again as Yureka.
Idejyuu! Comic Japan 2002 Mori Taishi I D
1 P Vol 3: A boy is dressed up as a female schooler by his friends
Idol A Comic Japan 2005 Adachi Mitsuru I D
Keita disguised in a sailor fuku to cover for his female friend Azuka that is playing as if she were Keita in a baseball match (women are not allowed to play and they use this trick)
Idol Days (Aidoru Days) Comic Japan 2006 Masatoshi Masato I D
3 P One boy, Rino Saotome, is convinced by his friend to dress up as a girl and apply for an open position in an very popular female idol group. He is very surprised when he win it.
Idol Pretender Comic Japan 2011 Haruse Hiroki I T
Eita Chinami who aims to be a man among men accidentaly drinks a very expensive magical medicine that change his gender. And the only way she (formerly he) can change back to normal is to buy again that very expensive medicine. And his friend tells him the fastest way to do that is to become an idol.
Idol Shopping Comic Korea 2008 Hwang Mi Ri I D
2 P Vol 10-11: Kang Song Ih's twin brother, A Ul, sustitutes her in a date.
Idol X Idol Comic Japan 2002 Miyamoto Yuu I T

X Mature. Stressed boy takes some medicine to calm down. He turns into a girl.
Idolmaster Dearly Stars: Neue Green Comic Japan 2009 Kurose Kousuke I D
3 P Ryo has always had a problem with his feminine appearance. As a child he was often mistaken as a girl, and to his disappointment, that didn't change even after he got to high school. One day he came up with his best idea yet for gaining masculinity; he decided to become a male idol! His cousin Ritsuko worked in the idol industry, so she was able to get him an audition. Unfortunately for his master plan, the company decided that he would make a wonderful female idol. Now, to even have a chance at becoming a male idol, he must first become successful as a girl!
Ii Hito (A God Man) Comic Japan 1992 Takahashi Shin I D
2 P Vol 5: The hostesses in a bar are all male transvestites.
Ikaihanjouki Hiyokoya Store (Pick Of The Litter) Comic Japan 2004 Suda Yuriko I D
Shii Hiyokoya is the fourth brother of Riku. Shii is an easygoing and aloof, but he's also quite the little schemer. Shii is usually the one who punish Satsuki when he damage their goods. Shii is also very good in crossdressing and always drag Riku into it much to Riku's chagrin. Vol 3 Chap 16: Shii and Riku disguised as a nurse and a maid to sneak into Gemroku castle.
Ike Ike Jun-chan Comic Japan 1993 Rumoi Jun I T

X Mature. Man dreams that he has sex as a woman.
Ikebukuro West Gate Park (IWGP) Comic Japan 2000 Aritou Sena I D
3 P Vol 2: The streets of IKEBUKURO WEST GATE PARK are notoriously crazy, but when the drug underworld brings Makoto face-to-face with a girl from his past, things get downright insane. She's in the skin trade now and up to her "rear" in seedy med deals, and Makoto's the only one can pull her out of the darkness and back into the arms of her one true love. With the help of high-tech gadgets, spy warfare and a little bit of crossdressing, Makoto has one shot to help the girl and save the day... or lose everything.
Ikenai C-class Hatsumei Akira Comic Japan 1991 Rabi Rasu I B
1 X Mature. Young Mad scientist uses a machine to transforms himself into a girl, and pass himself as his own sister. He has sex with another girl, later he return to his male form, and the girl, forced him to crossdress as a schoolgirl as a punishment.
Ikenaiyo Yuukosan Comic Japan 1996 Yui Toshiki I D
3 Z Mature. Vol 1 Story 4: Office lady is revealed to be a male. He is also in other stories.
Iketeru Futari Comic Japan 1997 Sano Takashi I D
Secondary character Sakurai is a crossdresser. Appareance: Vol 3 Chap 7, Vol 4 Chap 8, Vol 8 Chap 3, Vol 9 Chap 4, Vol 11 Chap 9, Vol 12 Chap 4-5, Vol 13 Chap 2, Vol 13 Chap 6, Vol 13 Chap 11, Vol 14 Chap 5, Vol 15 Chap 5, Vol 15 Chap 8, Vol 16 Chap 4, Vol 17 Chap 4-5, Vol 18 Chap 9, Vol 19 Chap 4, Vol 19 Chap 7, Vol 20 Chap 1, Vol 20 Chap 6, Vol 22 Chap 11, Vol 23 Chap 11.
Iketeru Police Comic Japan 1998 Sano Takashi I D
3 P One of the policewomen is a male transvestite. In Vol 9 one new male recruit came to the police precint and the women take care of him. He is undercover in female clothes in all the cases he is assigned.
Ikinari Harem Night Comic Japan 1997 Shinobu Arimura I T
1 X Mature. Boy wakes up in a woman body.
Il Comandante Mark Comic Italy 1966 EsseGesse I D
#112 “L'arma decisiva” (1975) Male disguised as a female to infiltrate into an english controlled city. #282 “L'ultima vittoria” (1990) Gufo Triste disguised as a squaw to spy into a english camp.
Immoral Love Comic Japan 2002 Takayoshi Sano I T
3 Z Mature. Vol 1 Chap 7: After drinking SuperPro-1000, a male get up the next morning discovering he have changed overnight into a woman. His boss accept him, but as a office lady. He adapt quickly and one day after a love night with his exgirlfriend he discover he is again a male. His exgirlfriend complaint, his coworkers complaint and he end drinking again the SuperPro-1000.
Immorality Comic Japan 2001 Mizuyoukan I D
1 X Mature. Boy discover his female teacher having sex with a hermaphodite classmate and he is forced to participate, being also forced to become a transvestite.
Impulse Comic United States 1995 DC Comics I D
#5 (08/1995) Impulse disguises as a little girl to follow a suspect. Very brief. #17 (09/1996) Max end dressed up as a maid. Very brief.
In Un Corpo Differente Comic Italy 2011 Sera Fabio I B
The story of one italian transsexual, Romina Cecconi (born Romano).
Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha Comic Japan 2010 Yoshida Morohe I T
Vol 2 Chap 6: God tranform into a girl to follow Inari into the girl’s bathroom.
Infinity Inc Comic United States 2007 DC Comics I T
3 P Erik Storn was a male hero going by the name of Fury. The newest Fury had been given blackened skin and razor-sharp claws from submitting to Luthor's Everyman Project. #1 (09/2007) It is revealed that, after Luthor's arrest and the project shut down, Erik has become depressed when his powers were shut down and has developed a stuttering problem. He is also suffering from hot flashes and mistakenly took his mother's clothes out the laundry one day. #3 (01/2008) Erik reveals that the stutter is a defense mechanism to hide his desire for self-castration. He also transforms into a fighting woman named "Erika”. #8 (06/2008) Erik/Erika is given a costume and the superhero name "Amazing Woman".
Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic United States 2013 DC Comics I T
Digital comic release. #27 It's revealed that Hawkgirl is actually Martian Manhunter. He has been posing as Hawkgirl since #21.
Injyuku Comic Japan 1999 IDEA I T
1 Z Mature. Short stories. Story 4: Boy loses his virginity to a woman, only to find out that she once was a man.
Innocent Fruits Comic Japan 2000 Kaho Aiu I T
1 X Mature. Story "Makoto-chan Change": Man wakes up in a girl body thank to magic.
Inshallah Comic Japan 2000 Sakurai Shushushu I D
2 Z Mature. One woman is revealed to be a crossdressing male.
Inspire Comic Japan 1991 Koshino Uzuki I T
1 X Mature. Vol 1 Story "Tengoku kara Kita Exciting Love": A young man have a car accident and his spirit take over the bodies of two female police officers, before to return to his own body.
Inter Sexuality (Ai-Esu) Comic Japan 2003 Rokuhana Chiyo I T
Story deals with very serious issues with intersexuality people. The pain they go through, the troubles they confront, and ultimately their inability to reproduce and even find a partner who will accept them as they are.
Inu Neko Jump Comic Japan 2000 Hattori Mitsuru I D
2 P Takahiro likes to sleep with Yuki's gym clothes and swimsuit. Vol 3 Chap 20 and 21: Takahiro end in a sailor fuku.
Inusame Comic Japan 1998 Takashita Takashi I T

Two boys use female avatars in a virtual world.
Inuyasha Comic Japan 1996 Takahashi Rumiko I B
Secondary character Jakotsu, does crossdressing.
Iono-sama Fanatics Comic Japan 2005 Fujieda Miyabi I D
2 P Vol 1 Chap 3-5: There is a competition for the open post in princess staff and one of the girls that is in the competition reveals being a boy.
Ippongi Ban No Campus Nikki Comic Japan 1985 Ippongi Ban I T

Main character end up as a girl thanks to magic. Brief and end.
Iro Iro Kairakuen Comic Japan 1997 Moris I T

Boy turns into a woman after drinking a potion.
Iron Man Comic United States 1968 Marvel Comics I B
Vol 1 #194 (1985) The Scourge disguised as a homeless woman kills Villain The Enforcer. Annual #3 (1976) "The More-or-Less Return of the Molecule Man"; When anyone touches the wand that holds the spirit of the Molecule Man, the villain overwhelms the victim's mind and takes over his body; that body also reforms to the muscular, jagged-tooth form of Molecule Man. When a little girl picks up the wand, her body becomes muscular and jagged-toothed, but the victim's gender does not change, so the villain is sort of a "Molecule Girl" for this adventure.
Iron Work Jan (Tetsunabe No Jan) Comic Japan 1995 Saijyo Shinji I D
2 P Vol 8 Chap 65-66: Okonogi Takao and Akiyama Jan crossdressing in order to catch a dishonest food critic off guard.
Itadakimasu Comic Japan 2003 Yoshihara Yuki I D
3 P Vol 3 Chap 13 "Trick or Treat": Ouji, is dressed as a female in a kimono and later is enlisted to help with one of the clients, kousaka Noboru, that is very shy with women. He disguises as a woman to help Kousaka get used to meeting women. Vol 3 Chap 15: A marriage swindler goes to a meeting party to rob the client files and, because he is in a black list, he does that diguised as a woman. Vol 4 Chap 18: There is a school play and boys do the female parts
Itan No Hanatachi Comic Japan 1995 Kasumi Ryouwa I D
Male goes to pay a visit to a girl friend and another woman answer the door, later is revealed that is the brother disguised in girl's clothes.
Itazura Na Kiss Comic Japan 1991 Tada Kaoru I D

Mama is Naoki's and Yuki's mother. She is very happy when Kotoko stays with them as she has always wanted a daughter. That want was so strong that she dressed Naoki as a girl when he was young...with disastrous results.
Itoshi No Baby Comic Japan 1998 Iwashimizu Ukya I D
2 P Story about some young men in highschool. One of them is a transvestite and is always dressed up.
Itoshi No Sei Sankakukei (Golden Triangle) Comic Japan 1993 Ogoshi Natsue I D

A man yearning for his highschool-days becomes number one hosttess at a gay bar.
Itsuka Sora Kara Comic Japan 2010 Nishimori Hiroyuki I T

Carefree, popular Yuki is in for a surprise on his 17th birthday. His parents have chosen that day to tell him that his father is a space alien and, therefore, he is half-alien. As a half-alien, he has the ability to change his form. For example, he can change himself to look like a younger version of his human mom. His father also explains to him that some aliens on earth have less than friendly intentions, and that he should help protect Earthlings from them. Will Yuki be able to keep this a secret and continue his happy school days with his friends Shinichi and Midori? On an even stranger note, will he be able to keep Shinichi from falling in love with him while he's transformed into a younger form of his mother?
Itsuwari No Kanojo - Kanojo Wa Midara Ni Uso O Sasayaku (False Girlfriend) Comic Japan 2011 Inochi Wazuka I D
1 X Mature. First story has a male being turned into a transvestite. Second story has a transvestite.
Itsuwaribito Utsuho Comic Japan 2009 Iinuma Yuuki I D
2 P Vol 2 Chap 14-16: A mistery woman is revealed to be a male assassin in disguise.
Izaron Densetsu Comic Japan 1982 Takemiya Keiko I T
The story of the two heirs to the throne of Izaron: Teiokia and Rukishu, who were close as infants but were thrown apart due to politicl issues. Both have powers of some sort: Teiokia, for instance, is both genders at once.
Izumike No Okusama! (A Wacky Mother In Izumi Family) Comic Japan 2000 Benny's I T
1 X Mature. Act 12 "Angel Luck": Fat guy who gets teased about his weight, wishes to become a pretty girl. He then hooks up with a young guy to see what sex is like for girls.
Izuna Comic Japan 1993 Shibata Masahiro I T

Boy posseses the body of a girl.
J Comic Japan 1994 Moto Souichi J D
4 P Jun, after an incident that end with him without dry clothes, arranges the help of a woman hairdresser, that only have women's clothes avalaible. She help him to dress up and he find that can pass for a very pretty woman. He decides to crossdress, under the name of Jay (J), to fool his boss that is a womanizer and is always teasing him, but later he does again and goes deep and deep into the female role he have build.
J No Subete (All About J) Comic Japan 2004 Nakamura Asumiko J D
3 Z Mature. Young male that have inherited his mother's face crossdresses to work in nightclub as a performer.
Jack And Jill Comic Philippines 1953 Torres Elpidio J D

Two siblings who play twisted roles, Gorio and Luisa: Gorio is gay and Luisa is a tomboy. Luisa drives a jeepney and frequently is involved in brawls while Gorio does household chores and the laundry and prefers to be called “Glory”. Consequently, the two always quarrel. Only their father, Mang Ambo, can pacify them. Mang Ambo works as chauffeur to the rich and handsome Gardo. When Mang Ambo becomes ill, he introduces Itoy to Gardo. Itoy is none other than Luisa dressed and disguised as a man. Gardo believes Itoy to be a man. Meanwhile, Gorio meets Donya Teresita, Gardo’s mother, while looking for a job. Donya Teresita mistakes Gorio to be a real woman and she adopts him as her own daughter. In time everything will be revealed to the satisfaction of everyone, Gardo and Luisa fall in love with each other, and Gorio becomes a man, but only in name and apparel
Jack L'Éventreur Comic France 1992 Ortiz Jose J D
2 P Story about Jack the Ripper. Jack disguises as a female prostitute to commit a new crime. Later he disguises as a old woman to trick the police.
Jack Of Fables Comic United States 2006 DC Comics J T

#34 (07/2009) "The Great Fables Crossover, Part 5, Ch-Ch-Changes" Kevin Thorne had the power to rewrite reality. Bigby the Big Bad Wolf is his target, and is forced to undergo a series of transformations with the last one being a little girl. #35 (08/2009) “"The Great Fables Crossover, Part 8, Genre Fiction is Dead" Bigby the Big Bad Wolf continues in his little girl form.
Jalapeño Comic Japan 1996 Karasawa Nawoki J T

Short stories. Male scientist and his female assistant switch bodies after using a strange machine.
James Boon 07 Comic France 2007 Audibert Anthony J D

James Boon is a male student disguised as a girl in a naval college for women.
Jan Europa Comic Spain 1979 Edmond J D
2 P T4 “Operacion Aristoteles” Master of disguise dress up as an old lady.
Jaun Brillant Comic Japan 1995 Twilight J D
1 X Mature. Last story have a boy dressing up in female gym clothes
Jazz-Tango Comic Japan 1998 Akisato Wakuni J D

Kazuomi, a typical high school student and a member of the swim team finds a look-alike who suddenly transfers to his high school. Not only that, he is also an excellent swimmer. This look-alike dresses in skirts and shows an unusual interest in him.
Jeremiah Comic Belgium 1979 Hermann J D
3 P T1” La Nuit des rapaces” (1979) Kurdy disguises as a woman to lure men and rob them. T10 “Boomerang” (1984) Kurdy disguises as a woman to aproach a politic figure and prevent his assassination.
Jesus Christ! Comic Japan 1990 Ueda Miwa J D
3 P This story tells about twins named Hayakawa Ukyou and Narisawa Sakyou. Sakyou likes to wear girls clothing, meanwhile Ukyou stays with her parents and is very tomboy! Sakyou finally moves back to Hayakawa residence temporarily before he had to go to U.S., but he still wears skirts and stuff, even to Ukyou's school!. Sakyou had an allergy towards the female gender. He may either drop unconscious or explode when a female holds him. Ukyou is an exception. So, Sakyou finally had to go to U.S.. After he left, Ukyou find out that he will be back sooner than she thought! With an extra baggage called Karl Evans, a prince of the Guten Tag kingdom who gave him (he didn't know Sakyou is a boy) an ultra-expensive and precious ring!. Sakyou convinced Ukyou to switch their identity, this ended up to a complicated situation involving the ring, kidnapping, and monarch business. What will happen between this three?.
Jet Combo Comic Japan 2001 Kagura Yutakamaru J T
1 X Mature. Story "Dashinuke Metamorphose": Brother and sister get their sex inverted at midnight just four hours.
Jibun-Jishin Comic Germany 2006 Werner Nina J D

There is an episode where a boy tries to make his classmates believe that he's a girl, dressing like a girl.
Jigoku Sensei Nube (Hell Teacher Nube) Comic Japan 1993 Okano Takeshi J B
Vol 2: One boy is tricked into believe that one male is a gorgeous woman. Brief. Vol 11: One male disguised as a woman. Brief. Vol 15: Nube posseses a female body to help her to fight againt an evil spirit.Vol 25: Nube wears female lingerie to trap a ghost that is obsessed with women wearing it. Brief. Vol 26: New schoolboy came to the class, he can change his gender to match the enviroment, male when playing with boys, female when playing with girls.
Jigsaw Comic United States 1966 Harvey J D
#2 (12/1966) Alien Moster took the form of a earh woman.
Jigu+Zagu (Zig+Zag) Comic Japan 2005 Hoshino Wakako J D
1 P Vol 2 Chap 7: Two boys crossdressing as waitresses for a school festival.
Jim Cutlass Comic France 1979 Rossi Christian J D
1 P T5 “ Jusqu'au cou !” Jim escape from dead in the swamp but is nude and need clothes, so he rob a dress from a near house.
Jin Comic Japan 2000 Murakami Motoka J D
Vol 4: Jin take care of Sawamura, a popular onnagata (kabuki actor for female roles).
Jinki: Extend Comic Japan 2002 Tsunashima Shirou J D

In 13-year-old Aoba Tsuzaki's world, everything seems normal. An over-the-top modeling fanatic, she spends her days locked in her room, happily building plastic robots. But rumbling beneath the surface, an evil enemy of mankind (the Ancient Jinki) threatens to destroy the Earth. And when a crossdressing kidnapper brings Aoba face-to-face with a real fighting machine, her robot dreams give way to frightening nightmares. She is unwittingly recruited into Angel, an elite fighting force who not only pits its giant robots against the Ancient Jinki, but against an unseen evil that is working behind the scenes. Jinki:Extend is a world of explosive action, arresting intrigue, and battle-trained babes who are bent on revenge! Nothing is what it seems, and no one can be trusted. But one thing is for sure "you're in for a seriously wild ride!"
Jinzou Shojo (Artificial Girl) Comic Japan 2000 Natsume Satoru J T
3 P Scientist Haruma manages to transfer highschool student Yutaka Misu brain to another body -- that of his deceased sweetheart Nina, who died 14 years ago.
JLA (Justice League Of America) Comic United States 1961 DC Comics J T
Vol 1 #10 (03/1962) In order to fool 3 demons Green Lantern uses his power ring to change the JLA into each other. Batman becomes Wonder Woman. Vol 1 #166-168 (05-07/1979) and #168 (07/1979) Zatanna, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Green Lantern, all members of the Justice League of America, are body switched with members of the Secret Society Of Super-Villains. Wonder Woman switches bodies with Floronic Man. Vol 2 #105-106 (11-12/1995) As part of a simultaneous murder for the demon Neron, shape-shifting assassin Chiller takes on the appearance of an un-named Madonna-like singer in order to move through the crowd at her concert, and get close enough to burn her with an acid gun. When that attempt is thwarted, he assumes the shape of another woman in order to try again. Vol 3 #27 (03/1999) The Martian Manhunter assumes the form of a Japanese business woman in order to have a business lunch about the JLA with Superman and Batman in their civilian identities in Tokyo. Vol 3 #99 (07/2004) It is revealed that Wonder Woman is not Wonder Woman, but is in fact, Martian Manhunter. Vol 3 #104 (10/2004) Martian Manhunter overhears a guy, Jack, talking with his buddy about cheating on his wife. J'onn ducks into a corner and shape-shifts into Jack's wife, Mandy. He then proceeds to hand Jack divorce papers and an eviction notice. Vol 4 #49 (11/2010) Bogeyman disguised as Donna Troy (Wonder Woman). “The new 52 relaunch” Vol 5 #2 (05/2013) J'onn, the Martian Manhunter, adopts several guises as he trails an assassin into the White House: one of them, a dark-haired woman at the metal detector. Very Brief. Vol 5 #4-5 (07-08/2013) At the end of issue 4 Catwoman had been recaptured by the Secret Society of Evil and that their leader had gone and blown her brains out. In issue 5, however, is revealed that it was really the Martian Manhunter who somehow replaced Catwoman.
JLA Showcase 80-Page Giant Comic United States 2000 DC Comics J T

#1 (02/2000) Plastic Man singlehandedely fights off dog-faced aliens from outer space, morphing into parodies of other JLA members - including a voluptuous Wonder Woman
JLA Special Comic United States 2007 DC Comics J T

#1 (07/2007) Zatanna, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Green Lantern, all members of the Justice League of America, are body switched with members of the Secret Society Of Super-Villains. Wonder Woman switches bodies with Floronic Man.
JLA: Black Baptism Comic United States 2001 DC Comics J T
#1 (05/2001) Plastic Man briefly disguises as a nurse to help Superman and Zatanna.
JLA: Classified Comic United States 2005 DC Comics J T
#3 (11/1996) Ma'alefa'ak imitates the form of J'onn's wife to fool him.
JLA: Foreign Bodies Comic United States 1999 DC Comics J T

#1 (10/1999) Several members of JLA get switched around by the villainess Psykosis. Aquaman ends up in Wonder Woman's body.
JLA: Heaven's Ladder Comic United States 2000 DC Comics J T

#1 (10/2000) A typical JLA adventure except when it's over "The Fat Lady Sings" who actually is Plastic Man.
JLA: The Nail Comic United States 1998 DC Comics J T
3 P #2 (09/1998) Martian Manhunter poses as attractive blonde female applying for a job at Lexcorp.
JLA: Year One Comic United States 1998 DC Comics J T
3 P #1-8 (01-08/1998) It is revealed in issue 8 that, since the very first issue of the series, Martian Manhunter has been assuming several human identities to spy on his fellow Justice Leaguers and pry into their private lives. He has been keeping tabs on Green Lantern in the guise of a woman, an FAA inspector named Lora Denton. #11 (11/1998) To fool a bunch of evil aliens, the JLA change costumes and bodies. Martian Manhunter becomes Black Canary
JLA/Spectre: Soul War Comic United States 2003 DC Comics J T
#1-2 (2003) This two-part mini series features the Spectre (Hal Jordan) helping the JLA defeat an alien threat. To help defeat the first wave, Hal merges/links with individual JLAers to utilize their powers/abilities to fight off the invaders. On one panel, when he links with Wonder Woman, he becomes a female.
Joe Yank Comic United States 1952 Standard J D
#14 (01/1954) Story “Never Whack a WAC” Private Joe Yank disguised as a WAC (women's army corp member).
Johan Et Pirlouit Comic Belgium 1952 Peyo J D
T15 “Les Troubadours De Roc A Pic” Young male is disguised as a female to be part of a scam.
Johnny Comando Y Gorila Comic Spain 1958 Doyer Alan J D
Story “Los Comandos Mueren en Lunes” To infiltrate in German territory a special forces soldier, Bolita, wears female clothes. Story “Con la muerte en la espaldas” American spy disguised as a japanese woman. Story “Riña de Gallos” Gorila, an american soldier, is disguised as a french woman.
Johnny Hazard Comic United States 1944 Robbins Franks J D
Sunday strips dated from 10th June 1951 to 23th September 1951: Crook disguised as a woman. Daily strips dated from 08th August 1955 to 22th October 1955: Stephan disguises as Countess Stephanie to travel unnoticed to Amsterdam.
JoJo Bizarre Adventures Comic Japan 1986 Araki Hirohiko J B
2 P Arc "Battle Tendency" Vol 6: Joseph Joestar disguises as a peasant woman to distract two sentinels in a secret laboratory. Arc "Golden Wind" Vol 62 and 63: Two menbers of the Bucciarati's group, Trish Una (female) and Guido Mista (male) swap bodies.
Joka E..... (To Joker) Comic Japan 1973 Ooshima Yumiko J T

Complex allegorical love triangle involving a boy who is transformed into a girl through a freak accident.
Joker Series Comic Japan 1987 Michihara Katsumi J T

Is about an android robot who can change appearance (including sex) at will, and the poor guy who falls in love with "it". The series have the next titles: Teiou no Niwa (Vol 1), Moon Fantasy (Vol 2 and 3), Dream Playing Game (Vol 4).
Joker: Last Laugh Secret Files Comic United States 2001 DC Comics J T
#1 (12/2001) Chiller briefly show his shapeshifting power to Joker, changing into three different men and a woman.
Jonesy Comic United States 1953 Quality Comics J D
1 P #4 (02/1954) Story “Masquerade” Jonesy get a diferent disguise by mistake and end being Marie-Antoniette in a masquerade ball.
Josei Danshi Comic Japan 2012 Kenmotsu Chiyo J D
A boy with a cute sound and 3 girls want to make a band for girls only but they need a singer how it will be like this boy getting involved with them.
Joshi No Kokoroe! Comic Japan 2009 Kishinosato Satoshi J D
2 X Mature. First story “Girl's Knowledge”: girl dresses his lover as a woman.
Josou No Oujisama (The Drag Prince) Comic Japan 2009 Anthology J D
2 X Mature. Boy's love stories that have crossdressing in them.
Jotei (Super Queen) Comic Japan 2004 Wake Issaku J D
Vol 10: there is a brief scene in a gay bar with hottesses that are in fact, male transvestites.
Joyas Literarias Juveniles Comic Spain 1967 Editorial Bruguera J D
3 P Spanish Comic adaptation of classic books. #40 “Aventuras de Huck Finn” Huck disguised as a girl to spy in a near farm. Later he is forced to disguise as Juliet to help in a play of “Romeo and Juliet”. #119 “Nuevas Aventuras de Robin de los Bosques” a young boy is disguised as a girl to infiltrate the castle. #209 “Cabezahueca Wilson” Male uses female disguise to commit crimes.
JSA (Justice Society Of America) Comic United States 1991 DC Comics J T
2 P Vol 2 #4 (11/1992) "Life on the Line" Ultra-Humanite past female incarnations are glimpsed in flashback.
JSA Classified Comic United States 2005 DC Comics J T
#20 (02/2007) Has a brief history of the Ultra-Humanite, detailing his switching of brains with Delores Winters.
Juan El Largo Comic Spain 1989 Ortiz Jose J D
T1: Pirate disguised as an old woman to ambush a group of soldiers transporting treasures.
Judas Comic Japan 2004 Minazuki Suu J B
1 P In this action-horror book for older teens, Eve Makuran, a young, feminine-looking boy is possessed by a cruel Death God, Judas, who makes him dress up like a girl. Later, after gaining Matthew's power of Conviction Eve Makuran is turned into a female because of the conflicting powers of Matthew and Judas within his body.
Judge Dredd Megazine Comic Great Britain 1996 Egmont Fleetway Ltd J T
Vol 3 #20-25 “America II: Fading of the Light” (1996) Beeny arranged to become pregnant from sperm he stored before transplanting his brain, and gave birth to his and America's daughter, named America Beeny. Bennett Beeny survives a second encounter with Total War terrorists, but dies shortly afterwards of medical complications resulting from the transplant. Ironically he arranges for five-year-old America to be inducted into the Academy of Law in order to become a judge, reasoning that the Academy is the only place where she will be safe from Total War, and that she might change the system from within.
Judge Dredd The Megazine Comic Great Britain 1990 Fleetway Publications J T
3 P Vol 1 #1-7 “America” (1990-1991) Story of unrequited love, as one Bennett Beeny moons hopelessly over his best friend and girl-next-door, named America. After America is critically wounded and left brain dead (partially due to Bennett's actions), he finds a way to make amends and get the girl...by way of a full-body transplant.
Jughead Comic United States 1965 Archie Comics J D
2 P Vol 1 #200 Story “Twins Towers” Betty uses Jughead as a model for a dress she is sewing. Vol 1 #268 Story “Right on Cue” Orson trick Jughead into get a role in a play as the leading lady. Vol 2 #22 (02/1991) Story “Crime Stopper” Judhead disguised as a woman to capture a criminal. Vol 2 #30-33 Jughead and his friends happen upon experimental brain transfer research using soybeans. Jughead gets switched with Sara, a pretty business woman, and Big Ethel changes with her blind friend Jeffrey.
Jughead's Double Digest Comic United States 1989 Archie Comics J D
#94 (07/2003) Story “Monday Morning Blashs” Archie disguises as an old lady.
Julia – Le Avventure Di Una Criminologa Comic Italy 1998 Sergio Bonelli Editore J D
T31 “Ucciderò” (2001) Serial Killer disguised as a woman to trap men.
Jumbobog Comic Denmark 1968 Egmont J D
3 P Disney licenced magazine. #297 (2005) Story “Slaget om mændene” Donald must pose as Daisy's "Cousin Donna" at the ladies club dance. The only way to save his honor (ie not being revealed) is to do it convincingly. So he out-wamps even Daisy, and the scene is set for a battle of titans. Also published in Finland: Aku Ankan taskukirja #306 (2005) Story "Lainahöyhenissä", France: Mickey Parade Géant #290 (2006) Story "Certains l'aiment blonde", Germany: Lustiges Taschenbuch #338 (2005) Story "Die dolle Donna" and Lustiges Taschenbuch Enten-Edition #31 (2010) Story "Die dolle Donna", Netherlands: Dubbel Pocket Donald Duck #20 (2005) Story "als mannenmagneet", Norway: Donald Pocket #297 (2005) Story "I lånte fjær", Poland: Gigant Poleca #55 (2005) Story "Babskie sztuczki", Sweden: Kalle Ankas Pocket #317 (2005) Story "Karl för sin kjol"
Jun'ai Sensation Comic Japan 2008 Oobayashi Miyuki J T
Two boys best of friends until one day one of them gets killed saving the life of the other. The boys spirit wanders watching him until one day he ends up possessing the body of a girl who tried to kill herself.
Jungle Boy Comic Japan 1994 Nakamura Rie J D
3 P Vol 2: Sukao Tokugawa is dressed in female clothes by his female classmates, Seiji Utsunomiya find it and is speechless. Vol 3: Seiji find himself in a sailor fuku with Sukao in a princess dress, just them he wake up from this bad dream. Later the Kuyou Highschool is having a festival and the classes are going to compete between them, one of the competition is a disguise pageant, Seiji end in a princess disguise, with other boys also disguising in female clothes.
Junjou Dear Boy Comic Japan 1994 Otsuki Megumi J D
1 P Vol 1: Yuki, a boy, end being a competitor in a cooking competition, disguised as a girl.
Junjou Hanamaru Girl Comic Japan 1994 Nishino Tsugumi J T

X Mature. After dead, a male spirit posseses a woman body by mistake.
Junk Boy Comic Japan 1986 Kunitomo Yasuyuki J D
4 P Hirai, reporter of rival magazine "naughty women" is revealed to be also a crossdresser, that he uses as a cover for his work. Vol 1: Manai disguises as a woman to get an interview with an arab prince, the interview being at end won by Hirai in femme. Vol 3: Hirai disguises as a woman. Vol 4: Transvestite waitress in a bar. Vol 5: A male is used as a decoy in female clothes. Vol 9: Transvestite waitress in a bar. Vol 11: Hirai again disguises as a woman to get a job in the "potato magazine". Vol 17: Yamazaki disguises as his female boss Yuki. Vol 18: Hirai disguises as Yuki.
Junsui! Date Club Comic Japan 2004 Ishida Atsuko J D

Tanizaki Mashiro, member of the date club, is really a male disguising as a female.
Just a Girl Comic Japan 1992 Taniguchi Tomoko J D
Erica, Reina and Sophie live in an all-girls dorm. On more than one occasion one or another of their boyfriends disguises as a girl to sneak in and visit.
Justice Comic United States 2005 DC Comics J T
#4 (04/2006) Clayface assumes the form of Dinah Lance (aka Black Canary) in order to get close to Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) as part of a coordinated attack on the Justice League by the villains.
Justice Four Balance Comic United States 1994 Marvel Comics J T
#1-2 (09-10/1994) It's revealed near the end of #2 that a shape-shifting supervillain, the Hate-Monger, has been posing as Janice Ian - the assistant to billionaire Anderson Gaulthing.
Justice League Comic United States 2011 DC Comics J T
#23 (10/2013) Martian manhunter take appearance of mera (Aquaman's wife) to distract Aquaman.
Justice League 3000 Comic United States 2014 DC Comics J T
#8 (09/2014) The Convert jumps into a female security officer.
Justice League Adventures Comic United States 2002 DC Comics J B

P #4 (04/2002) The Amazons go to war and Superman dispatches Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl and the Martian Manhunter to deal with them on Thmyscira. Superman orders J'onn to dress appropriately, as Supergirl. The Supergirl is Kara In-Ze, who wears a white top, blue skirt, and red boots. It turns out that Athena ordered the Amazons to wage war, but she's not exactly herself either, but Ares in disguise. #17 (05/2003) Flash disguises as a woman to infiltrate into Aresia's hideout #33 (09/2004) Clayface is committing crimes disguised as various members of the Justice League. For a couple of panels he's disguised as Wonder Woman.
Justice League Dark Comic United States 2011 DC Comics J T
#2 (12/2011) Deadman possesses the body of a woman. #3 (01/2012) Deadman possesses the body of a woman. #9 (07/2012) John Constantine disguised as Black Orchid. #13 (12/2012) Nick Necro briefly transform into black Ochid.
Justice League Generation Lost Comic United States 2010 DC Comics J T
#22 (05/2011) Rocket Red uses a Holographic Imaging Program to disguise as Wonder Woman.
Justice League Quarterly Comic United States 1990 DC Comics J T
#6 (07/1992) The JLI must battle a evil Toymaker. Its focus is on Elongated man. This is a birthday surprise and joke. All the battles are a fake. Elongated man's wife did not get kidnapped. It was the Martian Manhunter who took her shape to see if he could fool the "Great Detective". #14 (04/1994) Andreas Havoc transform into Cairo DeFrey, to lure and trick the pretender Varja- a man named Thunderbolt.
Justice League Task Force Comic United States 1993 DC Comics J T
3 P #7-8 (12/1993-01/1994) The Martian Manhunter turned himself into a woman for one adventure. The teams mission is to save a relief, plane crash survivor, agent Haggard, who was taken hostage by a tribe of female warriors, known as the Daals.
Justice League United Comic United States 2014 DC Comics J T
#3 (09/2014) An alien took the form of Supergirl. very brief.
Justice League Unlimited Comic United States 2004 DC Comics J T
#14 (12/2005): Deadman pays the Justice League gang a visit, but to talk to them he has to borrow a body, which just happens to be Wonder Woman's. It starts off with him checking herself out in a mirror, and he sure likes what he sees. #33 (07/2007): Stargirl and Crimson Avenger are both arguing about the fact that she's young and brash, and he's old and careful. They both get caught up in a spell Morgaine le Fey is doing in order to make her son Mordred young again, and get their bodies switched. So they are forced to walk a mile in each others shoes. Mordred does become a child again. At the end of the story there is another swap that returns them to their bodies, but Morgaine and Mordred also switch bodies and Modred now occupies his mother's body and she is inside his young male body!
Justice Traps The Guilty Comic United States 1947 Prize Comics J D
#6 (10/1948) “The capture of One-Eye” One-Eye disguises as a woman to commint his crime.
Juuichinin Iru! (They Were Eleven) Comic Japan 1975 Hagio Moto J T
Character Frolcheriberi Frol: is a hermaphroditic/eunucoid entity who can determine its own gender.
Jyobutsu Shimaseu Comic Japan 2000 Okada Kazuto J T

Male demon posseses the body of a girl.
Jyotai Kaizo Seminar Comic Japan 1996 Himemigawa Namida J T

X Mature. A boy buys a female android, has sex with her, and transfers his mind into her body for a little fun but then …
Jyunjyo Kanjuku Musume Comic Japan 1990 Satou Marumi J T

X Mature. Boy is transformed into a girl thanks to magic and is teached a lesson.
K No Souretsu Comic Japan 1994 Kusumoto Maki K D
Vol 2 : One of the resident of the bilding is revealed to be a closed transvestite. Very brief.
K.A.A.R. Natsu No Maki Comic Japan 2002 Suehiro Gari K D
2 Z Mature. Vol 2: Girlfriend tricks his boyfriend into dating her dressed in a traditional costume in the town fair. There, they goes around with other two girls. In the end he is not the only boy in the group. Later the boy is tricked again and dressed up in girl's clothes and end being exposed, lucky enough one of his girlfriends saves him saying she was the one in the dress.
Ka-Re-Shi (The Boyfriend) Comic Japan 1995 Ogoshi Natsue K D
Vol 5: Naoki Daito and a friend disguising as women to avoid being discovered by the parent of one of their girlfriends.
Ka-Zar The Savage Comic United States 1981 Marvel Comics K T
#29 (12/1983) "A Match Made in Hell" Lord Belasco appears as the High Priestess Wend in order to trap Kazar and his bride.
Kaarib Comic France 2001 Krassinsky Jean-Paul K D
2 P T3 “Pieces de huit” Male disguises as a female dame to go into a party in a caribbean carnival.
Kagami No Kuni No Little Comic Japan 1984 Kagami Akira K T

Boy steps through a mirror and changes sex.
Kagayaku!! Otoko No Musumejuku Comic Japan 2011 Wadapen K D *

In an effort to gain an apprenticeship with his favorite author, the author imposes a set of various guidelines and conditions for his apprentice to follow which involve crossdressing and embracing the lifestyle.
Kageki Ni Yuuki Comic Japan 1993 Harue Le Pon K D
2 P One boy decides to enter in a dance company as a girl. He also recruit his brother, tricking him into crossdressing also.
Kaichou Wa Maid-sama! Comic Japan 2005 Fujiwara Hiro K D
Vol 3 introduces a new character, Aoi Hyoudo, Satsuki’s nephew, the son of Satsuki's older brother, and a junior high school student who enjoys dressing like a girl. Likes "cute things", and being the center of attention. His androgynous features allow him to pass off as a girl and his female persona is well-known as a cute internet idol. Aoi enjoys toying with the feelings of men, but is eventually exposed as a boy by Misaki.
Kaichuu! Comic Japan 2009 Hayashi Yuuki K D
Story revolves around the life of Tachikawa Tatsuya, who joins the Odagawa Senior High School Archery Club in pursuit of Fudou Gonzaburou. Despite of his efforts to enter the said club, he soon realizes that Fudou isn’t exactly the “girl” he had in his mind.
Kaijin Jaguar Man Comic Japan 1971 Monkey Punch K D

Boy uses a bodysuit to turn into a girl.
Kaikan Phrase (Sensual Phrase) Comic Japan 1997 Shinjo Mayu K D
1 P Vol 7: The members of the rock band "Lucifer" play in a concert crossdressed.
Kaikan Yuugi Comic Japan 1999 Manchigi Ruru K T
1 X Mature. One story has a boy that whishes to become a girl. Other story have a shemale boy attending a girl's school.
Kaiketsu! Suzunari Gakuen Tanteibu Comic Japan 1994 Kusakabe Takumi K D

P Vol 1: One Male tries several female dresses as part of a disguise.
Kairaku Izonshou Comic Japan 2000 Kobayashi Shownen K D
1 X Mature. Some stories have shemales. Other have boys being forced into girl's clothes.
Kaiyorihito Kaiyorishiki Comic Japan 2007 Kazu Aki K D
Vol 1 Chap 5: Chika crossdressing as a schoolgirl.
Kakechae! Comic Japan 2003 Otsuki Sachi K D
1 Z Mature. One boy is forced into girls's clothes, first in a female bathing suit, later in a school uniform, and also in a nightgown.
Kakeru Comic Japan 1997 Takeshita Kenjirou K D
Vol 8: A group of boys are disguised as schoolgirls to take hot photos from girls.
Kakumei No Hi (The Day Of Revolution) Comic Japan 1999 Tsuda Mikiyo K T
3 P Kei is a normal, if very pretty, young boy in high school. One day, he falls ill and is taken to the hospital. They find, much to everyone's surprise, that "he" actually has a female genotype even though "his" phenotype is male!. A little bit of surgical work solves the problem, and cool male hero Kei becomes innocent female heroine Kei. And what a female! "He" was cute before, but she is a beauty now. Kei has to restart his life as a beautiful girl named Megumi, while keeping it all a secret from her very handsome male friends. And of course they immediately find out, but all begin hitting on her?!
Kakuto Komusume Juline (Kung-Fu Girl Juline) Comic Japan 1997 Kakinouchi Narumi K D
2 P Vol 1: Master Kokuju, the main villain, enter the school of Juline crossdressing as a female student, Kokui Tamara.
Kamen No Maid Guy (Mask Maid Guy) Comic Japan 2005 Akai Maruboro K D
The story of a guy, dressed in maid uniform to protect his young mistress from thieves and kidnappers that are after her inheritance.
Kami Nomi Zo Shiru Sekai (The World God Only Knows) Comic Japan 2008 Wakaki Tamiki K B
Chap 82-88: Keima and Elsie has to capture a loose soul in a girl from a high classed family. Due to the girl desire to live life without her families boundaries, Keima and the girl switch souls, due to the power of the loose soul. Over time they begin to act more like each others gender. Chaper 141-146: Keima try to capture a girl that act manly (this girl is totally manly and gentleman) so keima feels that it would be useless to approach her as a boy, since the method to capture is that he must make a certain target to fall in love, if the target act as a boy, keima must become a girl to make the manly girl fall in love!!.
Kami Puro Comic Japan 2007 Kunitsu Takeshi K T
Vol 3 Chap 16: Boy uses magic mirror to impersonate a girl.
Kami To Sengoku Seitokai Comic Japan 2004 Takada Ryousuke K B
1 P Vol 3 Chap 18: Two boys (Musashi and Kaoru) disguising as two maids to sneak into a mansion. Vol 6: One boy is transformed into a female version of himself, he is again transformed in Vol 8
Kamichama Karin Comic Japan 2003 Koge-Donbo K D
2 P Vol 4: Karin And Kazune rings are switched and they end with the clothes of each other god incarnation when using the ring to transform, Kazune ending in a dress.
Kamisama Ga Ippiki Comic Japan 1995 Natsume Satoru K D

To help revive a deserted coffeeshop, Eitarou disguises in a frilly waitress outfit. The god Yaa-kun's transform himself into a girl and disguise also in a frilly waitress outfit to help.
Kamisama Game (The God Game) Comic Japan 2008 Nanakusa K D
Vol 1 Chap 3: Is introduced character Fushimi Katsuri, the queen of tardiness, a third year at Kanou high and repeat offender of arriving late and leaving early. She reveals herself as a boy in Vol 1 Chap 4 stating that he is just rebelling again his parent and plan to stop whet he goes to college, or.. is really a girl soul trapped in a boy's body.
Kamisama No Iu Toori! Comic Japan 1992 Orihara Mito K T

Boy and girl end changing places in the highschool. Also some highschool girl's souls are possessed.
Kamisama Onegai (Please God) Comic Japan 1996 Minami Q-ta K D
Short stories. Fith story “Apron and Sunglasses” is about a transwoman having a one night stand with a male.
Kampfer Comic Japan 2008 Tsukiji Toshihiko K T

Senou Natsuru is a highschool boy that transform into a girl overnight and find himself involved in combat with the evil forces.
Kanaete Aizen (Grant My Wish Aizen) Comic Japan 2006 Minamoto Yuu K T
Kanou Aizen is a handsome boy of few words. One day he found a love-charm written "for your success of love" on the roof of his school. Though he didn’t believe such a magic, but he just tried to shout "God please! A cute girl!". Of course he intended “give” me a cute girl, but the guardian angel of love-charm misunderstood his word. …..She transformed him into a cute girl.
Kanashi No Homura - Yume Maboroshi No Gotoku Comic Japan 2007 Motomura Eri K D

Lord Dosan has announced his vassal Jubei his decision to marry his daughter, Kicho, to the son of his enemy, the lord of Owari. Jubei has decided to accompany Kicho and watch over her. For this purpose, he disguises himself as a woman and end posing as one of hers servants, Mitsu.
Kanben Comic Japan 1993 Ono Shinji K D
5 P Naomi Kobe apply for a teacher job, but they thinks he is a woman, Naomi being a feminine name. With no recommendation for another job, he disguises as a woman and take the job because after a year he can get a good recommendation for another job.
Kanchigai Hime To Usotsuki Shimobe Comic Japan 2012 Takamiya Satoru K D

Mayuri, a girl who wanted to be acknowledged as herself shares the same room with her senpai, Akira who is the student council president and a beautiful person envied by others. But, Akira has a big secret...? Somehow, her real self is a "boy"!?.
Kandachime Comic Japan 2007 Task Ohna K D
Vol 1 Chap 3: Takume end in a schooldress as a punishment for breaking curfew.
Kangoku Gakuen Comic Japan 2011 Hiramoto Akira K D
1 P Vol 3 Chap 24-26: Kiyoshi escapes from school disguised as a schoolgirl.
Kanjisasete Baby Comic Japan 1988 Oshima Gakushi K T

Boy turns into his sexy teacher after he drinks a DNA experiment that provokes the change when he is sexually excited.
Kanojo Ga Flag O Oraretara Comic Japan 2012 NAGIAN K D

Megumu Touzokuyama is a schoolmate who is thought to be a girl even though he dresses as a boy. Because Souta calls him a boy, Megumu immediately likes him, and sprouts a string of little friendship flags. Introduced in Vol 1 Chap 3.
Kanojo Ni Naru Hi Comic Japan 2013 Ogura Akane K T
Miyoshi is always competing and losing against his childhood friend, Mamiya, who is good at everything. One day, Mamiya collapses from illness and is hospitalized forseveral weeks. When he returns to school, it turns out he is genetically female, and has decided to try living his life as a girl now much to Miyoshi's horror.
Kanojo Ni Naru Hi Another Comic Japan 2013 Ogura Akane K T
Sagara becomes a girl in his third year of middle school, and has to deal with his crush on Kurosawa, a female classmate.
Kanojo Wa Delicate! (She's So Delicate!) Comic Japan 1988 Nishimaki Tohru K D
1 P Vol 7: A friend of the main character crossdresses and convince the main character to crossdress also. Later the friend crossdresses again.
Kanzen Fukuju Maid Comic Japan 2004 Wakako Kotono K T
1 X Mature. Boy and girl swap bodies after bumping heads.
Karada No Hon Comic Japan 1995 Kitamura Kunio K T
2 X Mature. Boy and girl swap bodies after wondering what being in the other body would be like.
Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru Comic Japan 2000 Baba Yasushi K D
2 P Introduced in Vol 23 Chap 240, Alyosha Harchenko has long, wavy blonde hair and is a tall woman. She is a Russian who studied Sambo Commando in the Russian Army. Alyosha is revealed to be a transvestite after she had fought Pedro and he pulled her pants down. She was saving up money for surgery so that she could have "Mr. Elephant" removed.
Kareshi Toshishitakei Comic Japan 2009 Yagami Rina K D

Chap 2: Boy disguised as a schoolgirl to sneak in his girlfriend class.
Karisuma Mama (Charisma Mama) Comic Japan 2001 Nekogen K D
1 Z Mature. Story 7: Boy goes to a brothel where he is tricked into disguising as a maid girl.
Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ Comic Japan 2004 Katsura Yukimaru K T
Hazumu confessed his love to Yasuna, but she turned down him. To ease his heartbreak, he went to Mt. Kashimayama where he had met her first. He lost his way in the mountain, and it was night time. He saw a big shooting star, and when he began to wish, he found something was wrong. It was not a shooting star, but it was a falling space ship. He was involved in the crash. He managed to survive by the help of the alien. However, he became a girl due to the accident during the reconstruction of his body
Kasougenjitsu Renairon (Virtual Love Debate) Comic Japan 2001 Takamiya Azuma K D
2 P Ever since he was a child, Ryou has always looked very feminine. One day, a couple of girls from his class force him to put on make-up and to wear a girl's uniform. While he was walking around, he meets Kazuaki, who immediately takes interest in him and simply refuses to believe that Ryou is actually a boy.
Kasumi Den Delta Comic Japan 2000 Karasawa Nawoki K D

Vol 1: Boy uses a bodysuit to become a girl.
Katatsumuri Zensen Comic Japan 1997 Fujikawa Kayo K D

Vol 4: As part of a school fair, a boy crossdresses in a maid uniform to wait for tables.
Katekyou Hitman Reborn! Comic Japan 2004 Amano Akira K T

Vol 9 Chap 76: Mukuro, one of the male enemies posesses Bianchi, a female ally. Mukuro also turns up later, just before Vol 14 Chap 177, and he is, in a sense, sharing an existence with a female character.
Katorea Comic Japan 1985 Kayono Saeki K T
3 P First story is about a boy that get a sex-change and becomes a lookalike of his own mother, and under the identity of Camille, a model, go for revenge from the man that killed her.
Kawa Yori Mo Nagaku Yuruyaka Ni (Longer And Slower Than A River) Comic Japan 1983 Yoshida Akimi K D
2 P Vol 1 Chap 1: Toshi dress in a sailor fuku because the gang need a girl for porn movie. Vol 1 Chap 3: Toshi works in a nightclub and meets some transvestites that allow him to work in their local, Kubota, a schoolmate, discover him but the transvestites force him into women's clothes. Vol 1 Chap 11: There is a school play and Kubota plays a female role.
Kawaii Hito Comic Japan 2004 Konno Keiko K D
Vol 1 Chap 3: Shinoda is forced to dress up as a girl in a party.
Kawaii Onna To Yobaretai Comic Japan 2000 Yanagi Masashi K D
1 Z Mature. The first part have a schoolgirl that is revealed to be a boy.
Kaze Hikaru Comic Japan 1997 Watanabe Taeko K D
Vol 5: Hajime Saito, Shinsengumi Vice-captain, rescue a young woman called Yukiya, later he find that she is a male, a kagema, a boy that is selling his body, a job mostly performed by aspiring female role actors before they where allowed onstage. He later pays a visit to the house where he is one of the kagema.
Kedamonotachi No Ikenie Comic Japan 2000 Arino Hiroshi K D
1 Z Mature. One of the stories have a sister dressing up her young brother in girl's clothes.
Keiko Sensei No Chijoku Jugyou Comic Japan 1994 Minor Boy K D
1 Z Mature. Sexual experiences of a female teacher in a highschool. Vol 4: One of the highschoolers is a transvestite boy.
Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 Comic Japan 2007 Kaji Eiri K D
3 P Vol 1: Special police officers, Kuze and Fujuki, are after a man and working undercover in a hostess club. They discover that the man is in disguise as a female hostess.
Kenja No Ishi Comic Japan 2000 Akino Matsuri K D
Vol 4: Boy sustitutes a girl that is being sent as a sacrifice to the wood's evil spirits.
Kenritsu Chikyu Boeigun (Prefectural Earth Defense Force) Comic Japan 1983 Yasunaga Koichirou K T
Vol 1: Due to a mixup in the laboratory, Kamir body is remodeled into a female one, brief. There is also a brief account of this in Vol 3.
Kensei Tsubame Comic Japan 2005 Takahashi Kouichirou K T
Vol 3: Warrior spirit possesses a young woman's body.
Keroro Gunsou (Sgt. Frog) Comic Japan 1999 Yoshizaki Mine K B
2 P Vol 3: Fuyiki is transformed into a female version of himself. Vol 4: Keroro takes over the body of Natsumi. Vol 11: Fuyiki have his clothes transformed into a bikini. Vol 14: Fuyiki end in a maid dress.
Key Jack Comic Japan 1999 Shiomi Chika K D
3 P Vol 3 introduces a character that is a transvestite working as a hostess in a club in Shinjuku. He is also in Vol 6 acting as a cover date in a party.
Ki Wa Kinoko No Ki Comic Japan 1992 Moriyama Tou K T

Boy turns into a woman after drinking a mushroom mixture
Ki-Ki-Kai-Kai Comic Japan 1995 Makita Aoi K T
1 X Mature. Some stories have transvestites. One have a boy being kidnapped and transformed into a girl.
KI-ME-RA Comic Japan 1995 Kodaka Kazuma K T

Is a sci-fi piece involving aliens and Evil Government Agencies, revolving around a beautiful transgendered creature and the poor guy who falls for... It.
Kibun Wa Bibi De Babi De Bu Comic Japan 1996 Hindenburg K T

X Mature. Boy turns into a girl and has sex.
Kickout Lovers Comic Japan 1996 Yamamoto Johanne K T

A man is in a woman's body since the begining.
Kiken Ga Walking (Dangerous Walking) Comic Japan 2001 Hoshisato Mochiru K D
1 P Vol 2: One of the highschool boys end crossdressing in a sailor fuku.
Kiken Jun'ai D.N.A. Comic Japan 2008 Kurumatani Haruko K D
His younger brother has always been cute, and now he is, even at school, dressed as a girl and a popular female model
Kill Me, Kiss Me (K2) Comic Korea 2000 Lee Young-You K D
1 P Vol 1: To know an idol star who is in the same school his identical cousin (save for obvious differences in gender) attend, Tae Yeon Im convinces him to switch places with her for a week! She will dress as a boy and attend Jung-Woo's school as him ... while Jung-Woo would dress in drag and attend Tae's all-girls school.
Kimagure Bunny No Boken Comic Japan 1996 Neriwasabi K T
1 X Mature. A bunnygirl defeats an evil wizard using a gender-changing sword.
Kimi De Oboreta Ato Wa Comic Japan 2005 Minami Haruka K D
1 Z Mature. Yaoi short stories. Story 5 “Maid-kun no Gohoushi na Hibi” Young butler is trying to serve junior master to the best of his abilities, dressing up in a maid outfit.
Kimi Ga Nokoshita Kimochi Comic Japan 2000 Misasagi Fuhri K D

Pretty boys and crossdressing.
Kimi Ni Hanakazari - Seikimatsu Teppen Boy Comic Japan 2003 Oya Kazumi K D
This is the latest book in Ohya Kazumi's "Seikimatsu Teppen Boy" series!. First story "Ornamental Flowers for You (Kimi ni Hanakazari)": Living in the city and never revealing their true identities are the ninja boys, Hikaru and Takeru. They move in secret, using their special abilities. One of then dresses up as a woman for a mission.
Kimi Ni Wa Katenai Comic Japan 2003 Honami Yukine K D
2 P Vol 1 Chap 3: Yuuhi is drugged, and dressed as a girl, to get photos and destroy his possition as dorm manager, but thing don't go as planned.
Kimi Ni, Meromero Comic Japan 2004 Shinba Rize K D
A collection of oneshots about unusual couples: including one that comes together through the uke's love of late-night flashing, crossdressing and lacy undergarments.
Kimi No Kao Ni Sasu Kage Comic Japan 2005 Nobi Nobita K D
2 X Mature. Boys going to a tranvestite bar where a friend of them works. They also find that other of the transvestites is a classmate of them.
Kimi No Neiro Comic Japan 2010 Fukushima Haruka K D
Akira Tsubakiya has spent her whole life being told she looks like a boy. She’s super tall, she has a flat chest, and she’s not girly at all… In middle school, she made a promise with a boy who went to her cram school, Haru— a promise that they both would aim to get into the same high school, a prestigious academy. Haru told Akira that he likes girls with long hair, and since she started to fall for him, she grew it out. Now she’s graduating from middle school, and has decided to confess her feelings to Haru. Unfortunately, she finds out that he has a girlfriend—a super-cute, girly, long-haired girlfriend! Akira runs home and chops off all her hair, deciding that there’s no point to trying to be girly. Fast forward to Akira’s first year in high school. She still wears a skirt, but she wears the top half of the guys’ uniform to school. She’s called “Prince Akira”, and all the girls are infatuated with her. Akira hasn’t seen Haru in a while, but she does bump into Haru’s “girlfriend”… who she discovers to be in fact a boy!
Kimi To Boku Comic Japan 2005 Hotta Kiichi K D
2 P Vol 3 Chap 12: There is a school festival and boys are dressing up in female costumes.
Kimi To Boku Wo Tsunagumono Comic Japan 2006 Arai Cherry K T

A girl remember her past life in wich she was a male.
Kimi To Himitsu No Hanazono Comic Japan 2006 Hayashi Mikase K D
Natsu is a girl, but was raised like a boy by her family. She doesn’t like that and wants to be a lovely girl. To make her dream come true, she decided to go to a girls high school. There she meet her roommate who is a pretty and lovely girl, Huzio. But actually, Huzio is a boy who crossdresses like a girl secretly to practice acting like a girl for his family business, kabuki. They decide to share their secret.
Kimi Wa Boku No Omou Tsubo Comic Japan 2005 Araya Miki K D
1 P Male lover dresses in a maid uniform for his lover.
Kimi Wa Boku No Toriko Nare Comic Japan 2008 Tsuzuki Setsuri K D
Vol 1 Chap 4: Kuchina Yoshitsune is a young actor specialized in female roles. Vol 3 Chap 13: Tsundere Maid revealed to be Toki, Yoshitsune little brother. He continued dressing as a maid by default.
Kimi Wa Girlfriend (You Are My Girlfriend) Comic Japan 2005 Minami Maki K D
2 P Chap 4: Hatsune help a girl called Hisa, and they end becoming girlfriends. Hatsune find later that Hisa is a crossdressing boy.
Kimi Wa Too Shy Comic Japan 2003 Koenji Marimo K T

X Mature. Story “Metamoe“: A male mad scientist uses sex changing medicine to turn into a female, then uses the same drug to turn his female assistant into a man and has sex with her.
Kimi Yo Yuuwaku Suru Na Kare Comic Japan 2004 Shiozu Shuri K D

Hero boy, Tomoaki, assuming a woman's disguise is very cute.
Kimino Hitomi Wa Miracle Comic Japan 1996 Kurahashi Erika K D

Yui loves Kei who is the vocal of her brother's band. His step brother Senri has long hair and is pretty and he wears both girl and guy clothes. But he ends up liking Yui, but to be nice, tries to help Yui with her love.
Kindaichi Shounen No Jikenbo (Kindaichi Case Files) Comic Japan 1992 Satou Fumiya K D
3 P Vol 5-6 “Treasure Island (Hiho Island)”: Hajime and Miyuki visit an isolated southern island to participate in a fun treasure-hunting contest. Once the contestants arrive, the island owner who sponsored the contest is found dead in the Log House. True to formula, the other contestants begin showing up dead one-by-one ... yet another mystery for the inimitable Hajime to unravel!. The murderer is actually a man disguised as a female. Kindaichi meet “Midori Minasaka” in the ship. How Kindaichi managed to reveal his secret? Kindaichi was drying his clothes outside the bathroom after been sprayed by his friend, Miyuki. Just then, Midori came out from the toilet while Kindaichi was taking out his pants. After Midori scream, calling Kindaichi a pervert and ran away, Kindaichi turn around and notice the toilet seat was up. When revealing that "she" is the murderer, Kindaichi also reveal him to be Koichiro Saeki, the son of Professor Saeki, who was murdered by the people who he have killed.
Kindan Kanin Comic Japan 2000 Anthology K T
1 X Mature. Vol 10: Last story have a man and a woman falling out of the bed during sex and swap bodies.
King, El Pequeño Policia Comic Spain 1945 Grau Jose K D
1 P #11 Crime boss try to escape from police disguised as a woman.
Kingyo No Fun (Goldfish Droppings) Comic Japan 1994 Tomisawa Chinatsu K T
4 P A betrothed couple switch bodies in the throes of passion just two days before their wedding. There's nothing for it but to go ahead and get married...
Kinjiki Shoujo Comic Japan 2002 Machigi Ruru K D
1 Z Mature. Story 5 have two girls having a day in the beach, later whe they return to their hotel, one of them is revealed to be a shemale.
Kinmirai H Na Hoken Taiiku Comic Japan 1993 Watanabe Yoshimasa K T

X Mature. Story 1 have a spaceman being that is transformed into a woman. Reprinted in Dokkin Bishojo Domei
Kinnikuman (Muscleman) Comic Japan 1979 Nakai Yoshinori K D

Kinnikuman: Prince of Planet Kinniku. Though usually a clumsy idiot, when things are at their worst he is capable of tremendous power, luck, and stamina. His favorite food is gyuudon and he will do anything for a bowl of it. His real name is Suguru Kinniku. He usually crossdresses.
Kinshin Kouhai (Blood Ring) Comic Japan 2000 Yamazaki Umetarou K D
1 X Mature. One story has a boy discovering his female teachers having sex and he is invited to participate. One of the female teacher is a shemale, and in the end the boy is being converted into one.
Kira Kira Kaoru Comic Japan 1994 Takahashi Saemi K D
Heian-era romance, with crossdressing, covering practically every variation of the theme imaginable.
Kira Kira Labyrinth Comic Japan 2000 Oobayashi Miyuki K D
3 P Arisu gets a new roomate! Her name is Kira, and she is tall and beautiful, with long hair. Arisu thinks Kira is so beautiful and perfect! But then she learns that Kira is not exactly what she seems! She is, in fact, a he.
Kisaragi Maru Kitan Comic Japan 1996 Kagami Haruki K T

Long ago an arrogant young warrior named Maru Kisaragi was transformed by a goddess into a woman and imprisoned in a cave. Centuries later, schoolboy Kennosuke Imamura accidentally frees her.
Kiseki De GO! Comic Japan 1999 Hazaki Yasumi K D

Vol 3: This is a fairly short story about two brothers who are dismayed to find out that their grandmother, who raised them, wants them to follow in the family tradition and become witches! At first they refuse, saying they can't because they're guys, but when their grandmother offers to make them into women unless they agree, they resign themselves to it.
Kiss Me Princess (Boy Princess) Comic Korea 2002 Kim Sae-Young K D
4 P Nicol, The youngest prince of a small kingdom, was spending his young in halcyon days, but one day a disaster struck him. That is to marry in place of his sister Princess Elena who eloped with a commoner.
Kisu Yori Mo Hayaku (Faster Than A Kiss) Comic Japan 2007 Tanaka Meca K D
Vol 1: Fumino Kaji sometimes play dressing up her little brother Teppei.
Kiteretsu Daihyakka Comic Japan 1974 Fujiko F. Fujio K T

Vol 3: Kiteretsu end with his soul in the body of a woman.
Kitty Pryde Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D Comic United States 1997 Marvel Comics K T
#1 (12/1997) Kitty (Shadowcat) is recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. to solve a computer problem they have on their Helicarrier. This is a trap for Kitty set by mystic ninja master Ogun in order to get Kitty into his grasp. He turns himself into Kitty in order to phone Wolverine and lure him into a trap also.
Kiwamete Kamoshida Comic Japan 1987 Yamamoto Naoki K T
Vol 4: A perverted boy and a beautiful girl swap bodies. He decides to have some fun with it.
Knight No Susume Comic Japan 1998 Kusumoto Kusuri K D
Boy dressing up for a play in the school. Another boys fall for him after seeing him. This boy also end doing a female part in a play.
Knight Princess Comic Taiwan 2005 Cen Xiao Jing K D
Talon is Yashi's father, but he disguises himself as Yashi's mother.
Kobayashi Ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!! Comic Japan 2012 Ikeyamada Gou K D
Mitsuru ask her twin sister Megumu to please switch with him for a week because he failed his history exam again.
Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kouen-mae Hashutsujo (Kochikame) Comic Japan 1976 Akimoto Osamu K B
Secondary character Asato Ai: Reiko’s occasional partner on the force, who pet name is "Maria". Like Reiko, Maria is tall, sexy, and buxom. Unlike Reiko, Maria is a brunette and a man. He is in love with Ryotsu and becomes jealous whenever another girl comes near him. He was a Muay Thai (kickboxing) champion (first appearance Vol 67). After one magical incidence, he became a female at last (Vol 111). Other recurring characters include transvestite cops from other districts.
Koharubiyori Comic Japan 2001 Mizuki Takehito K T
Vol 1 Chap 4: Murase and his robot maid Yui hit their heads and Takaya end in the body of his robot maid.
Koi Koi 7 Comic Japan 2002 Morishige K D
3 P Vol 2 Chap 8 "Tetsurou's Day of Agony": Tetsurou is dressed in girl school uniform. Vol 3 Chap 13 "How Many Miles to the Gokou Council?": Tetsurou is dressed in a maid costume in a school festival.
Koi No Cross Over Daisakusen Comic Japan 1979 Itami Rio K T

A prince is transformed against his will into a princess via time-released hormones.
Koibana Onsen Comic Japan 2005 Kawatsu Kenjiro K D
2 P Vol 7 Chap 47: Shuuhei disguised as a maid in a maid café in the Hakusen university student festival.
Koibana! - Koiseyo Hanabi Comic Japan 2007 Nanaji Nagamu K D
1 P Vol 1 Chap 5-6: Introduces Sassa, a girl that Hanabi Marui befriend, only to find that she is a boy crossdressing.
Koibito Wa Shugorei!? (My Lover is a Guardian Spirit!?) Comic Japan 1989 Mizushima Tohru K D

Vol 1 Chap 4: Soou dressed as a woman.
Koihime Comic Japan 1998 Monchi Kaori K D
Main Character Matsumoto Hakugyoku "Yuuki" is a famous kabuki actor.
Koikina Yatsuta (Smart Guys) Comic Japan 1974 Ichijo Yukari K D

Vol 1 Chap 3: Brother sustitutes his twin sister as the bride in a wedding
Koisuru Maid Shounen Comic Japan 2005 CJ Michalski K D
1 X Mature. Vol 1 Chap 3: Maid boy is given female clothes by his master and the boy dress in them.
Koisuru Otome To Shugo No Tate Comic Japan 2008 Ayano Naoto K D

Shuji is a secret agent. One day, his boss gives him a mission. That is to join a girls' boarding high school as a female student to guard a certain girl. He complaint but, anyway, he is forced to tackle his mission.... He disguises himself as a girl, and changes his name to Taeko.
Koisuru Vector Comic Japan 1999 Kayama Yumi K D

X Mature. Boy disguises as a highschool girl in a school festival.
Koizumi Sanchi No "Katei No Jijou" Comic Japan 1991 Natsume Ako K D * 4 P Natsuki, a police detective, disguises as a woman to go undercover. In his private life he also disguises as a woman and take the role of the mother of his daugther.
Kokaku Torimonochou Comic Japan 2007 Yoshisugu Katagiri K D
2 P Vol 1 Chap 2: Kokaku have to dress up as a female attendant in a hostess bussines
Koko Ni Iru Suiren Comic Japan 2002 Moriyama Daisuke K T
2 P Story 1 "Koko Ni Iru Suiren": Arikawa Megumu die in an accident and return to live possessing a girl's body.
Koko Wa Greenwood (Here Is Greenwood) Comic Japan 1987 Nasu Yukie K D
3 P Shun is a boy who looks like a girl and crossdresses a lot. He and his brother Reina also crossdresses to work as hostesses in the the family inn. Yoshiki is another boy with the same problem, he looks like a girl. Vol 6 Chap 2: Some of the boys in drag in a school festival. Vol 10 Chap 8: the boys do a play “Cinderella” and some of then are crossdressing.
Kokoro Connect Comic Japan 2010 CUTEG K T

The Culture Research Club of Yamahoshi Academy. The strange events that befall the five boys and girls there, causing their bodies and souls to be swapped around at random. What can be seen from the viewpoint of the others?
Kokoro Ni Hana Wo (Flower Shop Boys) Comic Japan 2003 Kanno Aya K D

P Vol 1 Sidestory: Fujinami Meilin disguises as a cheerleader in a basketball match, brief
Komatta Toki Ni Wa Hoshi Ni Kike Comic Japan 1997 Abe Miyuki K D
3 P Vol 10: There is a school festival with males in female costumes. Vol 15: Fujishima end in a women clothes for a modeling job. Shoots of this modeling job are showed in Vol 16 and 17. Vol 22: Fujishima end again in a dress as part of anadvertising campaign for a big shop.
Komesta Seven Comic Japan 2002 Shiozaki Yuuji K T

Story "A day in the Life": After switching bodies with a girl's dog a boy ends up in the body of the girl.
Konamaiki Kids Comic Japan 2001 Takamure Tamotsu K D
2 P A boy is pictured in girl's clothes. Later a male disguises as a female to save the boy that have been kidnapped.
Konbinin (Conveni-N) Comic Japan 2006 Wamusato Haru K T
1 X Mature. A spirit resurrects the main character, but makes him a girl to ensure he fulfills his promise to free the ghost's soul.
Koneko Commandos Comic Japan 1997 Unite Souji K B
2 Z Mature. Story 5 is about a thief that is transformed into a girl after sex. Brief and end. Story 11 "Black Sheep" have a boy that has been raised as a girl.
Koneko Diary Comic Japan 1996 Unite Souji K D
1 Z Mature. Story 3 has a girl that is helped by another and befriend her. In the end the new friend reveal that she is a boy.
Kongou Cheer Bu! Comic Japan 2011 Shinama K D
1 X Mature. One of the members of the cheerleading squad is a crossdressing boy.
Kono Hentai Yarou! Comic Japan 2011 Kabuki Shigeyuki K D
1 X Mature. Story 4 have a patient in an hospital that is forced to crossdress by the nurses.
Kono Koi Wa Himitsu Comic Japan 2007 Ajimine Sakufu K D
2 P Chap 1: Alvin and Razel going to a masquerade party, Alvin as arab princess.
Kono Musume Urimasu! Comic Japan 1975 Hagio Moto K D

P Story 1 “Bianka” is about the fashion world have a male that crossdresses as a female model.
Kore Comic United States 2003 Image Comics K T
#3 (07/2003) At the end a woman is about to be raped by three men when a wizard comes in and turns the leaders two friends into women. Brief.
Kore Ga Watashi No Goshujinsama (He Is My Master) Comic Japan 2002 Tsubaki Asu K D
Chap 8-9: Seiichirou reveals that he’s a lolicon, uniform fetishist, peeping, hentai-game fanatic who likes to crossdress
Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Comic Japan 2010 Sacchi K D
Aikawa Ayumu is a normal high school boy. One day he is killed by a serial killer and revived as a zombie by a necromancer Eucliwood Hellscythe. He starts to serve Eu as her guard but he happens to deprive a mahou-shoujo Haruna of her magic power. Haruna orders Ayumu to fight against anti-mahou shoujo system Megalo in her place.
Koroshiya Menkichi (Menkichi The Avenger) Comic Japan 2004 Tomizawa Jin K D
2 P Vol 3: Male disguises himself as a woman to act as a bait for a stalker.
Kosupure De Honou (Cosplay Fire) Comic Japan 1997 Yamauchi Shigetoshi K D
1 X Mature. Short stories. Story 6: Boy disguises as a school girl.
Kotaro Makaritoru Comic Japan 1984 Hiruta Tatsuya K D
3 P Vol 1: Kotaro briefly wear a sailor fuku. Vol 8: Tenkouji disguised as a female nurse to escape from the hospital. Arch 3 Vol 10-16 "D-Block": The female members of D-block are transvestites. Vol 10: Kotaro disguises as a highschool girl to sneak into the girl's changing room. Vol 11: It is revealed that the women of Block D are all transvestites and members of the China Rose gang: Vol 12-13: Kotaro is done a member of the China Rose gang. Arc 4 Vol 17-26: China Rose gang members form a cheerleader squad. Vol 31: China Rose gang is around. Vol 36: Otomi is out of clothes and Kotaro give him female clothes. Vol 39: Kotaro and Otomi dress up as women to help in the okama bar that the China Rose gang manage. Vol 47: Hiromi Kisaragi, the leader of the China Rose Gang is around while his brother is in the hospital.
Kotetsu No Daibouken Comic Japan 1992 MEE-kun K T

Vol 2: Ghost takes over a woman's body while she is sleeping.
Kotoha No Oujisama Comic Japan 2006 Watanabe Junko K D

The stewart of the house, was forced to dress up in maid clothes one time and now is a crossdresser.
Koucha Ouji Comic Japan 1997 Yamada Nanpei K D

Vol 12: There is some crossdressing in a food tent for a school fair
Koukai Benjo Comic Japan 2009 Hakaba K D
1 X Mature. Boy forced into women clothes.
Koukyuu Days - Shichi Kuni Monogatari Comic Japan 2011 Sumomo Momo K D
Vol 2 Chap 7-8: Male ninja disguised as a woman.
Koumon Jigoku Comic Japan 1986 Nakatsu Kenji K T

After losing a fight in hell, a juvenile delinquent highschool boy unintentionally has his soul transferred to a girl's body.
Koutou No Akatsuki Comic Japan 1999 Takiguchi Lingling K D
2 P Vol 1: Boy is disguised as a female to be the bait for the bandits that are kidnapping young women in a village in antient China.
Kouya No Tenshidomo (Miriam) Comic Japan 1983 Hikawa Kyoko K D
3 P Vol 2: Two young men, Joel and Card end dressing up as saloon girls to escape from a lynch in the far west.
Koware Hajimeta Tenshitachi (Broken Angels) Comic Japan 2000 Tsuzuki Setsuri K D

The story is about Fujiwara Sunao, a high school student often mistaken as a boy because of her dressing up like a boy. Sunao also has the ability to control and manipulate water at will. She appears to be the uncaring type of heroine but quickly befriends the crossdressing school nurse Mr. Shizuki and the perverted Kureha among many others. Sunao is a heroine that acts as a counselor to help people that have problems and saves them from themselves and their painful pasts.
Kuchibeni Monogatari Comic Japan 1996 Kobayashi Shownen K D
1 X Mature. Some stories have boys crossdressing to be near the girl they desire.
Kunisaki Izumo No Jijou Comic Japan 2009 Hirakawa Aya K D
3 P Izumo Kunisaki is often mistaken as a girl. His father trained him to play female roles in his family's Kabuki troupe. But he hated this and wanted to have a manly life. After leaving with his mother and living with her for eight years, he have to return to his father's house and Kabuki enter again in his life. Vol 1 Chap 1: Introduces Kagato Suruyagi, a member of the troupe specialized in female roles. He fail ill and Izumo have to fill for his role, a female princess. Vol 1 Chap 7: Introduces Kuroe Minamoto, another kabuki actor specialized in female roles. He like to trick Izumo into dressing up in female clothes. Vol 1 Chap 8-9: Kuroe trick Izumo into shopping for girls clothes. Vol 2 Chap 12: Kuroe trick Izumo into entering a beauty contest, Kagato also enter. Izumo end winning the crown. Vol 2 Chap 15: Izumo is tricked into attend school as a girl. Vol 3 Chap 20: Izumo end getting a part time job in a maid café.
Kuradaruma (Tokime Densetsu Kura Daruma) Comic Japan 1990 Shibata Masahiro K D
3 P Vol 14-15: News reporter start to dress up as a woman.
Kuragehime Comic Japan 2008 Higashimura Akiko K D
3 P Kurashita Tsukimi is a "kurage (jelly fish) otaku" girl who wants to be an illustrator. She comes to Tokyo and starts to live in a girl-only apartment Amamizukan. One day, Tsukimi meets a fashionable and beautiful girl, Kuranosuke Koibuchi, who saves a jellyfish that is about to die at a pet shop. She later discovers that Kuranosuke is merely crossdressing in order to evade inheritance of his father's occupation as a politician.
Kure-nai Comic Japan 2007 Yamamoto Yamato K D
Chap 6: Kurenai disguises as a woman to be the bait to trap a stalker.
Kuremix Special Comic Japan 2000

Boy is transformed into a woman.
Kuro Ageha Comic Japan 2013 Kas Atsushi K D

Story is about a boy who crossdresses to help in the cabaret club. Then he meets a girl who looks up to his alter-ego. Due to some circumstances this boy poses as some kind of famous female gang leader.
Kuroi Bishou Comic Japan 1974 Hosokawa Chieko K T

Male demon posseses a woman's body.
Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Comic Japan 2006 Toboso Yana K D
3 P Vol 2: Ciel is dressed up as a young lady to infiltrate into a party. Vol 6 and 7: While infiltrated in a circus, Ciel is confronted by a ballerina that reveal as a male in disguise.
Kuruizaki No Hana (Demon Flowers) Comic Japan 2004 Hakase Mizuki K D

Ushitora Ishikawa: Was the Assassin of the “Family” of demons he lived and worked with. After killing a Kuruizaki no Hana girl, he discovers her 4 year old brother and realises that he does not want to kill the child. He takes the boy and leaves the Family, effectively being branded a betrayer. Tall, blond and handsome, Ushitora appears to excel at almost everything he does, assassination, chess, cooking and even crossdressing.
Kurumi-tic Miracle Comic Japan 2003 Chitose Yagami K T

Vol 1 Chap 4 "Boy's Love": Kana is fan of the singer Akira. In a concert Akira fall and impact with kana changing bodies. In the end they return to their body after kissing.
Kusa-yakyuu Retsuden Comic Japan 1999 Mizushima Shinji K D
2 P Momoko, a female player in a baseball team, is in fact a male in disguise.
Kusatta Kyoushi No Houteishiki Comic Japan 1993 Kodaka Kazuma K D
1 P Crossdressing staff of a gay bar. Vol 2 Extra: Arisawa disguised as Alice on Wonderland
Kuuhaku No Himei Comic Japan 1994 Michihara Katsumi K T

Boy wakes up in a girl body.
Kyo Dai Dakara Nandayo!? Comic Japan 2007 Wata Nobu K D
My private tutor and boyfriend, Midorikawa-sensei is a student attending a super elite medical school. My teacher confessed to me and we started dating but I inadvertently lost my virginity! That's because, everyone around me already experienced their first time and I thought it was too late for me. At that time, my sister who has always lived separately from me returned. We met for many days and she wanted to have a romp in the hay with me!? Also she reveal herself to be a crossdressing man.
Kyo Nyu Oyako Comic Japan 2002 Kitamimaki Kei K D
1 X Mature. Shemales are in some of the stories.
Kyonyu No Aru Fukei Comic Japan 2005 Kikawa Kabao K T

Boy has sex with a cursed girl and becomes a female.
Kyonyuu Kazoku Comic Japan 1997 Hitoshi Mizuki K D
4 Z Mature. A story of the Muneuji family. Cute and sexy sisters, named "Kaname" and "Tsugumi", have really nice big tits. But her brother "Haruka" ...he is really male, has a nice pair of tits too!. The sequel “Shin Kyonyuu Kazoku” is an alternate retelling of the story.
Kyosuke And Six Ladies Comic Japan 1999 Ippei Ikoma K T
1 Z Mature. Story 8: Boy dreams he is transformed into a girl. Story 10: The boy is dressed up as a girl by some girlfriends. Other boy that is paying a visit end also in a dress.
Kyou Kara Maou! Comic Japan 2005 Matsumoto Temari K D
4 P Character Josak: Is one of Yuri's close personal guards. He's normally undercover and comes out to help when there's danger. Even though he's tall and muscular, he doesn't seem to mind running around in women dresses.
Kyou Kara Ore Wa!! Comic Japan 1988 Nishimori Hiroyuki K D
1 P Vol 1 Chap 3 "female highschool students": Takashi and Itou end crossdressing to help some girls to beat a rival gang.
Kyou Kara Yonshimai Comic Japan 2013 Kizuki Akira K D
Sakura Manabe is a 16-year-old high school student and is living with her 12-year-old sister Momiji and 27-year-old sister Botan, who works to support the three of them. Their 19-year-old brother Kashiwa has been away at college for two years and has suddenly decided to come back to live with them. However, when Kashiwa arrives, Sakura and the others discover that Kashiwa has now decided to live as a woman. Sakura and her two sisters now have to cope with the new reality of having another sister.
Kyou No Yabou Comic Japan 2000 Nanase Kai K D
1 X Mature. Uke boy dressing in girl's clothes for his lover.
Kyou Wa Arashi Comic Japan 1989 Yamazaki Takako K D
Vol 1: Boy disguises as his twin sister.
Kyoukai No Rinne Comic Japan 2009 Takahashi Rumiko K D
Vol 3 Chap 26: Rinne decides to dress in a maid uniform to try and capture a damashigami who is kidnapping school girls. It works. He actually has to unmask himself as male to his opponent when he defeats him. He then takes advantage of his situation to win the school's Mr. Lady competition.
Kyoumen No Silhouette Comic Japan 2010 Kagesaki Yuna K D
Eruna was entrusted with ruling a country at a very young age when her father, the king of a small kingdom, fell very ill. With such a heavy burden placed upon a mere teenager, the king gave Eruna an important piece of advice about how he made his time of rule a success: find your shadow. By finding her double, she will find the will to live and be brave even in the most dire situations. Eruna does find a person who looks identical to her but it turns out fate loves to play games. Teshio used to be a simple rancher who had a problem of always being mistaken for a girl but he is about to go from rags to riches because he becomes the new shadow for princess Eruna.
Kyoushi Keiko Comic Japan 1999 Kitamimaki Kei K D
2 X Mature. A transvestite is in the whole story. Also shemales are in some stories.
Kyuuketsuki No Uruwashiki Kekkon Comic Japan 2012 Kajiyama Mika K D
Story 3 has a crosdressing male in victorian era.
Kyuukyoku Choujin R Comic Japan 1985
3 P Makoto Hyoto is a friendly male student with transvestite tendencies. He meets the camera club by answering their call for attractive female models, revealing his gender shortly after, much to the club's later horror. Introduced in Vol 4. Vol 7: The school have a festival with a transvestite pageant.
L.E.G.I.O.N. Annual Comic United States 1990 DC Comics L D
#5 (1994) "WomanMan with Girl, the Boy Wonder" This is an Elseworlds story spoofing the origin of Batman, and takes place outside the regular DC continuity. In this story the super hero disguise of election is a woman one.
L.O.F (Love Or Fool) Comic Japan 2004 Saegusa Kohaku L D
1 X Mature. Chap 7: Boy forced into crossdressing by his girlfriend.
L'Effaceur Comic France 2003 Jenfèvre L D
T4 “Ton prochain, tu ne tueras point, le suivant, par contre...” Story “Big Ben Again” Steel O. Reynolds is a eraser. His helper disguises as a woman in this mission.
L'Empereur Ocean Comic France 2003 Igor Baranko L D
T1 “La Horde” Guerrilla man disguised as a female attack an army post.
La Caricia: Conexion Swinger Presenta: Comic Mexico 2004 Edito Leo L D
1 P #31 “Amor Lesbico” (04/2005) Omar, a transvestite working in a beauty saloon, is in fact a male inside, that only dress up to work.
La Caste Des Meta-Barons Comic France 1992 Gimenez Juan L T
T7 “Aghora, le Pere-Mere” Aghora have a female body but his brain is male. When at bird they where twin, the girl was born without brain and the boy brain was put inside the girl's body.
La Dolce Vita Comic Japan 1990 Yuzuki Hikaru L D
3 P Vol 14, 15 and 17. Ulala is a transvestite hostess working in the gay bar Blue Oyster.
La Java Des Gaspards Comic France 1990 Guilmard Pierre L D

T1 “L'Egorgeoir” A banker have a doublelife, in the nights he dresses in female clothes and goes to the city to enjoy the life as an easy woman.
La Memoire Des Arbres Comic Belgium 1994 Servais Jean-Claude L D

T2 “La Hache et le Fusil” Male wear his mother clothes in home.
La Nuit Du Papillon Comic Belgium 2006 Cornette L D
Ashley/Lolita is a transvestite that befriend Elias in a night bar.
La Pandilla De Los Siete Comic Spain 1945 Quesada Miguel L D
2 P #61 “El Mono de Escayola” Largo disguises as a girl to impersonate Patricia.
La Patrouille Des Castors Comic Belgium 1954 Mitacq L D
T9 “Le traitre sans visage” (1962) Spy disguised as a woman.
La Rose Ecarlate Comic France 2005 Lyfoung Patricia L D
2 P T4 “J'irai voir Venise” Guilhem disguises as a prostitute to pass the guards and enter in the prison to free a prisioner.
La Roue Comic France 2001 Kovacevic Drazen L T
T1 “La Prophétie de Korrot” Alfred Chester receives the death sentence for having killed her adulterous wife. To remain alive, he accepts an alternative experimental sentence, his spirit is separated from his body and sent to a parallel heroic/fantasy universe. To his great surprise he wakes up inside the body of a young princess named Leone, heiress to the throne of the most glorious kingdom of the world of Arkham, during a violent civil war.
La Tribu Comic France 2002 Lol L D
T1 “Top Naze Academy” Male complain about a casting only for women and disguises as one to try.
La Vida Exitante Y Brutal Presenta: Historias Pasionales Solo Para Adultos Comic Mexico 2000 Editorial Ejea L T
2 P #26 “Tengo unos pechos jugosos” (2000) Male return from U.S.A. transformed into a woman.
Lad:una Comic Japan 2001 Itou Mami L T
1 X Mature. Story 6: A man becomes a woman to produce children.
Lady Excentric Comic Japan 1989 Senno Knife L D
2 X Mature. Boy is made a Shemale by his misstress
Lady Victorian Comic Japan 1998 Moto Naoko L D
4 P Set in 1890’s Victorian England, in this story, the very beautiful and graceful Silver Lady is actually a man.
Lagoon Engine Comic Japan 2002 Sugisaki Yukiru L D

Character Shintaro Nagasaku, Yen and Jin's mother's editor. He's twenty-eight, single, and looking for a significant other. He's a strange editor, who has naturally melted into the Ragun household. He likes to crossdress, and speaks a little like a girl, but he's a good person, and will cook meals when Akane is busy.
Landreaall Comic Japan 2003 Ogaki Chika L D
3 P One of the boys in the school was raised as a girl to avoid problems. Vol 8: The boy is tricked into attend a ball as a girl. Vol 15: The boy has to pass himself as a woman.
Las Chambeadoras Comic Mexico 1996 Editorial Mango L B
#104 “Quiso ser miss y le dieron por el anis” (1997) Male disguises as a woman to enter a pageant. #181 “Colitas calientes contra pingas malolientes” (1999) The two sons of the devil came to earth and possesses women. #214 “¡Macanuda, pechugona y entrona!” (1999) Two men disguised as women. #272 “Limpieza total como la de las teclas no hay” (2000) Husband's mistress is a transvestite.
Las Oficinistas Comic Mexico 1989 Editorial Indice L D
#35 “Está pelona y pica” (10/1989) Woman is discovered to be a transvestite.
Last Pirontan Comic Japan 2004 Pirontan L D
1 X Mature. Boy grows breasts because of some potion.
Latest Comics Comic United States 1945 Spotlight Publishers L D
3 P #2 (1945) Private in the army is visited by his sexy girlfriend who turns out to be a male spy in disguise.
Laugh Comics Comic United States 1946 Archie Comics L D
#48 (12/1951) story “Archie Beast Feast” Archie got his clothes wet and the girl gave him a skirt to wear. #392 (12/1985) Story “Model Behavior” Archie needs to submit some shots of pretty girls for a photography portfolio, but the girls are unavailable. He gets Jughead to dress up as a girl but then Moose get interested in Jughead's “cousin Judy”.
Laugh Comics Digest Comic United States 1974 Archie Comics L D
#83 (07/1989) story “Mashed” Parody of M.A.S.H. Jughead dresses as a woman to get him out of army.
Le 110 Pillole Comic Italy 1985 Magnus L D
1 X Mature. Hsi-Men Ching have 110 pills to help him to enjoy sex. One time he use the pills to enjoy sex in a transvetite brothel.
Le Avventure Africane Di Giuseppe Bergman Comic Italy 1978 Manara Milo L D
2 P Part 3 and 4 (1982) Bergman loses his clothes and have to use the only avalaibles, a female dress.
Le Chariot De Thespis Comic France 1982 Rossi Christian L D
T1 “Le Chariot de Thespis” (1982) Drustan disguised as a woman to avoid a group of soldiers.
Le Chevalier D'Eon Comic France 2014 Maupré Agnès L D

P T1 “Lia” Chevalier d'Eon is a crossdresser and a spy.
Le Gang Mazda Comic Belgium 1988 Darasse Christian L D
T5 “Le Gang Mazda Cartonne” Male disguises as a woman to be with his female lover.
Le Goulag Comic France 1978 Dimitri L D
2 P T2 “Loubianka” Male prisioner disguises as a female to be with the female prisioners. T10 “La Belle” Male disguised as a female to help an official returning from East German to Russia.
Le Jardin Des Desirs Comic Belgium 1988 Will L D
Male have been searching for the perfect woman all his live, When he think he have find it, He married her, only to find that night that she is a male raised as a female..
Le Jeu Des Dames Comic France 2007 Ayroles François L D

Mr. Androuze is a crossdresser
Le Lievre De Mars Comic France 1993 Parras Antonio L D
T2-3 Male is helped by a woman to hide from his chasers, She dresses him in women's clothes to help him getting out from the city.
Le Passage De Venus Comic France 1999 Dethorey Jean-Paul L D
T1 Sailors have a party in a ship and one of them is disguised as a woman.
Le Petit Spirou Comic Belgium 1990 Janry L D
Childish adventures of Spirou and his friend. T2, T4, T5, T7, T11: Sometimes female disguises are used. T4: Aunt of Spirou came for a visit and Spirou discover that his aunt is a male.
Le Reveil Du Zelphire Comic France 2009 Friha L D
T2 “Prince de sang” Policeman disguised as a woman to trap Sylvan.
Le Scorpion Comic France 2000 Marini Enrico L D
T8 “L'Ombre de l'Ange” In the Rome of 1700s, Scorpion, an adventurer, pays a visit to a transvestite to get information about a man that is trying to befriend him.
Le Spirou De... Comic Belgium 2006 Bravo Emile L D
In 2006 Dupuis launched a second series of one-off volumes of “Spirou et Fantasio” by various authors, under the name “Une aventure de Spirou et Fantasio par...” It has subsequently been renamed "Le Spirou de...” T4 “Journal d'un ingénu, by Emile Bravo” Fantasio disguises as a woman to spy on a secret conference between Poland and Germany prior to WWII.
Le Stereo Club Comic France 2004 Spiessert Rudy L D
T1 “Britney Forever” Male goes to New York to visit his sister, and find her brother in law with a drag queen in the house.
Le Vent Dans Les Saules Comic France 1996 Plessix Michel L D
Male frog disguises as a female to scape from prison.
Le Vieux Nick Et Barbe Noir Comic Belgium 1960 Remacle L D
T1 “Pavillons noirs” Male pirate disguised as a woman. T9 “L'or du El Terrible” Barbe-Noire disguised as a dame to infiltrate a ship. T15 “Barbe-Noire aubergiste” Barbe-Noire is managing a guest house, but with his head priced, he need to hide, and is disguised as a woman. T17 “Barbe-Noire joue et perd” Pirates disguised as women to trick another ship. T23 “Hercule & Cie” Pirates are in prison and there is a theater day, one of the play ss a polynesian dance with males as girls.
Leave It To Binky Comic United States 1948 DC Comics L D
#52 (02/1956) Binky has to model a dress for his girlfriend.
Lega No 13 Comic Japan 2007 Yamazaki Takako L D
3 P Vol 1: Set in Renaissance Italy, a young man is jailed accused of being a wizard and a friend help him to scape and hide. His friend convinces him to go with him to a carnival ball, dressing as a woman. Later he does again when he need to go out to investigate in the shop his family had.
Legion Of Substitute Heroes Special Comic United States 1985 DC Comics L T
#1 (1985) Infectious Lass infects Color Kid with "Grandin Gender Reversal Disease", causing him to change into a woman overnight. Of course, they didn't even realize the change was her fault until she infects six shuttle passengers and a customs clerk (off-camera).
Legion Of Super-Heroes Comic United States 1980 DC Comics L T
3 P Vol 2 #305 (11/1983) Chameleon boy becomes Shrinking Violet to infiltrate terrorist group. Vol 3 #9 Chameleon boy becomes several members of amazonian aliens. Vol 4 #31 (07/1992) Shvaughn turned out to be a man named Sean. Shvaughn had been taking a gender-changing drug called Pro-Fem as a teenager because he thought it was the only way Element Lad would love him. During the invasion by the Dominators and the dilution of the Legion, Shvaughn was unable to obtain anymore Pro-Fem. Brief appareances also in Vol 2: #298, #299, #301, #302, #304, #305, #307 #310, #311, #312, #313, Vol 2 Annual #1, #2, #3; Vol 3: #2, #3, #8, #9 #10, #12, #16, #17, #19, #21, #24, #27, #33, #34, #37, #43, #45, 348, Vol 3 Annual #2; Vol 4: #0, #2, #3, #11, #31. Vol 4 #69 "Composite Man" is Durlan who had the ability to duplicate any Legionnaire's powers and appearance, including female members. Vol 4 #80 (05/1996) At the end of Legionnaires #36, it appeared that Phantom Girl's mother, Ambassador Winema Wazzo, had just shot the United Planets president and Brainiac-5 with a stun ray. It was revealed in LSH #80 that "Winema" was actually Chameleon Boy in disguise, taking part in an elaborate plot to ensnare the president. Vol 4 #87 (12/1996) "She's Not There" Deadman possesses a nun for 3 small panels while helping 2 of the Legion characters. Very brief. Vol 4 #107 (08/1998) Male Durlan assassin emulates female Legionnaire Triad... all three of her... for a 3-on-3 brawl. Vol 5 #12 (01/2006) In order to take out Terror Firma's deadly Skelter, Chameleon melds his body around Lightning Lad and then assumes the likeness of Saturn Girl. Skelter gets a bit of a shock when he tries to take "Saturn Girl" hostage. Vol 5 #41 (06/2008) Chameleon impersonates a female science police officer.
Legionnaires Comic United States 1993 DC Comics L T
#13-14 (04-05/1994) The "Grandin Gender Reversal Disease" makes another appearance. This time, it's given to Matter-Eater Lad so he can infiltrate a gang of female pirates. Unfortunately, his performance is less than convincing... #25 (05/1995) The Composite Man re-enters the current Legion continuity as a shapeshifting Durlan who can take on the form and powers of anyone he encounters. While fighting the LSH, he mimics most of their abilities, shifting quickly from one form to another. At one point, he takes on all of their powers simultaneously, making for a dangerous (and interesting-looking) combination. Finally, Saturn Girl manages to put a stop to him by fighting him telepathically. #36 (05/1996) it appeared that Phantom Girl's mother, Ambassador Winema Wazzo, had just shot the United Planets president and Brainiac-5 with a stun ray. It was revealed in Legion of Super-Heroes #80 that "Winema" was actually Chameleon Boy in disguise, taking part in an elaborate plot to ensnare the president.
Legs E Le Paladine Comic Italy 1998 Sergio Bonelli Editore L T
A group of women are transformed into female superheros. However, Chris (a male) is transformed with them.
Legs Weaver Comic Italy 1995 Sergio Bonelli Editore L T
1 P #36 “Il Segreto Delle Dame Nere” The Dame Nere (Black Dame) tell Legs about what could be of men if her sex-change ray gunnery is used around the Earth. Brief.
Leopard Hakusho Comic Japan 2008 Ougi Yuzuha L D
1 X Mature. Yaoi Story. Vol 1 Chap 1: Aya is forced to dress up as a woman by Shingyouji.
Les 4 As Comic Belgium 1964 Craenhals François L D
T4 “Et le gang des chapeaux blancs” Smuggler disguised as a woman discovered in the airport customs. T21 “Et le tresor des tsars” Thief is disguised as a woman to escape. T22 “Et le hold-up de la big bank” Thieves disguised as clean women to enter in a bank. T36 “Et la momie” Member of “Les 4 As” disguised as a woman to assist to a conference unnoticed.
Les Aigles Décapitées Comic France 1986 Kraehn Jean-Charles L D
3 P T13 "La Princesse Mordrie" Hughes disguises himself as a peasant woman to enter unnoticed into a castle.
Les Arcanes Du Midi-Minuit Comic France 2002 Trichet Cyril L B
Jim Mc Kalan and Jenna share the same body, transforming it from one into the other by touching any mirror. T3: One assassin is impersonating the women he kills.
Les Aventures De Chick Bill Comic Belgium 1953 Tibet L D * 2
T48 “La Voyante qui voyait double” (1979) Kid Ordinn disguised as a woman to trap a group of bandits.
Les Aventures De Dan Cooper Comic Belgium 1954 Weinberg Albert L D
1 P T11 “Acrobates du ciel” Pilot is called to come to the airbase and he came dressed as a bride, with another pilot dressed as a groom, because they were both in a theater playing a rehearsal.
Les Aventures De Philip Et Francis Comic France 2005 Barral Nicolas L D
T1 “Menace sur l'empire” Francis is kidnapped by a gang of women and is forced to dress up as a woman.
Les Aventures De Thierry De Royaumont Comic France 1953 Forget Pierre L D
2 P T4 “Pour Sauver Leila” Leila visit Thierry in the castle's dungeons and interchange her clothes with him so he can pass over the guards unnoticed. He, dressed as Leila, visit the dungeon where his friend Gaucher is and free him. Later they search for Sylvain in the castle's kitchen and Thierry gives him the female clothes while he and Gaucher get the guard's clothes, and they go to free Leila.
Les Aventures De Tintin Comic Belgium 1929 Herge L D
1 P T4 “Les Cigares du pharaon” Tintin escapes from a mental hospital and briefly wears a female disguise. T15 “Tintin au pays de l'or noir “ Tintin is helped by a male that disguises as a arab woman. Also Dupond and Dupont wear female arab clothes. T19 “Coke en stock” Tintin and Haddok wear female arab clothes to escape from a city.
Les Aventures Extraordinaires D'Adéle Blanc-Sec Comic France 1976 Tardi Jacques L D
T9 “ Le labyrinthe infernal” (2007) Woman is revealed to be a mad doctor in disguise.
Les Bijoux (Jewels) Comic Korea 2001 Park Sang Sun L T
2 P Welcome to a world divided into 12 Mines, each of them its own land - dominated by a rigid social class structure in which the 'Habit' exists to rule and the 'Spar' exist to serve. Their future dim and seemingly set in stone, the Spar find hope in an hero who is prophesied to overthrow the tyrannical rulers!. Lapis, a dark-skinned 'spar' born to a dwarf and a hunchback, is the chosen one in the prophecy. Lapis involuntarily changes back and forth between male and female, but he spends most of his time as a male. When Lapis changes sex, he is named Lazuli.
Les Brigades Du Temps Comic Belgium 2012 Duhamel Bruno L D
1 P T1 “1492, A l'ouest rien de nouveau” Kallaghan and Montcalm must disguise as women because their male disguises are missing.
Les Brumes Du Miroboland Comic France 2003 Mermin Alexandre L T
2 P T2 ”Le secret de Fenwik” Ranguen is tricked into drinkig a potion that transform him into a woman.
Les Chemins De Malefosse Comic France 1983 Dermaut François L D
1 P T11 “Le feu sur l'eau” Angelina help a prisioner giving him her clothes to escape from his kidnappers.
Les Chroniques De Légion Comic France 2011 Alberti Mario L T
3 P Story of Vlad Tepes after he "died" in 1476 a.d.. Vlad has the power to possess others using his blood. That way he survived his execution by transporting his essence into the body of one of his concubines, and survives through the years by changing bodies. By 1521 his essence is in the body of a young maiden, a spanish noblewoman named Gabriella, travelling to America to get married.
Les Crimes Innommables Comic France 1983 Willem L D
Members of a revolutionary group disguising as female prostitutes to enter in a party and kill their objetive, a military dictator.
Les Enquêtes D'Edmund Bell Comic Belgium 1986 Follet René L D
1 P T4 “L'Ombre noire“ Man disguised as a nanny to avoid capture by nazi police. Later the same man disguises as a peasant woman to avoid capture by soviet police.
Les Enquêtes De L'Inspecteur Bayard Comic France 1993 Schwartz Olivier L D
3 P T10 “Coups de feu à New-York” Bayard disguised as a woman to escape from a building. T13 “Ca chauffe à texico !” A woman is discovered to be a male in disguise.
Les Franval Comic Belgium 1966 Aidans Édouard L D
T7 “Rapt a Tokyo” Very briefly a persecution race enter a Kabuki Theater disturbing the the play.
Les Innommables Comic Belgium 1980 Conrad Didier L D
3 P T6 “Cloaques” Little man disguised as a little girl. Le Cycle USA T10 “À l'est de Roswell”, T11 “Au nord de White Sands” and T12 “Au sud-ouest de Moscou”: Gary is a male possing as a female. He has been operated and has implants to give him female appareance.
Les Memoires De Mathias Comic France 1981 Uderzo Marcel L D
T1 “Le tambour magique” One member of a bandit gang disguises as a woman to trick the travellers.
Les Paparazzi Comic Belgium 1996 Mazel L D
T4 “Temps de Pause” Male paparazzi disguises as a female to enter a concert and get photos.
Les Pieds Nickeles Comic France 1908 Forton Louis L D
2 P Adventures of a trio of swindlers. T6 "Le Casse Des Pieds Nickeles" Scaping from the police they disguise themselves, one of them as a woman. "Les Pieds Nickeles Profitent des Vacances" They stole one night in a fashion shop and dress in the female clothes from the shop. T7 "Les Pieds Nickeles s'Expatrient" One of them disguises a a woman to contact another thief in Nice. T10 "Les Pieds Nickeles et l'Energie" Two of them try a job of Butler and chambermaid in a big house they plan to rob. T11 "Les Pieds Nickeles Veterinaires" One of them pass as a dentist and other as a false female patient. "Les Pieds Nickeles Sous-Mariniers" To scape they disguise, one of them as a female, later they change disguises and the trio end in dresses. T14 "Les Pieds Nickeles contre les Fantomes" One of them dresses as a female to do auto-stop in the road. T23 "Les Pieds Nickeles Chercheurs d'Or" To get a land concession one of them disguises as a female. T25 "Les Pieds Nickeles Trappeurs" While in a cruise and in need to hiding themselves they disguises as female passagers. "Les Pieds Nickeles Cineastes, Douaniers et Pharmaciens" One of them disguises as a false female client to a pharmacy. T26 Les Pieds Nickeles ne veulent pas se faire rouler" To help with a scam two of them disguise as females. T28 Les Pieds Nickeles en pleine bagarre" they scape a siege disguised as females, and later uses the disguises to complete their scam.
Les Pionniers Du Nouveau Monde Comic Belgium 1982 Charles L D
3 P T6 “La Mort du Loup” Male takes the clothes from his lover and dressed as a maid enter the sieged city to contact them.
Les Pirates De L'Ocean Indien Comic France 1983 Faure Michel L D
T1 “John Bowen” Sailor have a party in a ship and one of them is dressed in female clothes.
Les Psys Comic Belgium 1994 Bédu L D
T10 “Et à part ça ?” One of the male patient have a double personality, by day is a male, but at nigh a female identity take control.
Les Rugbymen Comic France 2005 Poupard L D
T1 Rugbymen disguises as a classic dance female company after no bus company want to ride them. T5 One of the rugbymen disguises as a woman for hitchhiking.
Les Schtroumpfs (The Smurfs) Comic Belgium 1958 Peyo L D
T2 “Le Schtroumpfissime” In the second story “Schtroumpfonie en ut” Gargamel disguises as a fairy to trick a smurt. T22 “Le Schtroumpf Reporter“ One Smurt need to go undercover and try several disguises, one of them, female, very brief.
Les Scientiflics Comic France 2010 Carrère Serge L D
T1 Story “Da Vinci code” Albert diguises as a woman.
Les Toubibs Comic France 2003 Sirvent Alain L D
T2 Husband don't want his wife being examined by a male doctor, so the nurse disguises the doctor as if he were a woman.
Les Tuniques Bleus Comic Belgium 1970 Lambil L D
3 P T6 "La prison de Rovertsonville" Chesterfield and Blutch disguises as women to try evasion from the prison. T19 "Le David" While spying in Charleston, they disguise as a couple to evade from the city. First Blutch disguises as the wife, later they change disguises and is Chesterfield who dons female disguise. T22 "Des Bleus et des Dentelles" To raise the moral a male is dressed as a female nurse to assist the injured soldiers. Later Chesterfield is forced to volunteer for the job. And in the end Blutch is given the job. T28 "Les Bleus de la Balle" Blutch end doing a female role in a theater play. T50 "La Traque" Searching for deserters they find two disguised as female slaves. In the end and after scaping from south lines they change their clothes and Blutch end in a dress. T53 “Sang bleu chez les bleus” Blutch, after deserting, is captured dressed as a female slave.
Les Zappeurs Comic Belgium 1994 Ernst Serge L D
T13 “Fermette Academy“ In a reality show a male disguises as a female.
Level E Comic Japan 1995 Togashi Yoshihiro L D
2 P Vol 2 Chap 9 “Game Over...!?”: Alien prince Ouji is dressed as a princess.
Leviathan Comic Japan 1999 Kinutani Yuu L D
1 P The young shaman Samizo Kohei works as a psychic surgeon in an unlicensed clinic. Here he serves as the unofficial guardian of the Shinjuku underground, solving paranormal murder mysteries, with the assistance of an assortment of other bizarre mystics and semi-human allies, one of them a transvestite, Mitsuko.
Li'l Abner Comic United States 1934 Capp Al L D
Newspaper comic strip (1940) Yokum family does a false wedding to get some money, the bride is the father. Li'l Abner is tired of being a magneto for women and scape disguised as a woman, thinking that if he is a woman, women don't try to get him. Newspaper comic strip (1953) Li'l Abner Yokum becomes a female, at least on paper. A law is enacted in Lower Slobbovia making Abner a Slobbovian citizen and declaring him to be female. Renamed Liddle Anya, he spends the next three months in drag adapting to being female because he/she "obeys all laws, no matter how humiliating." This includes taking a job as sparring partner for gorgeous lady wrestler Tara Leggoff, who helps Anya with her makeup, loans clothes, and takes on a double date with two Slobbovian sailors (Pop Ivan and Sid Seasick). Anya eventually engages in a wrestling match with Tara for the right to marry General Bullmoose's son Weakfish. Abner becomes male again when rebels overthrow the Slobbovian government and repeal all laws.
Li'l Pals Comic United States 1972 Marvel Comics L D
#4 (03/1973) Buck Duck wears a dress after losing his clothes.
Liar Game Comic Japan 2005 Kaitani Shinobu L D
2 P Vol 2: In the second round of the Liar Game "Minority rules" one of the concursants, a female night worker, Miyahara Hitomi, reveals near the end that she is a male transvestite, Fukunaga Yuji. During Revival Round II (Vol 7-8) he disguises himself as a woman again.
Libero Kakumei!! (Libero Revolution!!) Comic Japan 2000 Tanaka Motoyuki L D
Vol 12: Boys are following a woman and they end in a night club with transvestites.
Liberty Liberty! Comic Japan 2005 Takanaga Hinako L D
2 P There's transgender character, Kurumi, who is part of a love triangle in the story.
Lie To Me Comic Korea 2004 Lee Youngran L D

Three short stories. In one of the stories a transvestite lies about his "past" to coax a neighbor into bed,
Lieutenant Burton Comic Belgium 1963 Funcken Liliane & Fred L D
1 P First published in magazine “Tintin”. T1 (2011) Story “Règle toujours ses comptes” After being robbed his uniform, Kinsley have to put on a dress.
Life With Archie Comic United States 1958 Archie Comics L D
3 P #15 (07/1962) Story “Disguise the Limit” When Archie is forbidden to go to the big prom, he wear a female disguise to attend, but finally dimisses the idea. #164 (12/1975) Story “The Bird's Lady secret” Bird authority Lady Finchley-Wren is revealed to be a thief in disguise.
Lilith Comic Italy 2008 Sergio Bonelli Editore L D * 1 P T9 “Il mondo fluttuante” (11/2012) Kabuki actor dressing as a woman.
Lincoln Comic Belgium 2002 Jouvray L D
T3 “Playground” four men enter disguised as two couples into a society party to try killing another man.
Lingerie Publicity (Miracle Lingerie) Comic Japan 1999 Nakahara Momota L T
3 P High school boy Konta is orphaned when a fire destroys the family shop "Magic Lingerie" and his home on the second floor. Moving in with the family of friend, Mika, Konta's dearest keepsakes are the few pieces of lingerie that managed to survive the fire. Returning from school one day, Konta discovers a strange girl in his room, wearing some of the lingerie, but is even more surprised when her slip slips off and she turns back into her friend's baby brother. With the discovery that the lingerie really is magical, Konta realizes that he can use it to temporarily become someone else - a woman. From schoolgirl to idol star, Konta's miss-adventures are just beginning.
Little Archie Comic United States 1956 Archie Comics L D
Vol 1 #5 (giant) story “All Dolled Up” Ronnie have to dress up as the new doll for Veronica. Vol 1 #11 (giant) story “The Ball and the Fly” After Little Archie hits a ball through Mr. Weatherbee's window, he and the boys try disguising as a couple (man and woman) to get home without being caught.
Little Busters! The 4-Koma Comic Japan 2006 Sasagiri Yuuya L D
2 P Vol 2Chap 29: Riki is tricked into dressing up as a female schooler.
Little Lulu Comic United States 1948 Dell L D
#63 (09/1953) Story “The Substitute” Mr. McNabbem disguises himself as a nursemaid to try to capture Lulu.
Living For Two Comic Japan 1996 Kakimoto Kenjiro L T

Boy transforms into a female using magic in order to get advantage from it.
Lizard King Comic Japan 1998 Baba Yasushi L T
Vol 2 Chap 13: Boy and girl swap bodies after falling down stairs.
Loan Wolf Comic Japan 1999 Yamada Shutaro L D
Vol 1: Male crossdressing, brief. Vol 2: Boy is forced into a schoolgirl's dress. Vol 3: Transvestite in the bathroom and later in the park.
Lobo / Judge Dredd Comic United States 1995 DC Comics L T
2 P #1 (11/1995) "Psycho-Bikers vs. The Mutants from Hell" Morph, who had previously disguised himself as Uncle Finky, changes into the voluptous nanny, in order to steal a ring from the emperor of Belgium.
Lobo's Back Comic United States 1992 DC Comics L T
2 P #2 (06/1992) and #3 (10/1992) Lobo is reincarnated (temporarily) as a woman.
Lobo's Big Babe Spring Break Special Comic United States 1995 DC Comics L D
2 P Lobo is hired as security for the Miss Voluptua beauty contest, where nobody is exactly who they seem to be…
Locke & Key Comic United States 2008 IDW Publishing L B
2 P Locke & Key: Keys to the Kingdom #2 (10/2010) Dodge transform into a female to seduce two workers into give “her” some information. Locke & Key: Clockworks #6 (04/2012) Duncan uses the gender key to transform himself into a girl. Later Dodge transform into a female to seduce and trick Mark. Locke & Key: Omega #2-4 (12/2012-02/2013) Boy and girl interchange clothes for a ball because of a stupid bet.
Locke & Key: Grindhouse Comic United States 2012 IDW Publishing L T
2 P #1 (08/2012) It’s about such a family during the Great Depression who is visited by a trio of robbers looking to take advantage of them and use Keyhouse as a safe house until their getaway arrives. The most despicable robber of the bunch who is shown as a hideous and perverted rapist. After the robbers have taken the family hostage, the guy takes one of the young women and tries to rape her. She uses the gender key to transform herself into a man and the rapist into a woman.
Locuras De Isidoro Comic Argentina 1968 Quinterno Dante L D
2 P #9 (03/1969) “Cuerpo Diplomatico” Isidoro disguises as a woman to escape from a gang going after him. #40 (11/1971) “Los Travestis de Babilonia” Isidoro disguises as a woman to escape from a gang of thief that were stealing in a bath house. Later He gives advice to a friend about a gorgeous woman saying that she is really a transvestite working in a near theatre. Also in the news is the disappearance of a group of female impersonators that could have escaped from their country “Babilonia” to Argentina. Isidoro sees a bussiness opportunity and look for them to be their manager. # 445 (01/2004) Isidoro is kiddnapped just when he was going to marry by a veiled woman, that is revealed to be a male in disguise.
Loïs Comic Belgium 2003 Pâques Olivier L D
T2 “Les Louis d'or” (2005) Two men disguised as women to escape from a city. T4 “Monsieur, frère du Roi” (2009) One murder victim is discovered to be a male dressed in women's clothes. Brief.
Loki Comic United States 2010 Marvel Comics L T
3 P #2 (02/2011) “Blood demands blood” The goddess Idunn is really Loki in disguise.
Loki: Agent Of Asgard Comic United States 2014 Marvel Comics L T
#2 (05/2014) Trixie, a female hacker the goddess Lorelei hired to help pull a casino heist in Monte Carlo, turns out to have been Loki all along. #5 (08/2014) Loki in female form, very brief.
Looney Tunes Comic United States 1994 DC Comics L D
3 P #3 (06/1994) Bugs as a female baseball player. #7 (10/1994) Daffy as a ballerina. #11 (02/1995) Yosemite Sam in a dress. #12 (03/1995) Daffy as Bugs mother. #13 (04/1995) Bugs as a nurse #14 (05/1995) Bugs, Sam and Pepe as cheerleaders. #21 (02/1996) Taz as Juliet in play. Bugs as salesgirls. #43 (08/1998) Sylvester dresses as Granny. #44 (09/1998) Sylvester made into the Bride of Frankentweety. #45 (10/1998) Bugs as a beautician. #46 (11/1998) Pepe dresses as woman to sneak into a dress shop. #58 (11/1999) Bugs as Bunni, a female folk singer. #67 (08/2000) Bugs dresses The Crusher in a dress. #71 (12/2000) Bugs as a sexy waitress. Daffy as female X-files agent. #76 (05/2001) Bugs as a female chef. #87 (04/2002) Bugs as grandma in a red riding hood story. #89 (06/2002) Bugs as female hunter. #90 (07/2002) Hector, Mugsy and Rocky all end up dressed up. #91 (08/2002) Bugs as Elmer's fairy godmother. #92 (09/2002) Pete as a old lady. #93 (10/2002) Bugs dresses as a cow to fool a bull. #95 (12/2002) Mad doctor as a little girl. #100 (05/2003) Dogs in female items. Bugs as an old lady mad when Elmer thinks Lola Bunny is him in disguise. Bugs as Brunhilda. #101 (06/2003) Bugs enters beauty contest to get revenge on Elmer. #103 (08/2003) Bugs as sexy female shopper. #104 (09/2003) Bugs as female hunter. #107 (12/2003) Bugs as an old lady. Sam as Granny. #108 (01/2004) Bugs as a female cyclist. #109 (02/2004) Marvin disguises as a female. #138 (07/2006) Bugs as a beautician. #149 (06/2007) Daffy as an old woman. #151 (08/2007) Male as a woman to teach Yosemite Sam how to treat a lady. Bugs as a female and elmer briefly also as a woman. #158 (03/2008) Men disguised as old women. #164 (09/2008) Bugs disguised as a woman with a baby. #168 (01/2009) Elmer as a female dance instructor. #178 (12/2009) Bugs shows up late for a story about models mad because he missed it ans showing off dress he wanted to wear.
Los Guerrilleros Comic Spain 1971 Bernet Joan L D
2 P T1 Guerrilla man is disguised as a woman to trick french invaders. T3 Guerrilla men disguised as peasant women to trick french invaders.
Los Picaros Mexicanos Comic Mexico 1991 Editormex Mexicana L D
#15 “Les dieron gato por liebre” (05/1991) Male sustitutes a transvestite male to allow a group of women to “cure” him.
Los Primos Del Parque Comic Spain 1990 Martin Jaime L D
1 X Mature. A group of friends plan to go to a striptease only for women, so three of them will disguise as women to enter.
Los Sensacionales Maestros, Las Chalanas Y Demas Chambitas Comic Mexico 1989 Editorial Ejea L D
#305 (2/1995) A handyman disguises as a woman to get a job as a handywoman in a all-female country club that don't allow men inside.
Lost Boys Comic Japan 2004 Itsuki Kaname L D
1 Z Mature. Boys are transported into a fantasy world and end in a pirate ship, one of the boys end disguised as a woman.
Lotte No Omocha (Rotte No Omocha) Comic Japan 2007 Haga Yui L D
2 P Vol 2 Chap 11-12: Naoya disguised as a maid to sneak into palace to see the queen.
Louis La Guigne Comic France 1982 Dethorey Jean-Paul L D
T3 “Un automne a Berlin” French woman just arriving to Berling find a job in a cabaret. She find that not all the women are women. Very brief.
Loulou Girls Comic France
Diaz Paco L D
3 X Mature. Monica, italian beauty, is the most recent adquisition for the “Loulou girls”, a troupe of high-standing prostitutes. Monica is later revealed to be a shemale.
LOVe Comic Japan 1993 Ishiwata Osamu L D

Asanuma Yuuji is a player from a rival school. He is a crossdresser.
Love Again Comic Japan 2001 Shiina Ahiru L T

X Mature. Boy turns into a woman after orgasm.
Love Allergern Comic Japan 2009 Katsura Yukimaru L D
Vol 2 Chap 12: Tasuku is tricked into dressing in Edo period clothes, first he end with a courtesan oufit, and after complaining, he end dressing as a princess.
Love And Collage Comic Japan 2005 Inoue Kazurou L D
Vol 1 Chap 3 "The Guy Called Shibusawa": brief girl disguise to spy in the girl changing room.
Love Berrish! Comic Japan 2005 Haruta Nana L D
One of the student in the Strawberry Tree Dorm is Yamanashi Ame, a beautiful girl revealed to be a boy in Vol 2.
Love Drug Comic Japan 2007 Higashizato Kiriko L D
1 X Mature. Story 5 “Love Rhapsody” A photographer works on with his new model, that end in female clothes for the photos.
Love Emotion Comic Japan 1995 Anyakunin L D
Mature. One story has a tranvestite boy being discovered by two classmates that start playing with him. In other story s boy in female school uniform is discovered in front of the class.
Love Etcetera Comic Japan 1997 Sakurano Nayuna L D
Chap 6: Male disguises as a woman because his lover want to be with a girlfriend, and not with a male.
Love Fantasy Comic Korea 2000 Hwang Mi Ri L D
2 P Vol 1: A effeminate friend of the main female character does a little dress up with the female clothes they have just bought.
Love Hunter Ren Comic Japan 1997 Sugi Emiko L D
1 P Vol 1: Megu an his girlfriend have a date in a disguise party. He goes as a female.
Love In Tights Comic United States 1998 Slave Labor L T

#2 “Valentine's Day Special” A tongue-in-cheek story of a superhero wedding. Unfortunately, the priestess turns out to be a devotee of the evil Church of Chaos, which puts a crimp in the wedding plans. The hero Iconic is able to quickly dispatch the villainess, but this still leaves the couple without a priestess to perform the ceremony, which can only be performed by a woman. However, with a little help from Gender Bender, Iconic himself is able to fill the role..
Love Is Everything Comic Japan 1999 Kudou Kiyomasa L D
2 Z Mature. Main character is a boy that likes to dress up as a girl.
Love Junkies Comic Japan 1999 Hatsuki Kyo L D
3 P Vol 2: Eitaro helps his female boss to search for her exboyfriend. They find that he is a transsexual working in a gay bar and waiting for his/her final surgery. Vol 14: Gay man remember how he tryed to seduce a man years ago crossdressing.
Love Love Labyrinth Comic Japan 2003 Sakurai Shushushu L T
2 Z Mature. Story 6: A footballer boy and a girl swap bodies after runing into each other.
Love Marmot Comic Japan 2006 Rion Yuki L T
2 Z Mature. Scientist genius does experiments with his brother, Makoto. One day Makoto drinks milk and is transformed into a female.
Love Masshigura! (Run Toward Love!) Comic Japan 2006 Takazawa Taeko L D

X Mature. Boy end working as a female hostess in a bar.
Love Me Tender Comic Japan 2001 KIKI L D

Sae and Kazuki, two friends working as models, move in to the apartment of beautiful Naoyuki. But opposed to what it seems, Naoyuki is not a girl but a transvestite, friend of childhood of Kazuki!.
Love Mode Comic Japan 1996 Shimizu Yuki L D
1 Z Mature. Vol 11 Chap 1: Tachibana Shiki disguised as a woman, and stealing Aoe Reiji's money.
Love Monster Comic Japan 2002 Miyagi Riko L D
1 P Vol 1 Chap 4: Introducing character Kamakura Kamako, a crossdressing teacher.
Love Pani Comic Japan 2007 Yagami Chitose L D

Secondary character Kaoru is a crossdressig model
Love Songs Comic Japan 2001 Sadahiro Mika L D
1 Z Mature. Male disguises as a female and in the last moment is discovered by his lover.
Love Stage!! Comic Japan 2010 Eiki Eiki L D
2 P Chap 1-3: Ten years ago Izumi had to sustitute a girl in a commercial shot. Now the company that did the shot want to do a new shot with the same cast.
Love Tore Comic Japan 2005 Kaiya Tatsumi L D
Chap 5: Boy is dressing as Juliet for the play “Romeo And Juliet”
Lovely Angel Comic Japan 1995 Nagai Go L T
1 X Mature. Vol 1 Chap 7 “Yakuza to Tenshi” Woman swaps bodies with the man who was trying to rape her in order to teach him a lesson
Lovely Complex Comic Japan 2001 Nakahara Aya L D
Character Seishiro "Seiko" Kotobuki: Has a large crush on Otani, although "she" is a male. Prefers to be called Seiko instead of Seishiro because is sounds more feminine.
Lovely Wars Comic Japan 1999 Sakura Chitose L D

Twin brother and sister disguising themselves as the other and changing places.
Luchas Calientes Y Las Gordas Del Ring Comic Mexico 1998 Editorial Mango L T
1 P #3 (1998) “El olor a pescado lo dejo noqueado” One Wrestling fighter is a transwoman.
Lucifera Comic Italy 1971 Morricone Edoardo L D
#21 “Urbano II” (06/1973) Amilcar disguises as a nun to trick a jeweller.
Lucky Luke Comic Belgium 1946 Morris L D
2 P T24 “La Caravane” (1964) Fired guide have disguised as an old woman to sabotage the wagon trail. T38 “Ma Dalton” (1971) Joe Dalton impersonates his own mother to rob. T54 “La Fiancée de Lucky Luke” (1985) A fugitive is disguised as a woman in a women's wagon trail. T73 “L'homme de Washington” (2008) Hitman disguised as a female dancer.
Lucky Style Comic Japan 2000 Araki You L T

Boy is transformed misteriously into a woman.
Ludwig Kakumei Comic Japan 2004 Yuki Kaori L D
Vol 4: Princess Juliana is revealed to be a boy raised as a girl and disguised as a boy.
Lupin III Comic Japan 1967 Monkey Punch L D
3 P Lupin is a master of disguise and many times crossdresses. Lupin III Vol 1 Chap 16: Lupin impersonates Fujiko in a bodysuit. Lupin III Y Vol 01 Chap 03: Goemon disguises as a dancing girl. Lupin III Y Vol 03 Chap 10: Woman that contact Lupin for a job is revealed to be a male in disguise. Lupin III Y Vol 03 Chap 11: Female tourguide is revealed to be a male hitman in disguise. Lupin III Y Vol 04 Chap 15: Lupin disguises a a woman to enter a women's secret society hideout. Lupin III Y Vol 07 Chap 29: Lupin, Jigen and Goemon disguised as females. Lupin III Y Vol 09 Chap 35: Lupin disguises as a female teacher in a girl's school. Lupin III Y Vol 11 Chap 44: Lupin disguises as Fujiko to fool a man. Lupin III Y Vol 11 Chap 45: Man disguises as Jigen and as Fujiko to fool Lupin. Vol 12 Chap 49: Lupin disguises as a female assistant and as a maid. Lupin III Y Vol 17 Chap 68: Lupin disguises as Fujiko to fool a madman.
Lydia, Soubrette De Luxe (Brigitte, French Maid) Comic France 1986 Colbert W.G. L D
3 Z Mature. #1 Lydia is invited to a party and in the car she find that a woman is a transvestite. Later at the party another woman is also revealed to be a transvestite. #2 Client of the hotel, countess Esperanza, is revealed to be the first transvestite she meet in the car. Later, Anna, a new employee in the hotel and the new roommate of Lydia is revealed to be a boy crossdressing to get the job. #3 Lydia and Anna doing their best to satisface the hotel clients, like the countess Esperanza. #4 Lydia and Anna doing their best to satisface the hotel clients, like the countess Esperanza.
Lythtis Comic Japan 1995 Utatane Hiroyuki L D

Evil wizard Donatus wants ultimate power and will do bad things to get it; someone's got to stop him. Fortunately our heroes are ready. All of them have big scores to settle with Donatus: Migiwa the dragon rider has had his father killed and his sister Kira kidnapped by Donatus; Lythtis's and Solest's dad has been killed by Donatus too, and Solest has been magically turned into a baby dragon; and Parmis... well, let's just say that he/she has his/her reasons to go after Donatus, too.
M No Yoromeki Comic Japan 2003 Yokoyama Mayumi M D

Vol 1: In the first story a boy disguises as a schoolgirl.
Macadam Comic France 1999 Lacaf Fabien M D
3 P T3 Max Klein is a cop searching for a serial killer, that in need of hiding himself kills a prostitute and take her live, dressing as her, and under this guise he continues killing women.
Macaroni Comic Japan 2004 Mamahara Ellie M D
2 P Vol 1 Chap 5: Viper and Robin disguised as women.
Macaroon Comic Japan 1994 Anthology M T
1 X Mature. Vol 1: Highschool boy and girl find they have switch bodies after being reanimated. Vol 4: A boy turns female after taking some medicines.
Macbeth Comic Spain 1991 Polls Esteve M D
Story “Adios al Mito”. Macbeth is a contract killer. His new victim is a starlet in Hollywood. He find that the actress is not what it seem and unmask the male with a camera, not needing to kill him.
Mad Bull 34 Comic Japan 1986 Inoue Noriyoshi M D
Vol 1: Mad Bull and Eddie dressing as women to cacth an women's assaulter, Later Mad Bull and Eddie are disguised as nuns. Vol 13: Mad Bull and Eddie dressed as policewomen. Vol 14: Dream Boy is a hitman, specialist in disguises that impersonate a nurse to try to kill his objetive. Vol 18: A woman reveal herself as a male before trying to kill Mad Bull and his woman. Vol 21: Mad Bull goes undercover as a gipsy woman. Vol 23: Mad Bull goes undercover as a rich woman to cacht a jewel's thief. Vol 24 and 25: Mad Bull end crossdressing as a nun.
Mad Scientist Ritsuko Comic Japan 1992 Watanabe Yoshimasa M T
2 X Mature. Story "I became a Woman": A mad female scientist turns a man into her clone.
Madame Mirage Comic United States 2007 Image Comics M T
#4 (12/2007) In a brief scene, Madame Mirage makes a male teleporter look like her in order to get him attacked by his fellow criminals. Just a few panels.
Made in Princess Comic Japan 1998 Bakedanuki M D
1 X Mature. In the last story one girl forces his boyfriend into girl's clothes
Magic Comics Comic United States 1939 David McKay M D
#121 (08/1949) Story “The Case of the Overworked Laundress” Alex the Great, escaped murderer, disguised as an old woman, shoots his way out of a tight spot when recognized by the alert driver of the school bus on which he and his sweetheart, Mascara, were escaping
Magic Kaito Comic Japan 1988 Aoyama Goushou M D
1 P Kaito is an Arsene Lupin-kind of thief who tries to discover the murderers of his father and is a master of disguise. Vol 1 Chap 4 “Kaito kid's busy weekend”: Kaito disguises his face as Aoko, to trick her father, a police officer. Vol 2 Chap 1 “Don't touch me!!!”: While on a snow resort, there is a contest for the fancy ski costume and a boy disguises as a girl. Vol 2 Chap 3 “I am the master”: Kaito disguises as a girl to escape from police.
Magical Change Comic Japan 2010 Homerun Ken M T
A high-school boy named Manaka Hiromi is given the magical power of the Red Garnet Princess to defeat the Devil King who is trying to escape Hell (or something like that). Unfortunately for him he's also given the sort of body that comes with the job description.
Magical Package Comic Japan 1993 Kazuka Shima M T

Short stories. In one of them a boy uses a magic miror to transform himself into a girl so he can protect his little sister from guys who are using a date-rape drug on unsuspecting girls.
Magical Strawberry Comic Japan 2005 Matsumoto Takeshi M D
Nico is a fairy living in the earth with a family. He is often disguised in female clothes. When in female clothes uses the name Connie.
Magical Taruruuto-kun Comic Japan 1988 Egawa Tatsuya M T
3 P Vol 5 Chap 1: Honmaru turn female thanks to magic drink to play volleyball with the girls. Vol 5 Chap 8: He do again to join the girls in the baths. Vol 6 Chap 5: He gives a girl the magic drink. He drink also to enjoy the discovery moment in the girl's changing room. Vol 10 Chap 3: He do again and is proposed by a man. Vol 20 Chap 8: He do again to play volleybal with the girs, also accidentally one man also get the drink and is transformed into a woman.
Magnolia Comic Japan 2010 Naked Ape M B
2 P Crown "Prince" Ayato is neither male or female, but at the age of 16 must choose a gender. Why does Ayato have a pair of "wings" on "his" back and what will "he" lose when "he" falls in love?. Vol 1 Chap 2-5: Ayato disguises as a woman to escape from a palace party he is forced to attend, but his escape disguised as a woman is not going as planned, and he end attending the party as a woman. Vol 6 Chap 29: Robert disguises as a woman to attend a masquerade party.
Magnum Flesh Comic Japan 1998 Captain Kiezel M T

Vol 1 and 2: A shapeshifter boy turns into a woman.
Maho Maho Comic Japan 2011 Kodama Miki M D

The rave of the country right now is the superhero Magical Hop. She is a cute witch that has been solving cases all over Japan with the use of her magic. She's become an idol of the country even though no one knows anything about her. Shinjouji Hazumu’s sister, Akane, is a giant Magical Hop fan. Even his best friend, Ootori, and his crush, Mononobe Komari, are infatuated with her. What none of them know is that the idol witch is actually Hazumu. He has been assigned this task by his mom and has to keep the secret while solving cases if he doesn’t want everyone in the country to think he is a crossdressing pervert!
Mahoraba (Heartful Days) Comic Japan 2000 Kojima Akira M D
2 P Vol 5 Chap 23-24: Shiratori is forced into crossdressing. Vol 7 Chap 35: Shiratori crossdressing as a woman. Vol 9 Chap 43: Shiratori crossdressing as a woman. Vol 10 Chap 48: Shiratori crossdressing as a woman
Mahoromatic Comic Japan 1998 Ditama Bow M T
Vol 4: Mahoro, who is constantly feeling embarassed by her small chest, buys a device that will make her breasts grow. However, it turns out to be too powerful, and soon the entire cast grows their own pair of large breasts, including the male hero, Suguru.
Mahou No Okurimono Comic Japan 1994 Morisawa Toshio M T

Man and woman swap bodies.
Mahou No Oyaji Pretty Sousuke Comic Japan 1990 Yasunaga Koichirou M T

Man transforms into a woman.
Mahou Sensei Negima! Comic Japan 2003 Akamatsu Ken M D
Vol 11 Chap 90: Negima offers to assist his class for the haunted house by walking around dressed up and advertising. First they dress him as a vampire, then as a foxgirl.
Mahou Shoujo Pretty Bell Comic Japan 2009 KAKERU M D
Magical rod "ryin rod" has been awakened. When the compatible user "magical girl pretty bell" appears, it always says that the world will be at risk. Milk and Cocoa are angels who protect the rod and support magical girl pretty bell. They have come to the town where a compatible user, Misaki Eri, lives, while being attacked by an enermy. However the rod didn't point to Eri but pointed to a body building neighbor, Takada Atsushi. why did the rod pick Atsushi instead of Eri? and why there are two compatible users?
Mahou Shounen Majorian Comic Japan 2007 Ishida Atsuko M T
Iori is a timid boy and Masaru is a naughty boy. Masaru has a hobby to bully the weakers, especially Iori. Some day two rabbit-shaped-aliens came to the earth and gave them (Iroi and Masaru) magical sticks, and forced them to fight with monsters. When they used magical sticks, they transformed into big girls.
Mahou Zakkaten Vi Via (Bishoujo Mahou Senshi Catling) Comic Japan
Nekobyou Neko M T
2 P When there's trouble, the city has a heroine to call on: Magic Battler Catling! But this mysterious girl has a secret: she's really a male junior high school student! With the help of a magical red bracelet he bought from a strange magic shop, he turns into a superheroine to fight for justice!.
Mai No Heya Comic Japan 2006 Yui Toshiki M D
Vol 2 Chap 16: Yuusuke take some liberties with Yoshioka and is punished having to dress up as a girl. Vol 2 Chap 19: Introduces Eizawa Hiromi, a boy that likes to dress up as a girl to be near them.
Mai-Otome Comic Japan 2005 Satou Kenetsu M D
The story seems to be about Mashiro, who is out to investigate his mother's (who was some type of royalty) death. At the start of the story he is going to school and wears his mother's clothes to look like a girl. There is also a sequel titled “Mai-Otome Arashi”.
Mai-Otome Arashi Comic Japan 2007 Satou Kenetsu M D
Set 3 months after the 1st series “Mai-Otome”. Mashiro continues in the school wearing his mother's clothes to look like a girl.
Maid In Heaven Comic Japan 2007 Shimada Hisami M D
1 X Mature. Midori must become a maid for the young and handsome Asagi.
Maid In Japan Comic Japan 2000 Kouzuki Mayuki M T

Boy is turned into a girl in a virtual world.
Maid In Japan Comic Japan 2007 Orimoto Mimana M D
1 X Mature. In order to be bought by a rich family, Narumi Inoue, hiding the truth that she is a man, goes to a girls' school. As a trainee, Narumi was sent to serve a girl from rich family who hates maids. And if it's being found out that Narumi is a man, his penis will be cut.
Maid In Prince Comic Japan 2004 Amagi Reno M D
1 Z Mature. Yaoi short stories. Chap 1 “Maid in Prince”: Mikoto, the son of a big banking family, is one night caught in the plot of a rival bank and suddenly becomes penniless! The only one who will help him is the honored son of the suspected rival bank, the bank's vice-president Marehiko. He hires Mikoto to work for him as a...maid?
Maid Monogotari Comic Japan 2000 Sada Koji M T

Boy is turned into a female by accident using magic.
Mainichi Seiten Comic Japan 2000 Ninomiya Etsumi M D
Vol 1 Chap 4 – Vol 2 Chap 8: Mayumi is asked to wear a female yukata.
Mairunovich Comic Japan 2010 Sato Zakuri M D
2 P Fuwari-chan is a transvestite and mentor/neighbor of Kinoshita Mairu.
Maison De Beauties Comic Japan 2000 Setona Mizushiro M D
3 P Kaga Kirei is one of the tenants and a transvestite performer at a crossdressing bar. He is a dancer and is saving money for his sex-change operation.
Majikaru Musou Tenshi Tsuki Irase!! Ryofuko-chan Comic Japan 2007 Suzuki Jirou M T

Our almighty Luu Bu meets his crisis for all life: he is taken to the future world with the appearance of an elementary schoolgirl. Living with the name Ryofuko-chan, Luu Bu, Chen Gong (with the name Chinkyuu-chan) and Gao Shun (Koujun, as the lion toy) meet their nemesis, Cao Cao (Sousou), his cousin Xiahou Dun (Kakouton) and the great warrior Guan Yu (Kan'u)...
Majimoji Rurumo: Makai-hen Comic Japan 2011 Watanabe Wataru M T
Sequel to “Majimori Rurumo”. Vol 2 Chap 50: Kouta infiltrates the magic world using what appears to be an artificial female body that's modelled after an existing person's appearance. Bathhouse antics ensue. Chap 55-61: Kouta’s body is damaged and he must use the female body in the meantime.
Majo Kyoushi Mayako Comic Japan 1993 Yazaki Tooru M B
3 Z Mature. School boy is tricked and lured by his female teacher and end being her transvestite lover. Later He is transformed into a female as part of black magic ritual.
Majo No Kishi Comic Japan 2006 Ninose Yasunori M D
2 Z Mature. A guy named Chord Belote, forced to become a knight in order to support his poor family, gets lost in a forest and meets a witch that chooses him to be her knight (her hexen ritter), and she also end dressing up him in female clothes.
Majo Wa H Na Otoshigoro Comic Japan 1992 Arima Ichirou M T
Boy accidentally summons a witch and gets transformed into a girl twice.
Majokko Mai-chan Comic Japan 1994 Norimatsu Akira M T

A boy brain is placed in a female cyborg as part of a scientific experiment.
Majokko Sentai Pastelion Comic Japan 1995 Matsuzawa Natsuki M D

Trio of magical girls must defend the earth from invading forces. Yuki, the blue magical girl, is a boy in disguise.
Majutsushi² (Magician Square) Comic Japan 2001 Okano Takeshi M D
1 P Vol 2: Claude is a Magician boy that is very good at crossdressing as the female host of a magician competition.
Makai Ouji: Devils And Realist Comic Japan 2009 Yukihiro Utako M D
2 P Vol 2 Chap 9 (in the magazine only): Sitri is given the “Baptism” and he end having to dress up as a girl. Vol 2 Chap 10: Sitri dressing as Ophelia because he is going to be in the play Hamlet. Vol 2 Chap 18 and Vol 3 Chap 20: Sitri as Ophelia in the play Hamlet.
Maken-Ki! Comic Japan 2007 Takeda Hiromitsu M T
Shiria (Celia) Ootsuka: her "Inverse" ability allows her to reverse anything she wants: Deflect stuff about to hit her, reverse her opponent's determination to hit her... and she can even reverse his own gender. She always has her "Inverse" on to stay as a woman. Introduced in Chap 8. Truth about her identity is revealed in Chap 19.
Makoto-chan Comic Japan 1976 Umezu Kazuo M D

The series follows the odd life of kindergartener Makoto Sawada and his family. Makoto gets into all sorts of toilet and adult humor. He sometimes dresses in his mother's and sister's clothing, and often has a long strand of mucus dangling from his nose.
Makuhari Comic Japan 1996 Yasuaki Kita M D

P Brief episodes of crossdressing where members of a school baseball team dress with female lingerie or female school uniforms.
Makuhiru Yuzu Comic Japan 1997 Kitano Kenichi M T

Vol 1: Boy dreams he is a woman.
Male Beautiful Girl Comic Korea 2001 Han Yu-Rang M D
One girl in the school is revealed in Vol 7 that is in fact a boy crossdressing.
Mamotte! Lollipop Comic Japan 2003 Kikuta Michiyo M B
1 P Vol 1 Chap 1: Forte, one of the wizards send to steal the fire crystal ball of Nina disguises as a girl to enter the girls changing room. There is a sequel called “Modotte Mamotte! Lollipop”.
Mangetsu Monogatari (The Full Moon's Tale) Comic Japan 2001 Nakamura Shungiku M D

After a scandal got him kicked out of his position at court, Takaaki's been idling the days away at his manor, impulsive and bored. Then one day his friend Naruhito stops by and tells him an insane story about the most beautiful woman alive -- and drags him off in his attempt to win her heart. Tagging along, Takaaki soon realizes that the "Princess" isn't exactly who she (he!?) seems to be. Who exactly is Princess Kaguya, and what is the dark secret behind her (his!?) past?
Manhunter Comic United States 1988 DC Comics M T
3 P Vol 1 #1-4 (07-10/1988) Stephen Lee’s mutant ability manifested itself in childhood when his facial features collapsed into a putty-like form. In adulthood he learned to reshape his face into that of anyone else but was unable to reconstruct what his own adult face should have been. Taking the name Dumas he became a deadly United States intelligence agent in the Far East and later a freelance assassin in Japan, developing a reputation as an operative who would never back off from an assignment once he had accepted it. Early in his adult life Dumas’s power developed to the point that he could reshape his entire body and, feeling that he could never find a woman to love, he assumed female form himself to become Olivia Vancroft, a socialite of the late 1930s
Mankitsu Comic Japan 2009 Haruki M D
1 X Mature. Vol 1: Male dress up in women's clothes to have sex
Manly Comic Taiwan 1995 Tong Ai M D
Vol 2-3: Two men disguised as female chefs to infiltrate into a building using the restaurant kitchen.
Mantra Comic United States 1993 Malibu Comics M T
5 P Mantra chronicled the adventures of the eponymous heroine, who for 1500 years had fought, died and been reincarnated as the male knight Lukasz before being reincarnated one final time into a body which his master had decided was better suited towards learning the ways of sorcery. That body belonged to Eden Blake, an attractive divorcee and mother of two young children. To put it mildly, Lukasz was not at all happy with this arrangement. On his/her own for the first time in centuries, Lukasz fought to learn the ways of magic while being forced to adapt to his new situation. For a long time, he was incensed with his feminine condition, detesting his female body and resenting the children he had been saddled with, constantly searching for ways to regain his lost manhood. Over time, however, he began to care for the children and eventually, out of love for them and respect for their mother, started to accept his new role.
Mantra Giant Size Comic United States 1994 Malibu Comics M T
5 P #1 (07/1994) Its goes between Mantra #12 and #13. Mantra is caught in a war between the rival cities of Gwendor and Neros on the Godwheel.
Mantra: Spear Of Destiny Comic United States 1995 Malibu Comics M T
5 P A two-issue Mantra limited series that ran concurrently with the regular series. As an agent of Aladdin, Eden Blake (Mantra) goes undercover in search of the mystical Spear of Destiny, but other Ultras also have designs on the artifact.
Maomarino Comic Japan 2010 Tanisawa Shiki M T
This is the story of a village where a deity is--on the day of the village festival, the deity endows a boy, Mao, with a destiny. That destiny is to live as a girl. In a small village where forests, lakes, fields, fish, insects, and flowers flourish, Mao, his sister, and his friend confront fate.
Maple Senki (Women's Baseball Team) Comic Japan 1991 Kawahara Izumi M D
Story about a women baseball team in wich one of the members is a male transvestite playing as the pitcher.
MÄR (Märchen Awakens Romance) Comic Japan 2003 Anzai Nobuyuki M T

Vol 6: The male magic item bobo assumes a female guardian form which is called alice.
Marccero Storia Comic Japan 1982 Itsuki Natsumi M D
4 P Marcello, a delinquent boy from Italy, gets picked up by a veteran of the Paris fashion industry. He begins a career as a top female fashion model.
Maria Holic Comic Japan 2006 Endou Minari M D
Kanako changed her school to Amanokisaki girl’s mission school to find her true love (she is a lesbian). She began to meet and to make friends with various pretty girls like Mariya who is very kind and the president of the student council of middle school. Later she find that the kind Mariya, is actually an evil guy. Mariya became kanako’s roommate using his power, to keep a close watch over her all the time for her not to leak out his secret.
Marin Scramble Comic Japan 1999 Mizuta Kyouryuu M D
Marin’s father has passed away and she now has to live with the little sister she never even knew she had. Only, Marin is a boy and seems to be the only person who hasn’t figured that out.
Marmalade Boy Comic Japan 1992 Yoshizumi Wataru M D
2 P Vol 5 Chap 23: The main character had to dress up as a beautiful woman for a TV commercial.
Mars Comic Japan 1996 Soryo Fuyumi M D
2 P Vol 10; Kira runs away from her mother and step-father (who had molested her when she was younger) and moves in with her boyfriend Rei. Because she didn't bring any clothes with her, they borrow some clothes from Violet, a transsexual who lives in the same building as Rei. Violet works in a nightclub in Shinjuko.
Mars Attacks Comic United States 1994 Topps M D
1 P Vol 1 #5 (09/1994) A Martian disguises as an human female to trap a human male.
Marshmallow Box Comic Japan 2001 Phoenicia Masako M D
1 Z Mature. Story "Delicious": Boy disguised as a waitress.
Marsupilami Comic Belgium 1987 Batem M D *

T25 “Sur la piste du Marsupilami” (2012) Male diguised as a woman.
Martian Manhunter Comic United States 1988 DC Comics M T
Vol 2 #4 (03/1999) Martian Manhunter's nemesis from Mars, Ma'lefa'ak (Malefic) poses as Wonder Woman to gain access to the Manhunter's Antarctic stronghold, Z'onn Z'orr. Vol 2 #10 (09/1999) In an effort to comfort his friend Fire, the Martian Manhunter briefly turns into her recently deceased best friend and former Justice League International partner Tora, a.k.a. Ice. Also, the Manhunter briefly mentions in passing one of his human female guises, a Uruguayan author named Isobel De La Rosa. Vol 2 #20 (07/2000) J'onn Jonzz periodically looked in on Clark Kent while he was growing up fearing he would eventually conquer the Earth and remake the planet into a new Krypton. He spent an entire year as Clark's civics teacher, Mrs Klingman, as part of his surveillance. Vol 2 #26 (01/2001) Martian Manhunter takes the identity of Goldie Johnson, a blond tabloid reporter. Vol 2 #27 (02/2001) Martian Manhunter takes the identity of Malinka's Mother.
Martian Manhunter Annual Comic United States 1998 DC Comics M T

#1 (10/1998) Martian Manuhunter shape shifts to middle aged woman for several panels.
Maru-Imo!? Comic Japan 2005 Youtarou Sena M D
1 X Mature. Boy is dressed in female clothes by his girlfriend.
Marude Cinderella Boy Comic Japan 1989 Yamauchi Shigetoshi M D
3 P One boy disguised as a girl and working as a model to be near the girl he love.
Marugoto Anjyu Gakuen Comic Japan 2005 Amatsu Sae M D
Kaguya is a boy in an all-girl's school for demons. Being the only human was bad enough, but the added risk of his manhood being discovered makes for silly and unbelievable situations.
Marugoto Okusan Remix Comic Japan 2000 Ikoma Ippei M D
1 X Mature. One story has two boys, that are dressing as girls in a school fair, failling in a hole that wear them into a fantasy world.
Maruhi Comic Japan 2000 Amagi Kei M D
2 X Mature. In one of the stories a woman blackmail a boy, after showing old pictures of him dressed as a little girl, to dress up as a girl.
Marvel Adventures Iron Man Comic United States 2007 Marvel Comics M T
2 P #10 (04/2008) The Chameleon takes the form of Spider-Woman to frame her. And later takes the form of Spider-Woman civil identity, Jessica Drew.
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Comic United States 2005 Marvel Comics M T
#13 (05/2006) The Chameleon disguised as Peter Parker's Aunt May after attempting to steal the Mona Lisa from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Marvel Comics Presents Comic United States 1988 Marvel Comics M T
#39 (01/1990) Skyppi transform into Layana's chambermaid to play cards with her. #119 (12/1992) Wonder Man is transformed into a woman by MoJo. Brief. #127 (1993) Man named "Dusk" turns himself into Typhoid Mary in order to tempt and torture Ghost Rider. #150-151 (03-04/1994) Jessie was kidnapped by the Fortress for study, so Professor X sent Wolverine to retrieve her. Wolverine convinced Typhoid Mary to rescue Jessie. She eventually succeeded, but the man-hating Bloody Mary persona emerged and knocked Jessie unconscious. When Jessie woke up, she went after Mary. Upon finding her, she revealed that she was transgender, feeling like a girl trapped in a boy's body. Mary accepted this, reverting to her more docile persona, and the two went in for psychiatry together.
Marvel Graphic Novel Comic United States 1982 Marvel Comics M B
#36 “Willow” The official comics adaptation of the movie. Madmartigan dresses as a woman to trick his lover's husband. #37 “Hercules Prince of Power” Skyppi transform into a little girl and into Layana.
Marvel Illustrated: The Three Musketeers Comic United States 2008 Marvel Comics M D
1 P #4 (11/2008) D'Artagnan dresses up in the only clothes avalaible to escape from Milady servants that want to kill him. The clothes are from Milady's maid. Very brief.
Marvel Mystery Comics Comic United States 1939 Marvel Comics M D
#11 (09/1940) Story “A Nestfull of Loot” Villain posing as an egg woman. #38 (12/1942) Story “Crime Marches On” Torch and Toro apprehend the business partner of broke firm that turns to crime, and crossdressing, as Madame Crime. #58 (09/1944) Story “Black Widow” He was hired by wives who sought to kill their husbands for their own personal gain. Due to the specific nature of his hits, the man dressed up as a woman in a black funeral dress with veil. One of his jobs was spotted by Miss America who rushed to stop the Black Widow and "her" men from strangling a man to death. Unaware of the Black Widow's true gender, Miss America had trouble attacking another woman and the Widow's men tossed their victim off the roof of a building forcing Miss America to rescue him with the Black Widow and "her" men escaped. The Widow's undoing proved to be in being careless enough to drop a notebook containing all the personal information of "her" victims. Miss America thwarted the next two targets that were on Miss America's list. During the latter encounter, Miss America took a full on punch from the Black Widow and realized she was dealing with a man. No longer holding back, Miss America easily beat the Black Widow and his men into submission and turned them over to the authorities. #61 (01/1945) Story “The Secret of the Masked Horror” The story starts off involving Torch and Toro in a murder case which appears that the chaffuer and housekeeper murder their boss, Mr. Jordon, for his inheritance. But after the housekeeper murders the chauffeur so as not to have to split the money, Torch and Toro pursue the car and "she" loses control of it and crashes. Torch removes the wig from the dead body of crossdressing Mr. Jordon and realizes that he had the chauffeur pick out a double of him from the Bowery and kill him to fake his own death and collect the life insurance policy.
Marvel Premiere Comic United States 1972 Marvel Comics M T
#27 (12/1975) Featuring Satana. Her nemesis, a male demon called Dansker, uses the soul and female body of Deborah Hirch to escape from hell.
Marvel Preview Comic United States 1975 Marvel Comics M T
#24 (1981) Paradox is a secret agent with the ability to take on any living form he wishes. In this issue, he turns himself into the duplicate of the Lunar Ambassador's wife.
Marvel Super-Heroes Comic United States 1967 Marvel Comics M D
Vol 2 #15 (10/1993) Loki helps Thor to disguise himself as goddess Freya to steal Mjolnir back from the Jotuns.
Marvel Tales Comic United States 1949 Marvel Comics M T
Vol 2 #197 (03/1987) Skyppi transform into a woman, to star a fight and help Hercules and win a bet.
Mary Noticias Comic Spain 1962 Barbara Carmen M D
1 P #16 “Un tipo con toda la barba” Thief has disguised himself as a woman to elude the police after a jewels' rob.
Mary-San No Hitsuji Comic Japan 1991 Kamio Yoko M D
1 P Brief crossdressing scenes. Vol 3: There is a farewell party and boys are crossdressing.
Mascara Blues Comic Japan 2007 Sakisaka Io M D
Contains 3 oneshots. Third story “So I Can Be Myself -A Long Dream-” Hikaru wakes up every morning and feels that today's going to be a long dream. Then she meets a hairstylist, Mashima Eiji, who asks her to be his hair model. When she tells her friends this, they warn her not to fall in love with him because hairstylist are know to "play" with you. But she can't stop thinking about him! Is he just going to play around with her, or will he take her seriously if she confesses? At the end she confesses that she is really a male, and Mashima end accepting him/her.
Massugu Na Michi De Samishii (This Strange Road, Full Of Loneliness) Comic Japan 2003 Iwashige Takashi M D
2 P Vol 2: One man want to intimate with a woman, but she confess to him that she is a male, after the shock he don't mind and they start to date.
Matantei Loki Ragnarok (Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok) Comic Japan 1999 Kinoshita Sakura M D
Vol 2 Chap 6: In the culture festival Loki end dressing up as Tiger Lily. Vol 3 Chap 13: Mikawaya end in a wedding dress.
Matendou Sonata Comic Japan 1986 Amagi Sayuri M D
1 P Vol 1: Angel goes to Earth disguised as a woman. Probably more cases.
Mauvais Genre Comic France 2013 Cruchaudet Chloé M D
T1: To escape the conviction after deserting the french army during the Great War, Paul Bunch, married to Louise Landy, disguises himself as a woman and becomes Suzanne Landgard.
Maya Comic Japan 1999 Hagiwara Tatsuya M T

Yoshitomo Iyota is a high school graduate on the verge of entering college. On his way home one night he sees a young woman about to commit suicide. In the process of rescuing her, Iyota collides with her and they switch bodies. Thus does Iyota find himself in the body and life of teen idol Maya, and she in his.
Mayo Chiki Comic Japan 2010 Niito M D
Chap 11: The School has a festival, and Subaru's class is going to do a crossdressing café, one guy end in a female disguise. Very brief.
Mayonaka No Ariadone Comic Japan 2006 Shimotsuki Kayoko M D
Schoolgirl who meets up with a childhood friend under odd circumstances. Accidentally she follows her friend inside a forbidden underground club and there finds him dressed as a beautiful young woman.
Mecha Ane! Comic Japan 2006 Yuzuki N Dash M D
2 Z Mature. Two stories have a boy being dressed in girl's clothes by his girlfriend.
Mecha Love Comic Japan 2008 Yuzuki N Dash M B
2 X Mature. Vol 1 Chap 1-2: boy and a girl change bodies after falling in a stair. the boy was the “actress” for a school's play of Romeo and Juliet, and the girl was the play manager. At the end both decide to stay as they are now.
Mede Shireru Yoru No Junjou Comic Japan 2007 Itsuki Kaname M D

X Mature. In Yoshiwara (present-day Tokyo during the Edo Period), the laws against prostitution were abolished and brothels were restored in the red light district. We meet Kichou and his "princess" who are the top courtesans of the Men's Brothel Quarters at Hanafurirou...
Megu Miruku Comic Japan 2010 Kusaka Shiroi M T
Before they enter high school, the boys Meguru and Shou are whining about the fact that neither of them has a girlfriend. A strange, large-breasted woman shows up, claiming that she will fix their problem, and kisses Meguru. This odd occurrence is pushed out of the boys' minds when they meet up with Souko, a friend from elementary school, who is going to be in their high school. She's grown up into a pretty young girl, and it seems like the boys might have a shot with her!. That evening, Meguru realizes that the strange kiss may have had more meaning than he thought: he's turned into a girl! He convinces Shou and his mother of his identity, but no one has any idea how to turn him back. Now he's going to have to learn how to be a girl and let go of his hope of dating his cute childhood friend Souko. What will happen to his hopes for a popular high school life?
Mei No Naisho Make Miracle Comic Japan 2007 Kusaka Shiroi M D
3 P Story revolves around the life of Mei Haruna, an effeminate young boy who was raised by his witch mother as a girl, and always thought of himself as female. His mother was the only family he had, so after she died, he transfers to an all-girls high school and comes to reside in the school's dormitory with his talking familiar cat Abel, and his roommate Fuuka Honjou, who is also a member of the public morals committee. Shortly after arriving at the school, his new friends discover after a magical display in the dormitory community bath that he is actually male, though this comes as quite a shock to him despite him being aware of the physical differences between him and normal girls. Despite him being found out, and after some helpful intervening of the perverted student council president, the principal of the school decides that he can stay at the school. The next day, Mei comes to school with Fuuka and apologizes for hiding the fact that he was a witch, and informs the others how he is apparently male. The other students quickly accept him as one of their own, and are impressed how he can use magic.
Mei-chan No Shitsuji Comic Japan 2006 Miyagi Riko M D
Vol 3 Chap 15: Shibata crossdresses to go to the girls' academy and talk to Mei without having to worry. He had done it also before in Vol 2 Chap 13.
Meikai Ningyou (Meikai Doll) Comic Japan 1999 Kazasuzu M T
1 X Mature. A boy is possesed by a goddes that transform him into a girl. When he is free from possesion he don't change and have to live as a woman.
Meiryoutei Goto Seijurou Comic Japan 1997 Kazu Hajime M D
Vol 7 introduces Miyuki, that in the kindergarden was engaged to the main hero of the story, and want to marry him, but there is a little problem, Miyuki is a male, although he dresses as a girl and is very good at it.
Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan) (Case Closed) Comic Japan 1994 Aoyama Goushou M D
3 P Vol 7 File 62-67 “Piano Sonata Case” Conan reveals that the culprit is Dr. Narumi Asai who has been creating an alibi by reporting the wrong time of death. Conan also deduces that she is Seiji Asou, disguised as a woman to get revenge on those who murdered his family. Vol 15 File 144-146 “Two-Mix Kidnapping Case” Conan disguised as a girl. Vol 16 File 158-159 “Kaitou Kid and the Black Star” Kaitou Kid disguised as Ran Mouri. Vol 19 File 181 “Why...?” Conan reveals that the cause of the murder was a picture of a party in the university with a male disguised as a woman. Vol 46 File 476-478 “Kaitou Kid and the Three Instruments” Kaitou Kid disguised as an old lady. Vol 64 File 674 and Vol 65 File 675-676 “Kaitou Kid and the Iron Tanuki” Kaitou Kid disguised as the new hired maid. Vol 78 Files 818-824 “Mystery Train” Kaitou Kid disguised as Hiroka Sumitomo (the maid) and his accomplice disguised as Natsue Komino (The wheelchair lady). Vol 79 Files 829-830 “The Blush Mermaid” Conan privately exposes Kaitou Kid who is under the disguise of Masumi Sera. When Kid asks how did he know, Conan tells him that it was because of the magnet and that he was holding the magnet with him and the trick wouldn't work unless he split everyone into groups to do a body search. Conan also notes the fact that Kid was surprised when Ran and Sonoko wanted to group with him was because from above he thought Sera was a boy. When Kid surprisingly asks if Sera was a girl, Conan says yes, but let Kid go because of the help he gave them during the mystery train case by disguising as Shiho Miyano. Vol 80 Files 863-864: Kaitou Kid diguised as Sonoko.
Meitantei Madam Holmes Comic Japan 2005 Hanakoji Yumi M D
Vol 2: Male disguised as a female nurse.
Mellow Comic Japan 1992 Kasahara Rin M D
4 P The twin brother of a female teacher, who can't recover from the wound of unrequited love, disguises as a female and substitutes her in the school.
Mendou Michauyo Comic Japan 2004 Kayama Yumi M D
2 P Vol 1 Chap 3: Transvestite is stalking Kai.
Merdichesky Comic Argentina 1985 Altuna Horacio M D
Merdichesky is a police detective that have to help a transvestite in the course of a criminal investigation.
Merkmale Comic Japan 1988 Mizuno Keita M T

Vol 2: Boy is turned into a woman in a virtual world and ends up pregnant.
Mermaid Line Comic Japan 2006 Kindaichi Renjuurou M D
2 P Short Stories. Story 3 "Ayumi and Aika": Ayumi wants to get married to her boyfriend so naturally, she's shocked when he tells her that he wants to become a woman.
Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure Comic Japan 2002 Yokote Michiko M D
Character Lady Bat: He calls himself "The wings of love and pleasure." Michel's vampire-like servant. His song hypnotizes the listeners into his spell so he could "bite" the person while they are asleep. Lady Bat is actually a man wearing women's clothes. He is also strong enough to bring the Idol-formed Princesses back into Mermaid-form.
Mesh Comic Japan 1980 Hagio Moto M D

In later stories the hero enjoys disguising himself as a woman.
Metal Hurlant Comic Spain 1981 Nueva Frontera / Eurocomics M B
Spanish magazine adaptation of french original. #1 Story “Fone” book have written the future facts affecting two men, but at one point the book says the man and the woman, and one male is transformed into a woman. Story “Quinta Columna en Montmartre” One journalist after the story of missing orphan boys disguises as a nanny to spy. #24 Story “Luisito en Educacion Sexual” Luisisto have a brief encounter with transvestites while going to school. #32 Story “No Man's Land” Jo Dangio, dangerous killer, just evaded from prison impersonates a striptease dancer, that his men have kidnapped, to escape from the city.
Metamo Kiss (Metamorphose Kiss) Comic Japan 2004 Omote Sora M T

It's Kohanamaru's first time in Tokyo, and to top it off he's just bumped into a girl and accidentally kissed her. But to make matters worse his hair has gotten longer, in fact, he's completely switched bodies with Nanao Higashiyama. And she's running late for a very important date with Konatsu-kun. What's a girl to do? Or more likely, what's Kohanamaru going to do on his first date with a boy?
Metamol Isuke (Metamoru Ikai) Comic Japan 1990 Nakatsu Kenji M T

A shapeshifter changes his gender to surprise an enemy and also to enter in the women's baths
Metamorphoze Comic Japan 1992

Boy wakes up in a woman's body
Metropolis Comic Japan 1949 Tezuka Osamu M T
Michi's friend Kenichi flips a switch inside of Michi, who is an artificial life form, causing Michi to switch genders until it is switched back.
Mezamete Ufufu Comic Japan 1987 Nakahara Tomo M T

X Mature. Boy takes over the body of a schoolgirl.
Michael Keikaku (Michael Plan) Comic Japan 2002 Distance M B
4 Z Mature. Shizuku Midou is a womanizer. His teacher Miss Amano doesn't like that and feeds him with a drug that turn him into a buxon woman, revealed in Vol 1 Chap 3. Vol 1 Chap 1: Tsyoshi, dressed as a girl, is keeping a look-out outside while Midou is having a welcome party with boys at Saint Michael Academy. Vol 3: Tsyoshi dresses up again as a girl, and the academy chairman end being given the drug that transfrom him into a woman.
Mickey And Donald Comic United States 1988 Gladstone M D
#15 (11/1989) Story “Kite Weather” Donald disguising as a girl.
Mickey Mouse Comic United States 1952 Dell M D
#43 (08/1955) Mickey disguises as a woman for a drama play. #50 (10/1956) Big Bad Wolf disguises as a woman to try free admission to a theater. #59 (04/1958) Big Bad Wolf, Brer Fox and Brer Wease disguising as women. #77 (04/1961) Story “Clipper Ship Caper” Black Pete disguised as an old lady. #83 (04/1962) Story “Frontier Fiesta” Black Pete disguised as a woman to steal a stagecoah.
Mickey Mouse Comic United States 1962 Gold Key M D
#104 (12/1965) Story “The Ruby Eye of Homar-Guy-Am” Black Pete disguised as a mermaid. #115 (11/1967) Story “Lost Atlantis” Mickey and Black Pete, both, disguising as women. #151 (09/1974) Story “The Pelican of Smugglers' Island” Crook disguised as a woman. #162 (04/1976) Story “Lost Atlantis” Mickey and Black Pete, both, disguising as women. #180 (02/1978) Story “Frontier Fiesta” Black Pete disguised as a woman to steal a stagecoah. #195 (05/1979) Big Bad Wolf disguises as a woman to try free admission to a theater.
Mickey Mouse Comic United States 1980 Whitman M D
#218 (03/1984) Story “The Great Giveaway Mystery” Crook disguises a a woman to commint crimes.
Mickey Mouse Adventures Comic United States 1990 Walt Disney M B
#4 (09/1990) Story “Frontier Fiesta” Black Pete disguised as a woman to steal a stagecoah. #9 (02/1991) Story “Fly Me to the Moon” Black Pete bodyswaps with Minnie Mouse.
Mickey Mouse Album Comic United States 1962 Dell M D
#1 (10/1962) Story “Popcorn Balled” Mickey has to cover for Minnie dressing up as her.
Mickey Mouse And Friends Comic United States 2003 Gladstone M D
#274 (03/2005) Story “The Ruby Eye of Homar-Guy-Am” Black Pete disguised as a mermaid. #283 (12/2005) Story “Mickey's Christmas Trees” Black Pete disguised as a woman.
Mickey Mouse And His Sky Adventure Comic United States 1978 Whitman M D
#1 (12/1978) Story “The Ruby Eye of Homar-guy-am” Black Pete disguised as a mermaid.
Mickey Mouse Comics Digest Comic United States 1968 Gold Key M D
#11 (05/1969) Story “Clipper Ship Caper” Black Pete disguised as an old lady. #27 (02/1971) Story “Frontier Fiesta” Black Pete disguised as a woman to steal a stagecoah.
Mickey Mouse Comics Digest Comic United States 1986 Gladstone M D
#2 (03/1987) Mickey disguises as a woman for a drama play. #6 (08/1987) Story “Lost Atlantis” Mickey and Black Pete, both, disguising as women.
Micronauts: The New Voyages Comic United States 1984 Marvel Comics M T
#5 “Behold..The Spiral Path!” (02/1985) The Micronauts discover that beings who call themselves "Children of the Makers" are adept shapeshifters who adopt their forms because of their new popularity. One in particular takes on Princess Mari's form and expresses his amazement at all the things her body can do. Very brief.
Midare Somenishi Comic Japan 1999 Kodaka Kazuma M D
1 X Mature. Yaoi Story. Set in feudal Japan. Shirou and his little brother are captured by bandits, and he is given two options: become the leader's sex toy, or watch his brother die. So unkown to his little brother he end as a transvestite prostitute.
Midnight Restaurant 7to7 Comic Japan 2002 Kurumi Chino M T

The waitress of a store near the restaurant 7to7 was a male that have had a sex-change operation.
Midori No Hibi Comic Japan 2002 Inoue Kazurou M D
3 P Vol 2 Chap 3 “Decoy”: Seiji disguised as a schoolgirl to catch a stalker, Vol 4 Chap 4 “The mysterious girl”: Kouta is forced to dress as girl as a form of humiliation, later is saved for Seiji, Vol 6 Chap 1 “Mud-caked Glory” and 2 “Victory Ceremony”: Seiji disguise as a woman to compete in a women’s only wrestling championships. Vol 8 Chap 5 “The Greatest Girl”: Kouta in girl’s clothes trying his best to ensure that Seiji is attracted to his disguise.
Midori No Me (Green Eyes) Comic Japan 2009 Ishihara Keiko M D
One Shot. In a world where people with green eyes are despised and named as bringer of plagues and destruction, Sue seeks a cure for her ailing friend. A holy nun comes into town one day to cure the sick and drive out the plagues. Due to desperation and lack of money, Sue decides to kidnap the nun to plead with her to heal her friend. The holy nun is revealed to be a boy in disguise.
Mijyukuka Comic Japan 1987 Tarumoto Hajime M T

X Mature. A girl seems to be possesed by a man.
Mikado Boy Comic Japan 2013 Miyagi Riko M D
3 P Boy spy diguising as a girl.
Mikan Comic Japan 2001 Yamato Masaomi M D
1 X Mature. Arc "Reset": It's about a boy working as a female maid for a rich family.
Milk Drop Comic Japan 1998 Okada Matsuoka M D
1 X Mature. Story "Experience" have a crossdressing boy being exposed as part of a sex-education class.
Milk Iro No Kobako (Milky Little Box) Comic Japan 2001 Onikubo Hirohisa M D
2 Z Mature. Story 1 have a boy playing dress up with his girlfriend. Story 3 have a boy having sex dressed in female clothes.
Millennium Fever Comic United States 1995 DC Comics M T

Four issue comic series about a guy who gets a girl and needs to admit his love to her to save the world. In the comic her fingers get erect, she becomes a guy, she takes several forms to show she can change, she changes his crotch, and he gets pregnant and becomes a girl.
Minami-ke Comic Japan 2004 Sakuraba Coharu M D
3 P Character Makoto: Chiaki's classmate. He is nicknamed "Idiotic child" which his classmates believe is more of an impression of him than a nickname. He has a crush on Haruka, and goes as far as crossdressing (first forced upon him by Kana) to avoid detection from Chiaki, who became jealous and angry with him after he helped Haruka cook dinner, in order to see her at the Minami residence. When he crossdresses, he is referred to as "Mako-chan". Only Uchida, Kana, and Touma knows of his crossdressing habit. Vol 2 Chap 29: The three Minami sisters play dress up with Makoto. Vol 3 Chap 48: Makoto end in a dress again.
Minamoto-kun Monogatari Comic Japan 2011 Inaba Minori M D
3 P Vol 3: Minamoto is first forced to dress up as a girl, later he end crossdressing to seduce a girl.
Minna Agechau Comic Japan 1982 Yuzuki Hikaru M T
Vol 12: A young couple use a machine to swap bodies.
Minna Ai No Sei Comic Japan 1989 Sunaga Kaoru M T

X Mature. Boy and girl swap bodies after runing into each other and hitting their heads.
Minori Chan Nobody Comic Japan 1996

A miko gets her body possessed by various characters.
Mint Na Bokura (We Are Mint) Comic Japan 1997 Yoshizumi Wataru M D
4 P The twins Maria and Noeru have always lived together and are very closely linked. When Maria decides to enter Morinomiya School because of the beautiful eyes of its basketball coach, Noeru, who refuses to be separated from his sister, decides to enter the same establishment. Unfortunately, there are no places left for boys. He thus decides to pass himself off as a girl! But school life is not easy when one must constantly play in a comedy! Especially when Noeru rapidly falls in love with Miyu, a fellow classmate, while he himself is courted by another student.
Miracle Lingerie Comic Japan 1989 Obi Hiroshi M T
Vol 3 Chap 14: Boys and girl swap bodies with strange chips.
Miracle M's Club Comic Japan 1992 Kawachi Mika M D

A boy working at a modeling studio is dressed up by his female boss. He seems to like it too. she dresses him up because she needs an extra girl model. But he becomes succesful so must continue his masquerade to help her.
Miracle Make Yuuji Comic Japan 2001 Amamiya Jun M D
2 P Story about a guy and his girlfriend. His girlfriend has an admirer that tries to sleep with her... but then it comes out that she is the boyfriend in disguise, who stops the admirer. The admirer now want to take revenge. He disguises himself as a female friend of the couple, kidnaps the girl and turns the spear around. Also the guy disguises as a girl to sneak into the girl's changing room and take some pictures.
Miracleman Comic United States 1985 Eclipse M D

#22 (08/1991) In a carnival there is a transsexual showing his penis.
Mirai Ningen Go Go Go Comic Japan 2000 Satou Masaki M D
3 P Vol 1: Boy disguises as a school girl. While in this guise he find that one the teacher is a crossdresser. Vol 3-4 Two boys disguises as clean ladys to infiltrate into a big buiding. Vol 5: The teacher from Vol 1 is in a holiday in a paradise beach. He tries a bikini. Vol 6: Boy disguises as a waitres. Vol 7: Boy disguises as a waitress in a restaurant.
Mirai No Koibito-tachi Comic Japan 2000 Sukune Inugami M D
Last story "twikle" is about a crossdressing ghost boy helping a friend to get the girl he is interested.
Miss Boys! Comic Japan 2011 Kirikuchi Karashi M D

Cute guys debuts as cheerleaders!
Miss Wizard Comic Japan 2005 Hatsuki Kyo M T
Vol 1: Boy is transformed into a girl and have to play the part for a while before returning to male form.
MisterLady Comic Italy 1975 Gagliano Leonardo M T
After a nuclear accident in a laboratory Dr. Robert Mathis find he can change himself into a woman.
Mitamura-kun Comic Japan 2004 Eri-chin M D
Vol 3: One male disguises in female clothes in a party.
Mitsume Ga Tooru (The Three-Eyed One) Comic Japan 1974 Tezuka Osamu M T
Vol 5: 2400 years b.c. princess Siguana used a magic spell to trap warrior Godal's soul into a jar. In modern age, Wato-san, that closely resembles princess Siguana, peered into the jar. As a result her body was taken over by Godal.
Mitsumeru Hitomi (Look Hard!) Comic Japan 2003 Akana Meiko M D

Various short stories. In one, the hero is asked to buy sanitary goods by his sister wearing female clothes. He hits with a very handsome delinquent student and date together.
Mizu No Yuwaku (Temptation Of Water) Comic Japan 1997 Himuro Serika M D
2 Z Mature. Vol 1: Kazuya is forced to dress in the female uniform in the school. He is saved by a girl that become his girlfriend and later dress him in women's clothes. Vol 3: Kazuya end being dressed in women's clothes by his girlfriend.
Mizuho Ambivalent Comic Japan 2007 Koizumi Mari M D
3 P Mizuho Tashiro, who is extremely beautiful boy, got such appearance from his mom. As soon as he entered a school, he was awakened as a girl!
MM! (Emu Emu!) Comic Japan 2008 Hyouju Issei M D
3 P Tatsukichi Hayama is Taro Sado's classmate and close friend. He enjoys crossdressing. He is troubled at the start when Taro, who does not know of Tatsukichi's hobby, becomes infatuated with his female alter ego. He has a superiority complex while he is crossdressing, and repeatedly argues with Isurugi (sometimes over Taro's affection). He was previously in a relationship with Yuno's best friend Yumi, but states that he is unsure how he now feels about her.
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 2nd.Season (Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 2nd.Season) Comic Japan 2008 Oomori Kouzou M D
3 P Vol 2-3: After receiving word of the A-LAWS' party from Wang Liu Mei, Tieria insists that he attend the party, and Setsuna volunteers to act as his support. Being provided with a female disguise, Tieria infiltrates the party, where he scopes the room in an attempt to locate Ribbons Almark. When Ribbons finally appears, he asks for a dance with Tieria, expressing his surprise at his feminine appearance. As they dance, Ribbons offers Tieria the option of regaining full access to Veda; this shocks Tieria, causing him to trip over his feet, but Ribbons manages to catch him before he falls.
Model Student Comic Korea 2000 Lee Eun Young M D
Vol 2 Chap 6: In a school festival there is a fashion pageant with one boy crossdressing.
Modotte Mamotte! Lollipop Comic Japan 2003 Kikuta Michiyo M B
1 P Sequel to “Mamotte Lollipop”. Vol 4 sidestory: Zero have to dress as a girl to deceive Nina parents that think he is a girl.
Moe Kare!! Comic Japan 2005 Ikeyamada Gou M D
Vol 3 Sidestory: Reverse roles story in wich Hikaru, the girl, is a prince, and the two brother are the dames.
Moi René Tardi, Prisonnier De Guerre Au Stalag IIB Comic France 2012 Tardi Jacques M D
T1: Male prisioners disguised as women for plays.
Moldiver Comic Japan 1993 AIC M D
OAV. A suit which was originally supposed to become the superhero Captain Tokyo is changed to appear as a cute and beribboned girl super heroine instead.
Momo Hime Comic Japan 2002 Ogura Yuuna M T

X Mature. Boy is turned into a woman using magic and then has sex.
Momoen Comic Japan 2006

Boys going into a co-ed school in girl's uniforms.
Momoiro Dream Comic Japan 1994 Matsumoto Hikaru M T

Boy and girl swap bodies.
Momoiro Hyaku Monogatari Comic Japan 1988 Ramiya Ryo M T

X Mature. Man possesses a woman body to have sex.
Momoiro Sabbath (Pink Sabbath) Comic Japan 1992 Nakatsu Kenji M B
Vol 3: Father of Tamakichi has always wanted to take photos from young schoolgirls, he is transformed into a female in order to be able to do that. Vol 6: The pet of Kagome the sorcerer have his mind transported into her body. Vol 7: Some men, including Tamakichi and his father, crossdressing in weird costumes as part of a wrestling competition. Tamakichi is turned into a female after drinking a potion. Vol 10: Tamakichi is turned into a copy of the sorcerer.
Momoka Typhoon!! (Momoka Taifuun!!) Comic Japan 1987 Fujita Kazuko M D

Five brothers will defend their little sister Momoka at any costs, including crossdressing in Vol 5.
Monk Comic Korea 2007 Hong Dong-Gi M D
Dang enters Mouhyuk High; following the oracle. But his class is a special class called "Trash", filled with a bunch of weirdoes, and his biggest enemy, the "Coke Bottle" woman!
Monkey Park Comic Japan 1994 Nigou Monkii M T

Boy is turned into a woman after drinking a potion and has to have sex to get back to normal.
Monmon Academy Comic Japan 1988 Furuya Hiromu M T

P Vol 1: It's about a girl trying to control her oversexed boyfriend, in the last story a demon changes him into a woman. Instead of being upset he decides to get hired as an office lady and seduce the boss.
Monmon Monjiro Comic Japan 1991 Yamaguchi Katsumi M T

Vol 3: A boy is turn into a woman after getting splashed by a strange mixture.
Monster Comic Japan 1994 Urasawa Naoki M D
4 P Vol 10-14: Johan impersonating his siter Nina, calling himself Anna and Killing people in the city of Prague. Vol 10 Chap 81: Brief appearance of a woman that has killed two people and you see her hair and the children saying how beautiful she is. Vol 10 Chap 83: Brief appearance of a woman before killing 3 policemen. Vol 10 Chap 84-85 and Vol 11 Chap 87-89: "Friendship" story between a Czech policeman called Jan Suk, who is investigating the murder of three policemen, and a misterious woman called Anna he knew in a bar. Vol 11 Chap 95: Anna visit Jan's mother in the hospital. Vol 12 Chap 98: Anna escape from Prague, not before convincing a little child into killing himself because his mother don't love him, and being saved in the last moment by Tenma and Grimmer. Vol 14 Chap 117: End of the escape and the change of clothes of Johan. Vol 16 Chap 141, Vol 17 Chap 142-143 and Vol 18 Chap 162: Remenbering of when Johan and Nina were little children and both were dressed in girl's clothes
Moon Comic Japan 2008 Soda Masahito M D
Vol 2: Brief scene with an all male dance company, being dressed in female costumes.
Moon Knight Comic United States 1980 Marvel Comics M T
Vol 1 #36 (12/1981) A male wizard's spirit possesses Moon Knight's girlfriend.
More Fun Comics Comic United States 1936 DC Comics M D
#35 (09/1938) Story “The Lovers' Lane Caper” The Chief makes Larry dress up as a girl to catch robbers up at Lovers' Lane. #55 (05/1940) Story “The Stolen Pearls” Biff disguises as Dan's mother to trick a pair of delinquents.
Mortadelo y Filemon Comic Spain 1958 Ibañez Francisco M D
2 P Mortadelo (Mort) is a mad detective with pebble glasses and a long nose who usually wears a black frock coat. His favourite hobby is wearing all sorts of disguises, some of them, females.
Mortal Kombat: Kung Lao Comic United States 1995 Malibu Comics M T
#1 "Rising Son" (07/1995) In this one-shot comic book, Shang Tsung attacks Kung Lao repeatedly, taking on the forms of Kung Lao's allies. He approaches Kung Lao as Kitana to try to trick him. Then he changes between forms rapidly (of a large portion of MK fighters) including Kitana, Mileena, and Sonja Blade.
Mortepierre Comic France 1995 Aouamri Mohamed M D
2 P T2-3 Male is travelling disguised as a nun.
Mortie Comic United States 1952 Harvey M D
#1 (12/1952) Story “The Mort in the Merrier” A fun little story involving a poorly planned spy mission into a girls-only slumber party. The facade doesn't hold up for very long, but hey, any excuse to dress up and get paid six bits...
Motto Aishiaimasho Comic Japan 2008 Takazawa Taeko M D
2 Z Mature. Keichi and Sora live a happy life now that they've moved in together. Keichi work as a director at a design office and Sora works as a transvestite hostess in a bar while attending university.
Mou Daremo Aisenai REMIX Comic Japan 1996 Shinozaki Rei M D
3 X Mature. Boy is discovered by his mother experimenting with female panties and she decides to transform him into a girl, slowly but sure, starting with crossdressing, and ending with hormonal feminization.
Mou Hitotsu No Umi (The Another Ocean) Comic Japan 1992 Nishi Keiko M D
3 P A young man, Karino Yoshihito, disguises as a school girl in a buddies night party. One of his buddies, later, crossdresses and dates him.
Mouse Comic Japan 2000 Itaba Hiroshi M D
3 P Sorata Muon is the master thief Mouse who can steal anything after properly alerting authorities of his intentions so they can be there yet fail to stop him. He sometimes use female disguise. Vol 2 Chap 15: Mouse disguised as a woman to enter into a hotel. Vol 13 Chap 95: Mouse disguises as a woman to play Volleyball in an all-female team after one of the women is injured.
Moyashimon Comic Japan 2004 Ishikawa Masayuki M D
Vol 3: Yuki runs away from university and decides to live full time as a woman, working in a shop wearing goth-loli-maid clothing.
Mozart Ha Komoriuta Wo Utawanai (Mozart Doesn't Sing Lullabies) Comic Japan 2001 Arisugawa Rui M D
1 P Set in 1809, this story involves Carl Czerny, Franz Peter Schubert, and Ludwig van Beethoven as they attempt to investigate the mystery surrounding Mozart's piece "Mozart's Lullabies," driven by the death of a storeowner. Vol 3 Chap 14-15: Beethoven and Czerny disguised as women to sneak into a relief hospital for prostitute women, and get information about the music piece from a woman reclused there.
Mozuya-san Gyakujousuru Comic Japan 2008 Shinofusa Rokuro M D
Vol 2: Boy is forced into goth-girl's clothes. Vol 4: Boy is forced to dress up as a catgirl and later have to join a cheerleader squad as one of the girls.
Mr. Boy Comic Japan 2001 Yamamoto Atsuji M D
5 P A cop who more than one disguises as a woman to go undercover.
Mr. Clice Comic Japan 1989 Akimoto Osamu M T
5 P Story centering on a super dashing spy, the special agent member of Japan's elite espionage program Jin Clice, whose body was mortally wounded by the KGB. The agency had already invested a lot of money in him, so they would not allow him to die so easily. In an act of desperation, in order to save him the government transferred Jin Clice's personality into a new body, which happens to be that of a lovely young beautiful woman!, a recently dead tennis player. The dashing ladies man has gone from being Bond to being the Bond girl!
Mr. Fullswing Comic Japan 2001 Suzuki Shinya M B
2 P Vol 1 Chap 2: Saruno Amakuni disguises as a girl to join the baseball club as the new female manager. Vol 10 Chap 90: Saruno and Nagi interchange bodies after the girl get a wish in a shrine, in the end is all a bad dream. Vol 10 Chap 91: Some members of the baseball team dressing up in female clothes to spy on another member. Little bits of crossdressing elsewhere.
Mr. Lady Comic Japan 1976 Satonaka Machiko M B

Twin siblings, a boy and a girl, that were accustomed to interchange clothes, thank to an alien incident end changing their sex.
Mr. Madonna Comic Japan 1992 Torii Kazuyoshi M D

A female player in a baseball team is in fact a man.
Mr. Mxyzptlk Comic United States 1998 DC Comics M T
#1 (02/1998) A beautiful brunette shows up in the Fifth Dimension and turns out to be a voracious, spacetime-devouring monster in disguise.
Mr. Zipangu Comic Japan 2000 Shiina Takashi M D
Vol 1: When Nobunaga first have an encounter with Hideyoshi, Nobunaga is dressed in women's clothes.
Ms. Marvel Comic United States 1977 Marvel Comics M T
Vol 2 #21-24 (01-04/2008) Machine Man body is damaged and he is given a new body, a female one. Vol 2 #25 (05/2008) In a flashback, we find that a "classic" male Skrull (the short, muscular ones) once impersonated Carol Danvers in order to sneak aboard a space shuttle. In the present, Tony Stark suspects Ms. Marvel of being a Skrull after she is witnessed being two places at once. At the end, we see the Skrull in the form of Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel's civilian identity) just before he brutally murders her boyfriend, William, following a phone call from the real Carol.
Muddy Comic Japan 2007 Aimoto Shou M B
1 P Vol 1 Chap 4 and 5: Clay and Muddy goes in train to a city when the train is assaulted and all women kidnapped, except one that is found to be a male in disguise. Later this male, named Hari, explain that the women are kidnapped by the local scientist Jasper, and they are liberated the next day with a lot of money. That's the reason because males are crossdressing to be kidnapped. Clay is suspicious and makes Muddy transform into a woman and with Hari crossdressing they go to the house of Jasper.
Mugen Densetsu Takamagahara (Dream Saga) Comic Japan 1997 Tachikawa Megumi M T
Izumi Nachi: In Nakatsukuni, Nachi is Yuuki's classmate. He is good at sports, but he puts no effort into his studying. He will grow up to inherit his parents' company. He has a crush on Takaomi. In Takamagahara, he is the only one with a different gender. He is a 16 year old girl. Nachi still has a crush on Takaomi.
Mugen Shinshi Comic Japan 1981 Takahashi Yousuke M D
3 P Adventures in the thirties in Japan and China. Mugen is a rich gentleman with detective skills, and a master of disguise. Vol 1: Mugen disguises as a chinese girl to spy on a meeting. Vol 2: Mugen disguises as a chinese girl to go unnoticed. Vol 3: While he is in America Mugen disguises as a nun to deceive the bad boys. Later, in china, he disguises as a nurse to find a injured japanese officer that is in an hospital. And finally he volunteer to sustitute a bride to help her to run away with his real love. Vol 4: Mugen disguises as a female dancer to sneak into an interchange in a nightclub. Vol 5: Mugen disguises as a woman in a masquerade ball to be the bait for a kidnapper. Vol 6: Mugen disguised as a maid. Vol 7: Mugen is forced to dress up as a girl to go undercover into a girl school. Vol 9: Mugen goes undercover as a woman to enter into a house getting a job as a maid. Vol 10: Mugen again disguises as a maid.
Mugen Shinshi Gensou Hen Comic Japan 2005 Takahashi Yousuke M T
1 P Mugen Shinshi horror side manga Vol 1: In what it seems a dream sequence, a boy is transformed into a woman to dance with Mugen.
Mujeres Celebres Comic Mexico 1961 Editorial Novaro M D
#15 “Flora MacDonald” Includes the escape of Prince Charles Stuart disguised as the maid of Flora MacDonald. Brief.
Mujintou Lovers Comic Japan 2005 Sakurai Shushushu M D
1 X Mature. Chap 4 “Love on a Storm Mountain”: Rickshaw driver Hayate was educated about the town by the beautiful Kei, who he first saw dressed as a woman!.
Mujirushi Gakuen Tenshi (School Guardian) Comic Japan 2001 Mizushima Miki M D
3 P Boy is disguised in female clothes in a lot of situations. Vol 1: He is dressed in a party dress. Vol 2: He is dressed in a maid uniform. Vol 3: He dress up for a male admirer, and later he is kidnapped and forced to dress in women's clothes.
Murder Incorporated Comic United States 1948 Fox M D
1 P #2 (03/1948) “George Fowler-Miami's Masquerader” Georges disguises as a woman to escape from police.
Murder License Kiba Comic Japan 1989 Hiramatsu Shinji M D
4 P Yuji Kiba is a swimming instructor in a fitness club, also Yuji is a ninja working for the prime minister as bodyguard and secret agent. He has an alter-ego female identity as a physician, Yuko Kiba. He uses this female identity as a public identity when working for the prime minister or to give false confidence to his foes. the technique he uses to change into female frame is called "muscle control technique" and there is always a surprise when his foes find the real male under that hot body.
Murder License Kiba And Black Angel Comic Japan 2000 Hiramatsu Shinji M D
3 P Sequel to Murder License Kiba, Yuji Kiba and Black Angel join forces. Yuji uses his technique to disguise as Yuko Kiba. Vol 2-3: Introduces an evil male that can use the same “muscle control technique” to disguise as a woman. Vol 11: Transwoman fights Kiba and Black Angel.
Muteki Kanban Musume Comic Japan 2002 Sadogawa Jun M D
Vol 5: Kankuro disguises first as a female attendant and later as a lady. Vol 10 and Vol 13 have brief crossdressing scenes.
Mutya Shimasho Comic Japan 1993 Himemigawa Namida M T
1 X Mature. Story “SHIMEN-SOKA”: A school boy runs into a busty woman and they swap bodies. He agrees to take her place at her job as a secretary, and discovers that she works for his father. The boy (in the woman's body) ends up having to have sex with his father in order to maintain his cover identity.
MW Comic Japan 1976 Tezuka Osamu M D
3 P Yuki is a social climber, infiltrating the worlds of finance and politics by day while brutally murdering children and women by night perversely using his Kabuki-honed skills as a female impersonator to pass himself off as the women he’s killed.
Mx0 Comic Japan 2006 Kano Yasuhiro M T
Vol 1 Chap 08 and 09: There are 2 girls which mug the main character and his friend, they turn out to be 2 guys in magic disguise. Vol 7 Chap 60: Kuzumi, a highschool boy, is sprayed with a drug that makes his body appear female, but when he gets wet it washes off.
My Boyfriend Is A Vampire Comic Korea 2010 Han Yu-Rang M T
"When his sharp fangs touched the nape of my neck, I felt shocking senses arouse inside of me". The destined meeting between Yoo Da-in, a guy often mistaken as a girl because of his beauty and Seo Kang-hoo, a handsome hunk that even guys would fall for. Yoo Da-in is bitten by Seo Kang-hoo, causing his heart to stop. "I definitely died- but how did I become a girl?!"
My Doll House Comic Japan 2008 Yui Toshiki M D
3 X Mature. Mahiro has two goals in life: first, to finally confess to his childhood friend who he loved for so long and second, to become a famous model. But there are various obstacles in Mahiro's path! For one thing, he dresses as a girl, named Hanabusu Arisu, when modeling. As if that wasn't enough, every woman in his vicinity gets the urge to spread her legs because of the special pheromone he emits! Will Mahiro ever come to confess his love to Miwa, or will he simply widen his harem and get engulfed in endless orgy?
My Flesh Is Cool Comic United States 2004 Avatar Press M T

#1 (12/2003) Evan Knox is an assassin who can jump into any body he wants through the use of a special drug in order to do job. He takes over two female bodies - the body of a naked Asian woman in a swimming pool and a female senator.
My Girlfriend Is A He Comic Taiwan 2008 Lin Yu Chin M D
2 P Zi Wen's beautiful body has a secret she did not dare to show to others, even her best friends. If they knew her secret ... ah - she can not think of it! If Wu Nan and Gu Rui Ling knew she is not a "she", could their friendship really exist?
My Life As (My Life As A Chicken) Comic Japan 1998 Suehiro Gari M D
2 Z Mature. Is about a teen boy living with 2 dominating girls. He ends up in dresses several times.
My Lovable Fatty Comic Korea 2003 Lee Hee Jeong M T
2 P Vol 2 Chap 8-9: Jeh Suh takes a wrong medicine and changes into a girl.
My Only King (Bokudake No Ousama) Comic Japan 2004 Hoshino Lily M D
In the land of magic, a new king is being crowned. However, a mishap during the ceremonial rite causes the royal crest to be accidentally attached to a normal human, Kazuomi. To protect the crest from any villains who may be after it, Mewt, the cute and brave sorcerer, is dispatched to the human world. There, Mewt must live disguised as a girl, and as "she" and Kazuomi live under one roof together, the two begin to find themselves attracted to each other...
Mycroft Inquisitor Comic France 1995 Manini Jack M T
3 P T2 “La bête d'écume” Private eyes searching a missing engineer discover that he have changed his sex and is passing himself for his own sister Gwen.
Mystic Comic United States 2000 CrossGen M T
#29 (11/2002) Male demon briefly assumes Giselle's form to kill her lover.
N.G! Comic Japan 2001 Koide Mieko N D

P Five short stories. First is a mistaken-identity story. Osakabe falls for Rin at first sight, assuming Rin is a girl. Actually, Rin just dresses in drag when he goes out to get free drinks and no cover charges. Four is a story about an effeminate boy who dresses like a girl and gets harassed at school for it.
Nadesiko Comic Japan 1997 Anthology N T

Vol 1 and 9: Classic head to head switch.
Naisho No Coconuts Comic Japan 1993 Tomidokoro Kazuko N T

When elementary school students Koko and Natsuki accidentally mix their cold medicines, they discover that they switch bodies whenever one of them sneezes! .
Naisho No Otome Revolver (Secret Maiden Revolver) Comic Japan 2010 Sorase Haruyuki N B
The story is about a High School student named Lihau Yuexiang/Tachibana who's goal is to be recognized as a manly man. The problem is that he looks exactly like a girl and is constantly bullied by his peers because of this. He is gifted the power to become a gunner princess fighter and hopes to use this newfound strength to prevent the bullying and finally become manly.
Nakagamike No Ichizoku (Clan Of The Nakagamis) Comic Japan 2005 Homerun Ken N D
Secondary character: The crossdressing manga artist and eldest brother Kojinojyo
Nakimushi Gakuran Musume Comic Japan 1988 Ogoshi Natsue N D
2 P Vol 2: Boy disguised as a cheerleader in a sport festival. Vol 9: In a school fair, boys does a crossdressing café
Name Of Love Comic Japan 2007 Miyamoto Kano N D
1 P Chap 2: Introduces Midori, an old friend fo Kouhei and a transvestite.
Namja Ilkkayo? Who are you? Comic Korea 2003
4 P It's about a boy that is tricked into crossdressing by his sister and end having a model job as a girl, with a male trying to get a date with "her" and later discovering she is a he, and apparently accepting it and crossdressing himself also.
Namor, The Sub-Mariner Comic United States 1990 Marvel Comics N T
#52-54 (07-09/1994) Old man Vyrra has put his mind into the cloned body of Namor's long dead lover Dorma.
Nana Comic Japan 2000 Yazawa Ai N D
Vol 11 and 12: Blast's members excitedly prepare for the fireworks festival by cancelling their other appointments and finding disguises, Shinichi getting a loli girl disguise.
Nana-chan Wa Ore No Mono Comic Japan 1996 Kamimura Junko N T
Nana has a huge crush on Youichi, but like him lacked the courage to make her feelings known, Yuri has initiated a body-switching plot to bring them together.
Nanairo Inko (Rainbow Parakeet) Comic Japan 1981 Tezuka Osamu N D
2 P The Rainbow Parakeet is an actor whose specialty is mimicry and disguise, but who is also a master thief. Vol 2: The Rainbow Parakeet disguises as an old lady. Vol 3: To show his disguise skill he briefly transform into a nightclub female performer. Vol 7 recount the story of whe he was a young boy and disguised as a pretty girl to have falling in love for "her" a boy that was bullying him in school and teach him a lesson.
Nanairo Magic (Seven Colors Magic) Comic Japan 1986 Asagiri Yuu N D

Vol 2: Male playing a female role in a play. Vol 5: Male playing a female role in a dance play
Nanako SOS Comic Japan 1980 Azuma Hideo N T

Vol 5: Strange alien creature take the form of Nana.
Nandemo Ari Comic Japan 1992 Douku-man N T
1 Z Mature. Short stories. Vol 3 Chap 85 “Gokudou no henshin”: A yakuza gang leader is killed and his brain is placed in a woman's body.
Naruto Comic Japan 1997 Kishimoto Masashi N B
One of Naruto's techniques is the "Sexy no Jutsu" which changes him into an attractive female. Vol 14 Chap 121-122: Orochimaru reveals his body stealing technique, he is currently using a female body.
Natsume Yuujinchou Comic Japan 2005 Midorikawa Yuki N T
2 P Vol 2 Chap 5: Madara, the mysterious feline spirit shaped into a cat, take the form of a schoolgirl because is just easier to fool humans with a female disguise.
Near Death Comic Japan 1990 Imi Amazaki N T

Story “Wired” An evil wizard transforms a prince into a shemale.
Necromanesque Comic Japan 2006 Tamaoki Benkyo N D
3 P Kenchirou, that looks like a girl, was stabbed and killed. However, he woke up not in a morgue or in a hospital but under a bridge. With no pulse and a cold body, he was indeed dead. As he was wondering what to do, two girls appeared in front of him, Katarina and Nora. Katarina is a self proclaimed genius scientist studying zombies and the living dead like Nora and probably Kenchirou. Kenichirou decides to help Katarina and Nora to gather the living dead, the story of the strange community begins. Katarina forces Kenchirou into living crossdressing as a girl, and thanks to a little device around his penis, Kenchirou have to obey her command or suffer the consequences.
NecroMantra Comic United States 1995 Malibu Comics N T
4 P A four-issue limited series that followed the Godwheel miniseries, with the issues being split between two stories: one involving NecroMantra, the other involving Lord Pumpkin. NecroMantra is Thanasi in a female body.
Needless Comic Japan 2004 Imai Kami N D
Vol 8 Chap 56 and Vol 9 ongoing: Cruz Schild is a young boy who has been forced to disguise himself as a girl to survive the killer girl squad academy and is currently forced to remain in girl clothes (his girl persona is also known as Yamada). This is partially due to finding out that Simeon is actively hunting for him but mostly because his friends are unwilling to help him get some boys clothes.
Negative Comic Japan 1998 Saitani Umetaro N T

Story “This side of Heaven” Man and woman swap bodies.
Negative Lovers Comic Japan 1994 Nekogen N T
1 X Mature. A boy wakes up in a girl body and continues as a girl for the rest of the story.
Neko De Gomen Comic Japan 1989 Nagano Akane N T
2 P Vol 2 Chap 6: People get transformed into the last picture a magic camera takes. Minori-kun end having the form of Yayoi-chan.
Nemurenai! Midnight Comic Japan 1989 Iisaka Yukako N T

Boy and girl swap bodies.
Nemurenu Yoru Ni Wa Jyujika O Comic Japan 1991 Shiina Ritsuko N T

A man possesses a girl to save her from an evil snake-woman..
Neo Creative Humankind Popoko Chan Comic Japan 1997 Hidiri Rei N D
1 Z Mature. Vol 2: Have a story about a boy that in a raining day is wet and a girl help him washing and drying his clothes but in the meantime she gives him female clothes.
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Shinji Ikari Raising Project Comic Japan 2005 Takahashi Osamu N D
2 P Vol 10: Shinji disguised as a girl in the school fair.
New Adventure Comics Comic United States 1937 DC Comics N D
#21 (11/1937) Shifty Smith disguises as a woman to escape from the police.
New Spaceways Comic Annual Comic Great Britain 1954 T.V. Boardman N D

#1 (1954) Story “Her name was Grandma Crookes. . .” Plastic Man outwits crossdressing crook (reprinted from Plastic Man #30)
NewMen Comic United States 1994 Image Comics N T
#20 (11/1995) Another part in the Babewatch epic. Some of the men are transformed during a battle, which causes some momentary confusion, then they all start fighting again. They change back just after the Shepherd makes his appearence.
NG Life Comic Japan 2006 Kusanagi Mizuho N D
2 P Roman guy Loleus was reborn as girl Mii Serizawa. She has been told this, but has no memories of her past life. Keidai Saeki, a young student, remember his previous life in antient Pompeii, he was going to marry a young woman Serena. Now Serena is a young boy, Yuuma Ujou, that don't remember his previous life. Chap 2: Mii dresses Yuuma as a girl to get a sense of what Serena looked like. "Serena" then interrupts a conversation between Keidai and Yuiko. Chap 3-4: Mii writes a play about Pompeii and casts Yuuma in the role of Serena. Chap 8: Mii has an overprotective father, so Keidai and Yuuma dress up as girls to visit a sick Mii at home.
Nguruwa Kaihou Comic Japan 2008 Takao Jingu N D
Chap 1: boy end dressing in a girl skirt in the school.
NHK Ni Youkoso! (Welcome To NHK!) Comic Japan 2004 Ooiwa Kenji N D
2 P Vol 6 Chap 29 and Vol 7 Chap 34: Yamazaki befriends a pre-op transsexual, and even gets a job to pay for her operation. Unfortunately, this charity offends her, and she ends the friendship .
Nick Carter Comic Italy 1972 Bonvi N D
1 P Italian comic strip. Story “Ricatto a Holliwood” Patsy diguised as a Holliywood's Diva to act as a decoy. Story “L'Abominevole Uomo Delle Fogne” Patsy disguised as a woman to act a bait. Story “Fraulein Doktor” Female doctor is discoverd to be a male in disguise.
Nicoichi Comic Japan 2005 Kindaichi Renjuurou N D
5 P This is the story about love and hardships of a 29 years old guy named Makoto Suda, makoto is an ordinary office worker in every sense but one: in front of takashi, his stepchid, he's disguised himself as a woman and played a role of beautiful mother. Leading this double life of "fatherless family" for some reason, he fall in love with a woman. One morning he happen to see her on the crowded train, but Geez! She's just being molested.
Nightwing Comic United States 2011 DC Comics N T
#28 (04/2014) A shapeshifter took the form of batgirl. Very brief.
Niijiro Kamen Comic Japan 1998 Takaguchi Satosumi N D
4 P Manager of a cosmetic firm find that a young man she is after is working as a hostess in a okama bar.
Nijiiro Togarashi Comic Japan 1990 Adachi Mitsuru N D
Vol 6 Chap 9-10 and Vol 7 Chap 1: Some assassins have been sent againt the sibling. One of them is disguised as a woman.
Niku No Ana Comic Japan 2004 Horihone Saizou N T
1 X Mature. Story “Onnanoko Club”: Boys turn into girls after kissing a girl and can get back by kissing her again.
Ningyo Ouji Comic Japan 2003 Yoshihara Yuki N T

Three short stories "Ningyo Ouji"; Hardworking OL, Minako falls in love with a mermaid, or rather merman.
Ninja High School Yearbook Comic United States 1989 Antarctic Press N D

#12 (09/2000) Story “THE "QUEEN" OF Fighters 99” Male Ninja High School characters dress up as girls so they can enter an all-female martial arts competition.
Nippon-ichi No Otoko No Tamashii Comic Japan 1997 Kikuni Masahiko N T
Vol 3 File 87: Boy and girl swap bodies after falling down in stairs.
Nirvana Comic France 2011 Boudoiron Arnaud N D
1 P T1 “Première génération” Male disguised as a female.
Nishi No Yoki Majo (The Good Witch Of The West - Astraea Testament) Comic Japan 2004 Ogiwara Noriko N D
3 P Vol 3 and 4: Roux disguises as a girl to be near Firiel in an all-girls academy
No Bra Comic Japan 2002 Kawatsu Kenjiro N D
5 P Masato, a young student, is waiting the arrival of his new roommate, an old friend of childhood he don't remember too much...... And here we have Masato face to face with a superb creature, Yûki, which is presented as being the new roommate, for the greatest happiness of Masato! To live with a girl was a unexpected situation! But Yûki is really the roommate he was waiting... and all boy... What a disappointment for Masato! Though... a boy... why not after all...?
No Side Comic Japan 1994 Ikeda Fumiharu N T
5 P Studly rugby player Yuji Oda gets himself accidentally killed on the field, and, following the advice of his ghostly grandfather, jumps into the comatose body of delicate university student Akane Himekami.
Nobara Comic Japan 2009 Kumota Haruko N D
Short stories. Chap 5 “Mimi-kun no Boy no Kisetsu”: Mimi-kun works at a drag club and has long-planned on becoming a cute girl in the future–and his boy of choice is Kaoru-chan, the gay bartender from his workplace.
Nokorimono Ni Wa Ai Ga Aru! Comic Japan 2008 Psyche Delico N D
1 Z Mature. Short yaoi stories. Story 1 have a boy crossdressing.
Nomad Comic United States 1990 Marvel Comics N D
3 P Vol 2 #11 (03/1993) Nomad dressing up as a crossdresser to be the bait for a killer.
Noppikichou Osawagase Kaiwai Comic Japan 1990 Endou Toshiko N D

Unkown to his parents, Kojima works in a gay bar as a transvestite hostess.
Noragami Comic Japan 2010 Adachi Toka N T
Vol 7 Chap 25: Hiyori's first day at high school becomes a nightmare for her when Yato possesses her body, after she unintentionally slips out of it after falling asleep. He uses Hiyori's body to his advantage by doing all sorts of embarrassing and over-the-top things to spread word of his services to the other students, with Kofuku joining in on the fun. Yukine tries to get Tenjin and Mayu to help put a stop to Yato's antics, but they too end up getting distracted. As Hiyori struggles to make Yato return her body, she and Yukine spot a perverted student, who sneaked a camera into the girl's changing rooms, and discover he has been possessed by a phantom. When the student attempts to jump out of the window upon being discovered, Yato manages to rescue him and subdue the phantom, but ends up breaking his (Hiyori's) shoulder in the process. As such, Yato is caught and given an appropriate punishment whilst Hiyori begins her next day of school with a bizarre reputation.
Nose-kun Wa Daimeiwaku!! Comic Japan 1994 Tsuji Yoshimi N B
1 P Vol 5 Chap 24: Boy disguises in a wedding dress.
Not Lives Comic Japan 2011 Karasuma Wataru N T

Mikami is only in high school but he is a game designer genius. He has created many popular games ranging from RPG to action to even puzzle games. From a classmate’s request, he decides his next project will be a romance game so he begins to gather research material that will help him make another hit game. But when Mikami gets home, he finds a game called Not Alive that he doesn’t remember getting and curiously, he plays the game and the next thing he knows, the CD goes inside him and he has turned into a girl!
Nousatsu Caroline Comic Japan 1996 Caroline Yoko N T

Vol 1: Boy is transformed into a cat woman an then has sex. Vol 2: Boy is transformed into a woman after sex. Brief at end.
Nousatsu Junkie (Charming Junkie) Comic Japan 2004 Fukuyama Ryoko N D
3 P A year ago, Umi's neighbor became a model but when she went to sit in on her first job, she couldn't take the heat...so she got out of the kitchen. So Umi took her place... and became an overnight success. He enjoyed the perks of being a female model, even though he had to hide his true gender.
Nova Comic United States 1976 Marvel Comics N T
Vol 2 #15 (03/1995) Male Skrull takes the form of Kyamera to trick and capture Nova. Vol 4 #29 (11/2009) Fraktur is revealed to be a male in disguise.
NOW Comic Korea 2001 Park Sung-Woo N D

Character So Gun: A beautiful crossdressing boy. He used to envy "Baek-Rhang-Gyeon" (White Wolf-Dog), who actually is Cho-Ryung, because his master praised her very highly. After his master's death, he sets out to seek revenge against Ma Yeom Cheol, who he mistakenly believed had killed his master. Character Shi Rang: Another crossdressing boy in Gi-Wang-Mu's faction. After Cho-Ryung's escape, the Demon Mother had Shi Rang wearing the hand-claws with hope equal to Cho-Ryung's ability.
Nozomi Kanae, Inc. Comic Japan 1995

Woman gives a man sex changing pills.
Nozomu Nozomi Comic Japan 2012 Nagatsuki Misoka N B
Vol 1 Chap 1: After losing a match and a bet, the boys of a baseball club must be the cheerleaders of the other club for a match. Vol 1 Chap 2: Tao Nozomu, one of the boys that did the cheerleading, had a really good time doing it and really wished that he really was a gir. Now his wish is going to become reality whe he start to change into a real girl.
Nuiguru Mix Comic Japan 2006 Izumi Yuuji N D
3 P Vol 1 Chap 6: While sleeping Kouta is dressed in female clothes. Vol 2 Chap 7: Kouta is forced to crossdress by his classmates. Vol 3 Chap 14-16: Yotsumori Kouta is forced to crossdress by his classmates.
Nurse Ga Oshigoto Comic Japan 2004 Hoshino Lily N D
3 Z Mature. Stories 1 and 2 have boys working as nurses. Story 3 have a boy working as a maid. Story 7 has a boy is in a wedding dress who replaces his sister as her fiance's bride. Story 8 and 9 have the return of the boy nurses.
Nuts! Comic United States 1954 Premier Magazines N D
1 P #1 (03/1954) Mollie the moll is revealed to be a undercover policeman.
NY Komachi (New York Beautiful Woman) Comic Japan 1986 Yamato Waki N D
1 P Vol 6: Two american males disguised as female japanese women. Very brief.
Nyan Koi! Comic Japan 2008 Fujiwara Sato N T
3 P Vol 3 Chap 15: Chizuru and Junpei find a cat while delivering mail, and try to find its master, that is found to be an old love interest of Chizuru, Kenji, that went missing some time ago... to have his sex-change surgery done. Chizuru is not very pleasant to find it. Vol 4 Chap 21: Junpei have an encounter, while on a date, with Chizuru and Kenji that are also dating.
Nyanya Kusushi Comic Japan 2004 Kuranosuke Chu-Shin N T

Boy is turned into a woman by another boy and then has sex.
Nyotai-ka Comic Japan 2009 Ruen Rouga N T
3 P Manaka Makoto, 24 years old and a salaryman without a girlfriend, wakes up one mornin